5 reasons Evil Dead 2 always makes me happy.

Everybody has that one movie that always makes them happy. Most people watch some silly melodrama, or a black-and-white classic to take their mind off their troubles. Not me. This is my go-to choice for viewing whenever “real” life gets me down. I just pop in my trusty copy of Evil Dead 2, and all my cares seem to disappear like Ash’s hand…

Reason #1 – You can never have a worse day than Ash does.

Seriously. This has to be the worst 24 hour period anyone has ever had. Poor Ash just wants to go out for a secluded getaway with his main squeeze, Linda. As soon as they arrive for their romantic date, they quickly find an old book in the cabin and learn that someone has been summoning demons. Linda is sucked out the window and possessed by evil, and Ash must decapitate her with a shovel and bury her in a shallow grave. This all happens within the first six minutes of the movie!

Reason # 2 – The giddy use of low-budget special effects and stop-motion animation.

There is a reason I reach for Evil Dead 2 over the original, and it is the sense of ridiculous humor present in almost every scene. Consider how they simply toss skeletal rag-dolls at our hero to fight off. Or the brilliant physical comedy Bruce Campbell displays while his hand is inexplicably possessed by demons. The blatantly unrealistic stop-motion animation used to re-animate Linda for her dance. The screeching monkey sounds as Ash fights the demon from the fruit cellar. I love it all, in it’s cheesy goodness!


Reason # 3 – This.


Reason #4 – Ash, the good-natured hero.

Ash Williams, as portrayed by Bruce Campbell, has become an icon of the every-man. He is no one special, just a guy who got dealt a shitty hand on his romantic weekend. But, man, does he roll with the punches! After decapitating and burying his love in the opening minutes of the movie, he gets randomly possessed, beaten up by his own hand, and locked in the cellar with a monster. The director, Sam Raimi, confesses in the special DVD features that many of the scenes were written in just so that he could torture his good buddy Bruce.

Despite his many unexpected clashes with inexplicable evil, he keeps his enormous chin up. Ash is a hero, because he deals with this madness the best way he can, and laughs along with the uncontrolled chaos he finds himself facing.


Reason # 5 – The thing in the woods.

The scariest things are always the things we do not see. We learn all about this demon resurrected by the book of the Dead, and see it possessing the cast of the film, compelling them to eat hair and such. But we never actually see the thing haunting the woods. It is shot in great first-person fashion, gliding through the woods at a relentless pace, knocking over trees and obstacles to get at our hero. But it is just something out there in the woods, and we never see it eye to eye, much to the film’s credit. The best effects are ambiguous, and Sam Raimi perfected it all those years ago, with this film.


I hope you have enjoyed this look at one of my all-time favorite movies. Leave some comments, and let me know what you guys think.
And if you have never seen this masterpiece, do your homework!

Faithfully submitted by Darth Biscuits.

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Game Of Thrones Season 2 Trailer

First look at the trailer for Game Of Thrones on HBO. I am curious why they aren’t calling it “A Clash Of Kings”, the title of the second book in this epic Song Of Ice And Fire series. I guess that would really confuse the TV-watching public or something….

The first season was an exciting and fairly accurate representation of the first book, and the second season looks to follow suit. Lord knows it must be difficult to film 1000-page books in ten episodes, but they pulled it off the first time!

I am looking forward to this in April, even more so to the third season. I cannot wait for the Red Wedding! What do you guys think?

If you have not read these books yet, do it now!


Wrath Of The Titans

Wrath Of The Titans

I will admit, I didn’t care at all for the remake of Clash Of The Titans. I guess I am a purist, and still love the original despite all its cheesy silliness. I will also admit that this trailer for the sequel to the remake has me interested. Tons of monsters, Titans wreaking havoc, complete chaos, the end of the world, even oblivion!

Did I even see a Balrog in there? What the hell?
For real, though, it looks like the closest thing to a God Of War movie we are getting. And it seems like a lot more fun than the first one. I’m in.
What do you guys think?

Release Date : March 30, 2012


4:44 Last Day On Earth

4:44 Last Day On Earth

I love the apocalyptic movies, and who doesn’t want to see one with Willem Dafoe, directed by Abel Ferrara?
Mostly we keep getting these post-apocalyptic visions of a hellish future, but this flick looks to be a more intimate and thoughtful “pre-apocalyptic” type of film.
What would you do if you knew the world was ending in the morning?

Release date : June 14, 2012

Most Wanted New Releases

Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter. Oh man I can not wait to see Abraham Lincoln kicking some undead ass!


The Mortician.  So, Method Man plays a deranged mortician…say no more, I’m sold!


