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The Borley Rectory returns with some great new incentives!

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Trailer for Iranian Vampire Western “A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night”!

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Stephen King is back with Revival!

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Ash vs. Evil Dead TV series is coming in 2015!

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Open Windows is clever, timely, and confusing.

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The Borley Rectory returns with some great new incentives!
Borley WEB banner

Last year we learned the terrifying true story of the Borley Rectory, known as "the most haunted house in England", when incredible artist Ashley Thorpe first set out to create a new animated documentary about the story. From the early 1900s, strange occurrences have plagued... Read more

Trailer for Iranian Vampire Western “A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night”!

Described as the first ever Iranian Vampire Western, the brand new flick A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night hits theaters today, November 21st. The official synopsis says it is A love story between two tortured souls In the Iranian Ghost town called BAD CITY... a... Read more

Stephen King is back with Revival!

As a lifelong "Constant Reader" of the books of Stephen King, I am happy to report that his newest novel Revival hits all of those notes we have come to expect as fans of his writing. And in the end he smashes those notes hard,... Read more

Why is horror still a bad word?

"To a new world of gods and monsters!" - Dr. Pretorius, Bride Of Frankenstein, 1935 Where have all the monsters gone? The vampires have been de-fanged and transformed into teen heartthrobs. Frankenstein's monster is now an action hero. The wolfman will warm your heart, rather than rip it... Read more

Ash vs. Evil Dead TV series is coming in 2015!

Everyone's favorite every-man is returning to the screen at last! Thanks to Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and the Starz network, fans of the chainsaw-handed wiseguy can rejoice over his triumphant return to the series that started it all. The first Evil Dead film hit theaters way... Read more

Open Windows is clever, timely, and confusing.

Open Windows, the new film from Timecrimes director Nacho Vigalondo is a groundbreaking and hypnotic journey through the nightmares of modern technology. The film tells the twisted tale of Nick (Elijah Wood), a young geek with a fan blog who gets pulled deep into a convoluted... Read more

Trailer for Dark Star : H.R. Giger’s World

Earlier this year, we lost a great of the dark art world when H.R. Giger passed away at the age of 74. Known the world over for his one of a kind imagination and haunting designs, this artist was responsible for some of the most... Read more

Legendary director John Carpenter’s Lost Themes!

John Carpenter, the man responsible for a long list of great films from the 1980s, is back with a new collection of original music. As many of us know, Carpenter not only wrote and directed such classics as Halloween, The Thing, and Prince of Darkness,... Read more

Fantasm – A documentary that will make you feel right at home.

The new documentary Fantasm is a love letter to the horror community, specifically the huge groups of dedicated fans who frequent conventions all over the country. Begun as a student film project, director and ardent horror fan Kyle Kutchta has assembled a dedicated and lovingĀ  look... Read more

Help discover Found Footage 3D!

Two trends that are widely regarded as overused gimmicks are coming together at last, in a valiant effort to unite them for the good of movie fans everywhere. Found Footage 3D intends to be that singular film which transforms the bad into good, and finds a... Read more

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