New concept art for the proposed Hellraiser remake.

The Hellraiser series of films has been in a steady decline since the 1980’s, but the original film is so iconic, that it seems no one will give up on it. The multiple sequels produced over the last decades have gotten progressively worse, and talk has been floating around for years of remake/reboot, although nothing solid has come of it. Well, besides Hellraiser: Revelations, but the less said about that, the better…

The mythology of the Cenobites, the box, and the characters who seek out it’s mysteries  are what has made the series so intriguing for people. So, it is very puzzling why Dimension Films has ruined this franchise over the years by simply inserting the “Pinhead” character into shabby un-produced scripts. There are many great stories set in this world in comics and short story form, begging to be told.

Any one of the short stories collected in Hellbound Hearts would make a great film, but no one in charge seems to be paying attention to the source material.
Even Clive Barker himself seems to have abandoned Hellraiser, moving on to bigger and better (?) things…

So, last year the news was that Martyrs director, Pascal Laguier was taking a shot at the material, which was an interesting step in the right direction. Unfortunately, he has moved on and the project has been passed around to various hands in Hollywood, leaving us only with some images to consider what might have been…

Now, some new images have surfaced, reportedly designed by Paul Gerrard (Wrath of the Titans, Battle: Los Angeles) and created for a teaser trailer directed by Mike Le Han (Mrs. Peppercorn’s Magical Reading Room). Dimension Films has been actively searching for writers for this project, and several top names have pitches in.
View the newest concept art below, and click to enlarge :

I personally would watch the shit out of a well-imagined version of Hellraiser with an actual budget for effects. Usually I am very anti-remake, but this series has been destroyed and mis-handled severely over the years. It would be interesting to see someone creative take over the reigns and give us something seriously disturbing.
My fingers are crossed. What do you guys think?

Oh yeah, one last thing. No need to recast the iconic role of “Lead Cenobite”, who has been played perfectly for years by the great Doug Bradley.
He is Pinhead, like it or not…


“Horrorgami” is a concept created by Marc Hagan-Guirey, also known as paperdandy.
Drawing inspiration from his childhood, and memories of watching horror films with his older brother, he has created a fascinating new form of horror art.
His obsession with horror films and imagery has driven his admirable creative endeavor, creating dioramas of iconic horror houses.

Each piece is created from a single piece of A4 paper, nothing is added or glued. They are simply cut and folded into shape. Each piece is strictly limited to an edition of 13 and comes in a high quality display case and back lit light box.

The light-boxes create an awesome effect, and these dioramas are a great addition to any horror geeks collection.
The artist himself says : “Quite early on I knew the best way to display the buildings was to use light boxes. The models themselves have a dual personality. In day light in it’s most innocent and pure form you can see exactly how the piece has been engineered and crafted, but at night when backlit, the model turns into a different type of creature. Theatrical silhouettes bring the model to life and the imagination takes over filling in the blanks. I liken this to the effect of watching a horror movie during the day as opposed the much more fearful experience of watching it at night.

Paperdandy has promised several more pieces to be unveiled at his first showing this coming Halloween at Gallery One and a Half in London.
Said to include the houses from Psycho, Beetlejuice, and the Overlook Hotel from the Shining, I can’t wait to get a peek at those!

Be sure and check out the paperdandy website, and if you are going to be in London around Halloween, email to get on the guest list for the showing!

Horror Vacui

What if the classic villains from your favorite films were alive (instead of getting re-cast and re-imagined) today?
That is the question posed by Federico Chiesa‘s great series of photos, Horror Vacui.

The Shining :


Halloween :


A Nightmare On Elm Street :


Friday the 13th :


Star Wars :

Jessica Harrison’s “Breaking” Series

In this series of ceramic sculptures, artist Jessica Harrison undermines and perverts the kitschy sentimentality of porcelain figurines by “breaking” them, casting a dark twist on Grandma’s favorite decorative art form.

Great stuff from an awesome, original artist!
What do you guys think?

Pony, by Tim Lewis.

Pony is a bizarre  sculpture that was exhibited at 2009′s Kinetica Art Fair. Unsettling and uber-realistic, Pony looks somewhat like a surreal ostrich-esque creature composed of human arms, pulling a small one-seater carriage behind itself; motion-sensitive, and appearing to “walk” in a very eerie and delicately articulated fashion, it is another creepy and brilliant intersection of art and science, and a provoking piece of interactive sculpture. Its title also suggests a veiled commentary on the relationship between humans and animals.

Lewis says with “Pony”, he wanted to create “something which previously had something in control of it but which, sort of lost the need to have anybody in control of the machine. It’s like a riderless cart,” he explains.
See more from Tim Lewis here.

Tom Savini

Tom Savini is the man responsible for most of your nightmares.
Born November 3rd, 1946, he is the special effects artist behind some of the greatest classics in horror film.

After serving in Vietnam as a combat photographer, he went on to work as one of the most influential special effects artists of our time, grossing us out for the past four decades.  Savini said his wartime experiences informed his eventual style of gory effects; “I hated that when I watched a war movie and someone dies,” explaining “Some people die with one eye open and one eye half-closed, sometimes people die with smiles on their faces because the jaw is always slack. I incorporated the feeling of the stuff I saw in Vietnam into my work.”

His first big break was designing this convincing wrist-slash for the early George Romero film, Martin.

He was nominated for a Saturn award for best make-up effects on Dawn of the Dead (Ultimate Edition)(1978). He also showed up (in one of many cameos throughout the years) as a biker named “Blades” terrorizing the Mall-survivors.

Savini went on to earn his reputation as a Master of make-up effects with years of dedicated work on classic films like Friday the 13th

…and Maniac, both in 1980.

The early 80’s had Tom hard at work with the glut of slasher films, and he contributed his expert design work to many modern classics including Creepshow

Nightmare (Uncut 30th Anniversary Edition)

…another George Romero film he also starred in, Knightriders

and The Burning.

It was in 1985, during his fourth collaboration with Romero that Savini really turned heads with his ground-breaking design for Day of the Dead (Divimax Special Edition), my favorite of the Romero zombie films.

One of the best death scenes ever put on film!

In 1983, he published the great book, Grande Illusions, giving unprecedented info about what goes on behind the scenes of our favorite horror films. He continues to run the Special Effects Make-Up and Digital Film Programs at the Douglas Center in Pennsylvania, and in 1994 also published a sequel to Grande Illusions, giving away more secrets to his success. He often refers movie make-up effects projects to graduates of his school.

In 1990, Savini stepped into the director’s chair for the superior remake of Night Of The Living Dead. It was a ballsy move, and this was well before every film was in production as a remake, but Savini pulled it off expertly. The tone is bleak and mean, and this is the film I think of when I think Night of the Living Dead.

Savini shows up all the time to lend a little credibility to other, smaller horror films, like his role as a vampire in Lost Boys 2…

And who could forget his bad-ass character, Sex Machine, in possibly the best movie ever, From Dusk till Dawn [Blu-ray]?
I want that gun!

In Sea of Dust, he plays the mythical villain, Prester John.

I have only scratched the surface with today’s profile of one of the great artists of horror. Tom Savini is one talented and interesting individual, always out to create something new and unusual.
If you haven’t seen his films, or especially checked out his insightful and entertaining books, do your homework!
Until next time, keep it weird.



Horror Ink


You aren’t afraid of needles, are you?

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