Cornbugs – Chop-Top and Buckethead’s band.

With all of this Texas Chainsaw talk in the air, I thought it only fair to bring to your attention the fact that even though All American Massacre unfortunately may never see the light of day, TCM 2 was not the last appearance of Bill Moseley’s classic Chop-Top character.

Were you guys aware that he started a band with the amazing guitar player Buckethead way back in 1995? They released their first album, Spot the Psycho, in 1999. The band didn’t release anything else until 2001, when they released their second album, Cemetery Pinch, and third album, How Now Brown Cow, simultaneously. All three albums were self-released and sold via Moseley’s website, ChopTop’s

In 2004 the Cornbugs released their fourth album called Brain Circus. This album was released on the label of their new keyboardist Travis Dickerson, TDRS Music. Later that same year they released their fifth and final studio album of new material called Donkey Town. The band announced their split in 2007 after two DVDs, Quackers!
and Headcheese were made available.

Check it :

So yeah, Chop-top himself has been out there making music all along…

205627_Streaming made simple.
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A collection of amazing tour posters from Primus!

I am a huge fan of Primus and Les Claypool, along with all of his various experimental side-projects, which I wrote about here in my very first review for this site. Needless to say I am very excited to catch them on their current ground-breaking 3D tour when it rolls into L.A. in December, as you should be.
As a creative genius and pioneer of new and interesting ideas, such as the first-ever 3D touring show, Claypool and the band have hired a great artist to create a unique and beautiful poster for each one of these fascinating shows.
They are for sale at each venue, signed and numbered by the artist, and collected right here for your eyeballs to enjoy. Check them out and be sure and catch Primus on the 3D tour for a one-of-a-kind experience.
Tour dates and more info can be found here.

By Morning Breath Inc.:By Todd Slater :

By Ron English :

Also by Morning Breath :

By Prairie Prince :

By Bellyache :

By Dan Christopherson :

By David Welker :

By Mike Mitchell :

By Zoltron :

Also by Zoltron :

By Jeff Soto :

By David Lanham :

By Adam Jones :

By L’Amour Supreme :

By Malleus :

By Methane Studios :

By Doug Boehm :

By Drew Millward :

By Jonathan Bergeron :

By Travis Louie :

By South Park Studios :

By Bob C. Cock :

By Travis Millard :

By Marq Spusta :


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The Baddest Man Alive

Great new video from the Black Keys and the RZA for the soundtrack to The Man With The Iron Fists! Check it out here :

What a great team-up! I have been a fan of the Keys for many years now, but getting a little weary of their similar sounds for a while. Nice idea to change it up a bit and let the RZA add a little madness to their style.

Also, check out this red band trailer for the RZA’s directorial debut. The Man With The Iron Fists, produced by Tarantino, written by Eli Roth and RZA, in theaters next Friday, November 2nd.

Can’t wait to see this one!
For more updates, keep an eye on the official website here, and of course the Facebook page (if you are into that sort of thing).
What do you guys think?

Great Halloween Costumes for the whole family.

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Nekrogoblikon – “No One Survives”

Check out the brand new video from Nekrogoblikon‘s album “Stench” right now.
Thanks to my old pal Acid Goat for sending this one in!

This is a really excellent video, directed by Brandon Dermer, who said ““I saw Nekrogoblikon randomly through a good friend one night deep in the San Fernando Valley. I was so inspired by their live performance and straight-faced commitment to absurdity, I knew that very moment that if our efforts were to be combined it would result in something truly special. Four months later, we had a fucking video.

Am I the only one who can really relate to the Goblin?

Cannibal! : The Musical

Years before they famously made a career of pissing off everyone they could every week with Comedy Central’s South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone made Cannibal! The Musical. This will not surprise anyone who has watched the show over the years ; it is full of good songs here and there, and the South Park movie is generally considered a “musical”.

This musical, however, is certainly different than any one you are familiar with. Through song, they tell the story of Alferd Packer, a hapless young horseman who leads a party of miners into Colorado territory in the winter of 1883.

The comedy comes not only from the absurdity of the songs and the many uncomfortable moments between the characters, but the unabashed low-budget pride of the whole production. After a creatively gory black white and red opening scene, we are introduced to Alferd Packer (played by Trey Parker, credited as Juan Schwartz) sitting stunned in the courtroom, claiming, “That’s not the way it happened.”

After being pushed to open up about the truth behind his travels by a sweet young local girl, Packer tells his sad story through song from behind bars as he awaits “Hanging Day.”

