The Robocop remake we deserve!


In response to the upcoming re-imagining of another beloved icon from the 1980′s, a talented group of film makers have taken it upon themselves to remake the classic film.
According to the collective group, “Because if anyone is going to ruin Robocop, it’s us.”


Fifty amateur and professional film-makers from across the country have split the film into individual pieces and remade the movie themselves. It is not a shot-for-shot remake, but a scene-for-scene retelling, with each individual director putting their own creative spin on their section. Ranging from crude South Park-style animations, to home-made tin foil suits all the way to gloriously gory exploding penis effects, the end result is an insane take on the cult classic. From awkward baby re-enactments to interpretive dance and right back to guys in wigs and chicks in bald caps, there is no place this film fears to go. Obviously the tone is wildly uneven, but the full feature length movie follows the beats of the original that we all know and love, resulting in some hilariously goofy inside jokes and some truly hilarious and heartfelt performances.

Forget about that lame Hollywood remake coming to theaters and catch the full film made by fans for fans, right here!

Our RoboCop Remake – (Full Movie) from DaveAOK on Vimeo.

If you are still not sure you want to commit, check out this painfully gory extension of one of the more memorable scenes from the original. This clip is definitely not safe for work, or for any one with exterior genitalia.

Our Robocop Remake – Scene 27 from Fatal Farm on Vimeo.

For a full list of the directors that took part in this unique film, check out the official website here!


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Great fan made prequels to A Nightmare On Elm Street!


While the Nightmare On Elm Street film series seems to be permanently stalled, a talented fan named Chris R. Notarile has been producing some of the most insightful and interesting Nightmare films in years. Along with his studio Blinky Productions, they have released three short films in the past few years, all looking into the human history of Fred Krueger. Exploring what he was like as a man, before he became the demon of nightmares  that we all know and secretly love.
Of course, these independent films don’t star Robert Englund, but Roberto Lombardi is excellent in the role. His performance feels and sounds eerily like the iconic one we all remember, so it is very easy to get lost in the story.
Mr. Notarile is obviously a die hard Krueger fan, and it is nice to see the Springwood Slasher re-invented in a smart and interesting way!
I am looking forward to seeing what the director does in the future.
We can keep up with the Krueger film series on the official Facebook fan page, and be sure and subscribe to the Blinky Productions youtube channel for more great videos!
Check out the Krueger series, embedded below.



A Walk Through Elm Street


Krueger : Another Tale From Elm Street


Krueger : A Tale From Elm Street



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“M is for…?” Check out the films and vote for the next director of ABC’s Of Death 2!



Everyone should know by now that the producers of “ABC’s Of Death 2″ held a competition for the letter M in their upcoming sequel.
The rules were simple.

  1. Choose your own ABCs OF DEATH word starting with the letter “M.” For example, M is For Murder… or ideally something way more creative than that.
  2. Create a short film inspired by the word you’ve chosen. How you interpret the word is entirely up to each competitor. You can shoot live-action, animation, stop-motion, use actors, cut-outs, puppets or animals.
  3. Upload your short to Vimeo or YouTube and then Submit it to their official website.


The competition ended on October 31st, but voting for the winning short film will remain open until November 14th. So only a few days remain until the winner is chosen and is scheduled to be announced on December 15th.


I have collected some of my favorite ones below, and you can see them all for yourself by following this link and voter for your favorites!
Let your voice be heard!

“M is for Mailbox”
Directed by Dante Vescio and Rodrigo Gasparini.
Vote for this film here.


“M is for Mask”
Directed by Chris Leto.
Vote for this film here.


“M is for Metamorphosis”
Directed by Robert Nevitt.
Vote for this film here.


“M is for Missionary”
Directed by BJ Colangelo and Zach Shildwachter.
Vote for this film here.


“M is for Midget”
Directed by Dan Koontz.
Vote for this film here.


“M is for Manny”
Directed by Richard Valentine.
Vote for this film here.


“M is for Messiah”
Directed by Michael Prince.
Vote for this film here.


