New Features Testing

Benny Buzzkill
Created 5 years ago
Hello to all alpha testers. If you notice any issues with any of the site feature, you can mention them in this discussion forum. Please let me know about any error messages you see (copy and paste them into your reply) and what page you were on. Any information you can give will help to fix bugs. Thank you for helping us make HorrorHomework a better place for horror fans. The chalkboard and discussions area should be complete but I'm still working on the signup pages and edit profile section. The calendar should be working but could use some touching up. The site is going to be closed to students until Halloween as we work out the bugs. On the 31st, we will be changing the blog over to the new design and opening up the rest of the site to all members. The discussion area will be open to the public but only members will be allowed to post.

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