In Memoriam: Jess Franco

Yesterday, the horror and exploitation communities suffered a great loss. Jess Franco is probably one of the most versatile directors and writers that I, personally, have written about. The man made almost every type genre of movie imaginable in his lifetime, his final work being Al Pereira vs the Alligator Women. It is unknown if the movie is finished or not though at the moment of his untimely death.

Franco was born in Madrid, Spain on May 12th, 1930. He was a Spanish film director, writer, cinematographer and actor whom got his big break on 1961 with the cult classic The Awful Dr. Orloff. He also gained American box office success with movies like Necronomicon ,Ninety-Nine Women, The Bloody Judge and Count Dracula. Despite not gaining commercial success, he directed over 100 films.

James also got the tag of being an adult film director due to the amount of nudity in his films. If he began to release X-rated films, his career would go down commercially until he returned back into low-budget horror flicks. In 2004, he released an autobiography entitled Memorias del tío Jess. 

Franco passed away April 2nd, 2013, a little over a year after his wife, Lina Romay, passed away.of cancer. He was 82 years old, and the cause of death is unknown at this time. His passing was announced on his Facebook page by Kike Mesa, who directed 2007’s Jess Franco: Way of Life.

Evil Dead 2013: A Surprising Review

Okay, so before we get started, I should warn you. I came into the idea of remaking “The Evil Dead” with an absolute hatred for this movie from the get go. I despise…, really…..despise remakes. Even though most movies are a remake in some shape form or fashion, I usually cannot stand them.

This movie changed my mind. 

Now with the dramatic effects over with, I will continue. When I got the message from a friend today with a post about getting pre-screening passes for “Evil Dead” tonight, I was hesitant at first. But, I thought that if by any means I could convince you into saving your money for the movies, that I would. So I went ahead and called up my sister to see if she wanted to go. I had taken her to see “Warm Bodies” with me a few months back and she seemed to like it. So I ordered our tickets, headed out to see her, and we ventured into Nashville to check it out. We get into the theater and ordered at the concessions, headed to the screen, and stopped at the table to drop off our phones. I usually will get seats towards the middle back of the movie, but I wanted to watch her jump and squirm so we moved 4 rows from the front of the screen. We settled in, let the lights dim, and got prepared for whatever lay ahead.

The movie begins with five friends staying in a cabin out in the middle of nowhere. Some crazy things begin to happen, and they eventually search the cabin until finding a book who’s cover resembles that of sewn together skin. One of them becomes curious about it, opens it, and then reads from it, setting in motion for more things to happen. Demons come out and posses them all one by one until the last remaining person breaks the curse and sends the demon back to hell. Sounds pretty familiar, right?

I’m very happy to report that Evil Dead sticks very close to the original movie, with some major changes. I really want to keep this as spoiler free as possible, but one of the already-obvious ones is that rather than a male lead character being the hero…it is a female as our heroine in this revamp. But there is definitely one thing that I love about this movie. My slasher-loving side was very happy throughout this movie. There is so much blood in the movie. If someone you know is very faint at the sight of blood, or squeamish throughout kill scenes…keep them at home.

I’ve really got to give props to Sam Rami and Bruce Campbell for this. It’s almost restored my faith in some directors doing remakes. I can say with confidence, if the rumor of an Evil Dead 2 by these guys is true, I would 100% be behind them. They’ve, in my opinion, made a truly astounding film that is pretty terrifying, bloody, and scary. It’s well worth the price of paying for a movie ticket. I actually encourage you to watch it in the movies! Also….stay until the end of the credits. You’ll be happy that you did.

Nymphetamine’s Grade: A+

How to horror up your Valentine’s Day

Once again, it’s Nymphetamine Jade here with some tips on how to make the most horrific Valentine’s Day ever. I know, I was once one of the many who had a grudge again Cupid for screwing me over one too many times. Didn’t help that my birthday was a week before the dreaded, Hallmark pushed holiday either.

