Education is generally concerned with broadening the horizons of human perception. Unfortunately, education has shifted into a paradigm in which people assume it is about cramming a mountain of material into their heads. Education has devolved into a commodity that is solely used to obtain what we require. True education, on the other hand, is about broadening one’s perspectives and removing the confines of one’s ideas and thinking. Simply said, education is the process of learning knowledge and skills, forming morals and values, and developing habits.

According to Albert Einstein, “education is not the acquisition of information, but the training of the mind to think.” In this day and age of the internet and technology, gathering a large amount of information is simple. Being able to answer every question does not ensure or prepare you for a life in which experience and knowledge are valued. And it is said that “Knowledge investment offers the highest return.” Any amount of money or time spent on self-education is never wasted. The more you know, the more you will gain. Even if you think what you’re learning isn’t what you want or need, don’t worry since everything you come across will be useful to you at some point in your life. A well-educated person contributes far more to society and the country than a wealthy individual. Education influences people’s personalities and social behaviours. It has an impact on how people think and act.

Need For Education

Positive contribution:

Education makes a person productive, allowing him or her to positively contribute to society. It teaches us how to face and overcome a variety of problems. A well-educated person understands how to be polite and non-offensive. It demonstrates how to live a disciplined life while earning a decent living. Education is the foundation of our future. Education is also the only weapon that may be utilised to tackle a variety of difficulties such as illiteracy, poverty, and unemployment. Education makes a person more sensitive to the plight of their fellow creatures. A well-educated person not only understands the challenges but also possesses the necessary skills to handle them.

Education enables people to become self-sufficient. A well-educated person does not rely on others and is capable of meeting his or her own needs. Education serves not just the individual, but also society and the nation. Education has a significant impact on our outlook, increasing our optimism about life and its goals.