Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Convention – Chattanooga

Can I get a big “HELL YES!” now that convention season has started back up? I could almost hear that in my head, you guys are awesome. So now that all of the conventions are starting back up, we are gonna be talking about a con that is very near and dear to my heart. Twice a year, Lone Wolf Body Art unleashes Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Convention and lays it’s paws on Tennessee with so much awesomeness. This year, they had an exceptionally awesome lineup of guests, artists, vendors and tattoo shops at the Chattanooga Convention Center.

See that? It’s some badass artwork from Sam Flegal right there! There were tons of artists out there with Sam, including HorrorHomework fave Dick Starr. Full Moon Chattanooga boasted an incredible lineup of stars from movies such as P.J. Soles from Halloween, The Devil’s Rejects, Rock & Roll High School, and Carrie, “Diamond” Dallas Page from The Devil’s Rejects, and David Naughton from An American Werewolf In London. Most shows do a reunion of sorts for certain movies and Full Moon had an excellent choice with a Phantasm reunion. Don Coscarelli, the director of the series, was joined by actors Angus Scrimm, Michael Baldwin, and Reggie Banister for the convention. We also had the pleasure of our musical senses to be jolted by the sounds of Pontiac Blue, an awesome band who infused the perfect balance of blues and jazz together for an amazing combination.

So some of you might know this, but I also started working for Fleam & Boil’s House for Wayward Kooks about the same time that I started writing for here. At this convention, I was working behind the table for Argos T. Fleam with the lovely Evilyn Von Tessel whom you will see pictured in my numerous photos at the end of this. It was my first time working a table, and it was very interesting to do rather than being the normal convention spectator. I was definitely entertained though with a rotating “The Walking Dead” cast to the left of us, and one of my fave walkers from the series Rodney Hall on our right. My pal Dead Dick Hammer also dropped in and hung around a few tables minus Doreen and Doc since they were still burying the latest victims.

That’s Jeano in the background throwing up the horns for a photobomb. You guys might remember him from The Creeping Cruds interview I did earlier this year. He and his wife makes these incredible necklaces and sells them at the conventions and online through Evil Pumpkins. Here’s a pic of what I purchased from them in my getup from Saturday.

I had a blast this weekend, and I can’t wait until Full Moon Nashville next year to attend this convention again. Coming up, Cinema Wasteland as well as Nashville Horror and Comic Con! Can’t wait!

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