A voyeur’s look at San Diego Comic Con 2014!


If you’re like me, you love all things weird and wonderful, not just limited to horror. Most of us ghouls got bitten with the collector’s bug at young ages, which means we likely still tend to drool over new action figures, trading cards, T-shirts, and posters of all kinds. Some of us never grow up, and Comic Con knows this!
Also, if you are like me, you are not attending Comic Con this year…


However, the wonders of the internet have not stopped us from letting us all know what we are missing! As my Facebook news-feed fills up with all the collectible awesomeness debuting at the Con right now, I am going to attempt to show you some of the coolest must haves that you will soon be able to find on eBay for triple the price!
Okay, ready? Let’s get jealous!

At the top of my personal wish list would have to be these great “Limited Edition Art Toys” from amazing artist, Jason Edmiston! Based on his Frankenberry/Frankenstein painting from earlier this year, the toy is is sculpted by Barsom Manashian. The unique toy comes in 3 parts and stands at 7″ tall and 4″ 1/2 wide shoulder to shoulder.  You can only get him at Jason’s table (#5015) in the illustrators section.  This is a SDCC Exclusive, and he will have 50 of them at $65 each.



Mr. Edmiston is apparently trying to win Comic Con this year, because in addition to the awesomeness above, he has designed the packaging for some of NECA’s new horror icon figures!
He will also have loads of new and exclusive art prints up for grabs, so be sure and stop by his booth.



In fact, NECA is revealing tons of new toys at the Con, including this limited edition “Super Freddy” figure, with package art designed by Horror Homework favorite, Christopher Ott.
Mr. Ott is also in attendance at booth J7, where you will be able to pick up some awesome artwork!



In fact, so many of our favorite artists are all gathered together in San Diego right now, each with unique offers and exclusives for the fans who made it to the con this weekend!
For example, amazing artist N.C. Winters just offered up a great deal on his awesome Predator print for the first person who walks up to his booth (#4531) and says : “If it bleeds, we can kill it.”


The incredible Alex Pardee is also in attendance there, located at booth #5502, offering up this exclusive print, titled “Copycat”.


And back to the toys…
Sideshow unveiled their new Hellraiser 3 “Pinhead” figure :


Funko is showing off their latest Hannibal-inspired vinyl figures :



And for the first time ever, NECA is introducing Alien/Aliens figures with likenesses approved by Sigourney Weaver herself :


However, NECA isn’t the only company to debut some new Alien playthings. Check out this Egg Chamber Action Playset from indy toy-makers Super 7 :


And last but not least, he good folks behind Clive Barker’s new art book Imaginer have a booth set up, and will be promoting the grand opening of Mr. Barker’s art show and parade in San Diego tonight!
Con attendees might just want to sneak away at 7 this evening to check this out.
I am sure they have some great sights to show you…


I hope all of you lucky Con-goers are having a blast this weekend, and know that the rest of us hate you this much…


Doomsday is coming. What are you going to wear?

Artist Jay Hansen welcomes you to the Cesspool!


Jay Hansen is a unique painter based out of Minneapolis Minnesota, an award-winning creator of dark and incredibly detailed works of art. His work has been featured in the pages of Gore Noir magazine, and he has recently had several well-received local showings of his work.
Currently working on his tattoo apprenticeship, Mr. Hansen consistently creates and shares his amazing work online, and you can find him on Facebook here. Specializing in “Zombie Girls” and a wide variety of dark and intricate designs, his DeviantArt page is also loaded with stunning imagery, and I collected a few of my favorites below for your enjoyment!






I had a chance for a quick chat with the artist the other day, and was excited to hear that he has an original graphic novel in the works, titled Cesspool. I asked him to tell me a little more about it and this is what we learned…

HH : Tell me a little about the graphic novel you are working on.

Jay Hansen : It’s called CESSPOOL. My lifetime buddy Devin Francisco and myself have been working on projects together for a few years now. He came up to me last year with a possible idea on making a book. It’s not really in the comic book style (panels and such), more of a collection of short stories (somewhat similar to “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark“) Best way I can describe it right now, as I haven’t read most of the stories yet.

We have a group of talented writers, which I believe all live in Minnesota. MP Johnson, Joe Knetter, Ken Olson, Todd Wardrope, Roxie Hockensmith, and Tyler Hansen. We’re trying to get it set up and ready by late October for Minneapolis Crypticon. I just posted another teaser painting for the book on my page about a hour ago if you want to check it out.

Also planning on releasing a hard cover addition that will include a series of short films, only about 1-4mins long. That’s a whole other project altogether. So yeah, Devin and myself have some of our best work included in this project, and we cant wait for it to all piece itself together.

