Legendary director John Carpenter’s Lost Themes!


John Carpenter, the man responsible for a long list of great films from the 1980s, is back with a new collection of original music. As many of us know, Carpenter not only wrote and directed such classics as Halloween, The Thing, and Prince of Darkness, he also composed the scores for many of these films, some of which have gone on to be influential icons in the worlds of film and music.
The new album, entitled Lost Themes, will be available from Sacred Bones Releasing on February 3rd 2015.
Although the title seems to suggest that these songs were somehow hidden gems from the past, in reality the album is composed entirely of brand new music from the 66-year-old auteur. Carpenter says :

Lost Themes was all about having fun. It can be both great and bad to score over images, which is what I’m used to. Here there were no pressures. No actors asking me what they’re supposed to do. No crew waiting. No cutting room to go to. No release pending. It’s just fun. And I couldn’t have a better set-up at my house, where I depended on (collaborators) Cody (Carpenter, of the band Ludrium) and Daniel (Davies, who scored I, Frankenstein) to bring me ideas as we began improvising. The plan was to make my music more complete and fuller, because we had unlimited tracks. I wasn’t dealing with just analogue anymore. It’s a brand new world. And there was nothing in any of our heads when we started other than to make it moody.

The first track from the album can be heard below, or if you prefer to hear the new theme set to scenes from the director’s past films click here to go to the Sacred Bones website.

Lost Themes track listing:

01 – Vortex
02 – Obsidian
03 – Fallen
04 – Domain
05 – Mystery
06 – Abyss
07 – Wraith
08 – Purgatory
09 – Night


Introducing Vulvatron, the new front-woman for GWAR!


Only a few short months after the devastating loss of David Brockie (aka Oderus Urungus) left the fate of the influential theatrical metal band Gwar in limbo, the group of intergalactic Scum-dogs has re-emerged with some radical new changes. For decades, this band of misfit miscreants has entertained and horrified audiences, and they show no signs of slowing down now, despite the loss of their fearless leader.
To be honest, the thought of Gwar minus Oderus did not sit well with this long time fan at first, until I saw this interview last month with long time member Beefcake the Mighty, where he said “Oderus always intended for Gwar to last 1000 years.”
And the thought of that is enough to make any fan of the one of a kind spectacle that is Gwar very happy.


So how does one go about replacing the presence of one of the most charasmatically deranged onstage presences of the last three decades? They don’t.
The upcoming tour will follow the storyline of The Search For Oderus, and the focus will be shifted to the newest Gwar front-woman, Vulvatron, as the Scum-dogs of the Universe scour the earth looking for their missing leader. An ingenious way to keep the spirit of the band alive without the sacrilegious idea of replacing Brockie.

Vulvatron – aka Kim Dylla – is the first female member of Gwar since the departure of the dancer/backup vocalist Slymenstra Hymen in 2000 and the band’s first female vocalist. Dylla is also been a member of the Kung Fu Dykes who appeared at the annual GWAR-B-Q last year. According to the band, the Kung Fu Dykes were “born during a forgotten dynasty when fire and death spewed from the earth, [when] three lesbians were miraculously transformed into the gorgeously disfigured rock superstars.”

Vulvatron had her onstage debut with the band on September 12th, alongside the reinvented alter ego of long-time band member Michael Bishop (Beefcake The Mighty) as Blothar, an armored Scum-dog who boasts shoulder-antlers and an udder. Vulvatron sports some fashionable spiky armor and huge breasts that spray blood, but she is not a gimmick, rather the proverbial real deal.
According to the new band leader herself, “Vulvatron is nobody’s girlfriend, or groupie or background dancer; Vulvatron is in charge … Representation matters, and now, all of a sudden, there’s a big, brash, bold new female personality on stage with a legendary band. Moreover, she’s just as gross and goofy as her male band-mates, whether she’s slaying dinosaurs or disemboweling Nazi skinheads onstage or drenching her minions with … [artificial] boob-blood.”
The newly re-invented band will begin the quest for their missing leader on October 15th in Brockie’s hometown of Richmond Virginia, with a full North American tour to follow.
Follow Gwar on Facebook and Twitter to stay abreast of the tour and news from everyone’s favorite band of psycho hate-fueled mutants.
Long live Gwar!
Here’s to the next 1000 years!