“M is for Misdirection”
Directed by Antonio Padovan.
Vote for this film here.


“M is for Marriage”
Directed by Todd E. Freeman.
Vote for this film here.


“M is for Masticate”
Directed by Robert Boocheck.
Vote for this film here.


Vote for something that actually matters, and stay up-to-date on the competition here!


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Help give birth to the “Children Of The Witch” from Sideshow Pictures!

933911_10151443621741344_1309589823_nOur friends at Sideshow Pictures are at it again!
Every year they try to outdo themselves with a new short film in time for Halloween, and this year they need our help!
Their newest project is called “Children Of The Witch”, and is greatly inspired by the old traditions of Halloween and trick or treating.

1271538_10151698031286344_2037145806_oThe film-makers confess :
Ever since we were snot nosed kids dressed up on Halloween night collecting candy our parents warned us of the both spooky and the very real Halloween dos and don’ts. Some of us listened and some of us didn’t and we came out unscathed, but some traditions hold a deeper meaning and stretch beyond our world into something darker and more sinister. For Ashley and her friends they are about to find out that one simple mistake can cost you your life. One minute it’s party time, the next you are being hunted by undead little monsters summoned by a hate filled and vengeful witch. Children of the Witch is a dark little tale that poses the question, should we be held responsible for the sins of our ancestors and, if so, what price must we pay?

To support these innovative filmmakers in their quest to raise the “Children Of The Witch”, please donate to their kickstarter here!

The film is based on a story written by director Frank Sabatella (Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet, and Night of the Pumpkin) and Marc Schoenbach of Sadist Art Designs.

The synopsis:
“An all girls slumber party is invaded by turn of the century trick ‘r treaters from beyond the grave at the behest of a vengeful witch.”

There will be pillow fights, butts, and dead children in vintage Halloween costumes. This is the third annual short Halloween flick from Frank Sabatella and his production team, Sideshow Pictures.

Marc from Sadist Art Designs has even concocted a great line of mysterious posters that have been gaining interest online.

1291990_10151677474491344_750969498_n1291812_10151677472451344_327560918_n1370438_10151677472946344_855840265_nIf you are not familiar with the guys at Sideshow Pictures, we have an extra special treat for you today!
I have embedded their previous Halloween shorts below, and I can assure you that they are a great deal of fun to watch. If these don’t make you want to see what these madmen come up with next, then nothing will!


It’s all Hallow’s Eve, and geeky Steve and his buddy Cutter are holding a seance in the local cemetery. While foolishly messing with the dark forces of nature, they summon the soul of an ancient demon that possesses their Jack O’ Lantern and goes on a carnivorous rampage. As the demonic pumpkin terrorizes the entire town, it grows larger and larger with every human soul it consumes! Now it is up to Steve to stop the monster pumpkin before it destroys his town and devours the woman he loves!

Will Steve be able to tame the savage beast or will this Halloween be his last? Who will survive the NIGHT OF THE PUMPKIN? Released on Halloween 2011.

Please enjoy “Night Of The Pumpkin” below :

Man, I love that film!
The next short, “The House That Cried Blood” has a much more serious tone, but still is a hell of a lot of fun!
It was released on Halloween 2012.


A classic haunted house tale with a mix of scares and blood, the short follows four young adults who venture into the supposedly-cursed house of “Old Lady Death” in search of her rotting corpse. What seems like regular Halloween tomfoolery turns into a night of terror they may never survive, and what awaits them within the walls of this dilapidated home is an evil birthed from their worst nightmares.



Check it out below :

Well, if those two films haven’t inspired you to get out your credit cards and donate to the “Children Of The Witch” kickstarter, then nothing will…
Good luck to the guys at Sideshow Pictures! I know that I can’t wait to see it!


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Watch the great new film “American Mary” right here on Horror Homework!

423886_256287824454811_242018563_nHey everyone!
We are very proud to give you all the opportunity to view the brand new excellent film from the Soska sisters right here right now!
Using Yekra, a new distribution format designed to bring the films you want to see directly to horror fans!
So you missed this new original flick in the theaters?
Here is your chance to support independent film-makers and rent the film online!
Watch American Mary below!