HH : It sounds awesome! How are you guys planning to distribute it? Are you going to create a Kickstarter or anything like that?

JH : As of right now, we are selling these Cesspool exclusive prints through my bigcartel site. We talked about a Kickstarter, but we travel to many conventions, we would like to have the art pay for getting the book off the ground. I cant remember the site we are going through to produce the book, but I think they offer a option on selling it through Amazon. Other than that we will all be selling the books individually.


HH : Is this all of the artwork you are currently selling?

JH : No, there’s more than just that. We are just trying to push those prints the most, as every set sold goes to help fund our book. Some of our darkest illustrations have been unleashed on this project, and we’ve hired some of the best writers Minnesota has to offer. We are all extremely excited to show the world what we came up with, you wont be disappointed.
Everything is listed as convention prices this week. Have a look at JayBird’s BigCartel store!


So there you have it. A group of talented, creative people doing it the old fashioned way, by just jumping in there and making it happen!
Be sure and help make this project a reality by purchasing some unique artwork, and stay up to date with the status of this project on the official Cesspool page. And don’t forget to follow Jay Hansen’s art page for consistent updates and new artwork!

An uncharted realm where beauty and the plague collide, imagination is a creation without cause.
Chaos is not feared, only fed upon.
And the impossibility of transformation is only the start of a future yet to be born.


Horror Comics at TFAW.com

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Closet Monsters : An awesome collection of retro trading cards from The Strange Kids Club!


When I was growing up in the 1980s, anything “retro” obviously meant a throwback to the generations before I was born, which didn’t mean a lot back then. I was your typical self-centered child, who believed that history started on the day I was born.
Now, all these years later and just slightly wiser, the term retro brings me right back to those childhood days of secretly watching horror VHS tapes, collecting Garbage Pail Kids and melting the heads of my G.I.Joes.
Nowadays, I fall for anything that reminds me of that sweet sweet wasted youth…

Suddenly, along comes the Strange Kids Club, with an idea that combines all of the things I lovingly reminisced about above. They have successfully evoked a strange neo-nostalgia for the whole time period!

They have set about creating an original new series of monster-themed trading cards to make all of us greying geeks giddy with excitement. The series is called “Closet Monsters” and boasts designs from a wide array of some of the best horror artists working right now!
Updated with new monsters weekly, the plan is for this unique collection of monsters to eventually be printed as physical trading cards!

Check out the collection below of some of my favorites in their current line-up, complete with amusing stories behind why each of them came to be hiding in your closet.
Be sure and swing by The Strange Kids Club website to check them all out!
Also, I have linked to current pages for all of the artists who have worked on this project, and just in researching this post, I have discovered some new and fantastic artists here.
So do yourself a favor and follow those links and do some good old-fashioned web-surfing.
There are some seriously fantastic, subversive, and unique artists on this project.
You won’t regret it!


“Boogary Bill” by Lou Rusconi.

“Compiled of all your nose pickings that are flung about, this creature has pulled himself together to form one being: BOOGARY BILL! Nothing to fear from Bill, look, has all of your favorites toys and just wants to PLAY!!!”



“Count Vonrape” by Makinita.
“Not much is known about the Count, aside for his Snuffleupagus fetish, a flair for the theatrical and an obsession with numbers. For the most part the Count prefers to hide in the shadows, counting his many victims and dreaming of one day making it to Broadway.”



“Flloyd” by Andrew Barr.

“Flloyd comes from a distant planet. Classified as garbage he was dumped on Earth to fend for himself. Sadly he didn’t really understand the human art of “Wearing Clothes.” He’s always looking for a new ‘suit.’”



“Penanggalan” by Mike Faille.

“Referred to as a ‘Penanggalan’ due to a resemblance to the flying vampire-head creature from Southeast Asian mythology, this Closet Monster is actually more of a Cthuhlu/Gieger/8th Dimension sort of devil-spawn. It floats around, scaring the begeebus out of people, forcing them to look for hidden genitalia, and generally getting up to no good.”



“Hansel” by John Hageman Jr.

“Hansel is a tobacco chewing leprechaun that was cursed from drinking stagnant water from a tainted wishing well. He lost his arm to a goat and then traveled to the future to have a robot arm installed. Today, with his stick of justice, he seeks the goat that took his arm. He’s also a Shriner.”



“Eech & Fangface” by Eric Pigors.

“EECH & FANGFACE live 6 feet under, down at Rotting Caskets Funeral Home where they take care of the freshly buried corpses. Well… in their own sick way, which is stacking them up inside their hide out, underground coffin #13. They like reading to their newly decayed friends, especially their favorite spooky book,’GHOULISHLY GHASTLY DEADTIMES STORIES’ from their creator UNKLE PIGORS.”



