Artist Josh Cooley turns our big screen nightmares into a picture book!


After a decade working as a storyboard artist for Pixar, Josh Cooley has emerged with a collection of new artwork that will make any geek giddy. Taking key scenes from our beloved horror classics and repackaging them in a kiddy-friendly tone, he has tapped into a wealth of original and strangely familiar new artwork.


The tongue-in-cheek nature of the captions help to give the reader the feeling of those classic storybooks, and coupled with the excellent illustrations, these works have a strange disorienting effect on the viewer. He has taken our collective childhoods and smashed them directly into our adult obsessions, creating a one-of-a-kind experience!


He has released a large series of prints of the original artwork for sale on his website, and is collecting the images for a new book called “Movies R Fun”. He describes it as “a book that should probably not be read at bedtime” and you can get yours here!
See the trailer below, and enjoy a selection of my personal favorites :


Check out Mr. Cooley’s website for more info and updates in the future, and if you are in the Los Angeles area be sure and hit Gallery 1988 this Saturday February 22nd, for his gallery show / book release!
I know I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these books!


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Porcelain horror sculptures from artist Maria Rubinke!


Maria Rubinke is a Danish sculptor who studied at the Glass and Ceramics School on Bornholm. Her fascinating work takes the traditional porcelain dolls and transforms them into grotesque inversions of themselves. The very nature of her art is effective in the most primal ways, as the shining innocence of ceramic cherubs is twisted into nightmare versions of Grandma’s knick-knacks.

Her unique work speaks for itself. Check it out in the gallery below!


She is constantly producing new work, and it is always a pleasure to see what she comes up with next!
Follow her on Instagram and keep up with her on Facebook to stay updated on the work of this prolific and interesting artist. Her website is currently under construction, and she has a new show coming up in April 2014 at the Martin Asbæk Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark.



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The beautiful artwork of Madame Grotesque!

Madame Grotesque is a talented young lady hailing from Braintree, Essex, and creating beautifully raw artwork for all of us to enjoy. Her work is simplistic and complex at the same time, a mix of mediums and emotions, often dark in themes.
As she says on her Facebook page, “I like to paint creepy stuff.”
And that she does. Her style is reminiscent of the artwork of Tim Burton, and even Alex Pardee to some degree, but each piece is truly unique and a pleasure to view.
I was lucky enough to have a brief chat with her, to get to the bottom of where these dark visions come from.
Enjoy the artwork and interview with Madame Grotesque!


HH : Your work is a beautiful mix of mediums. Do you have a favorite way to create your art?

Madame Grotesque : Thank you, I usually just sit and play around with doodles, that’s how paintings begin. Then I’ll draw them out ‘properly’ and add paint later on. Even though they are paintings, it’s purely line-work to begin with. It’s not so much a favourite way, it just makes things easier for me.


HH : The influence of Tim Burton is prevalent in your work, although you completely make it your own. Do you have a favorite Burton film that inspires you?

Madame Grotesque : As much as I enjoy his films, it’s more his art work that inspires me. Although, saying that I’ve always loved his short film, ‘Vincent.’ I remember being quite a lot like Vincent when I was a child, and maybe in some ways like Tim too, without realising it. I didn’t ‘fit in’ throughout my whole education, so drawing and admiring Burton’s films/art was a nice escape for me. In regards to his art work I’m fascinated by these ‘undesirables’ that he’s created in his book of tales, i.e. ‘The boy with pins in his eyes’ and ‘staring girl’ just to name a few. I feel like I can relate to them, maybe not physically as I don’t have pins in my eyes, and I’m not a voodoo girl, but these souls that have just as much feeling as we do and each of them has their own unique quality, albeit rather twisted ones. But that’s why I love it. It’s different and throws in an element of humour too.


HH : Some of your pieces come with poems attached. Which usually comes first, the visual or literal?

Madame Grotesque : It entirely depends on my mood. If I’m having an ‘artists block’ for some bizarre reason my creativity makes an appearance in the writing side of my work. I’m generally not a writer at all, I don’t read much and I’ve never been good at describing things, hence why my written work is often child-like. Sometimes I find it quite difficult to write a poem from a painting, which again is strange because you’d think with the image there as inspiration it’d be in fact easier right? Not with my brain apparently. It does quite literally happen, when it happens.

