Dreams From The Witch House

A gorgeous new project is in the works from our friends at Dark Regions Press, in the form of an ambitious new book entitled Dreams From The Witch House : Female Voices Of Lovecraftian Horror. The title alone sells it for me, but the impressive list of authors confirmed for this project is incredible! Including a novelette by Joyce Carol Oates, and short stories from the likes of Caitlin R Kiernan, Nancy Kilpatrick, Storm Constantine and many more, this is bound be be a top shelf collection!
Add in the bonus of original watercolor illustrations from artist Daniele Serra, and this book itself becomes an incredible work of art.
Just have a gander at the gallery below of some of his gorgeous artwork, all of which is available for purchase during the campaign!


Deep Like the River


Pan’s Labyrinth







In fact it is one of the main goals of the Dreams from the Witch House indiegogo campaign to gain the funds to commission Daniele Serra to create an original painting to accompany each story, which would truly transform this book into a unique masterpiece.
The campaign is offering many great incentives for supporters of the publication, including various editions of the final book, discounted passes to CthulhuCon 2015 (!), passes to the Stanley Hotel Writer’s Retreat, and even a custom illustration from amazing artist Daniele Serra.
In addition, the publishers are still accepting submissions for inclusion in this unique volume, so if you are a female writer of Lovecraftian horror, cosmic horror or weird fiction be sure and check the rules for submissions and let your voices be heard. This would be a great project to get involved in!
Find the indiegogo campaign here to show your support, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter  for news and updates about the project as it progresses.


Amazing horror tattoos by Paul Acker!


Paul Acker is the owner of Deep Six Tattoo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he has been administering some of the most gloriously horrific ink to bodies since the dawn of this millennium. His specialty is horror color realism, and he has created some of the most amazing designs I have ever seen.
Below is a gallery of some of his mind-blowing recent work. If you are interested in getting tattooed by Mr. Acker, please fill out the contact form here. The artist notes that while he employs several other artists, he no longer tattoos “regular” black and grey portraits, but instead has all of his focus on horror-related portraits.
Be sure and connect with Paul Acker on Facebook and instagram for consistent updates on new pieces and works in progress.


Watch now : Joshua Hoffine’s short film “Black Lullaby”!


Kansas-based Joshua Hoffine is a horror photographer that has been haunting the scenery with some creepy imagery for quite some time now. His images are well-known and instantly recognizable, many of them featuring his own daughter Chloe put in a variety of precarious situations. After raising the funding for an original short film based on his photos last year, we are finally getting the chance to see it!
The film is called Black Lullaby, and it is the logical next step for the creative photographer. Check out the artist’s introduction to the film below :

In a recent interview with Scream UK magazine, Hoffine says, “For me, horror is an endless source of inspiration. It’s multifaceted, with countless concerns and subgenres. Horror is existential. It’s psychological. It’s visual spectacle, and it transcends cultural boundaries. Understanding how horror functions informs my work and my aesthetic is largely defined by an adherence to archetypal imagery. I look for stories or ideas that everyone can relate to. If I need a prop, like a telephone for instance, I ask myself what type of telephone would a six year old draw or dream about? This is why my photographs often seem cartoony. My photographs, like Black Lullaby, are unbounded by any particular time or place. They have a dreamy kind of hyper-realism, like a memory.”

The Last Stand, by Joshua Hoffine

During the successful Kickstarter campaign, Hoffine said, “I’ve been living with this film for years, dreaming of the day when I would finally see it finished.  My photographs are effective, but contained.  This film pounces on the viewer.  It’s an artistic turning point for me.  And a new beginning.”

You can find Black Lullaby for rent or sale here, and enjoy the gallery of photographs below that inspired the short film!
Also be sure and stay connected with Joshua Hoffine on Facebook and his official website to keep up with new and upcoming projects.


After Dark, My Sweet


Trailer for Dark Star : H.R. Giger’s World


Earlier this year, we lost a great of the dark art world when H.R. Giger passed away at the age of 74. Known the world over for his one of a kind imagination and haunting designs, this artist was responsible for some of the most interesting artwork of the last century. Now, to carry on his legacy of dark beauty, film-maker Belinda Sallin brings us a new collection of interviews with the artist himself  along with Carmen Maria Giger, Stanislav Grof, Hans H. Kunz, Leslie Barany, Paul Tobler,Tom Gabriel Fischer, Carmen Scheifele de Vega, Mia Bonzanigo, Andreas J. Hirsch, Marco Witzig, Sandra Beretta, and Müggi III.
The film proposes to answer the question Who is the artist H.R. Giger? What kind of person is behind the terrifying and disturbing beings he has created?
Check out the trailer below, and be sure and see this intriguing film when it releases to get to know more about this amazing artist!



Artist Trevor Henderson’s retro Horror Hangers!

Series 2, available October 1st!

Artist Trevor Henderson first caught our attention last year when he created a gorgeous poster for the Evil Dead remake. While following him on Facebook and instagram, I noticed his unique new project picking up steam and becoming a reality just in time for our cooler Autumn weather.
He has created a series of “Horror Hangers”, which are a throwback to the Halloween decorations of the 1980s reinvented to reflect the tastes of the discriminating modern horror fanatic.