“Deadly Ruxpin” by Aaron Klopp.

“When a certain thrash metal cassette (Slayer) is inserted into his back, mild mannered Teddy transforms into a maggot-ridden monster from Hell! Attacking the other toys he finds in the closet, Deadly dismembers them and uses them as his trophies.



“Intes-Stan” by David DeGrand.

“A poor fellow who went insane after playing too many zombie video games, Intes-Stan now thinks he IS a zombie. He is confused however, and eats his own guts instead of munching on hapless victims, making him a perfectly safe and fun playtime companion!”



“Kreap” by Nils Vogeding.

Kreap was once a violent demon with powerful horns. In an epic battle the magical ice cream wizard of Neptune saved the universe by turning those horns into ice cream cones. Without his horns Kreap was unable to keep up his pitch-black aura and his evil powers vanished. The curse that the mighty wizard brought upon him left him unable to return to the demonworld. Candy and the color pink are not very popular over there. He now wanders through the shadows trying to find a way to lift his curse. His revenge will be served ice cold.”



“Drugs Bunny” by Casey Cityhall.

Time makes monsters of us all. Especially if that time is spent drinking windex and freebasing flea powder. This bunny had it all: adorable fluff, a great catch phrase. But that all melted away and left nothing behind but a hideous ghoul. When this bunny finally OD’ed he went straight to hell, then was immediately kicked out when they found him snorting up all of the lava and brimstone. Now he wanders the earth, scouring children’s closets for his next fix. Maybe he’ll find it in that juicy skull of yours!”



“Wretch Armgone” by Reis O’Brien.

Wretch Armgone is all that is left of your beloved Stretch Armstrong. Once a favorite beloved toy, Wretch has been transformed, deep in the recesses of your closet, into a rotting, goo-spilling toy-corpse bent on revenge! You should have taken better care of him, because now he’s going to take care of you.”



“Gourd Goblin” by Zach Bellissimo.

Pumpkin carvers beware! This freaky, knobby skinned creature can be found roaming around in gourd patches among the pumpkins, which he considers family. When eager children come to pick out a Jack O’ Lantern the Gourd Goblin instantly goes nuts, jumping out from his hole with ferocious speed and razor sharp claws to rip each kid’s face off and paste it on one of his pumpkin pals.”



“Ron Pussman” by Jetpacks and Rollerskates.

“Ron, a once top tier elementary school cafeteria worker respected by parents for developing a healthy lunch program for the students. Until one day when the kids revolted and a quickly escalated melon balling fight went out of control leaving Ron with the loss of his lower mobility. Due to severe cutbacks, no wheelchair could be provided to Ron but instead an old bathtub long abandoned by the phys ed department.

With no one to take control of the kids dietary needs the school moved in another direction; installing deep fryers. After years of exposure to the grease, Ron’s body is now covered in self erupting zits and he wears a mask to hide his true emotions. He is now referred by the children as Ron Pussman.”



“Zombie Yeti” by Zombie Yeti.

“My name is ZombieYeti and this is my self portrait. I imagine if I were stuffed in a closet I would have to pee in the closet if there were no bathroom.* I also like circus peanuts. *This is in fact the truth. I tried it shortly after writing this.”



“Billy Skinsuit” by Trevor Henderson.

Billy Skinsuit is a tiny, mummified corpse that lives like a parasite! He infests various creatures around the galaxy and wears their slowly decomposing corpses as suits!

He does this to use their vital fluids to rejuvenate his shriveled and puny body, and to get close to his next victim. If you find Billy in your closet, you should feel very special! He’s traveled a long way to see how it feels to experience life in your skin!”



“Bloody Billy” by Jeremy the Artist.

Billy is your everyday, average spawn of Satan who decided the 5th wasn’t fun enough for him- so now he lives in random kids closets, terrorizing youngsters late at night- waking them up with scratching at the closet doors—slowly opening the doors to reveal his crimson smile, and dark, dark empty eye holes.

Fun Fact: Bloody Billy’s shoes aren’t actually shoes but are his actual feet. Oddly enough, one foot prefers to eat rats….and the other foot, baby humans.



“Ike Rust” by Joey Souza.

Little Ike Rust always had a runny nose and crusty eyes. He was constantly teased at school for his sniffling, eye rubbing, and general oozing appearance.