The songs are absurd and hilarious, and you will find yourself singing along before you know it, as the group of rag-tag misfits ventures into the rivers and mountains of Colorado, each character with their own reasons for making the treacherous journey.

Despite warnings of doom and dangers, including Asian Indians, huge rivers, random bear traps and even a Cyclops, the dedicated group will not give up on their trek through the mountains.

The downward spiral into insanity and eventual flesh-eating begins when Packer’s beloved horse Leanne disappears in the night carrying all of the supplies.
Alferd is appropriately broken up about the vanishing of his horse, which he articulates beautifully through song :

After more trials and tribulations, Packer and his party meet up with some interesting “Indians”, who have teepees and everything so they must be legit…

Unfortunately, a group of menacing trappers have arrived as well, and the dirty so-and-so’s make all kinds of boasts and threats through this off-key tune….

In an effort to stay close behind the trappers, Packer gets his group moving, but they get lost in the mountains and desperate hunger starts to infect the minds of some of the party…

Everything gets out of control then, with darkly hilarious results. Trey Parker and Matt Stone really impress with their non-existent budget and obvious talent for comedic timing…

He looks like he is about to sing a song...

If you have never seen Cannibal :The Musical, do your homework and check it out, even if you are not a fan of musicals. It is a goofy and gory good time!
And if you have seen this bad boy before, be sure and take a look at the newest Cannibal! The Musical: 13th Anniversary Edition, which includes Trey and Matt’s notorious drunken commentary. Enjoy.
Highly recommended by Darth Biscuits!
Grade : A


The Creeping Cruds

So what do you get when you take five guys, throw in some instruments, and add an element of horror? The Creeping Cruds is what you get! I met these guys back when they played with Dead Dick Hammer and The TBA, as well as The Bastard Suns. Fantastic show and I had a great time seeing the band! I recently got to catch their show again with my pals DDH up in Louisville and pulled Wolfie to the side. We chatted for a bit and I asked if they’d be interested in being featured here.   He said “OF COURSE!” and the rest is history. I set up a little Q&A and he passed it around to the fellas and then got it back to me. So ladies and germs, ghouls and boys, I present to you…The Creeping Cruds!

1. How many members are in The Creeping Cruds?

Jeano – Five

2. How long has the band been together? How did you meet?

Jeano – 2012 equals one full decade of devilish demon-rock debauchery!
Boomer and I have been in bands together since the 80’s when we helmed a horrific punk band in Florida called The Roidz.

Fast forward to Nashville many years later, we regrouped with several other of society’s outcasts and started up a band of horror-loving geezers to show all these young’ns just how it’s done..

3. How did you come up with the name for the band?

Jeano – It was either The Creeping Cruds or Lady Gaga’s Anus. was available.

4. If you had to describe your music in one sentence, what would it be?

Jeano – Music that makes kids do bad stuff.

5. How many musical instruments are played for your songs and which band members play them?

Wolfie – two guitars, one bass, one boomer, one howler.

6. Where do the inspiration for your songs come from?

Jeano – As soon as another band does something cool, we immediately copy it…Wash, rinse, repeat.

7. Favorite song from the album “Tennessee Bloodbath”? What about “The Incredibly Strange People Who Stopped Living And Became The Creeping Cruds”?

Jeano – Tennessee Bloodbath and I Eat The Living… and everything else really.

Wolfie – All of it. Ain’t a bad song in the bunch but if I have to pick, Teenage Werewolf and Ghosts of West Memphis

8. Are you currently working on a followup album?

Jeano – We are in the process of working up new tunes. Every new song has to be greater than the previous and when you have two albums worth of total horror awesomeness it makes it quite difficult and time-consuming to make a third that trumps everything that came before..Once you put out an album of mediocrity it’s game-over so we’re digging in..

Whenever this one hits the shelves the world can finally end.

9. You’ve done several shows with a lot of notable bands and people. What has been one of your favorite moments so far?

Jeano – Getting the money after every show show and watching James rock out on bass!

10. What is some of the band’s favorite horror movies?

Jeano – All of the moldie oldies. 70’s Drive-in, giant bugs and just about anything with Vincent Price, Christopher Lee or Peter Cushing. Especially The Tingler.

Wolfie likes the monster movies, Godzilla, Aliens, The Thing

11. What horror influences do you incorporate into the music?

Jeano – All horror – all the time – ‘cept that new lame stuff and remakes.

12. What is the bands main musical influences?

Jeano – In the horror music genre you face the challenge of not being a Misfits clone so we won’t say The Misfits or any of their endless tired clones of the current wave of Horror Rock. That leaves The Forbidden Dimension, Alice Cooper, X, The New York Dolls, The Ramones, Turbonegro and AC/DC!

