Finally! The first trailer for Human Centipede 3 : Full Sequence!


At long last, we have the much anticipated trailer for Human Centipede 3 : Final Sequence!
Just put your eyeballs on this for a minute, then we will talk about it :

Many people have been looking forward to seeing what diabolical director Tom Six was cooking up for fans of this disgusting franchise for the past two years. In fact, it was on my most wanted list for 2014.
Another cool thing is that I was lucky enough to have spent a week on this set as an extra, and yes, I am in the centipede!
(In fact, you can even see me in the trailer above around the 30 second mark, if you look closely enough!)
A sequel that has it’s tongue firmly planted in many cheeks, I am sure this trilogy finale is going to be something exciting to see!
When the film finally releases on May 22nd in theaters and On Demand, we will all get to see what the big deal is!
I know that I can not wait!
For more news and updates, check out the HC3 page on Facebook, and follow Tom Six on Twitter, if you dare…


Digging Up The Marrow – First trailer and tour information!


February 20th 2015 will finally see the theatrical release of Adam Green’s long-awaited collaboration with one of our favorite artists, Alex Pardee!
This film has reportedly been in development for the past four years, and if they have accomplished the goal of bringing Pardee’s monstrous creations to life, that time will be very well spent.
For a closer look at some of Alex Pardee’s artwork, check him out on Facebook here, or the artist spotlight we did on his work back in 2012. Adam Green is the director of Hatchet, Spiral, and Frozen, and creator of the very amusing web series Holliston, and it is very exciting to see such a true blue horror geek tackling a unique original horror film!
For everyone who bitches about remakes and unoriginal ideas, here is your chance to get out and support a unique horror concept!
In fact, the cast and crew are even giving horror fans a bigger incentive to get out to the theaters for this film, with the just-announced Touring Through The Marrow!
Beginning on February 12th, the tour will begin in Berkeley California and, according to the ArieScope website, will include a screening of the film before it is officially released, an art exhibit of Pardee’s original artwork that inspired the film alongside never-before-seen concept art and photos from the film’s production, an audience Q&A with Green and Pardee, one of the actual “monsters” from the movie “in person”, plus artwork, books, and other exclusive tour merchandise for sale.
More info about this is available at the website linked above, and a VIP ticket admission will get you everything mentioned above, plus the addition of a limited edition art print from Alex Pardee that will be available on this tour only!


The film opens theatrically and On Demand on February 20th and will hopefully expand to more cities if we all get out there and show our support!
The Blu-Ray release will follow quickly on March 24th and you can support the artists directly by pre-ordering your very own copy autographed by Adam Green right here.
Dig this trailer below!
It has a very modern Nightbreed feeling to me, and I can’t wait to see Alex Pardee’s monsters come to life!

Watch now : Joshua Hoffine’s short film “Black Lullaby”!


Kansas-based Joshua Hoffine is a horror photographer that has been haunting the scenery with some creepy imagery for quite some time now. His images are well-known and instantly recognizable, many of them featuring his own daughter Chloe put in a variety of precarious situations. After raising the funding for an original short film based on his photos last year, we are finally getting the chance to see it!
The film is called Black Lullaby, and it is the logical next step for the creative photographer. Check out the artist’s introduction to the film below :

In a recent interview with Scream UK magazine, Hoffine says, “For me, horror is an endless source of inspiration. It’s multifaceted, with countless concerns and subgenres. Horror is existential. It’s psychological. It’s visual spectacle, and it transcends cultural boundaries. Understanding how horror functions informs my work and my aesthetic is largely defined by an adherence to archetypal imagery. I look for stories or ideas that everyone can relate to. If I need a prop, like a telephone for instance, I ask myself what type of telephone would a six year old draw or dream about? This is why my photographs often seem cartoony. My photographs, like Black Lullaby, are unbounded by any particular time or place. They have a dreamy kind of hyper-realism, like a memory.”

The Last Stand, by Joshua Hoffine

During the successful Kickstarter campaign, Hoffine said, “I’ve been living with this film for years, dreaming of the day when I would finally see it finished.  My photographs are effective, but contained.  This film pounces on the viewer.  It’s an artistic turning point for me.  And a new beginning.”

You can find Black Lullaby for rent or sale here, and enjoy the gallery of photographs below that inspired the short film!
Also be sure and stay connected with Joshua Hoffine on Facebook and his official website to keep up with new and upcoming projects.