‘Cleaver boy’

He kidnapped young children,
Because cleaver boy hated meat.
He’d kill them with poison,
Then steal their arms, hands, legs and feet. On meat hooks they would sway,
And he’d watch as they decomposed.
He threw their heads away,
But kept their skins to make new clothes.

‘The Girl that always screams’537165_579967652028061_579198625_n

Shrieks and screeches are all she knows, They even deafened her deceased crows Cursed until the day she finds her love,
But its hopeless even when push comes to shove
Soon her wails grew deeper into despair Pining for love she thought, “This isn’t fair,” One day she found his sliced corpse buried nearby
And from that point on, she only screams “Why?!”


‘The boy with razor teeth’

There is a disturbing boy,
Who has sharp razors for teeth.
He uses fake ones as a decoy,
And kisses girls until they bleed.


HH : Who are the other artists that you look up to?

Madame Grotesque : There’s plenty of artists that I adore, they vary from Horror artists to Master painters. I think that above all John Kenn Mortensen (Who I found through yourself!), Edward Gorey (who I had never heard of until my ‘Creepy children’ series become more prominent and people often saw a resemblance between his work and my own), Rembrandt, Jenny Saville, Mark Gilbert (His ‘saving faces’ project in particular) and I’ve always had adoration for old school characters such as Ruby Gloom (before it became a tv show), Scary Miss Mary and Emily Strange. As of recent I’ve taken more interest in comics, such as Lenore (By Roman Dirge) and Johnny the homicidal maniac (by Jhonen Vasquez).


HH : Have you ever considered animated work?

Madame Grotesque : I have definitely considered it, but what with being an incredibly erratic worker, I don’t think it’s something I’ll heavily get into. Mainly because I’ve no idea how to go about it, but also there’s a great deal of patience that goes into animation and I simply don’t have it, as much as I want to. Though as I get older that could change, I’m only 20 so who knows. I see myself going into comics though. I’d love that.


HH : Do you have a favorite horror film?

Madame Grotesque : I think there’s going to be a lot of confusion over this considering the morbid nature of my work, but I’m a huge pansy when it comes to horrors (I think any person that reads this is now going to be like, ‘Whaaaaaa?!’) mainly because I’m very sensitive to sound and I’ve got an incredibly active imagination.
On the other hand if I had to pick one, I would say Sweeney Todd.
I know, it’s a Burton film, and I know that there’s plenty of controversy surrounding the topic of whether it’s even a horror film or not. However, it is generally considered a horror despite it not being all that scary. I just love the story, there’s so much emotion and combined with macabre, it makes the film such a pleasure to watch. I really like how such a gentle man basically turns completely insane because of pure emotional and mental torture. Even though it’s fictional, emotions like that are very real. Maybe not every person who seeks vengeance starts slitting everyone’s throats (though it wouldn’t shock me with todays world), but I think the film is a brilliant metaphor to portray those who do suffer mentally/emotionally until they get their revenge. I also like the fact that it’s set in the Victorian era, I find films that are set in earlier time periods naturally have a darker, more eerie atmosphere.
The world seemed to be a much more sinister place back then.


HH : What are your plans for the future with your artwork?

Madame Grotesque : There’s nothing solid currently, apart from the fact that I’m going to continue to build on the ‘Creepy children’ and ‘Monsters..’ series. I’m sure that there will be some more written work too. But I’m in the motions of getting a book together, as well as a comic series called, ‘The Tingling tales of Cleaver boy,’ who’s one of the more well liked characters from the ‘Creepy Children’ series. I might start working with writers who want to have their work illustrated, but as I said nothing set in stone. Just look out for more Creepy Children!


Big thanks to Madame Grotesque for chatting with me, and for sharing her dark visions with us all!
You can find more of her work at her official website, (where there is a huge sale going on right now!) and of course her wonderful Facebook page, which is often updated with new work.


Doomsday is coming. What are you going to wear?

Zombie Portraits and more from artist Rob Sacchetto!