13. Does anyone in the band have a stupid human trick that they can do?

Jeano – Boomer can actually smoke and drum at the same time. Wolfie can disappear magically from the stage and re-appear floating over the crowd (that’s where he is, kids, when you don’t see him on video), McNasty can play Dueling Banjos on an accordion and James can appear magically after not being seen for hours!

14. Anyone in the band have any tattoos they would like to talk about?

Jeano – I have Godzilla next to a flying saucer blowing up the White House. What other tattoo do you need?

15. If there is one thing that you could tell your fans, what would it be?

Jeano – Rock n Roll has no expiration date…

Wolfie – Don’t be afraid! Go F*CKIN” CRAZY!

If the Creeping Cruds are ever in your town, take the night off and go check out this wonderfully talented band! You can also find them on Spotify and at:

This Way to The Egress

Hello readers! So, as a blogger, I like to introduce new things to you guys. So far I’ve done music and movies, as well as a piece about a horror convention. Sometimes I like to think outside of the box though and see what else is out there. Don’t worry, I’m not introducing you to some crappy cartoon or anything. Sometimes, horror movies are loved by people of different genres and backgrounds. Not everyone that likes horror movies dresses in all black, dyes their hair in strange colors, and listens to Slayer. I fell in love with a band that I got a chance to see live about a year ago. I heard about the concert at the last moment, and I won’t lie, the headliner was the one I was really itching to see. In getting to the venue though, I fell into a rather interesting world, not knowing what to expect. 

The line-up consisted of Hellblinki, This Way To The Egress, and Voltaire. In between acts, there was a sideshow attraction that would go outside and you could watch as they drove long nails into their nasal cavities, threw darts at one another’s backs, and broke bricks on their chest with sledgehammers.  Burlesque dancers graced the stage during various songs throughout the night. I had to admit, despite only going for one reason, I had a blast overall. Since that night, I’ve been following all of the acts online and have been blown away. One of the bands though have really caught my attention, seeing a posting about one of the members loving horror movies. I suggested a few and the next moment I knew I had a friend request from one of the band members. 

I asked the band if they would be interested in being featured, and they happily accepted. I really enjoy the band, so read along and check their music out! You can find the band at or at a local music venue near you! They also have recently uploaded their first album on Spotify, so check it out!


Here’s my Q&A with the band’s main female player and vocalist, Sarah Saddle.

1. How many members are in This Way To The Egress?

Well we are sort of a revolving cast, at the core it is Myself (Saddle Sarah), front man Tyrant Taylor on  the accordion and cello, and Mischief Mat on drums. We also have two other die hard members Jaclyn “The” Kidd on Mandolin and Banjotar and John Wentz aka Toobie Doo on Tuba. Joining us a lot of times is Sir Matt “Hanz” Colpitts on Ubass or Upright and Joe “Bone” Lynch on the trombone.

2. How long has the band been together? How did you meet?

We are coming up on year four. I knew Mat and had played in bands with him before. I answered a craigslist ad of Taylor’s and the three of us got together and just clicked. Everyone else included are friends that jumped aboard.

3. How did you come up with the name for the band?

Taylor had already had the name when we found each other. I think he wanted something that encompassed the circus feel we so frequently have. Plus we love Pt Barnum and his work.

4. If you had to describe your music in one sentence, what would it be?

Old timey-Gypsy Punk- cabaret

5. How many musical instruments are played for your songs and which band members play them?

Typically there is Accordion and or cello played by Taylor, drums and percussion/glockenspiel By Mat, piano and violin by myself, tuba by John, mandolin/ banjotar By Jaclyn, trombone by Joe, and ubass or upright by Matt Colpitts

6. Where do the inspiration for your songs come from?

We all draw from different genres and influences, which is how it became so eclectic, even within our genre. But many things: macabre, scores from movies by Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, Yann Tierson. Anything old timey, gypsy progressions, gypsy jazz, ragtime and new orleans. As well as our travels and life experiences.

7. Favorite song from the album “This Delicious Cabaret”?

They vary for all of us, I know that Mischief Mat’s is Swashbuckler. I’m not sure about Taylor though. I know him and I both are really excited about the new songs from our upcoming album.

8. You’re currently working on a second album. How will this differ from the first you released “This Delicious Cabaret”?

Well, this time we will have tuba and banjotar. I really think that we have a better idea of who we are as a band. We’ve found a great writing flow together and our sound is definitely becoming more defined and polished.