Doomsday is coming. What are you going to wear?

Max Cavalera Supergroup ‘Killer Be Killed’ Has A New Album

Killer Be Killed band

Max Cavalera has a new band, and not just any band. Killer Be Killed is a metal supergroup, with Max on co-vocals and guitar, it includes The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato as a co-vocalist and guitarist, Mastodon’s Troy Sanders as a co-vocalist and bassist, and former The Mars Volta drummer Dave Elitich on drums. The sound of the new album is very doom, very metal, and very punk. It’s basically everything in metal music that I adore blended into one big fucking brilliant album.

Killer Be Killed

The new album, titled ‘Killer Be Killed,’ is out this week on the Nuclear Blast label. You can stream it here from the good guys at Metalsucks.net. You can order it here from Amazon!



Doomsday is coming. What are you going to wear?

Aborted Releases New Album

Let me start off by saying that I have been a complete idiot over the past 13 years by NOT getting more heavily into Aborted. I stopped with their album ‘Engineering the Dead’ in 2001. I don’t really know why, other than I just thought I’d try out other bands in the metal scene then. Not a lot of them have held up over the years.


Under the recommendation of my best friend, I listened to Aborted’s newly released ‘Necrotic Manifesto’ last night. HOLY. FUCK. It’s like a horror and metal fan’s wet dream of an album. It is horror. It is gloom. But, the songs are oddly catchy in this truly messed-up way. Aborted are known for their incorporation of sinister horror film samples. They include ‘Hobo With a Shotgun’ and ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre II’ this time around, and all are perfectly matched up with the sound and feel of the album.

I HIGHLY recommend this album to any true metal fan out there, especially if you are a horror fiend as well. Listen to the title track from the YouTube channel for Century Media Records below or just buy the album at Amazon right here.
Hold on to your nuts and enjoy!


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New Slayer Song Debuted At The Golden Gods Awards Show

May 2nd will mark the first anniversary of the death of former Slayer guitarist and founding member, Jeff Hanneman. Slayer appeared on the 2014 Revolver Golden God Awards a few days ago, premiering their new song, ‘Implode,’ live.

Slayer Golden Gods Awards Via LA Weekly

Slayer Golden Gods Awards Via LA Weekly

I caught the song on my Facebook News Feed shortly after it debuted, along with the news that Slayer left Rick Rubin and American Recordings, closing a decades-long relationship. They have opted to record their new song and the rest of their new album with Nuclear Blast (home to bands like Anthrax, Decapitated, Carnifex, and Soulfly) in order to attempt to “connect directly with their fans.” I don’t know, I’ll feel pretty weird buying the new album and not seeing the ‘American Recordings’ grey and black cd inside.

Slayer Reign in Blood

Slayer Reign in Blood

Let’s hope this is all for the best. Check out the new song ‘Implode’ below.


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Electronic Musician TOBACCO Releases A New Music Video Directed By Eric Wareheim And It’s Creepy As Hell


I’ve followed TOBACCO for years now. From fronting the eccentric, electronic band Black Moth Super Rainbow to his solo releases, TOBACCO (whose real name is Thomas Fec) makes analog synth music work in this dark, fucked-up, spooky way, with his solo work being the creepiest in my opinion. Fun fact: He based his stage name on ‘Tobacco Man’ from Troma’s film ‘Redneck Zombies.’