Artist Rob Sacchetto has been creating one-of-a-kind zombie portraits since 2006.
Most of his clients are people just like you and I, who would like to see themselves as a zombie, without all of that nasty biting and brain-eating business.
Couples, solo pics, and even your pets can be transformed by this creative artist, who has made his own niche in the horror art world, as the original zombie portrait artist!
Check out some great examples of his work below, and be sure and get your own portraits done through his website here, now at sale prices!


He tells Horror Homework :

Admittedly, there are now probably hundreds of people who provide this service to varying degrees of success, but I maintain that I was pretty much the originator as we found no one else really doing it when we started the service. People simply send me a J-peg of themselves or a loved one and I hand illustrate them as zombies using traditional means like paint, pen and ink, with no computer photo-shopping involved. The customer receives a high res J-peg and has the original painting mailed to them. So far I have zombified over 4,000 people all over the world!


619fti9G+VLFeeling that I wasn’t drawing enough zombies, I started Zombie Daily, a blog where I post a new original zombie drawing or painting every day! This site was started in 2008 and so far there are over 1700 posts and counting as I still update with new content on a daily basis. The formation of Zombie Daily led the publishing company Ulysses press to offer me two book deals, one for, “The Zombie Handbook: How to Identify the Living Dead and Survive the Coming Zombie Apocalypse”, which last year was translated to Spanish, and titled “Apocolipsis Zombie” and my next book, “Zombiewood Weekly: The Celebrity Dead Exposed“.


My Zombie Portrait service also caught the attention of noted zombie author Jonathan Maberry, which led him to include me as a named character in his book “Rot and Ruin”. I also created the chase card illustrations for that book and his follow-ups ‘Dust and Decay,’ Flesh and Bone,’and ‘Fire and Ash’.


I’m featured in the documentary “Zombiemania” and provided the morphing zombie portrait drawings for me and the other noted zombie experts who were interviewed, including George Romero, Tom Savini, Max Brooks and Greg Nicotero.


My zombie art has been licensed for use on everything from puzzles to skateboard decks, T shirts, journal covers, comic books and many other products. The United States Playing Card Co. (Bicycle), has just released a full 56 card deck of my Zombie Art this past June, entitled “Everyday Zombies.”

Get your own deck, available here!


With both the Zombie Portraits, and the Zombie Daily, sites, I believe that I’ve drawn more zombies than anyone on the planet. There is of course more, but I just thought that I’d introduce to your fans to these to help keep the love of the living dead alive!
Please feel free to peruse my site, and thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Thanks again to artist Rob Sacchetto for taking the time to chat with us, and be sure and follow him on Facebook for continuous updates and new artwork every day!


Doomsday is coming. What are you going to wear?

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark : The Movie (!?!)


Earlier today, Deadline broke the news that everyone’s favorite twisted children’s books were getting picked up by CBS Films for a big screen adaptation!
Reportedly, after a long and intense bidding war, Feast and Saw writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan will be adapting Alvin Schwartz’s classic spooky tale collection Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark into a film.

UPDATE: According to CNN, the production has decided to “switch gears”, introducing a new writer for the film, John August (Frankenweenie, Big Fish). He reveals that his version of the film won’t exactly be kid-friendly :

“While this book is for children, the horror movie that we’re making out of it I think hopefully captures how scary those books were when you were a kid but is not strictly a kids movie,” he explained. “In fact, you should not take certain younger kids for this movie. I can’t actually take the art into the house, because if my daughter saw it, we would have nightmares. We’re aiming for a PG-13 — the same way that I loved ‘Poltergeist’ and ‘The Ring,’ movies that aren’t gory, but man they can freak the bejesus out of you.”

There is still no word on a director for this project, but we can all keep our high hopes intact, as August digs into the source material in the hopes of terrifying us all in the coming years.


This is a nightmare come true for all of us who grew up being traumatized by the books, particularly the artwork by Stephen Gammell.
If they can manage to convey even a fraction of the horror present in the images in those books on screen, it will be a huge triumph.
According to the reports :

Melton and Dunstan will adapt some of the Scary short stories into a screenplay about a group of outcast kids who stand up to their fears to save their town when nightmares come to life. Sean Daniel and Jason Brown of Sean Daniel Company and Elizabeth Grave of 1212 Entertainment will produce, with Roberto Grande and Joshua Long exec producing. 1212 initially optioned rights before teaming up with Melton and Dunstan, who are repped by WME and Trevor Engelson at Underground. VP Mark Ross and Creative Executive Alex Ginno are overseeing the project for CBS Films.