Series 2, available October 1st!

Series 2, available October 1st!

The first series is selling out quickly at his etsy store and the artist has been hard at work creating a second series of the hangers (above), which will be available at the beginning of October.
I asked artist Trevor Henderson what inspired this idea, and he told me :

I was  inspired by the nostalgia for Halloween when I was a little kid. My parents would always put up the same decorations, and they included a big goofy wall hanger of Frankenstein’s monster. I also have a lot of nostalgic memories of watching countless horror films with my dad. It occurred to me that combining icons from well-known (and not so well known…) horror icons with affordable decorations for the upcoming Halloween season could be really cool! The hangers are made from start to finish in about six to eight hours each using acrylic ink on illustration board, and then they are printed on 100 pound card stock to be cut and assembled. I try and include a cool accessory or gimmicky feature with each one, as if it were a cheesy 80’s action figure. I have a huge backlog of characters I want to paint, with the second wave hitting (hopefully) on October 1st!

Check out the available hangers in the gallery below, and click the photos to take you directly to Trevor Henderson’s etsy store to get these suckers up on your wall in time for Halloween.
And be sure and stay up to date with the release of series 2 and future artwork from the artist by following him on Facebook, Twitter, and instagram.









New Blu-Ray covers for MGM/Fox horror films from amazing artists!


MGM studios is giving horror fans a real treat this month with a grand re-release of many of their classic horror films on very affordable Blu-Ray, complete with brand new covers designed by some of the best artists working in the industry right now. The artwork is a refreshing change of pace from many of the drab photoshopped DVD covers we see on most mass market releases these days.
Including original artwork from artists like Jason Edmiston, Ghoulish Gary Pullin, and other very talented artists, these new releases are in major retail stores right now, with a very modest price of 7-8$. These are some must have special editions and we can thank Skuzzles for bringing these into reality. Some of these works of art are also available as posters on the Skuzzles website, but they are going fast!
Check out the gallery of new covers below, and get your ass to the local Wal-Mart and start digging for these beauties!


– Jason Edmiston


– Todd Slater


– Ghoulish Gary Pullin


– Ghoulish Gary Pullin


– Joshua Budich


– Grzegorz Domaradzki


– Randy Ortiz


– Dan Mumford


– Jason Edmiston


– Justin Osborne


– Paul Shipper


– Francesco Francavilla


– Ghoulish Gary Pullin

This last one is not a DVD cover, rather a sold out limited edition poster from Godmachine.
Skuzzles claims that they never reprint anything, so at least we can all drool over it here.
Be sure and follow Skuzzles on Facebook to avoid missing out on unique deals like this in the future.


Horror Comics at TFAW.com

Artist Alex Pardee illustrates the monsters of Cabin In The Woods!


Opening today September 5th 2014 at Gallery 1988 West is an art tribute show to film-maker Joss Whedon. Similar to the gallery’s previous shows paying respect to Edgar Wright and J.J. Abrams, a wide variety of artists from around the world have been given the freedom to create their art based on the world Joss Whedon has built over the course of his career. So, anything from Buffy to Firefly is on the table (excluding The Avengers, as they already had an Avengers-specific showing a few years ago) and many awesome artists have created some pretty amazing pieces.
One of my favorite artists, Alex Pardee, has taken his inspiration from the long list of monsters and creatures that were on display in the ground-breaking 2012 flick Cabin In The Woods, which was written and produced by Whedon. Collected below are Mr. Pardee’s contributions to the unique art show which opens today and will remain on display until September 27th.


The 1988 West Gallery is located at 7308 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles CA.
More information about the show can be found at the Gallery 1988 website, and much more from Alex Pardee can be found here.

Please enjoy the “Zoology Department” series by Alex Pardee below :

Wraith :

Dismemberment Goblins :


Vampire :


Zombie Redneck Torture Family :


Sexy Witch :


Alien Beast :


The Twins :


Giant :


The Doll :


The Bride :


Angry Molesting Tree :


Zombie :


Demon :


Dragon Bat :


Witch :


Clown :


Giant Snake :


Hell Lord :


The Scarecrow Folk:


Sugarplum Fairy :


Snowman :


Deadite :


The Doctor :


Sasquatch :


Reptilius :


Mummy :


The Reanimated :


The Huron :


Unicorn :


Doomsday is coming. What are you going to wear?

New Scooby-Doo Adventures from illustrator Travis Falligant!


Artist Travis Falligant got hooked on horror at a young age like the rest of us, with the original Scooby-Doo movies. After years now creating artwork and graphics for  HorrorHound magazine and consistently updating his blog and store with great character art, he has created a unique new series.
Travis Falligant’s “New Scooby-Doo Movies”  brings the gang back together for a great art series, forcing our meddling old pals to come face to face with some modern day monsters. An idea so great in its simplicity and full of endless possibilities, it is no wonder this unique work is appearing everywhere online, drawing Falligant attention from horror luminaries such as Wes Craven, Rob Zombie, and Bryan Fuller.