After Dark, My Sweet


Trailer for Iranian Vampire Western “A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night”!


Described as the first ever Iranian Vampire Western, the brand new flick A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night hits theaters today, November 21st.
The official synopsis says it is A love story between two tortured souls In the Iranian Ghost town called BAD CITY… a place that reeks of death and loneliness where a lonesome vampire is preying on the towns most depraved denizens. The press materials go on to call this film A joyful mash-up of genre, archetype, and iconography, its prolific influences span spaghetti westerns, graphic novels, horror films, and the Iranian New Wave.
Let’s have a look at the trailer :

It definitely looks unique, and could possibly prove to be the vampire western we have all been waiting for.
In limited theatrical release today, check the listings for a town close to you, and follow A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night on Facebook for news of future digital and DVD releases.
What do you think of this trailer?



Trailer for Dark Star : H.R. Giger’s World


Earlier this year, we lost a great of the dark art world when H.R. Giger passed away at the age of 74. Known the world over for his one of a kind imagination and haunting designs, this artist was responsible for some of the most interesting artwork of the last century. Now, to carry on his legacy of dark beauty, film-maker Belinda Sallin brings us a new collection of interviews with the artist himself  along with Carmen Maria Giger, Stanislav Grof, Hans H. Kunz, Leslie Barany, Paul Tobler,Tom Gabriel Fischer, Carmen Scheifele de Vega, Mia Bonzanigo, Andreas J. Hirsch, Marco Witzig, Sandra Beretta, and Müggi III.
The film proposes to answer the question Who is the artist H.R. Giger? What kind of person is behind the terrifying and disturbing beings he has created?
Check out the trailer below, and be sure and see this intriguing film when it releases to get to know more about this amazing artist!



Red band trailer for V/H/S Viral!


Coming this October is another installment of the hit or miss anthology franchise V/H/S. While I found the first two films to be worth watching, they both had thier high and low points, which is to be expected from a free for all from some insane directors. The newest installment looks interesting, and features five films from directors Todd Lincoln (The Apparition), Nacho Vigalondo (the upcoming Open Windows), Marcel Sarmiento (The ABCs of Death), Gregg Bishop (Dance of the Dead), Justin Benson (Resolution) and Aaron Moorhead (A Glaring Emission).
Check out the newest red band trailer below :

Looks like a lot of fun!
What do you guys think?
V/H/S Viral hits On Demand just in time for Halloween home viewing on October 23rd, and will get a limited theatrical release November 21st.
Count me in!



Doomsday is coming. What are you going to wear?

The red band trailer for ABCs of Death 2 is amazing!


In 2012, the first version of this interesting concept was released to mixed reviews. Many of the short films included in the first anthology were hit or miss, and some worked better than others. While it was a hard film to love as a whole, the ABCs of Death series is a welcome inclusion in the horror community.
In case you are late to the party, the first film collected 26 short films by 26 different directors, each presenting their horrific take on the letter of the alphabet that they were assigned. Some were awesome, some not so much. The idea seemed to be greater than the results. The producers did some cool things like releasing the DVD packaged like a children’s book, and then went on to give anyone a chance to direct the M segment of the sequel with a great short film competition.


Now we finally have the first look at the trailer for the next 26 films, and it looks incredible.
Check it out right here :

Including “M is for Masticate” from contest winner Robert Boocheck, along with 25 other influential directors unleashing three minutes of madness, this looks like it is going to be the rare sequel that outdoes the original. What looks most interesting to me in the clip above is the obvious sense of humor involved in this project — something that was sorely lacking in the first incarnation of the series.
The ABCs of Death 2 hits VOD October 2nd, and will be in select theaters on Halloween night!
Who else is excited for this one?


Doomsday is coming. What are you going to wear?

Trailer for “Tusk”, a truly independent horror film from Kevin Smith!


I have always admired the films and the career of director Kevin Smith. He is one of those people that I love : the ones who get away with it. People who have succeeded by following their own path, the weirdos, the true originals are the only ones for me.
I am thinking of my favorite artists, musicians and film-makers. People like Hunter S Thompson, Henry Rollins, Alejandro Jodorowsky, John Waters, and Kevin Smith.
A director that has always paved his own way, he broke ground in 1994 with Clerks, a film that spoke directly to me and my generation of lost souls slaving away in soul-killing day jobs. Over the two decades that have followed, a new film from Smith has always been a must see for me, and each one of them has stuck with me for one reason or the other. Okay, maybe not so much the cop one with Bruce Willis, but at least he was trying something different…
Along the way, Smith’s candidness about his work and life and films have also proven entertaining, as he toured extensively with an insightful spoken word show and several fun podcasts.
After recently announcing his retirement, Smith has reconsidered, and taken a sudden turn on his path, continuing to blaze an all-new trail.