I read these books into shreds in my youth, and passed the love on to my son as he grew up as well.
What stories from these collections would you like to see adapted into the film?
Sound off in the comments below!
And I will just take the rest of this post up with some of the most frightening illustrations by Mr. Gammell from the original series!
(PS : the books were re-released a few years ago with new, less nightmarish artwork so if you are looking to reconnect with these terrifying books from the past, be sure and grab the originals here.)


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The “Dark Nature” of artist Christopher Lovell!


Artist Christopher Lovell counts himself lucky to have been a child of the 80s. The toys, cartoons and movies of the era left him spellbound, fueling his imagination. He finds this inspiration allows him to express himself very naturally through his art. Having developed a deep interest in fantasy and sci-fi, he spent his childhood and teen years immersed in every aspect of creativity he could access.
I was lucky to have a quick chat with this awesome artist, and he provided some interesting insight into his work!
Check out our interview with Christopher Lovell below.


HH :  What do you think is so appealing about the dark side of life that you explore in your artwork?

CL : Darkness in my art wise, it’s been quite an eye opener of late.
I have been trying to fit in as much personal art as I can around client work. I have a lot of visions in my head, usually dark or macabre that I really want to get out on paper. I have been posting some of these on my art page and that kind of art seems to go down so much better with people than my client work. Which is nice as it really inspires me to push more in that area.
I think people like dark beautiful imagery. Something with a mysterious undertone that is open for interpretation etc. When I occasionally glance at Tumblr I see so many dark images from photos to paintings. Its just something that appeals to me.
I like to think of my work as “Dark Nature”.
I want to capture the dark sinister atmosphere of a forest at dusk, the mystery of wild shy animals and fuse them with beautiful women and haunting imagery. I can’t wait to get immersed in some of the ideas I have. I want to take it all to big canvasses, splash the paint and get back to doing the art I enjoy most.


HH : I recall a few weeks ago, a controversy about “satanic” imagery in one of your pieces on your Facebook page. How do you respond to people who don’t really get what you are doing?

CL : No matter what you do you will never please everyone.
The picture I drew that generated a lot of those comments was never drawn with any intention to appear satanic. Sure I wanted it to have a dark and mysterious vibe and open for interpretation, but I never felt I was drawing satanic imagery when I was doing it.
The people in question clearly are not quite all there in the head or very very uneducated about such things. I drew a goat as I wanted the horns of the headdress to be held up on sticks. It was either that or a Deer. I chose a goat, one of gods creatures!
The “pentagrams” were just simple normal stars. Drawn how typical stars are drawn. They were not inverted or anything.
I guess to a person with negative thoughts and the urge to be a troll its something to latch on to and basically just be foolish with heir words. It takes a certain type of person to write negative troll like comments on other peoples hard work. It honestly didn’t bother me at all. At the end of the day some of them were wishing me dead because I drew a goat.
God forbid those poor people happen to be in a field one day and come face to face with one of the harmless animals. They also came across as far more evil and twisted than anything they were accusing me of being. I believe in god in my own way and like to pray. I love the stories of the Bible, the imagery etc. I also like occult imagery, it looks awesome and ultimately as far as I’m concerned pretty harmless.
I have ideas in my head that would probably make those haters heads spin. But its all harmless imagery with no subliminal dark message behind it. Haters gonna hate! I’ll just keep drawing fun stuff.


HH : Have you been approached for any design work for feature or short films?

CL : Yes a few people have approached me regarding film design work. Sadly its usually people with an idea and little or no budget. It’s an area I would love to explore properly. I remember watching the Lord of the Rings makings of and it was so inspiring. I’d love to be part of an environment like that, sculpting orcs out of clay and designing Balrogs.


HH : Are you interested in doing any comic book work?