Dead Hooker In A Trunk. Winner of best title, at least.



Satan Hates You. I can’t find a copy of this anywhere…


Thale. A new Norwegian horror flick. Looks creepy as hell.

Let me know on the Chalkboard if any of you crazy kids have seen any of these recent releases! We like recommendations for new stuff just as much as you do, so join in the discussion.

Faithfully submitted by Darth Biscuits.

Homework Assignment : Most Wanted New Releases

First up : Juan Of The Dead

No release date set for US yet. It looks seriously out of control.


The Innkeepers.

Looking forward to this one.  Now available on DVD.


Next up : Berlin Undead : Rammbock

Looks like some hardcore zombie action! Now available on dvd.


[REC] 3

Looks fucking awesome! No US release date available yet…


One more for good measure : Sushi Girl.

No release date available yet. Cant wait for this one!

PS That is Luke Skywalker himself in the photo below.


Well, until next time, kiddies! Hope you enjoyed seeing what is on my wish list of upcoming movies. What a shame we have to wonder if these interesting flicks will even be released over here, while remakes and prequels and garbage fill up our theaters.

Anyway, if you enjoyed this, pop over to the chalkboard and join the discussion about any or all of these upcoming horror classics (possibly). I’ll be lurking for you.

Faithfully submitted by Darth Biscuits.

(PS, just a reminder that if you order any of these recommendations from Amazon.com, be sure and use the link below, thanks!)

Stake Land: a film about Vampires, Humans and the New Age

By Merkin Muffley—HorrorHomework Instructor
Vampire films seem more immortal now than ever before. The genre can’t be killed, even with bad films such as Twilight and Dracula 3000 having seen the light of day over the last decade or so.

Luckily, there are some flicks that have come out in recent years which make it easier for film freaks to separate the wheat from the chaff.

One such film is 2010’s Stake Land, directed by sophomore filmmaker Jim Mickle.


The premise

Basically the film revolves around Martin (played by Connor Paolo, “Alexander”) an American teenager who is saved by the mysterious veteran vampire hunter Mister (played by film co-writer Nick Damici, “World Trade Center”), in a vampire assault which claims the lives of his whole family before his eyes.

After the attack, we find that a mass vampire epidemic has nearly destroyed North America. Martin and Mister make their ways north to Canada, to a place known as “New Eden”, where vampiric activity is nearly non-existent due to the frigid climate.

In this world, where life is rare yet disposable, our antagonists fight their way to an uncertain sanctuary in the north. Along the way, they collect comrades who share their need to survive.

Why you should watch it

Stake Land is a great movie for many reasons. First of all, it’s free of that teeny bopper vampire pageantry we have all grown to loathe. It was even produced on a relatively small budget of just $4 million, according to imdb.

Just gimme a small shot of vampire to go with my glass of estrogen.

Stake Land is a coming-of-age film set in a post-apocalyptic world where survival is the fabric of society.

There are no sexy and stylish vampires to woo the characters and audience. The film’s ever-present nocturnal blood suckers resemble zombies more than vampires. The premise doesn’t get too technical on these grounds—a breath of fresh air when compared to other vampire flicks.

They really Nailed what a vamp should look like in this one.

To compare, this film resembles a few acclaimed stories; Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead and Mad Max, directed by George Miller.

What themes do these stories have in common with one another, class? And how are they different? What do such stories accomplish when considering the human condition?

As we follow the two characters on their adventure, Mister trains Martin in the arts of killing vampires and staying alive. The two encounter all manner of people who have survived along their way, in small towns in a barren and cold landscape.

Despite the dimly lit setting and the dun-colored patrons therein, the story is rich with religious and economic undertones.

At one point, we find that many survivors have taken to religion as their cornerstone for existence, meaning that all non-believers are just as killable as vampires. The towns which Martin and Mister make their way through come equipped with trade, entertainment, prostitutes, assholes and booze—all the facets of a functional society! It’s like a Western, on those grounds.

What this story does is comment on the human condition in a very unique way.

As Martin learns to assimilate into this new way of life, he grows and matures. The survival skills he learns open the door to an old but very important concept in human history: filial piety—reverence for those who can teach.

This film was not made with the “blockbuster” philosophy of film production, thankfully. It has something to say and show the audience. It doesn’t have to prove anything. It’s just bad ass.
For extra credit, what does the class think of this film?

Classic Trailers

They don’t make them like this anymore.

If you don’t know these films, you don’t know anything.

Prometheus Trailer!!!

Another new one today to get excited about!
I have had my doubts about this “prequel” to the Alien films, but it seems they were unfounded…

What do you think, students?

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