Artist Matthew Therrien enters The Gates Of Misery!


The Gates Of Misery is a new project coming soon (with your help) from the mind of illustrator Matthew Therrien and a group of talented writers straight from the movies!
Described as a true passion project by all involved, The Gates Of Misery is a new anthology comic book series, a throwback to the glory days of EC comics and the creepy tales of terror we all grew up with.
Illustrated by Matthew, the premiere issue will contain original stories from young horror film directors Brandon Cronenberg (Antiviral), Steven Kostanski (Manborg) and Jon Knautz (Jack Brooks : Monster Slayer) and colored by Shira Haberman (Manborg: The Official Comic).


Each story will follow a different unique character who finds themselves trapped within the Gates Of Misery, and is being created with us horror fans in mind. This series is speaking directly to the independent horror community, for anyone who wants more from their modern comics. The series premise possesses the potential for infinite possibilities of stories set in this dark and strange world, and if the caliber of talent on board for the first issue is any indicator, we are all in for a real treat with this book!

Artist Matthew Therrien has a Facebook page where you can see a large selection of his horror art, and proof of the passionate horror fan behind this project. A few of my favorite examples of his work can be seen below.




There is also a new Facebook page in support of this project, and of course, a Kickstarter campaign accepting donations now. This type of project is the perfect thing for crowd-funding, in my opinion. Independent artwork from passionate genre people, who want to give us something we are asking for. They are offering up some great incentives on the finished book for those who donate, so be sure and check out their Kickstarter campaign here and give if you can.
I know I will be, and am greatly looking forward to seeing this unique project on my shelf in the near future!


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It is here at last! The Company of Shadows by Paul Gerrard.


The Company of Shadows

It all started with an idea. An idea to take a stale franchise and breathe new life into a beloved horror film series. An iconic character redesigned, FX in place, and two creative masters at the helm, and the impressive Hellraiser: Origins trailer was born.

Being a big Hellraiser fan myself and seeing the ambition and potential from the trailer, I knew I had to keep a close eye on this project, which was clearly a labor of love. So I stayed in touch with Paul Gerrard over time to get updates and the latest news on the project. After hearing the project would not be picked up, mainly due to the original creator, Clive Barker, expressing his interest in revisiting Hellraiser, I was sorely disappointed.


But Paul never wanted to let his vision die. Not only did he continue to create within that universe, he expanded upon it with a plethora of twisted new and exciting characters from god )or maybe something darker and older would be more fitting) only knows what perverse universe. Placenta Boy seemed to be the perfect poster boy for this campaign. For from something that was dead, birthed something more aberrant, more mad and beautifully grotesque than his deepest desires of hell.


The Company of Shadows kickstarter was then thrust into a world where it would not be widely understood, if only because of its boldness to be original. His twisted notions of character design and body horror is the star in this, exceedingly brilliant with each turn of the page, art book. Accompanying each character is a fascinatingly written outline of that characters origins, past/present, and/or future, which really adds to its jaw dropping unearthly visuals. I have read and had my mind and psyche devour and absorb these pages over and over again. The great thing about this book is there is something new to see each time. Each detail, no matter how small, is painstakingly added for a reason. The images and the symbols found within, resonate in your subconscious well after putting it down.


What resides in this tome is something that is uniquely important and better yet proof, to those that still believe there is still primordial creativity and new ideas swarming about in the minds of a few. One of the many great things about owning this book is knowing your money will be going towards making new IP’s using some of the characters from the book.

Paul Gerrard is best known for his work in Battle: Los Angeles, Wrath of the Titans, and even the new blockbuster hit TMNT, but I believe he will now be best known for his masterpiece, The Company of Shadows.


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Amazing new work from Horror Illustrator Steve McGinnis!


One of the coolest and most rewarding things about having a horror website is getting to know the many artists who exist in the genre and helping spread the word about awesome artwork that many people might not otherwise see.
One such artist is Steve McGinnis, a creative and prolific illustrator that has become a great friend of mine over the past year. Growing up in the frozen wasteland known as Canada, Mr. McGinnis has worked his way into many of the greatest horror publications still on the newsstands, like Gore Noir, Fangoria, Diabolique, and Gore Zone.
According to his website, Steve started illustrating from a young age, and his horror style appeared early in life, resulting in many trips to the school office for his parents. Throughout grade and high school Steve was an artistic sponge, absorbing different styles from different mediums, while developing his own young style. This style helped him win multiple awards and honours with his art.
He really caught my eye earlier this year with a new series of classic horror icon illustrations done in a bold new style of black, grey, white, and just a drop of red.
Have a look at his great creations below, along with a brief interview with Steve McGinnis and a look at the various new projects this prolific and talented artist has in the works!