CL : Comic book work is of very big interest to me. It a major part of my childhood and a huge element in my inspiration over the years. I used to spend countless hours writing and illustrating my own stories. My clothing brand Big Bad City is very visual in a comic art way. I want to draw my own mini comics and hopefully (Time permitting) illustrate and write my own graphic novel. I’ve come up with so many characters etc its the only way I will truly get my vision out there.


HH : Do you have a favorite character to draw?

CL : My favourite character to draw has to be my favourite comic villain ever. Judge Death from the world of 2000AD. He is the arch of Judge Dredd and in my opinion such an awesome looking character in every way. I remember seeing images of him as a kid an just being fascinated by him. I did a canvas painting of him back in 2008 and made a life size head bust of him. I’ve spent lot of money collecting every single thing there is available of him too. From comics to statues, toys to mugs! I’d love to do another art piece of him soon with the three other Dark Judges. It would make great print set!


HH : Finally, as a child of the 80s, do you have a favorite slasher icon?

CL : Hmm favourite slasher icon, very tough. I guess the one I always liked best was Jason. As a kid I just thought he looked really cool. Freddy freaked me out as I’d only really see him on video cases in stores back then and hear my friends stories in primary school about how they had seen Nightmare on Elm street.
When I started watching the Freddy films in school and early teen years all that fear and suspense of the character was killed with all the silly slapstick almost parody element they brought in to the character.
Jason always stayed the same, silent, mysterious and far more effective in my opinion. I made loads of paper mache hockey masks as a kid! Michael Myers for whatever reason never stirred anything in me. Team Jason 4eva!


pumpkinhead___christopher_lovell_art_by_lovell_art-d4zskk3 sleep_away_camp___christopher_lovell_by_lovell_art-d4fxlrt


He has just unveiled a new project with our friends at, for these great prints and pillows!
Get yours here!


He is now selling prints at his online store of many of the various horror icons pictured above, and has recently enlisted the help of a printer to produce limited edition signed and numbered prints of his personal pencil style work.
And he has just launched his new brand Big Bad City, which he has a lot of good stuff planned for the future, including T-shirts and more.

This will be a great chance for him to draw his own characters and Mad Max style post-apocalyptic imagery. Definitely something to keep an eye on!
And be sure and stay up to date with all of this prolific artist’s new and upcoming projects on his official Facebook page!


Horror Comics at

Ten Jason Masks reimagined by your favorite artists for charity!


Earlier this year, TVstoreonline teamed up with Face Off and announced an ambitious contest, reaching out to many notable horror artists asking them to redesign the iconic hockey mask worn by Jason Vorhees in the Friday the 13th films.
Each artist recieved a blank hockey mask, which they were encouraged to re-design, sculpt over, mold and alter the mask in any way they saw fit.
The final products were voted on, and are now up for auction on e-bay, with all of the final proceeds going to Toys For Tots!
Check them out below, and make your bid for one of these unique pieces for a great cause!

Design A Jason Hockey Mask FundRaiser

By original Jason, Ari Lehman.
Bid on this mask here.


By Joel Robinson.
Bid on this mask here.


By Tommy Pietch.
Bid on this mask here.


By Roy Wooley.
Bid on it here.

Each artist was sent a blank hockey mask, which they were encouraged to alter in any way they saw fit. – See more at:
Each artist was sent a blank hockey mask, which they were encouraged to alter in any way they saw fit. – See more at:
Each artist was sent a blank hockey mask, which they were encouraged to alter in any way they saw fit. – See more at:

By Nathan Thomas Milliner.
Bid on this mask here.

By Cody Snyder.
Bid on this mask here.

By Lydia Burris.
Bid on this mask here.

By Dave Katims.
Get this one here!

By Derek Garcia.
Get this mask here.



By Tom Devlin.
Bid on this one here.


Thanks to TV Store Online for running this great contest!
Which one is your favorite?
Start the discussion below!

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The incredible artwork of N.C. Winters!


N.C. Winters is another mysterious artist, sending his creations out into the world from sunny San Diego. As his official website describes it, he employs artistic fist lasers to shoot creative works directly into your mindballs.

