Bath Salt Zombies

Hello kiddies, it is your favorite clown Master Yuck, stopping in to bring your attention to a new film from one of my favorite sleazy directors, Dustin Wayde Mills.
After directing a few great films like Puppet Monster Massacre, Night Of The Tentacles, and my favorite, Zombie A-Hole, Mr. Mills has really brought his B-game with “Bath Salt Zombies”!

This clown is a proud resident of Flori-duh, and personally think all drugs including bath salts should be legalized, just to make things more interesting heh heh.
Take a look at the trailer for this awesome new flick from Mr. Mills!

This thing is chock-full of creative animation, gore, drug use, boobies, and random violence, Bath Salt Zombies is the kind of film that we need to see more of here on The Vault Of Sleaze.
Highly recommended by this clown, heh heh.
Thank me later.

Clown photos credited to Clinton Lofthouse.

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The Vault Of Sleaze : SRS Cinemas

It’s your old pal Master Yuck here, dropping in with this month’s edition of The Vault Of Sleaze!
My friends over at SRS Cinemas are some of the sickest, most depraved weirdos with movie cameras around, and that is why they are so rad.
Check out this bad ass new poster they just released for their upcoming film, “She Kills With Her Crotch“!

My kind of girl! Heh heh…

Produced by Ron Bonk! I love that guy.

Anyway, SRS has a ton of the best worst movies on their list, a little something for everyone.
Check out the trailer for “Sexsquatch : The Legend Of Blood Stool Creek“, if you don’t believe your old pal…


And who could forget the recent classic, “Evil Dead Inbred Rednecks” ?


Of course, there is always the awesome 2009 flick “Terror at Blood Fart Lake.”

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a flick named “Ms. Cannibal Holocaust“. I am definitely adding this newer release to the Vault!
Check her out. Heh heh.


I don’t know if these videos are working right, but you can see them all on SRS Cinemas youtube channel here, (or I guess you could just keep watching the Sexsquatch trailer over and over heh) and be sure and check out SRS Cinemas on Facebook for news and free stuff!
I know this clown loves free stuff, and they do giveaways every 100 likes there.
Tell them your old pal Master Yuck sent you!
Until next time…
Heh heh.

Photos credited to Clinton Lofthouse.

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The Star Wars Review by Master Yuck

 “One billion years in the making, and this is what we get.” – Master Yuck

“Its like if Rocky Horror was shot in Istanbul, with a budget of five hundred dollars and a Darth Vader helmet”

So where do I begin with this classic film… first off I had no fucking idea what was going on in this movie, from start to finish I was lost. But this is one of those films that is so bad its great. This film has everything you would want in a bad movie. You’ve got zombies, toilet papered mummies, bouncing heroes on trampolines, robots strangling children, cardboard swords, and some of the most fantastic fight scenes ever.

I wish I could tell you more about the plot, but I had no idea what the fuck was happening. So just kick back an enjoy the cinematic ride as I did.

Whats better than watching Star Wars while listening to the soundtracks from Flash Gordon and Indiana Jones?

And since I can’t tell you about the film, here is the entire movie for your enjoyment. Enjoy!  Heh heh


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