9. You’ve done several tours with a lot of notable bands and people. What has been one of your favorite moments so far?

As for myself, seeing New Orleans. I am sure I can speak for everyone when I say playing to a new audience every night. The random after show dance parties we’ve had with our other touring bands once the clubs were closed and we were packing up. The long drives filled with scenery and laughter, as well as the knowledge we’ve gained from awesome fellow musicians, like Voltaire, who has been in the industry and was very generous with sharing his experiences and knowledge.

10. I know that Tyrant Taylor is a fan of campy, b rated, and gory horror movies. What are some of his and the bands favorite ones and why?

Taylor’s favorites are Dead Alive and Evil Dead 2. My favorites are Blood Sucking Freaks, Zombie, Suspiria, and Pet Sematary. I am not to sure if any of the other catz are too into the horror. I’ll have to ask!

11. Does anyone in the band have a stupid human trick that they can do?

Well, Matt “Hanz” Colpitts is pretty good at hambone-ing. Taylor can clap a single hand. I am not sure about Mat, but I am sure he can armpit fart or something, Joe the trombone player can whistle while inhaling and I dont know about myself or the others.

12. Anyone in the band have any tattoos they would like to talk about?

We are actually a pretty tattooed bunch. Lets see, Taylor has two music tattoos a treble and bass clef. He also recently started a back piece which is an accordion running his spine. Jaclyn just got another tattoo of a snowflake with a wheel in the middle. She has a couple others as well. Mat has quite a few as well, my favorite is his sugarskull zombie. Matt Colpitts has many poorly done tattoos he loves, like a flaming pumpkin. I have a couple as well, two memorial tattoos. One for my dad, which spells out dad in music notes and another for my best friend Amy, who passed this last February. It is an image from  the prophet Kahlil Gibran’s book, with a quote of his that says  “The most massive characters are seared with scars.” and a couple others as well. Joe and John have none though.

13. If there is one thing that you could tell your fans, what would it be?

Create!!!! If you dont create… those who do!!!! Music and art are what paint this sometimes ugly world to be not so ugly. Go to shows, buy merchandise. Every time you support an artist or musician, you help them make what they do possible. Also, many thanks to all that have helped and supported us along the way!!!


The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips are the Pink Floyd of this generation.
Embracing and celebrating weirdness in all things, the Lips formed in Norman, Oklahoma in 1983.

At midnight October 31st 2011, a 24-hour song was released and is currently playing live on a never-ending audio stream here. It was also made available for purchase as a hard drive encased in an actual human skull, limited to 13 copies.

In 2008, Wayne Coyne and the band wrote and directed the film, Christmas On Mars.
I have seen it twice now, and still am not sure what it is about.

In 2010, The Lips joined forces with Stardeath, the White Dwarves, Henry Rollins, and Peaches to remake Pink Floyd’s classic album, Dark Side Of The Moon. They then toured with the show, featuring lights and effects that would have made Roger Waters jealous.
Say what you will about attempting to re-do such a classic, but one thing it takes is huge balls…

In April, the band released the Gummi Song Skull EP, a seven pound skull made of gummy bear material with a gummy brain, which contained a flashdrive with 4 songs on them. This release was extremely limited, but was soon leaked on the internet shortly after its release.

In 2012, they let their contract with Warner Brothers expire, and The Flaming Lips began their most experimental year, calling it a “business decision” inspired by the changing music industry. In addition to releasing a 24-hour-long song and distributing music in gummy fetuses, the band released a new  album featuring collaborations with artists such as Ke$ha, Nick Cave, and Erykah Badu.
About the new album, Wayne Coyne says, “Since we were releasing music every month, we thought it would be a little bit boring for us each month to say ‘Well here’s four more Flaming Lips songs.’ We just thought ‘Well we’ll get some of our friends, and we’ll do collaborations and see what happens.’”

Another studio album is planned to be released later in 2012.
Check them out, weirdos.
One of my favorite bands!
Faithfully submitted by Darth Biscuits.


Combichrist Blut Royale

  Combichrist is an American aggrotech band formed in 2003 by Norwegian Andy LaPlegua, who also founded the bands Icon of Coil, Panzer AG, Scandinavian Cock, and Scandy. Combichrist is based in Atlanta, Georgia.
You can check them out at

Can anyone guess who the horror icon is on the T.V screen???

The lyrical content of Combichrist typically varies from themes of misogyny, murder and suicide to BDSM and paramilitary themes, with some sampling of movies, phone calls, or interviews done throughout most songs.

Here is a little teaser for the their newest video.  I do love the grindhouse feel to it.