His work is steeped in pop culture and cult characters, brightly colored and designed with beautiful flourishes, sometimes at odds with the subject matter. He has been creating art his whole life, teaching himself as he goes along, and received a degree in Visual Communications.
For this artist, inspiration seems to come from everywhere and nowhere both at different times.

Please enjoy the small gallery of some of my favorite examples of his work below!


Opening today, November 16th, at Gallery 1988 West is “A Curious Influence”, a solo show from N.C. Winters which will run until the end of the month.
He will have many prints available, including five all new creations exclusive to the show!
Get out and support this great artist!


Keep up with this amazing artist on his official Facebook page and be sure to check out his website and store for prints, original paintings, and more!

Get the new Aliens comic book series!

The Post-It-Note Nightmares of John Kenn Mortensen.

526561_271924256224501_1230383855_nMysterious artist John Kenn Mortensen (aka Don Kenn) loves to draw monsters.
This much I know.
Other than that, information about the artist is hard to come by.


He was born in Denmark in 1978.
On his official tumblr page, he says, “I write and direct television shows for kids. I have a set of twins and not much time for anything. But when I have time I draw monster drawings on post-it notes… it is a little window into a different world, made on office supplies.”

“It warms my heart when I am able to scare people or just give them the sense of having experienced a small adventure from something so simple as a drawing on a post-it note.”

His work is truly the stuff of nightmares, simple and elegant at the same time.
Maybe it is best for us to simply let his work speak for itself…

1001310_669715803053905_387137658_n44_john14644_john17544_john177john335 44_john17944_john14244_john185john356  44_john15544_john1531012309_683296395029179_1823805367_njohn3451098002_707636919261793_1487122698_n1233288_716391625052989_2021835231_o

1097798_705038959521589_489042839_o1146578_701096189915866_1850941926_n1016664_676210545737764_1187587016_n155696_718585834833568_1255209002_n1236793_711361775555974_257847261_nAs I mentioned, there is little info to be found about this fantastic artist aside from his prolific collection of consistently beautiful work.
Keep up with him at his fan page on Facebook, and follow his blog for more cool stuff.
Also, he has a book for sale, which you can find here!
Happy nightmares…


Horror Comics at


Watch “Trick R Treat” live streaming from Beyond Fest on October 28th!

1239792_10151596988066736_919713869_nIn the four years since it’s DVD release in 2009, Trick R Treat has solidified it’s place as a genuine Halloween classic. After sitting on a shelf for several years for some reason, the film made a huge impact in 2009 and has steadily grown in popularity in the years since.
According to director Michael Dougherty:

“I’ve kind of enjoyed the slow burn, I have to admit.
It’s one thing when you do a tentpole movie; whether it’s X-MEN or SUPERMAN, you have this sort of $100 million marketing budget that you know is supporting your movie, so everyone and their grandmother is going to hear about your movie.
Something like this, which is very small and had a lot of handicaps and just didn’t have the same support, for it to sort of climb its way up and out into public knowledge, it feels good. It feels more pure, because you know it’s not a marketing machine that’s forcing people to know about it or like it.
You know that it’s only happening because of word of mouth and people people’s true passion for it. It’s people telling their friends Let’s get together and watch this. To me, it makes the movie cooler.”

For those among us who have always wanted to see the film on the big screen, your wish has come true!
Legendary Films will be bringing the flick to Beyond Fest this month on the big screen at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood on October 28th! The screening will be followed by a panel that will include Michael Dougherty along with several members of the cast. And the best news of all (especially for those of us who wont be able to make it) is that
both the showing of the film and the panel will be live-streamed nationally on Legendary’s Facebook page starting 7:30/10:30p ET.

1270318_10151595106776736_1176239102_oThis movie just gets better with each viewing, and it’s cult status is well-deserved.
Check out some amazing fan art inspired by the film in the gallery below!

Original concept art from director Michael Dougherty

Original concept art from director Michael Dougherty.




A T-shirt design, also by Alex Pardee.

Don’t miss the live-streaming event at the end of the month, and be sure and pick up your copy of the film here, for required future Halloween viewing!
Also, you can check out the original animated short “Season’s Greetings” below to see what inspired the film.
Happy Halloween!

1379336_537182576364821_958098765_n has the Waliking Dead

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