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Director Billy Pon sends in the homicidal serial rapist clowns for “Circus Of The Dead”!
"Nobody likes a clown at midnight." - Stephen King Coulrophobia appears to be at an all time high right now, with evil clowns reaching heights of popularity we have never seen the likes of before. Rob Zombie has just introduced his new killer clown flick 31 to... Read more

Awesome new artwork available from Zombieking!
One of the coolest artists I have met over the past years doing my horror homework, goes simply by the name Zombieking. He first caught my attention producing a series of amazing Hellraiser paintings, and has since consistently filled my news-feed with amazingly creative new... Read more

This upcoming independent horror film gives us “10 Seconds To Run”!
After a great debut last year with House Guest, director Jake Jalbert is back for more with an ambitious new project entitled "10 Seconds To Run". Jake and his brother, producer Brian Jalbert, have been making their own films since they were children, and in... Read more

Trailer for “Tusk”, a truly independent horror film from Kevin Smith!
I have always admired the films and the career of director Kevin Smith. He is one of those people that I love : the ones who get away with it. People who have succeeded by following their own path, the weirdos, the true originals are... Read more

Sam Raimi is bringing Evil Dead to television!
As a whirlwind of cool stuff flies out of San Diego Comic Con this weekend, one of the coolest things that has been reported was today's appearance of director Sam Raimi, and his confirmation that a television series based on his cult classic 1981 flick... Read more

A voyeur’s look at San Diego Comic Con 2014!
If you're like me, you love all things weird and wonderful, not just limited to horror. Most of us ghouls got bitten with the collector's bug at young ages, which means we likely still tend to drool over new action figures, trading cards, T-shirts, and... Read more

Artist Jay Hansen welcomes you to the Cesspool!
Jay Hansen is a unique painter based out of Minneapolis Minnesota, an award-winning creator of dark and incredibly detailed works of art. His work has been featured in the pages of Gore Noir magazine, and he has recently had several well-received local showings of his... Read more

Closet Monsters : An awesome collection of retro trading cards from The Strange Kids Club!
When I was growing up in the 1980s, anything "retro" obviously meant a throwback to the generations before I was born, which didn't mean a lot back then. I was your typical self-centered child, who believed that history started on the day I was born. Now,... Read more

Must Watch : A collection of the greatest scare pranks on Youtube!
Lately I have seen some pretty great scare pranks floating around on YouTube and social media, so I thought I would take a second and collect some of my favorites here for you guys, in case you have missed any of them! Some good watching follows.... Read more

Where to find the best horror groups on Facebook!
Over the past few months, even casual users of the social media giant Facebook have likely noticed some big changes in the content they now see in their news-feeds. Your favorite pages may have disappeared completely, and the people and artists you took the time... Read more

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