But, if you and your horror loving honey actually do enjoy the celebration, here are a few ways that you can make the holiday something special. Of course, there’s the whole flowers, candy, teddy bear route, or you could buy a unique gift like these necklaces.

There are a few Valentine themed horror movies out there as well, such as “My Bloody Valentine” as well as it’s remake “My Bloody Valentine 3D“.

If you have a really awesome sweetheart, pal, or just want to scare the fuck out of some people, here are some cards you can start off by giving out. Either way you choose to celebrate, eat some damn chocolate!!


The Horror Homework interview : Danny Trejo

Not only was I only fortunate enough to meet Danny Trejo recently, but I was also able to sit down with him for a few moments and conduct a small interview as well. You can probably imagine how I felt when I asked for the interview and he suggested that I come and see him the next day. I acted professional in front of him of course, but once I rounded the corner to the elevators, the fan girl in me squealed and danced around.

The thing that I slowly realized when I got back to my hotel room is what kind of questions do you ask a guy who has starred in so many movies with so many people? After about an hour of research though, I come up with a ton of questions but only narrowed it down to these since I knew a lengthy interview would be impossible on such a busy day.

So without any further adieu, may I present my chat with Danny Trejo from Days Of The Dead Atlanta. The first in what will hopefully be a long line of interviews!

 Nymphetamine Jade: What made you decide to accept the role in “Runaway Train”?

Danny Trejo: It was an accident. I was offered to train Eric Roberts how to box and then from there they offered me to appear in the movie and I said “Yeah!” so that’s how it happened. 

 Nymphetamine Jade: How did you and Robert Rodriguez discover you were second cousins?

Danny Trejo: My uncle, Rudy Trejo, they came down from San Antonio to visit me and Uncle Rudy goes, “Hey, there’s Robert!” and we started talking and figured out we were second cousins.  

 Nymphetamine Jade: What has been one of your favorite films to work on?

 Danny Trejo: Oh man, “Machete” was. I would have loved “Machete” even if I wasn’t in it. You know, it’s just a great movie and now “Machete Kills”, it’s gonna be awesome. 

Nymphetamine Jade:  How was it working with Tom Savini, Fred Williamson, and Cheech Marin in “From Dusk Until Dawn”?

Danny Trejo: Man, it was a lot of fun, we had a blast on that set. Savini had long hair and I had long hair, and everybody kept saying “Man, you guys must have the same hair dresser.” (laughter) That was, like the standard thing.

“I love my job!”

Nymphetamine Jade: You have eight films completed or in post -production right now. Six films have already been announced and you are already filming “Chavez Cage of Glory” as well. What drives you to stay so busy?

Danny Trejo: I love my work, I love my job. 

Nymphetamine Jade: Why are most of your characters named after knives?

Danny Trejo: It’s Robert Rodriguez’s thing for my parole. My parole was no sharp objects in your possession. So Robert was just kinda giving the finger to the parole officer. 

 Nymphetamine Jade: What caused you to start a charity for pit bulls?

Danny Trejo: Man, I love dogs, I just dunno. They really get a bad rep because of their owners. They are some of the greatest dogs ever. What some people don’t realize is that our first American show dog was Petey, from “The Little Rascals” and he was a pit bull. Michael Vick, we got one of his dogs up at Villa Lobos. They have him up in San Francisco now and he is a pet dog now. They have him working with kids that have terminal cancer. 


Thanks for the interview, Mr. Trejo!

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Cinema Wasteland

So as a typical forewarning, I must tell you that Cinema Wasteland is not your typical convention. I’ve been going to all of these conventions for over a year now and have always heard that. It wasn’t until I actually got to the hotel that I noticed how true it was. A lot of these conventions switch hotels and centers for various reasons, be that it needs more room to grow and expand to popularity or that the convention simply was not welcome back. Cinema Wasteland has been an exception to the rule, remaining in the same hotel/convention center for the last 22 shows. They don’t bring in your regular run of the mill celebrities and directors either, so if you’re hoping to meet someone like Norman Reedus or Jamie Lee Curtis, you’re out of luck. Instead, they aim for the more obscure and cult classic oriented guests.

