what the hell?

Created 6 years ago
Why is it that no one is discussing anything on here? Is everyone using the chalkboard for topics? There are a lot of horror movies coming out these days and it would be nice to know which ones are worthy of my time. That being said I just watched Oculus (2013)... Im not sure if this is a remake? Honestly I was first drawn to it because I am a Doctor Who fan and Karen Gillan aka Amy Pond is in it. The IMDB reviews are kind of mixed 6.7 being the rating,personally I enjoyed it. I didnt think that they pulled the cheap trick of making you jump for nothing,it wasnt gory (not saying thats a good thing)... I enjoyed the mind games and the use of the past interacting with current events. All in all I have to say I liked it. My boyfriend didnt watch it yet so I will be seeing it again. I will see how it stands up to a second viewing.