The Bunny Game

The Bunny Game follows a female prostitute (Rodleen Getsic) who hitches a lift with a truck driver. The truck driver (Jeff Renfro) kidnaps the woman, restrains and forcibly strips her, and proceeds to physically and sexually abuse and humiliate her.
Sure to be a Master Yuck favorite.

This unflinching indie film was recently banned in England but will see an Uncut, Uncensored North America limited theatrical (in states that will permit it) and DVD/Blu-ray release in July.
It looks completely insane.

The Cohasset Snuff Film

In 2009, the small town of Cohasset, Massachusetts was rocked with tragedy. A 17-year-old high school senior named Collin Mason murdered three classmates. All the murders were videotaped and uploaded to the Internet via bit torrent sites and for three days, the world viewed the murders of these three innocent teens. Through legal action, the parents of the victims were able to remove all footage from the Internet and the town tried to save face by pretending it never happened. Bootleg copies of this footage are still passed around and downloaded through illegal means. The impact of this video is still being felt in Cohasset today. The video has become infamous, and is now referred to as The Cohasset Snuff Film.

Looks cool.
Releases October 31st.

The Apparition

Let’s play a game.
How many rip-offs of other mediocre movies can you spot in the trailer for this PG-13 wanna-be?

Throw everything at the wall, and see what sticks…
No thanks, Hollywood.
Opens August 24th, if you believe in it.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

In this adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith’s great book Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, the president discovers blood-thirsty vampires are planning to take over the United States. Lincoln makes it his mission to eliminate them, becoming history’s greatest hunter of the undead.
Check out the brand-new red band trailer :

Yes, please!
I can promise you I will be there, grinning like a fool watching this.
What do you guys think?
Opens June 22nd.

Nazis At The Center Of The Earth

Yeah, that’s right, the Nazis aren’t gone, just hiding…

Ok, Nazis, rocket-launchers, and Jake Busey?
Available now!
What are you waiting for?

Dracula 3D

A new film from Dario Argento is usually something to get excited about…

Um, not this time.
Sorry, Mr. Argento, but this just looks altogether shabby.
What has happened to the king of Italian horror films?
I can’t find a release date, but this film is sure to be in the bargain bin before you know it.

The Possession

I know I know, another “little girl gets possessed” movie, this time with the most generic title ever.
Don’t these demons ever possess little boys?

Wait, did that say produced by Sam Raimi?
And that was The Comedian from Watchmen as the dad.
I really like the image of the hand in her throat…
Ok, fine, I’m in.
Opens August 31, 2012.

God Of War : Ascension

After the events of the excellent God Of War III, most gamers thought we had seen the last of Kratos. For better or worse, we were mistaken.
Everybody’s favorite Titan-slaying man-turned-god will return in Sony’s new prequel, Ascension.

It will be interesting to see what new (old) powers and attacks the developers come up with for this origin story.
It will definitely be fun to be in control of Kratos again, especially after his lackluster guest appearance in the new Mortal Kombat.
Releases December 31.
Pre-order now.

Killer Joe

Wow, a big NC-17 flick from the director of the Exorcist!
Starring Matthew McConaughey as a cold-blooded assassin?
Yes, please.

Killer Joe is based on a long-running graphically violent play by Tracy Letts.
It focuses on the Smith family, a greedy, vindictive clan of Texans who hatch a plan to murder their estranged matriarch to cash in on her insurance policy. Unable to bring themselves to do the deed, they hire Killer Joe Cooper, a full-time cop and part-time contract killer.
Once he steps into their trailer, their simple plan quickly spirals out of control.
Opens July 27th, in whatever theaters are brave enough to show NC-17 films.


God Bless America

Well, the new film by Bobcat Goldthwait looks like it intends to piss everyone off.
I, for one, love him as a director. He has shown a consistently dark and challenging vision in his previous films.
This is true independent film-making.

Looks like a deranged mix of Falling Down and Breaking Bad, with a touch of Kick-Ass.
I’m in.
In theaters this weekend, May 11th.

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