Yekra Player

Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films.

American Mary

Disillusioned with her chosen profession and perpetually broke, medical student Mary Mason finds herself drawn into a shady world of underground surgery and body modification.

This is one film that is sure to get under your skin!


Huge Sale! at

Little Reaper, a new short film from Dream Seekers Productions!

416904_258453500904910_1119559100_nA brand new short film release from our friends at Dream Seekers Productions is always a cause for excitement! We have featured their excellent work in past editions of Movie Day, including “The Beast” which is currently being developed into a feature.
So, needless to say I was interested to check out their newest film “Little Reaper” when it landed in my inbox today.
Let’s have a look!

Little ReaperSynopsis :
LITTLE REAPER is a horror comedy about the grim reaper’s difficult teenage daughter, who takes over her father’s duties as reaper for one day. Chaos ensues.

Enjoy the film!

That was fun, with a lighter tone than typical from these guys!
I really enjoyed it. What do you guys think?
Be sure and stay tuned to Dream Seekers Productions Facebook page and official website for more news and updates about future projects!

Little Reaper - press pic 1

A Short Film Collection — April 2013

Hi everyone!
I am here to liven up your day with a little Saturday school.
Don’t worry, I promise today’s lesson will be an easy one. Put away the books and sit back and enjoy this new collection of short films, hand-picked by your faculty here at Horror Homework!
We spend all of our free time scouring the internet for the best and weirdest stuff out there, just for your education and enjoyment. So, dim the lights and don’t be afraid of that full-screen button, the newest edition of Movie Day is here!

First up, we have “Drained”, a film written & directed by Nick Peterson, and produced by Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite).
It is a beautiful and incredibly well-made short film about “how a man’s addictions can destroy the woman he loves.”
If you like it, check out more from Mr. Peterson here.


Next up for your viewing pleasure, we have Tim Burton’s 1983 short film, “Vincent”.
A real classic, enjoy!


Next we have “The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow”, an excellent short from Rodrigo Gudino, the editor of Rue Morgue magazine, and director of the upcoming film, The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh.

An image that tells an entire story, THE FACTS IN THE CASE OF MISTER HOLLOW centers on a single photograph that dates back to the early 1930s. As the camera begins to investigate the particulars of the photo, however, it reveals a tapestry of secrets hidden in the details, and a tale of murder, kidnapping and sacrifice captured in a haunting moment.


Fat-Pie has been making some of the weirdest and most awesome animated shorts for a long ass time now. You know them as the guys behind Salad Fingers, but they have tons of stuff out there!
Check out this look back at some of their stuff you might have missed. These are pretty amusing.
“A to Z of Fat-Pie”


And now for something completely different, we have “Deliver Me To Hell”.
An interactive “Choose Your Own Adventure” style zombie pizza commercial from some wacky New Zealanders.
That’s right. Check it out.


Earlier this week, world famous Horror Homework admin Misty Meanor was possessed by a futile attempt to “out-weird” me, in a legendary battle of Youtube links.
Needless to say, I sent her squirming into a corner, but she did manage to introduce me to this tasty bit of awesomeness.
This is “Fantasy” by DyE.

Directed by animation wunderkind Jérémie Périn, the video tells the story of a group of highschool kids ready for teenage mischief. They break into the local swimming pool intending a session of innocent nightswimming, in an awkward climate of romance and apprehension. What happens next is for you to discover here. nsfw.


Which brings us to “Tufty”, an excellent short from directors Jason Butler & Brendan Butler. Have you ever wondered where teddy bears came from?
Find out below, and learn more about the film here.


And this next animated short, “How Wings Are Attached To The Backs Of Angels” is a Youtube “moldy oldy”, produced in 1996 by director and animator Craig Welch.

In this surreal exposition, we meet a man, obsessed with control. His intricate gadgets manipulate yet insulate, as his science dissects and reduces. How exactly are wings attached to the back of angels? In this invented world drained of emotion, where everything goes through the motions, he is brushed by indefinite longings. Whether he can transcend his obsessions and fears is the heart of the matter. A film without words.