TOBACCO Ultima Massage II

TOBACCO Ultima Massage II

He recently released a new album, ‘Ultima Massage II.’ The latest single release, ‘Streaker,’ takes synth electronica and revs it up to a murderous, paranoid fever pitch. The music video for ‘Streaker’ is equally if not more disturbing. The maestro behind the madness of the video is none other than Eric Wareheim (Tim and Eric). His direction and vision takes TOBACCO to a savage, psychedelic intensity.

Click on the link here TOBACCO – Streaker to watch the video (featured below) on Eric Wareheim’s YouTube channel. Use this link TOBACCO Official for TOBACCO’s official website.


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“Halloween Is Here” and “Pagan Holiday”, two great new albums to get you in the spirit!


Just in time for Halloween, two of my favorite bands have just released great new freaky albums to get you excited for the holiday!

First off, we have folk-punk weirdos Harley Poe, with their great new release “Pagan Holiday”.  This band reminds me of a more psychotic version of the Violent Femmes, and they have consistently produced some freaky horror folk since 2005.

HalloAccording to their official website, the the first seeds of Harley Poe were planted while singer-songwriter Joe Whiteford fronted the Christian band Calibretto 13, whose turn toward monster-themed songs ultimately pushed their label to drop them. More surprisingly, Whiteford does not view the break as disastrous. “There is no departure, no falling away or turning around,” Whiteford writes. “My art and music, whether it’s Calibretto or Harley Poe are all part of the same path. They all come from this heart and this mind.”

“Horror is a study of humanity’s fear of death and the unknown. It can be cathartic, just like Christianity, or any religion for that matter. Religion is a way for mankind to deal with the fear and inevitability of death. That’s ultimately what horror is; the fear of being killed.”

This great inventive band has just released a new Halloween-themed album with some gleefully dark songs for all of us horror fans.
The album gets off to an uncharacteristically metal intro and eases into the creepy folk we have come to expect from the band with the triple threat “Vengeance The Demon/ Close The Door/ Outcrowd”.
The second track, “Gorehound” was an instant favorite for me, a great tribute to all of us true horror film lovers. Followed by a great rendition of John Carpenter’s “Halloween Theme Song” and the epic tune “Pagan Holiday Parts 1, 2. and 3 : A Celebration / Dormant / Revenge”.
They next take on the Rolling Stone’s creepy classic “Paint It Black”, putting their own unique folksy spin on it, and close out the album with a very creepy collection of weirdness called “Terror Trippin’ 2″.
This album has been in constant rotation for me, and will be for the foreseeable future!
Have a listen on the Spotify player below, and be sure and get your copy here!


And, if that weren’t enough, my old pal Lonesome Wyatt has given us another new classic for this and future Halloweens! The new album from Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks is a bit of a departure from his unique brand of haunting gothic country evidenced by his last album, and his work with Those Poor Bastards.
The new one “Halloween Is Here” is more of a throw-back to all those strange and obscure Halloween albums from the 1950s to the 1980s. It contains twelve spooky stories and monstrous sing-a-longs for your unholy holiday party at the local insane asylum.

1236966_10151877818696068_34088206_nIt all gets off to an appropriately spooky start with the intro “A Time That Never Was” and moves directly into a good old-fashioned campfire sing-along with the title track. Mr. Lonesome goes on to tell us stories about werewolves, mummies and ghosts throughout the album, all with a minimalist approach making the album a true weirdo delight.
The story of “The Giant Fist” is a favorite, and the hauntingly sad song “Such A Fright” are definite stand-outs, but the album is full of great creepy tunes and tales that are fun for all ages.

1071333_10151744353696068_14578118_oMr. Lonesome is a very creative independent musician I have been a big fan of for a long time now. Be sure and check out his other work, including his great first novel, The Terrible Tale Of Edgar Switchblade!
I had a brief chat with Mr. Lonesome, and he assured me that a new volume of Ol’ Edgar’s horrible adventures will be forthcoming this winter!

You can give the album a listen for free below via Spotify, and be sure and order your own copy, along with various shirts and buttons and other cool stuff right here!

