Movie Trivia #1

“Guess the flick from the pic.” 

Primus – Green Naugahyde (2011)

Green Naugahyde, by Primus (2011) Green Naugahyde is the first release from Primus in 12 years, but in no way does that mean anyone should consider these guys to be slackers. Les Claypool formed this incredible band in 1986, after auditioning to be the new bass player for Metallica, following the tragic death of Cliff […]

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American Horror Story on FX

American Horror Story Pilot. It starts out well enough, with a flashback to 1978. A scene where two shit-talking ginger kids get cut up in the basement of the scary house on the block, after ignoring the warnings of a cute young Down’s Syndrome girl… Then we cut to present day, and follow through with […]

I, Monster – Daydream

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