Movie Review : In The House Of Flies

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Dreams From The Witch House

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Digging Up The Marrow – First trailer and tour information!

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Reserve your room at the Stanley Hotel Writer’s Retreat 2015!

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Watch Now : He Took His Skin Off For Me

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Movie Review : In The House Of Flies

I'm going to be honest here, as I am with all of my movie reviews. I love a lot of horror movies, I love monsters and weird stuff, crazy inexplicable violence on screen. But the whole "torture porn" sub-genre has never done much for me. The original... Read more

Dreams From The Witch House

A gorgeous new project is in the works from our friends at Dark Regions Press, in the form of an ambitious new book entitled Dreams From The Witch House : Female Voices Of Lovecraftian Horror. The title alone sells it for me, but the impressive... Read more

Digging Up The Marrow – First trailer and tour information!

February 20th 2015 will finally see the theatrical release of Adam Green's long-awaited collaboration with one of our favorite artists, Alex Pardee! This film has reportedly been in development for the past four years, and if they have accomplished the goal of bringing Pardee's monstrous creations... Read more

Reserve your room at the Stanley Hotel Writer’s Retreat 2015!

Dark Regions Press is hosting the chance of a lifetime for any horror fans and/or aspiring writers this year with a four day writer's retreat at the legendary Stanley Hotel, where Stephen King was inspired to write his creepy masterpiece, The Shining. That's right, this... Read more

Watch Now : He Took His Skin Off For Me

Now available to watch for free is this extraordinary short film from director Ben Aston. Based on an original story by Maria Hummer, this is an incredibly effective grad film, that brings us some very promising new talent to look forward to in the future. The director... Read more

The New Republic and what it says about you if you believe everything you read on the internet.

Although I am extremely hesitant to give a despicable click-bait headline more intended traffic, it is a must that all of you dedicated horror fans read this before you waste a further five minutes of your life reading my rebuttal. So here it is, a headline... Read more

Movie Review : [REC] 4 – Apocalypse

Available on DVD and On Demand today is the latest installment in the ground-breaking [REC] franchise. The first two Spanish films have definitely earned their reputations as some of the most genuinely frightening films of the past decade, and shining examples of "found footage" perfection. While... Read more

Movie review : Coyote (2013)

"Conformity is the key. Put on the mask of a simple man and no one ever knows the difference. Everyone is so concerned with how you see them that they never bother to see you." ~ Coyote Coyote is that creepy weird piece of lonesome nastiness that you never... Read more

The Gathering casts Simon Pegg as the Devil! But wait, there’s more!

What do you do when you are casting the parts of horror luminaries from the past for a new horror film? Hire a bunch of the influential horror icons from the present day, of course. Director/producer Jon Keeyes is currently assembling a dream cast for his upcoming... Read more

Amazing horror tattoos by Paul Acker!

Paul Acker is the owner of Deep Six Tattoo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he has been administering some of the most gloriously horrific ink to bodies since the dawn of this millennium. His specialty is horror color realism, and he has created some of the... Read more

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