This week’s scary music video comes from on unexpected place.
The song is titled “We Are Water” by the band HEALTH, but the video is directed by Eric Wareheim, of Adult Swim’s Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job!
I actually just watched the film “The Comedy” starring Wareheim in a very dark role, and now seeing this has me wishing someone let’s this crazy man make a horror film!
Thanks to Horror Homework Teacher’s Aide Roland Jester (who sent us an early review of the Evil Dead remake here) for bringing it to my attention.
This video is amazing!

And , last but not least, check out this excellent animated tribute to Evil Dead, that Miss Nyx Moon just posted up on our Facebook page. Stop by and say hello!

Ok, that’s it for today. Class dismissed.
If you are looking for more Movie Day posts, you can find them here.
Now, beat it!
It’s the weekend!

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Movie Day! March 2, 2013

Put away the books, kiddies!
The first Movie Day for March 2013 is here.
Let’s get right to it, shall we?

First up, we have “The Flea”, written and directed by Ben Steiner.
“As the final kill draws near, a vampire hunting vagrant tries to lure an old friend back into the fold.”

Good stuff.
Next on today’s list is “These Little Fluffy Secrets”, submitted to us by Polish film-maker Lukasz Pytlik.
A very creepy, atmospheric short! I can’t wait to see what else this interesting film-maker has in store for us.

Looking for a little more zombie-killing action in your horror shorts?
Look no further than our next film, “RESIDENT EVIL: DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS”.
I am no fan of the RE film series, but I love the games! (Yes, all of them…)
And our friends at Team Rocket Jump are obviously big fans of the game series as well, evidenced by some of the clever references included in this short.
Check out this fun film right here!

Next up we have “The Gibbering Horror of Howard Ghormley”, by director Steve Daniels.
This film was one of eight winning entries in Fangoria Magazine’s Blood Drive II short film competition. Check it out!

Next up we have Astrid, a film from Jason Jensen.
“Astrid is a lonely young girl, longing for human contact. Those that get close to her discover a girl with a disturbed mind. And those that reject her find themselves suffering terrible consequences.”
Check out the film’s official site here.

This week’s animated film is The Blackwater Gospel, a great short by Bo Mathorne, and produced at The Animation Workshop ( They are currently working at producing a feature length version of this excellent animated short!

This week’s music video is brand new from my pal and yours, Lonesome Wyatt & The Holy Spooks!
The first video for the song “The Golden Rule” from the excellent brand new album, Ghost Ballads, this video is a great introduction to one of my favorite gothic country artists.
Check it out, freaks!

And, last but definitely not least, I will leave you this week with an excellent Scare Prank video, set up using two way mirrors and an incredibly limber young lady…
This. Is. Awesome.

I hope you all enjoyed this edition of Movie Day!
Follow the link above for the past shows, and stay tuned to Horror Homework for many more in the future!

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Watch the brutal zombie film “Axed” right here!

So, I just watched this 30-minute short film “Axed”, from a mad Australian film-maker named Josh Long. An obvious love letter to the genre we all know and love, Mr. Long has crafted a slick and brutal independent zombie film that demands to be seen!

AXED was filmed in Maleny and Brisbane in Queensland, Australia and the description is simple and effective :
All shits breaking loose and Bruce must survive an airborne virus turning everyone into maniacs and an army militia hell bent on genocide. His only friend is his AXE… Then the dead start to rise.

Check out the brutal short film, AXED, right here!
Turn off the lights, go full screen and turn up the volume.

According to the official Facebook page for AXED, Mr. Long has completed a script for a feature length version of this film and everyone’s fingers are crossed that some smart producer will pick it up.
Here’s hoping!
I can’t wait to see what this director brings us in the future.
I hope everyone enjoyed this short film, leave some comments (easier than ever with Facebook Connect!) and let me know if you would like to see more posts like this!