In a recent interview with our friends at iHorror.com, the artist says “The Scooby Doo series started with me rewatching the old cartoons and wanting to see the gang go up against my fave horror icons. I use screen grabs of certain scenes and of the Scooby gang in various poses. I then illustrate the new monster/slasher/villain they are going up against, trying to stay in the style of the old artwork used in the series. I finally marry all of those elements in Photoshop and add grain and blur to the images so they look as though they were scenes taken straight from the show.”


He has no plans to sell these amusing pieces, as he uses the original artwork in this labor of love which was solely created for the amusement of online junkies like us! He encourages you to download and share these pieces around, use them as wallpapers, generally enjoy them!
However, many of his other horror-themed pieces are available to wear, look at and lay on top of at his RedBubble store.


He is continuing the series and has some surprises in store for Scoob and the gang in the future.
Their latest adventure is called “The Terrible Texas Terror”-
Scooby and the gang travel to Texas to compete in the state chili cook-off and run afoul of the Sawyer family, a kooky bunch of locals with a secret in their sauce…


Stay tuned to Travis Falligant’s blog and Facebook page for more updates!
I can’t wait to see the next Scooby Doo Lost Mysteries!
Who would you like to see appear in upcoming works?


Doomsday is coming. What are you going to wear?

Artist Matthew Therrien enters The Gates Of Misery!

The Gates Of Misery is a new project coming soon (with your help) from the mind of illustrator Matthew Therrien and a group of talented writers straight from the movies!
Described as a true passion project by all involved, The Gates Of Misery is a new anthology comic book series, a throwback to the glory days of EC comics and the creepy tales of terror we all grew up with.
Illustrated by Matthew, the premiere issue will contain original stories from young horror film directors Brandon Cronenberg (Antiviral), Steven Kostanski (Manborg) and Jon Knautz (Jack Brooks : Monster Slayer) and colored by Shira Haberman (Manborg: The Official Comic).


Each story will follow a different unique character who finds themselves trapped within the Gates Of Misery, and is being created with us horror fans in mind. This series is speaking directly to the independent horror community, for anyone who wants more from their modern comics. The series premise possesses the potential for infinite possibilities of stories set in this dark and strange world, and if the caliber of talent on board for the first issue is any indicator, we are all in for a real treat with this book!

Artist Matthew Therrien has a Facebook page where you can see a large selection of his horror art, and proof of the passionate horror fan behind this project. A few of my favorite examples of his work can be seen below.


There is also a new Facebook page in support of this project, and of course, a Kickstarter campaign accepting donations now. This type of project is the perfect thing for crowd-funding, in my opinion. Independent artwork from passionate genre people, who want to give us something we are asking for. They are offering up some great incentives on the finished book for those who donate, so be sure and check out their Kickstarter campaign here and give if you can.
I know I will be, and am greatly looking forward to seeing this unique project on my shelf in the near future!


Horror Comics at TFAW.com

It is here at last! The Company of Shadows by Paul Gerrard.


The Company of Shadows

It all started with an idea. An idea to take a stale franchise and breathe new life into a beloved horror film series. An iconic character redesigned, FX in place, and two creative masters at the helm, and the impressive Hellraiser: Origins trailer was born.

Being a big Hellraiser fan myself and seeing the ambition and potential from the trailer, I knew I had to keep a close eye on this project, which was clearly a labor of love. So I stayed in touch with Paul Gerrard over time to get updates and the latest news on the project. After hearing the project would not be picked up, mainly due to the original creator, Clive Barker, expressing his interest in revisiting Hellraiser, I was sorely disappointed.


But Paul never wanted to let his vision die. Not only did he continue to create within that universe, he expanded upon it with a plethora of twisted new and exciting characters from god )or maybe something darker and older would be more fitting) only knows what perverse universe. Placenta Boy seemed to be the perfect poster boy for this campaign. For from something that was dead, birthed something more aberrant, more mad and beautifully grotesque than his deepest desires of hell.

The Company of Shadows kickstarter was then thrust into a world where it would not be widely understood, if only because of its boldness to be original. His twisted notions of character design and body horror is the star in this, exceedingly brilliant with each turn of the page, art book. Accompanying each character is a fascinatingly written outline of that characters origins, past/present, and/or future, which really adds to its jaw dropping unearthly visuals. I have read and had my mind and psyche devour and absorb these pages over and over again. The great thing about this book is there is something new to see each time. Each detail, no matter how small, is painstakingly added for a reason. The images and the symbols found within, resonate in your subconscious well after putting it down.


What resides in this tome is something that is uniquely important and better yet proof, to those that still believe there is still primordial creativity and new ideas swarming about in the minds of a few. One of the many great things about owning this book is knowing your money will be going towards making new IP’s using some of the characters from the book.

Paul Gerrard is best known for his work in Battle: Los Angeles, Wrath of the Titans, and even the new blockbuster hit TMNT, but I believe he will now be best known for his masterpiece, The Company of Shadows.


Horror Comics at TFAW.com

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