Your favorite and least favorite Horror games and why.

Created 7 years ago
A list of your favorite Horror games and least favorite Horror games and why? My favorite Horror game would be Resident evil 3 (Don't let me display picture fool you I'm not a RE junkie) but yes Bio3 was no doubt one of my favorite Survival horror game when I first saw the commercial for it when I was around 5-6 I remember just cuddling up in my Dads arms because it was to much for me. I later got the game maybe a year after it came out when my best friend to this day! showed me the RE series and I basically fell in love. You would be running around with maybe a handgun and 10 bullets and there would be maybe 2-3 zombies in front of you it takes about 4-5 shots just to kill a zombie. On top of being scared for your life almost ever corner they decide to throw a monster at you!!! Nemisis!!!! no doubt I had nightmares about this guy! he's huge! he's fast! and he's scary!!!! And he would always catch you when you least expect it. My least favorite Horror game would probably be Silent Hill downpour. This game was absolutely horrible! Sure they did a nice job on the graphics but what's graphics in a horror game if I'm not going to get scared?! and it was just to light to be a silent hill game I remember a dark aura with them. Blood, mutilation, no sense of were you're going! that true creepy stuff that you would only see in your dreams! but they decided to just make it misty and make it just to forward for you. I could go on, on just how tribal that game is but I want to hear what your favorite and least favorite horror games are and why!!!