Unfortunately, these cool vinyl editions are sold out.

Unfortunately, these cool vinyl editions are sold out.



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AFI – the band that just won’t quit.


Today, the premiere for the new video “I Hope You Suffer” by AFI came out. This song has officially become my summer anthem. A lot of people will talk about how music seems to have a staple in their life and this new song has just really hit the nail on the head. Just coming out of a 2 year relationship with mixed emotions, it really has helped me put into words how I feel at the moment. But I’ve gotta admit, I’ve been in love with the band for awhile now and a lot of their songs have been a big part of the soundtrack to my life. They’ve churned out a lot of amazing hits and even though some of the newer albums were met with criticism, they still seem to find ways to amaze and please their fans. The band hails from Ukiah, California and have been together for nearly 22 years now. During that time, they have released eight studio albums, 10 EPs, one live album and one DVD.


I’ll admit, I had never heard of the band until the video and song for “Miss Murder” came out. But once I heard them, I was hooked and did my research. That spawned a night long of video watching on Youtube where I learned that in the beginning, they had a totally different sound. Those who are hardcore fans will know what I mean when I talk about Answer That, Very Proud of Ya and Shut Your Mouth, which debuted between 1991 and 1998. It wasn’t until their sound took a darker turn that they gained mainstream success with albums like Sing the Sorrow and Decemberunderground. When the album Crash Love came out, I was stunned. The first song off the album was called “Medicate” and it really reminded me of what their earlier stuff. I was so hyped about the band returning with some new stuff. “Beautiful Thieves” was released soon afterwards and I loved the imagery in the video as most of AFI’s music wind up with great videos to go with their songs.

afi-crash-loveThere’s been a lot of teasing and hinting towards a new album being released since the band’s website was replaced with a video of frontman Davey Havok walking down a corridor followed by a shot of the band together. The text said “A Fire Inside” which is what the acronym AFI stands for, following “September 2013″. I know that I am really excited about the new release and cannot wait to see what they future holds for this band.

IHYS-SSAFI-575x383Check out “I Hope You Suffer” below!



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“Came Back Haunted”, the new NIN video, directed by David Lynch!

00-nine_inch_nails-with_teeth2As we reported a few months ago here, Nine Inch Nails is poised to return, apparently more haunted than before…
Embedded below is the first video from the new album, “Came Back Haunted”, directed by David Lynch, complete with an epilepsy warning!
Check it out :

What did you guys think?
Leave some comments below.
The new album “Hesitation Marks” will be out September 3, and tickets for the tour are on sale now!


Great Halloween Costumes for the whole family.

The first Black Sabbath album in 25 years with Ozzy on vocals! Listen here!


Black Sabbath is credited with creating heavy metal. The success of their first two albums – Black Sabbath and Paranoid – marked a paradigm shift in the world of rock. Not until Black Sabbath upended the music scene did the term “heavy metal” enter the popular vocabulary to describe the denser, more thunderous offshoot of rock over which they presided.

With their riff-based songs, extreme volume, and dark, demonic subject matter, Black Sabbath embodied key aspects of the heavy-metal aesthetic. Yet in their own words, Black Sabbath saw themselves as a “heavy underground” band. That term denoted both the intensity of their music and the network of fans who found them long before critics and the music industry took notice. In a sense, though they’ve sold more than 75 million albums worldwide, they still are a heavy underground band. Although they became eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995, they weren’t inducted until 2006. The truth is, they remain one of the most misunderstood bands in rock history.

black sabbath 2013 660Now, for the first time in 25 years, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, and Geezer Butler have reunited to bring us a brand new Sabbath album, which you can listen to in it’s entirety below!

And the first video from the album, “God is Dead?”.
Check it out below!

Nice to see these guys back together again!
Be sure and follow the band on Facebook for updates and news about their upcoming tour!
Get your copy of the album here, and more from these heavy metal pioneers below!



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