Turning his attention to horror films after his success with 2011’s quick and dirty Red State, Smith is experiencing a new love for making movies his own way. For example, as we are all waiting for Clerks 3 (which the Weinstein’s have reportedly passed on for some insane reason), he has been consistently coming up with offbeat ideas inspired by the podcasted conversations between him and his creative circle.
About nine months ago, during an off-hand on-air conversation between Smith and long-time collaborator Scott Mosier, they struck upon the unlikely story idea of a deranged man who decides to surgically turn another man into a walrus (!).
The thing that is setting Smith apart from the rest of us, is that he is following through with it. What could have been simply an oddball entertaining story lost in the podcast archives has, through hard work and perseverance, become an actual film!
Drawing influences from Misery, Frankenstein, The Human Centipede and The Island Of Dr. Moreau, and adding in the flavor of Kevin Smith’s writing, a new and unique film has been born.
Behold the first trailer for Kevin Smith’s Tusk :


And you can listen to the original podcast which inspired this film right here :

Be sure and check out the official Tusk website and Facebook page as we get closer to the film’s release this September.
Did I mention that I would watch the great actor Michael Parks in anything?
Just another selling point for this flick to me, which I can’t wait to see!
What do you guys think about Kevin Smith’s next film?
Leave your comments below!


Original Horror Shirts

Win a T-shirt and flashlight to prepare for The Purge : Anarchy!


Last summer’s surprise horror hit The Purge featured a concept so balls-out insane and unlikely that it was hard to resist. The idea of an annual “Purge Night”, where all crime including murder is legal for 12 hours seemed like a huge stretch in credibility, but audiences ate it up.
Even I will admit that it turned out to be an entertaining flick despite of the presence of Ethan Hawke.
With the sequel, which hits theaters everywhere tomorrow, the fictional world appears to have been opened much wider providing a scope for this film which will potentially allow it to live up to it’s subtitle.
Check out the trailer for The Purge : Anarchy below :

Today the good folks at Universal have provided us with a cool gift package for one of you lucky students of Horror Homework!
The package includes an official Anarchy T-shirt (size Large) and a flashlight to protect your assets on Purge Night, if you choose to partake!


To be eligible to win, simply like and share this post with your friends, and comment below on how you would stay safe and what you would do if the Purge night really happened.
And prepare for Anarchy by checking out the “5 Things To Know Before You Watch The Purge: Anarchy” Interactive GIFs below.
Move your mouse across the GIFs to control the scene!

Good luck out there!
And don’t forget to leave your comment in the section below to be eligible to win this prize!
What would you do, if there were no repercussions?


Doomsday is coming. What are you going to wear?

First trailer for Alex Aja’s adaptation of Joe Hill’s “Horns”! UPDATED with new trailer!


Joe Hill is one of those authors who everyone should be keeping an eye on. After bursting on to the horror fiction scene in 2005 with his short story collection 20th Century Ghosts and following it up with the great novel Heart-Shaped Box, Hill delivered Horns in 2010.
A great book that I reviewed here, the impending movie is shaping up to be quite a curiosity.
Placing Harry Potter himself in the title role (essentially as the Devil), is either a wonderfully bold move or generic stunt-casting. Not to mention that the most effective parts of the novel were the thoughts of the characters, and Ignacious’ inexplicable ability to hear the inner workings of those around him. It is a concept that will be hard to convey on the screen.
As this is one of our Most Wanted films of 2014, I suppose we must put our trust in Aja, the director, although he has proven that he is not above “cheating” with his films. (I am referring to the wildly illogical and impossible twist ending of High Tension here.)
Check out the first trailer below :

This new trailer just premiered at last weekend’s Comic Con and San Diego, and shows quite a bit more about the tone of the film, which seems spot on. If done correctly, this film will venture into some dark psychological territory while still managing to be amusing.
Looking forward to this one even more now!

Fingers crossed for this one!
This film opens on Halloween night in the UK, and a US release date of November 13 has now been confirmed.
What do you guys think?


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