Please tell me a little bit about your black and white classic monster series. Where did the idea come from? The style really stands out.

Steve McGinnis : I’ve always just like sitting at the coffee table or wear ever and sketching. I started with the Myers mask and really enjoyed it. So I did a couple more and couldn’t stop. The last show I did the crowds response was over whelming. So I’m doing quite a few more.


Great, can’t wait to see them!
You have really taken that style and run with it, making some very unique pieces. I am looking forward to more in the series. Do you know who is the next icon to be immortalized in this style?

Steve McGinnis : Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s monster. My dad had a tee shirt he always wore on weekends with that face on it and it used to mesmerize me.

Ha! I’m wearing one right now. Can’t wait to see it!
Check out Steve’s more recent masterpieces below, including both Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee as Dracula, Lon Chaney as The Phantom of the Opera, and the one and only Vincent Price!





Tell me a little bit about the pin-up series you have have been working on.

Steve McGinnis : That is a fun new style for me. Writer / Director Ryan M. Andrews approached me to do some art for his new movie Save Yourself. We were back and forth a lot and came up with the idea of a horror pin up for each girl in the film.

So did you actually have Tristan Risk modeling for you? That would be like a dream come true!

Steve McGinnis : LOL!! That would be amazing, but no. I actually was back and forth with her on FB and she sent some good face pics at different angles for reference. I had to research pin up poses and what they look like.
It’s a really fun style. I’d like to do more of them.

Ah, bummer! So you probably just used her photo shoot for Hush magazine for reference, right? Yeah, me too…


So what can you tell us about the film “Save Yourself“? Are you involved in it other than the poster art?

Steve McGinnis : I’m not sure the whole story behind Save Yourself. I was only involved with the poster creations. I think everything is hush hush at this point. No ones really giving any hints about it.

Cool. I like that. Horror films should surprise you. I know you have been hard at work on an original graphic novel. Can you tell us a little bit about what we can expect, and when?

Steve McGinnis : Yeah, it’s been quite a undertaking. I came up with the idea last year at a horror con I was at and thought “That’s it, time for me to write and illustrate this story”. It’s a different take on a slasher story. It spans from early 1900′s to the present day. I wanted to make sure there was some substance and not just GORE GORE blood….but there are some good kills in it.


It sounds great and is looking good in the updates you share on your art page on Facebook! Any idea of when we can expect to see it as a complete project?

Steve McGinnis : I’m releasing the whole book at Horror Rama November 1st and 2nd in Toronto. So, November first and on.

Very exciting! So is it actually complete, or is it crunch time right now?

Steve McGinnis : It is CRUNCH TIME!!! I’ll think I’m finished and read it and say, I need a bit more back story. or, I don’t like that panel.

Of course, the dreaded second guessing! Well, I for one am really looking forward to it. I will wrap this little interview up and let you get back to work. Do you have a favorite horror character to illustrate?
I really love your Krueger piece!


Steve McGinnis : Oh thanks! I really like illustrating Michael Myers, that emotionless expression is terrifying to me. And the way he’d cock his head to look you over.


One last thing, what’s with all the cute and cuddly characters you have been working on lately? Is it just to help purge the horror from your soul and keep you balanced? Or is it something you do for fun?

Steve McGinnis : It’s the yin to my yang. I’m a children’s book artist as well. As a freelance artist you have to have many irons on the fire to stay busy. So when horror art slows down I jump to children’s novels.

Very cool, man! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me, and we will be looking forward to new work from you in the future. Cheers!


A big thanks to artist Steve McGinnis for taking the time out of his busy schedule to chat with me! If anyone is still reading this after the link to Tristan Risk’s nude photo shoot above, be sure and check out more work from Steve McGinnis at his website and frequently updated Facebook page!
And don’t forget to check back here often at for more of your favorite artists, new movie reviews and horror news!


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Artist Rafael Koff makes Freddy and Jason Have Fun!


Over the past few years of scouring the internet for fun things to post on the Facebook page, I have repeatedly run into some simple cartoons by an artist named Rafael Koff.
He is a comic artist from Brazil, and has created a long-running series called “Freddy and Jason Have Fun” which features our two favorite slashers getting into all manner of “cute” misadventures.
Unfortunately his website is in Portuguese, and my Google translate isn’t helping much today, but his work speaks for itself. You can find many more similar pieces on the Freddy And Jason Have Fun Facebook page, but in the meantime have a look :
















Doomsday is coming. What are you going to wear?

