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Artist Jay Hansen welcomes you to the Cesspool!
Jay Hansen is a unique painter based out of Minneapolis Minnesota, an award-winning creator of dark and incredibly detailed works of art. His work has been featured in the pages of Gore Noir magazine, and he has recently had several well-received local showings of his... Read more

Closet Monsters : An awesome collection of retro trading cards from The Strange Kids Club!
When I was growing up in the 1980s, anything "retro" obviously meant a throwback to the generations before I was born, which didn't mean a lot back then. I was your typical self-centered child, who believed that history started on the day I was born. Now,... Read more

Must Watch : A collection of the greatest scare pranks on Youtube!
Lately I have seen some pretty great scare pranks floating around on YouTube and social media, so I thought I would take a second and collect some of my favorites here for you guys, in case you have missed any of them! Some good watching follows.... Read more

Where to find the best horror groups on Facebook!
Over the past few months, even casual users of the social media giant Facebook have likely noticed some big changes in the content they now see in their news-feeds. Your favorite pages may have disappeared completely, and the people and artists you took the time... Read more

The true story of “Annabelle”, the creepy doll from The Conjuring.
Yesterday afternoon, New Line Cinema dropped the first teaser trailer for their upcoming spin-off/prequel to last summer's horrific hit, The Conjuring. While very few details about the film are known, it is said to tell the story of how the creepy doll came to be... Read more

Win a T-shirt and flashlight to prepare for The Purge : Anarchy!
Last summer's surprise horror hit The Purge featured a concept so balls-out insane and unlikely that it was hard to resist. The idea of an annual "Purge Night", where all crime including murder is legal for 12 hours seemed like a huge stretch in credibility,... Read more

First concept art from Rob Zombie’s next film, “31″!
A few months back, in May 2014, we were teased with the next project from rocker turned director Rob Zombie. After bursting onto the horror (film) scene with House of 1000 Corpses in 2003 and it's sequel The Devil's Rejects in 2005, Zombie has never failed... Read more

First trailer for Alex Aja’s adaptation of Joe Hill’s “Horns”!
Joe Hill is one of those authors who everyone should be keeping an eye on. After bursting on to the horror fiction scene in 2005 with his short story collection 20th Century Ghosts and following it up with the great novel Heart-Shaped Box, Hill delivered... Read more

Win an original painting from Paul Gerrard and The Company Of Shadows!
Last year a little project popped up called "Hellraiser Origins", meant as a true re-invention of the world of Clive Barker's beloved Cenobites. Spearheaded by artist and producer Paul Gerrard, the project was envisioned as a love letter to Barker's original mythology and a completely... Read more

What’s in the box !?! The first Horror Block is here!
A few months ago, we got contacted by a new and potentially awesome company with a concept called "Horror Block". From the makers of the successful Nerd Block, the idea is a monthly subscription service that ships you a box full of horror-themed goodies every... Read more

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