I first heard about the convention through Master Yuck, way before I started writing for this site. After that, I started hearing about the convention at every one I would go to. So I talked to the boyfriend and we decided we would make the venture up for a night to check it out. We did make a pit stop to check out the haunted Ohio State Reformatory and man, it’s amazing. Sadly, they weren’t doing any tours and (shockingly) I’m not a fan of haunted houses so I’ll be hitting the place back up next year as I prepare for the next Cinema Wasteland.

Big thanks to the chick who pulled her car halfway into the gate so I could get this picture taken. Otherwise, all you’d have seen was a chain link fence behind me covering up this beautiful scenery. After that, we hopped back in the car and headed for Strongsville for Cinema Wasteland. After checking in and going up to the room, I headed downstairs to scope everything out and bumped into a few of my pals. Soon, it was time to go inside and get busy! We got a few items signed by people like Linnea Quigley, Michelle Bauer, and Fred Olen Ray. I also managed to get a couple of photos with Dyanne Thorne, best known for her role as Ilsa as “Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS”.

After that, the party really began for me. Okay, okay….so I had a flask ready with me. I also already had some rum mixed in with my coke I had purchased earlier in the day. Still, the evening was early and everyone was drinking and having a good time. Even after the convention closed, the party still went on. I can’t tell you how many times I would walk down a hallway and be pulled into a room, offered drinks and grilled cheeses, and snapping pictures while the guy from Troma stands in front of me and moons the camera. Seriously, I was deemed one of the Troma crew for about 5 minutes while searching hotel rooms to give my buddy Harley from The TimO. and Harley Show his pizza.


Needless to say, I was bummed when I woke up the next morning and had to leave. I’m definitely planning an all weekender for the next Cinema Wasteland in April. You should definitely plan on attending one sometime soon! Here are a few more pictures that you should look at if you need some more convincing.

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The ScareFest

Man oh man, have I been a busy bee these last 2 weeks. On September 29th, I attended my first ScareFest convention in Lexington, Kentucky. I wished I could have attended the whole weekend, but real life tends to get in the way at times. I still had an absolute BLAST there though and have a ton of memories and stories to tell you guys. 

So for Saturday, we all got dressed up and got ready to take the drive from Louisville. I was very gracious to my friends Lace and Matthew for allowing me to go with them, and for Michael, Ashley, and Muffins for letting me stay with them in between traveling. We all stepped out side and took some photos before hopping in the car and venturing to Lexington.

So we arrived in Lexington after an hour on the road, and went into the convention center. After getting the armbands, we walked through the grand entrance and into a very crowded room with vendors, celebrities, and attractions galore. ScareFest was incredibly busy, and we were constantly getting pictures taken of each person in the group. I got to see a lot of my friends including Atomic Cotton, R.A. Mihailoff, Dick Starr, and Skull 13. I did get to meet a lot of new friends here as well, including Cleve A. Hall, Aaron Goodwin. Later in the convention, I got an amazing opportunity to get my makeup professionally done by Beki Ingram, whom a lot of you might remember from SyFy’s “Face Off” season 2.

Anyways here’s some more photos! Next up, Cinema Wasteland! Ye haw!

Great Halloween Costumes for the whole family.

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Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Convention – Chattanooga

Can I get a big “HELL YES!” now that convention season has started back up? I could almost hear that in my head, you guys are awesome. So now that all of the conventions are starting back up, we are gonna be talking about a con that is very near and dear to my heart. Twice a year, Lone Wolf Body Art unleashes Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Convention and lays it’s paws on Tennessee with so much awesomeness. This year, they had an exceptionally awesome lineup of guests, artists, vendors and tattoo shops at the Chattanooga Convention Center.