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Stephen Cooney Artist Spotlight

cooney bads

Artist Spotlight : Stephen Cooney

Working with, I get to see all kinds of crazy shit. From a variety of films, to books, and even art. So every once and awhile during a regular session of perusing the macabre on the internet, you come across something that catches your eye immediately. That’s exactly what happened when I came across the art of Stephen Cooney. After looking into more of his artwork I just knew I had to have a chat with him and share it with my fellow horror classmates. Based out of the UK he has been painting for as long as he can remember, but took a couple of years to break into the tattoo industry, which he became very popular in because of his horror art style which is always a favorite of many. He does both ink sketches and full paintings, but prefers full paintings, finding them more enjoyable. Stephen is always doing commissioned pieces of some kind of another.
cooney docs

cooney exorcism

When I asked him about the dark tone of most of his artwork, some of which looked like it had Lovecraftian influence, this is what he said.
“Well I don’t know really, I’ve always been into the dark side of art. As a kid I grew up listening to Iron maiden and in art class I would sit and copy the artwork and day dream that I would one day do the same thing, designing album covers for the biggest metal bands and seeing my artwork on t shirts. Then I got into the fantasy side of things because a friend was into Dungeons and Dragons, of which TSR had the best artwork I had ever seen. But in terms of influence, it would have to be Derek Riggs, the Iron Maiden artist.”

cooney satan

cooney demon

I can totally see the Iron Maiden artwork influence. Stephen’s artwork seems as if it is right off of an Iron Maiden’s Greatest Hits album cover. While he has not done any album covers as of yet, he has done about 60 book covers and endless magazine covers. He is the over artist for Nightmare Illustrated Magazine, which is a bi-monthly publication. A new project which seems to be growing fast. Check it out at

cooney paints

He has done over 100 paintings so when I asked him if he had a favorite, he said he couldn’t really say. They all have their special meaning, some coming from a time when he was just trying to get his name out there. Knowing his style of work I had to ask the question, had he ever done any horror icons, or was all of his artwork original?
“I’ve been really lucky so far. Publishers have always come to me saying, we’ve got this title, see what you can come up with. Which has been great for me, using my own imagination to come up with something which maybe hasn’t been done yet. I haven’t done an exciting character yet.”

cooney lovecraft

Of course the questions of “If you could do any horror character, who or what would it be? Do you have a favorite horror film?” had to be asked.
“Alien was a massive film for me. The fact that you hardly saw it and if you did, it was always in the dark. I love that in a horror film and films like the Exorcist. I love anything demonic. As for existing characters, no one has asked. Really, I’ll paint anything, although I was asked to paint a barbarian thing and I had to say, it been done so many times before so I came up with a mad max type of thing. I think along those lines instead of something that’s been painted by many artists.”

Stephen says in the future he would like to see his artwork on album covers and back stage drops for rock bands, tour t-shirts, maybe films, but in the mean time to just keep doing what he’s doing to push towards that goal. He is now getting into subjects other than horror now, which he is enjoying.
cooney zombies


He would like to give a huge thank you to all his publishers for having such faith in his work. And would like to thank his wife Amanda, who puts up with so much crap, paintings everywhere and the like. She is very supportive in her own way and would never have accomplished what he has without her.

I have no doubts that Stephen’s talent will be able to achieve any endeavors that lay ahead of him. I appreciate Stephen taking the time out of his busy schedule to chat with me about his artwork. They are all truly amazing. You too can check out his artwork on Facebook on the Cooney Art page.


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The Bride Of Frankenstein gets re-imagined for The “Its Alive” project 2014!



The “Its Alive” project is back, this time bringing a blushing bride.
If you recall, in 2011 the project celebrated the 80th anniversary of James Whale’s Frankenstein and raised money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital by assembling a group of very creative artists to re-imagine Frankenstein.
This year, the ongoing project celebrates The Bride of Frankenstein by presenting 80 re-imagined Life Size Elsa Lanchester Bride of Frankenstein Busts from a wide variety of creative people.

According to the Its Alive Facebook page :
In addition to the busts, there will be 10 special life sized statues created as part of the collection. Each of the 90 artists will be asked to recreate the Bride in their own vision, style and hand. You will be amazed and frightened by what can happen when these talented artists unleash their creative monsters on this unique and terrifying project. See creations from some of the top local artists as well as Professional Monster Makers from across the country. All proceeds from the auction of these busts will benefit the St Jude Childrens Research Hospital.

All of the busts will be on display at the Son of Monsterpalooza convention in Burbank , California (tickets available here) from September 12-14 this year, and will go immediately up for auction on eBay after the showing.

Check out a collection of my personal favorites in the series below, and stay tuned to the official Its Alive page for more details.
All photos are credited to Michael Gavin.

