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If it has to do with your Horror needs, you have come to the right place. We are the Horror Authority Figures.

Netflix Roulette : The Den (2013)
While watching this film on a whim last night on Netflix, it gave me the idea to start a new column here on Horror homework. Most of us use Netflix streaming by now, and I always get requests for recommendations for worthwhile streaming flicks on... Read more

Book Review : The Dreadful Death Of Edgar Switchblade
Best known as one half of the incredible Gothic country duo Those Poor Bastards, singer/songwriter Lonesome Wyatt has proven to have many more tricks up his sleeve. In addition to his distinctly desperate howling on the many TPB albums, he has his own band known... Read more

It is here at last! The Company of Shadows by Paul Gerrard.
The Company of Shadows It all started with an idea. An idea to take a stale franchise and breathe new life into a beloved horror film series. An iconic character redesigned, FX in place, and two creative masters at the helm, and the impressive Hellraiser: Origins... Read more

Amazing new work from Horror Illustrator Steve McGinnis!
One of the coolest and most rewarding things about having a horror website is getting to know the many artists who exist in the genre and helping spread the word about awesome artwork that many people might not otherwise see. One such artist is Steve McGinnis,... Read more

Artist Rafael Koff makes Freddy and Jason Have Fun!
Over the past few years of scouring the internet for fun things to post on the Facebook page, I have repeatedly run into some simple cartoons by an artist named Rafael Koff. He is a comic artist from Brazil, and has created a long-running series... Read more

Stephen Cooney Artist Spotlight
Artist Spotlight : Stephen Cooney Working with, I get to see all kinds of crazy shit. From a variety of films, to books, and even art. So every once and awhile during a regular session of perusing the macabre on the internet, you come across... Read more

The Bride Of Frankenstein gets re-imagined for The “Its Alive” project 2014!
The "Its Alive" project is back, this time bringing a blushing bride. If you recall, in 2011 the project celebrated the 80th anniversary of James Whale's Frankenstein and raised money for St. Jude Children's Hospital by assembling a group of very creative artists to re-imagine Frankenstein. This... Read more

“Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn is one of us.
Last weekend, Marvel's latest production destroyed critics and the box office alike with Guardians of the Galaxy. A perfectly entertaining summer movie made with undeniable passion and genuine weirdness, much of the credit for it's success is due to hard-working writer/director James Gunn. For many mainstream... Read more

DVD and On Demand Releases for August 2014!
Summer is nearing it's end at last, and soon we will move into every horror fans favorite season. Cool nights, colored leaves, and a glut of horror movies are on the way in the coming months, but for now take a look at what we... Read more

Details on the first ever “Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival”!
Listen up, you primitive screw-heads! Bruce Campbell is storming back into the horror world, and he is bringing us with him. Now that the television series Burn Notice has ended, everybody's favorite everyman, Mr. Bruce Campbell is returning to his roots in a big way! Last week,... Read more

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