See that? It’s some badass artwork from Sam Flegal right there! There were tons of artists out there with Sam, including HorrorHomework fave Dick Starr. Full Moon Chattanooga boasted an incredible lineup of stars from movies such as P.J. Soles from Halloween, The Devil’s Rejects, Rock & Roll High School, and Carrie, “Diamond” Dallas Page from The Devil’s Rejects, and David Naughton from An American Werewolf In London. Most shows do a reunion of sorts for certain movies and Full Moon had an excellent choice with a Phantasm reunion. Don Coscarelli, the director of the series, was joined by actors Angus Scrimm, Michael Baldwin, and Reggie Banister for the convention. We also had the pleasure of our musical senses to be jolted by the sounds of Pontiac Blue, an awesome band who infused the perfect balance of blues and jazz together for an amazing combination.

So some of you might know this, but I also started working for Fleam & Boil’s House for Wayward Kooks about the same time that I started writing for here. At this convention, I was working behind the table for Argos T. Fleam with the lovely Evilyn Von Tessel whom you will see pictured in my numerous photos at the end of this. It was my first time working a table, and it was very interesting to do rather than being the normal convention spectator. I was definitely entertained though with a rotating “The Walking Dead” cast to the left of us, and one of my fave walkers from the series Rodney Hall on our right. My pal Dead Dick Hammer also dropped in and hung around a few tables minus Doreen and Doc since they were still burying the latest victims.

That’s Jeano in the background throwing up the horns for a photobomb. You guys might remember him from The Creeping Cruds interview I did earlier this year. He and his wife makes these incredible necklaces and sells them at the conventions and online through Evil Pumpkins. Here’s a pic of what I purchased from them in my getup from Saturday.

I had a blast this weekend, and I can’t wait until Full Moon Nashville next year to attend this convention again. Coming up, Cinema Wasteland as well as Nashville Horror and Comic Con! Can’t wait!

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Days of the Dead Indianapolis

Few of you know exactly how much of a horror fan I am but the truth is….I take it to a whole new level of fandom. I am absolutely in love with horror conventions and go to several when I can. This one was a little bit different for me though as I now embraced a different role outside of being just another horror fan. I now am able to actually take my experiences and write them out for you all to enjoy, laugh, cry, and quite possibly turn away from in disgust….nah, just kidding. There will be a lot of things that I will write about in here, but there are just some things that you have to be there to experience for yourselves to understand the magnitude of how awesome they are. Pictures and videos could not describe them, so those things I will keep to myself until you guys can come hang with me!

Oh yeah….that advertisement above is where I was at. Can you talk about freaking awesome?? This also was one of the first conventions that I stayed at the hotel where it was all going down, so I got to party hard and have fun. Oh boy did I! Day one was amazing from the get go, as I ventured  from the 6 hour drive on Thursday to get to the convention and finally checked in with my party. Lots of people were already there, standing around outside the front of the hotel chatting and smoking cigarettes. I saw a few familiar faces as I ventured inside, dropped off my things in the room, and set out to explore the hotel. Many of the celebrity guests were checking in as well, so it would be nothing to share an elevator with Ed Guinn and his wife. Bumped into the bride and groom, Diva of the Dead and Nightmare Man Wild Bill, who were excited about their wedding the next day. Yep, they got married at the convention and it was awesome! After hanging out with the director and cast members of Dear God NO! and Lawrence Harvey down at the pool, I went to my room and went to bed.

One of the best parts about horror conventions is this, the costumes. Of course, you see your Freddy costumes as well as hockey masks galore, but you also see an equal amount of original costumes as well and some of them can be equally as terrifying. Even the kids get in on the dressing up as well!