“The Bride’s Castle” by Rob Burman.


“Frankies Girl” by Mars Visions.


“Bolts of Frightening” by Tim Martin.


“Diabolical Bride” by Todd Gibson.


“Bride of Stupidstein” by Adam Dougherty.


“What Lies Beneath” by Jonathan Fuller.


“Barlow’s Bride” by Casey Love.


“If Lovecraft built a Bride” by Anti-Warhol.


“Bride of Tokyo” by Adam Milicevic.


“Day of the Dead Bride” by Saul Alvarez.


“Bride of Burlapstein” by Andy Wright.


“Bride of The Thing” by Christian Marchwinski.


“Technicolor Bride” by Jeff Camp.


“Bride of Skellingstein” by Scott Fensterer.



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Visit the “Black Lodge” with incredible artist Tom Bagshaw!


Artist Tom Bagshaw has been working on a new project for over a year now, an ambitious series of paintings of dark and otherworldly beauty. The new series is fittingly labeled “The Black Lodge”, and it shows off the darkest side of the artist, who is already well-known for his unique style of beautiful and mysterious digital paintings. He creates some of the most unforgettable female portraits in memory, balancing them somewhere between wickedness and whimsy.
The Black Lodge series compiles a year and a half worth of inspired work from Mr. Bagshaw, and as of today August first 2014, will be available as a one of a kind art book, limited to 100. All eighteen of the original portraits in the collection are up for sale right now as well, but going quickly.
Check out the artist’s website for more info about purchase of the book and artwork. Collected below are some of the impressive paintings from the Black Lodge.









theMorrigan2phulsBride2sacrificiumIntellectus2theConjuration2mooncall2The very limited edition of the Black Lodge book is a must have for art fans, and comes signed, numbered, and embossed. Be sure and swing by Mr. Bagshaw’s online shop to secure a copy, and stay tuned to the artist’s Facebook page for updates about his new artwork and upcoming projects!


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Awesome new artwork available from Zombieking!


One of the coolest artists I have met over the past years doing my horror homework, goes simply by the name Zombieking. He first caught my attention producing a series of amazing Hellraiser paintings, and has since consistently filled my news-feed with amazingly creative new works of art. Over the past few weeks I had noticed his conspicuous absence, and now I know why.
He had a well-received showing of his work at MelloMello earlier this month!
Congrats to Zombieking, and what follows is a selection of original new paintings up for sale right now :





Ever since the successful showing, he has apparently been locked away on a creative binge, busy bringing us some new artwork to drool over.
He reappeared last week, teasing a series of unique mythical “test tube babies”. He meticulously designed and constructed these little fellas and their packaging, and has subsequently made them all available now in his store!





As I mentioned, all of the brand new original artwork (and much more) is now available from Zombieking at his official store!
As he is based in the UK, he has put shipping prices on each piece available worldwide, but notes that he “would always prefer a painting to find a new home with somebody who loves it, rather than it be stored away unseen in the studio here. So, I am open to offers on these prices.”
So get them while they are hot, and be sure and stay tuned to the Zombieking Facebook page for consistent updates about his new and upcoming projects.
You won’t be disappointed!


Original Horror Shirts

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A voyeur’s look at San Diego Comic Con 2014!


If you’re like me, you love all things weird and wonderful, not just limited to horror. Most of us ghouls got bitten with the collector’s bug at young ages, which means we likely still tend to drool over new action figures, trading cards, T-shirts, and posters of all kinds. Some of us never grow up, and Comic Con knows this!
Also, if you are like me, you are not attending Comic Con this year…


However, the wonders of the internet have not stopped us from letting us all know what we are missing! As my Facebook news-feed fills up with all the collectible awesomeness debuting at the Con right now, I am going to attempt to show you some of the coolest must haves that you will soon be able to find on eBay for triple the price!
Okay, ready? Let’s get jealous!

At the top of my personal wish list would have to be these great “Limited Edition Art Toys” from amazing artist, Jason Edmiston! Based on his Frankenberry/Frankenstein painting from earlier this year, the toy is is sculpted by Barsom Manashian. The unique toy comes in 3 parts and stands at 7″ tall and 4″ 1/2 wide shoulder to shoulder.  You can only get him at Jason’s table (#5015) in the illustrators section.  This is a SDCC Exclusive, and he will have 50 of them at $65 each.



Mr. Edmiston is apparently trying to win Comic Con this year, because in addition to the awesomeness above, he has designed the packaging for some of NECA’s new horror icon figures!
He will also have loads of new and exclusive art prints up for grabs, so be sure and stop by his booth.



