Every child deserves a quality education, which is already considered non-negotiable. Having a good education means that an individual will be equipped to face the future.

Nowadays, there are numerous choices of learning facilities from public to private educational institutions. Parents must be wise on where to send their children through their learning journey. Knowing that their early years of learning create a big impact on what lies ahead in their future, it is really important to invest in a good and quality education.

The journey of education is not easy, but it can be fun and engaging if the learning community deeply understands the needs and wants of the children who are still in the learning phase of their lives. In the beautiful country of Hong Kong, finding the right educational institution is a challenge because of the wide range of choices. Everyone must be wise and needs to understand first the needs of their child to ensure that the choice of academic facility is the right choice.

Do not worry because there is no need to look further as the American School Hong Kong is here to provide the best academic facility for children.

Hong Kong’s Nurturing Community

A nurturing environment is important for every child. Parents need to understand how it is important to invest in the early education of their children. Knowing that their upbringing matters and creates a big impact as they grow older, decide to send them to a nurturing community.

When talking about academic excellence, there is no other name that can surpass the American School Hong Kong today. It is known as an international school that offers quality American education. With their 45 years in the education industry, they assure parents that their children will receive the utmost quality of education. Here, they will not just learn, but also improve their character.

Why American School Hong Kong?

Aside from being an international school that offers the utmost quality education, they are also offering a rigorous curriculum. With their offer of subjects and lectures, every student will really learn, develop, and discover their abilities and capabilities. Behind this learning community are the educators who are fully committed to nurturing and teaching students to be well-equipped today for their future.

How to apply?

For an international school online application, students can simply apply on their portal found online. Interested applicants will fill out the online form and submit it together with their electronic documents. Ensure that all information provided is correct and accurate. Once the application process is completed, paying fees will follow then applicants will be invited to the school for an examination.

Who can apply?

American School Hong Kong welcomes everyone from any race or nationality! There is no discrimination here, instead, they have high respect for each other. It means that everyone is welcome here! In fact, anyone can also apply for a scholarship.

For more information about their admission, scholarship, and other inquiries, feel free to contact them at +852 3919 4111 or send them a message on their official email address at admissions@ashk.edu.hk.