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Movie Day 2/9/2013 – The Animated Films of Don Hertzfeldt

This week’s Movie Day is a very special one.
This time, we have decided to focus the whole program on one specific director. A true visionary artist, director and animator Don Hertzfeldt is a unique film-maker and an honest weirdo, just like the rest of us.
In his book The World History of Animation, author Stephen Cavalier writes, “Hertzfeldt is either a unique phenomenon or perhaps an example of a new way forward for individual animators surviving independently on their own terms… he attracts the kind of fanatical support from the student and alternative crowds usually associated with indie rock bands.”

Hertzfeldt supports himself and his movies entirely from self-distribution, such as ticket sales from theatrical screenings, DVD sales, and television broadcasts.
He has refused all advertising work.
He has twice gone on nationwide tours in support of new films (a 22-city theatrical tour in support of I Am So Proud of You in 2008-09, and a 30-city tour in support of It’s Such a Beautiful Day in 2011-12).
“An Evening with Don Hertzfeldt” presented a 35mm selection of his work followed by an onstage interview and audience chat with him.

What follows is a collection of my favorite animated shorts by this unique artist!
If you are familiar with his work already, have fun watching these great pieces again and bookmark the page to visit any time. If you are new to the great work of Mr. Hertzfeldt, clear your schedule for the next hour or so, and be prepared to laugh, cry, and have your jaw drop in shock, sometimes all at once. Thank me later.
Here we go…

“Billy’s Balloon” is the first short I ever saw from Don Hertzfeldt, and I was an instant fan.
Please enjoy.

In the Spring of 1999, the Family Learning Channel commissioned Don to produce a series of commercials for their network. Upon completion, they were all rejected by the network and never aired.
Check out the awesome short, “Rejected”.

My spoon is too big.

Next we have Don’s second short ever, “Genre”, a fun look at different ideas about genre classifications. Early work, for sure, but still worth a look.
Check it out below.

Next up is a more recent short, produced in 2010.
Described as “an unnecessary cartoon that Don drew in between more important things,” this one really made me laugh!
Check out “Wisdom Teeth” below.

Mr. Hertzfeldt is obviously a romantic.
The next short “Ah, L’Amour” was produced in 1995 during Don Hertzfeldt’s freshman year at UC Santa Barbara for a beginning production class, and was never intended to be screened publicly. The soundtrack is entirely guitar music, performed by Hertzfeldt on a boom box in his dorm room.

In 2006, Don Hertzfeldt released “Everything Will Be Okay”, a 17 minute character study of weirdness and isolation. It struck me on a very deep level when I first saw it back then. I hope it does something for you as well, it is truly a fascinating piece of work!
EVERYTHING WILL BE OK is the first chapter of a three-part story about a man named Bill. Chapter Two, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU, came out in 2008 and received 27 awards, including Best Picture and Best Screenplay at the Fargo Film Festival.
Bill’s story concludes in IT’S SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY, released in 2011 and winner of the Special International Jury Prize at the Hiroshima International Animation Festival.

Check out  “Everything Will Be Okay” below.

“Watching Grass Grow” follows Don Hertzfeldt in time-lapse as he animates his 2005 short film, “The Meaning of Life” over the course of a few years. Also included are original video pencil tests from the short.
This film is one of many hours of special features and making-of material found on the Bitter Films: Volume 1, 1995-2005, collecting all of Don’s early animated films.
I wish I had this kind of dedication to anything…

Last but definitely not least, we have the 2005 short “The Meaning Of Life”, which is a weird and intense look directly into the abyss.
It is a nightmare on film.
Watch this amazing work of art right here.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, Mr. Hertzfeldt is (obviously) a very independent artist, and supports himself by distribution on his website Bitter Films. Follow the link to stay up to date and buy some DVD’s, shirts and more!
I have the Bitter Films: Volume 1, 1995-2005, and it shipped with a cut of the original filmstrip, a cool little collector’s item! Order it and Don Hertzfeldt Volume 2: 2006-2011 from Amazon by following the links, or visit the official site linked above for more great stuff from Mr. Hertzfeldt.
Check him out, and help support outsider art in all it’s forms.
You can also find him on Twitter and Facebook!

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