In fact, NECA is revealing tons of new toys at the Con, including this limited edition “Super Freddy” figure, with package art designed by Horror Homework favorite, Christopher Ott.
Mr. Ott is also in attendance at booth J7, where you will be able to pick up some awesome artwork!



In fact, so many of our favorite artists are all gathered together in San Diego right now, each with unique offers and exclusives for the fans who made it to the con this weekend!
For example, amazing artist N.C. Winters just offered up a great deal on his awesome Predator print for the first person who walks up to his booth (#4531) and says : “If it bleeds, we can kill it.”


The incredible Alex Pardee is also in attendance there, located at booth #5502, offering up this exclusive print, titled “Copycat”.


And back to the toys…
Sideshow unveiled their new Hellraiser 3 “Pinhead” figure :


Funko is showing off their latest Hannibal-inspired vinyl figures :



And for the first time ever, NECA is introducing Alien/Aliens figures with likenesses approved by Sigourney Weaver herself :


However, NECA isn’t the only company to debut some new Alien playthings. Check out this Egg Chamber Action Playset from indy toy-makers Super 7 :


And last but not least, he good folks behind Clive Barker’s new art book Imaginer have a booth set up, and will be promoting the grand opening of Mr. Barker’s art show and parade in San Diego tonight!
Con attendees might just want to sneak away at 7 this evening to check this out.
I am sure they have some great sights to show you…


I hope all of you lucky Con-goers are having a blast this weekend, and know that the rest of us hate you this much…


Doomsday is coming. What are you going to wear?

Artist Jay Hansen welcomes you to the Cesspool!


Jay Hansen is a unique painter based out of Minneapolis Minnesota, an award-winning creator of dark and incredibly detailed works of art. His work has been featured in the pages of Gore Noir magazine, and he has recently had several well-received local showings of his work.
Currently working on his tattoo apprenticeship, Mr. Hansen consistently creates and shares his amazing work online, and you can find him on Facebook here. Specializing in “Zombie Girls” and a wide variety of dark and intricate designs, his DeviantArt page is also loaded with stunning imagery, and I collected a few of my favorites below for your enjoyment!






I had a chance for a quick chat with the artist the other day, and was excited to hear that he has an original graphic novel in the works, titled Cesspool. I asked him to tell me a little more about it and this is what we learned…

HH : Tell me a little about the graphic novel you are working on.

Jay Hansen : It’s called CESSPOOL. My lifetime buddy Devin Francisco and myself have been working on projects together for a few years now. He came up to me last year with a possible idea on making a book. It’s not really in the comic book style (panels and such), more of a collection of short stories (somewhat similar to “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark“) Best way I can describe it right now, as I haven’t read most of the stories yet.

We have a group of talented writers, which I believe all live in Minnesota. MP Johnson, Joe Knetter, Ken Olson, Todd Wardrope, Roxie Hockensmith, and Tyler Hansen. We’re trying to get it set up and ready by late October for Minneapolis Crypticon. I just posted another teaser painting for the book on my page about a hour ago if you want to check it out.

Also planning on releasing a hard cover addition that will include a series of short films, only about 1-4mins long. That’s a whole other project altogether. So yeah, Devin and myself have some of our best work included in this project, and we cant wait for it to all piece itself together.

HH : It sounds awesome! How are you guys planning to distribute it? Are you going to create a Kickstarter or anything like that?

JH : As of right now, we are selling these Cesspool exclusive prints through my bigcartel site. We talked about a Kickstarter, but we travel to many conventions, we would like to have the art pay for getting the book off the ground. I cant remember the site we are going through to produce the book, but I think they offer a option on selling it through Amazon. Other than that we will all be selling the books individually.


HH : Is this all of the artwork you are currently selling?

JH : No, there’s more than just that. We are just trying to push those prints the most, as every set sold goes to help fund our book. Some of our darkest illustrations have been unleashed on this project, and we’ve hired some of the best writers Minnesota has to offer. We are all extremely excited to show the world what we came up with, you wont be disappointed.
Everything is listed as convention prices this week. Have a look at JayBird’s BigCartel store!


So there you have it. A group of talented, creative people doing it the old fashioned way, by just jumping in there and making it happen!
Be sure and help make this project a reality by purchasing some unique artwork, and stay up to date with the status of this project on the official Cesspool page. And don’t forget to follow Jay Hansen’s art page for consistent updates and new artwork!

An uncharted realm where beauty and the plague collide, imagination is a creation without cause.
Chaos is not feared, only fed upon.
And the impossibility of transformation is only the start of a future yet to be born.


Horror Comics at

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