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Movie review : Coyote (2013)

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The Gathering casts Simon Pegg as the Devil! But wait, there’s more!

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Amazing horror tattoos by Paul Acker!

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Watch now : Joshua Hoffine’s short film “Black Lullaby”!

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Movie review : Coyote (2013)

"Conformity is the key. Put on the mask of a simple man and no one ever knows the difference. Everyone is so concerned with how you see them that they never bother to see you." ~ Coyote Coyote is that creepy weird piece of lonesome nastiness that you never... Read more

The Gathering casts Simon Pegg as the Devil! But wait, there’s more!

What do you do when you are casting the parts of horror luminaries from the past for a new horror film? Hire a bunch of the influential horror icons from the present day, of course. Director/producer Jon Keeyes is currently assembling a dream cast for his upcoming... Read more

Amazing horror tattoos by Paul Acker!

Paul Acker is the owner of Deep Six Tattoo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he has been administering some of the most gloriously horrific ink to bodies since the dawn of this millennium. His specialty is horror color realism, and he has created some of the... Read more

Watch now : Joshua Hoffine’s short film “Black Lullaby”!

Kansas-based Joshua Hoffine is a horror photographer that has been haunting the scenery with some creepy imagery for quite some time now. His images are well-known and instantly recognizable, many of them featuring his own daughter Chloe put in a variety of precarious situations. After... Read more

Help open the Portal To Hell!

Roddy Piper vs. Cthulhu. Yup. For most of you reading this, those few words should be enough to convince you to stop on over to the current indiegogo campaign for Portal To Hell and contribute a few bucks to help some creative people get this film made. If... Read more

New Home Viewing Releases for December 2014!

As the gift-giving frenzy of the upcoming Christmas season heats up, it seems that us horror fans are being mostly left behind this month. With just a few noteworthy DVD releases, and a handful of intriguing additions to Netflix Streaming, the month of December seems... Read more

The Borley Rectory returns with some great new incentives!
Borley WEB banner

Last year we learned the terrifying true story of the Borley Rectory, known as "the most haunted house in England", when incredible artist Ashley Thorpe first set out to create a new animated documentary about the story. From the early 1900s, strange occurrences have plagued... Read more

Trailer for Iranian Vampire Western “A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night”!

Described as the first ever Iranian Vampire Western, the brand new flick A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night hits theaters today, November 21st. The official synopsis says it is A love story between two tortured souls In the Iranian Ghost town called BAD CITY... a... Read more

Stephen King is back with Revival!

As a lifelong "Constant Reader" of the books of Stephen King, I am happy to report that his newest novel Revival hits all of those notes we have come to expect as fans of his writing. And in the end he smashes those notes hard,... Read more

Why is horror still a bad word?

"To a new world of gods and monsters!" - Dr. Pretorius, Bride Of Frankenstein, 1935 Where have all the monsters gone? The vampires have been de-fanged and transformed into teen heartthrobs. Frankenstein's monster is now an action hero. The wolfman will warm your heart, rather than rip it... Read more

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