Normally, I take my Friday for conventions and go ahead and get all of my signatures out of the way. It’s good for cutting back on waiting in the looooong lines that most people incur the next day. My list for this convention was relatively a small one. At the top of my list was Nekromantik director Jörg Buttgereit, which I won’t lie, I was as giddy as a school girl with a huge teenage crush when I met him. I’ve loved the movie ever since I first watch it, and just recently purchased Nekromantik 2 on DVD as well. Second on my list was Patty Mullen, who played the female lead in Frank Henenlotter’s 1990 movie titled Frankenhooker. Below is a picture of Patty getting dressed up as Frankenhooker for her fans.

The great things about these weekend long convention is that if you are staying in the hosting hotel as well, you are guaranteed to have an interesting weekend. I remember that at some point, I was waiting for the elevator doors to open up and as I heard the “ding” and the doors opened, out jumped a 5’9 dancing baby in a large one-sie. I unfortunately wasn’t feeling well during Nightmare Man and Diva of the Dead’s wedding, so I was unable to attend, but I have seen the pictures and it was beautiful. I hear that the Monster Ball afterwards was rocking as well, with the party going on well until 3am.

Saturday started off with this picture in one of the rooms. Tom Savini stopped off at one of the tables I was working with and was looking over the merchandise and I asked if he would mind pausing for this picture. I explained to him that I also split my convention time blogging for and that we had an admin that was a huge fan and he was more than happy to do it. He asked for the website and said that he would check us out. So if you are reading this Tom, thanks for being so awesome!

Saturday night was spent doing several awesome things. A group of us ventured outside of the hotel to catch the amazing show entitled “Musical of the Living Dead” at the Irving Theater in East Indianapolis. The link to the website to check it out for yourselves is ( and trust me, it is great. They’ve tossed in as many zombie movies as they possibly can into this hilarious production. If you don’t like getting messy, then skip the first 6 or 7 rows, because you never know how far the blood and afterbirth will fly. Here’s an example of what I mean when two of our compadres decided sitting in the front row was an awesome idea.

After the show we drove back to the hotel and decided that they best way to clean up after a smashing musical was a box of wine and the pool. More new and old friends awaited me out there as we cracked open the wine and went to town. Movie, music, and people were discussed among jumping in the pool when it got a little warm. Security finally came out around 3am to shut us down, so we took the party out front. I was soon carted off the bed as I was deemed “too drunk” and needed rest.

Sunday is the one day you hate to see come. At the same time though, it’s shopping day for me as well so I enjoy it. I did get to hang out some more with my Dear God No!
pals and get a few of the new ones to sign my poster. Spider said that I had the most completed poster outside of Atlanta, which makes it all the more awesome. I support indie film makers and James Bickert did an awesome job with his drive-in movie. I’m really excited for “Frankenstein Created Bikers” to come out as well as a rumored third movie.

Awesome shirt, right? One of my Sunday purchases that I promptly put on after purchasing. Atomic Cotton ( put these out for Ed Neal, who also had them at his table. I later went over to see Ed and get my usual hug and a story. Ed is a character and has remembered me since I first saw him at Nashville’s Full Moon Horror and Tattoo Convention. “Oh hey! It’s the Nashville zombie girl!” he always says as he gives me a big hug. Then the conversation always leads back to Austin, Texas because I miss it dearly. Another amazing table that I ran into was Wicked Illustration, run by Roger Scholz. At first it started out as we were only going to buy an awesome Vincent Price piece…but then he showed us two other books he had done caricatures of Vincent in and I was sold.

So now it is pretty much Tuesday here, and I’m still working in a recovery from the con. It was totally worth every moment of it though. If you think that conventions are just for geeks and nerds, think again because there is so much awesome stuff for you to do, amazing people that you meet, and you really have a great time. Do some research on the convention you want to go to though before just saying “Oh! Such and such is going to be there! That’s the one that I want.” because you never know who is going to cancel. Danny Trejo had to cancel last moment due to filming, so we took our funds we had reserved for an autograph and picture and donated it to two very worthy causes. I’ll link those in a moment because if you take up causes, these both are amazing ones to do.

Grade: A+

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