One morning Ike Rust woke up with a case of eye crust so bad that his eyes were stuck shut. The children of the town all pointed and laughed as he stumbled down the street searching for someone to tell him where he was. Blinded by eye crust, Ike Rust wandered into what he thought was a doctor’s office, but actually turned out to be a cave full of hungry bears. And while the bears did test and treat Ike for several of his diseases and infections, they also ate him.

Now the ghost of little Ike Rust and his eye crust seeks his revenge. Waiting in your closet until you get up to pee in the middle of the night, Ike Rust sneaks over to your bed, rubs his eye crust on your blankets, steals your eye drops, and farts on your pillow.

So when you lie in bed late at night and hear a faint noise in the distance that sounds like: “Ah! My eyes are so itchy!” You’d better hold it in, because Ike Rust may be waiting to share his crusty eye infection with you.



“Pikkels” by Sean Ferguson.

“Pikkels are known to dwell in moist, damp closets, living off the fungus growing on their backs and shoulders. These monsters prefer closets with lots of secrets, so it’s best to keep your stash somewhere else, unless you want it covered in Pikkel juice.”



“Soozey” by Guro.

“Soozey feeds on every nasty thought you’ve ever had, every guilty pleasure that you’ve hidden inside a dirty box and forgot all about, but soon enough she’ll be able to escape from the closet, and the only thing to satisfy her appetite will be the same filthy brain that created her. Yes, the one inside your skull!”



“The Toy Man” by Mikuloctopus.

“Johnny’s parents asked him where he’d been getting his new toys. When he answered, ‘My closet.’ his parents scolded him for lying. ‘I’m not lying!,’ Johnny proclaimed. ‘The funny man in my closet gave them to me. He said it makes him happy.’”



“Double Dewey” by Matthew Allison.

“The failed first attempt by toymaker Aleister Rothman to create a living, breathing “doll” to compete against Xavier Roberts’ popular line of Cabbage Patch Kids, Double Dewey was the result of a malicious ex-assistant’s reprisal. After being fired by Rothman the sour subordinate poured a vial of his former employer’s “Creature Serum” into Dewey’s test tube and the resulting monstrosity was hidden from public view in the second bedroom of Aleister’s condo. Poor Double Dewey – will he ever know the outside world?”



“Pumpers Blottnickel” by Pedro Camargo.

“Pumpers was once actually a magical elf who helped fix people’s shoes until the day he decided to fix the neighborhood’s 10 year old miscreant: Blottnickel. Blottnickel thought it would be funny to trap poor little Pumpers inside the shoe he was selflessly trying to fix, and then stick in the microwave for a good 30 minutes.

Pumpers who had then become a radioactive bubbling blob, slithered away and hid inside another pair of Blottnickel’s shoes, patiently awaiting his moment of revenge. However, before Pumpers could react, Blottnickel thrust his foot into the shoe, squashing the radioactive slime that Pumpers had become. Immediately they fused into one single hideous, radioactive, mutant being known simply as Pumpers Blottnickel.

Today, Pumpers Blottnickel can usually be found leaking and pulsating in closets with old worn-out shoes.”



“Evil-NES” by Drew Wise.

“There have been many different tales told of this particular gaming system. Some say it’s host to a 1,000 year old evil genie. Others claim it’s possessed by the angry spirit of a worker who was crushed on the assembly line. Still others say it was just “born” evil. The only thing anyone really knows is that anyone who plays it gets a disturbing phone call from the 1-900 Pretendo hotline and dies seven days later.”



“The Witch and her Werewolf” by Steve Van Essche.

When I was a child, two ugly monsters lived in my attic: an old Witch and her bloody Werewolf.

They waited for the darkness to snigger and howl, then crept down the stairs, making them creak with their every slow step to hide behind the door : the one just in front of my bedroom.

There they stayed many long hours, scratching and knocking at the door, bidding me to come and open. But I never dared. If it was the case no doubt would I not be here to tell this story.

Today I am the one living in the attic; the Witch and her Werewolf are gone, compelled to dwell in the closet… biding their time for a young and carefree child to open the door.”“



“Salty Pickens” by Sky Flygare.

“The unwanted remnant of a past lunch, a lone pickle lies buried within the dank and odorous closet in its skull emblazoned lunchbox tomb. The unique chemistry of putrid undergarments and a rotten vinegar soaked cucumber gives rise to the unmentionable Salty Pickens. Armed with a spatula and improper attire, he longs to join humanity… By replacing you!”


Doomsday is coming. What are you going to wear?

Win an original painting from Paul Gerrard and The Company Of Shadows!


Last year a little project popped up called “Hellraiser Origins“, meant as a true re-invention of the world of Clive Barker’s beloved Cenobites. Spearheaded by artist and producer Paul Gerrard, the project was envisioned as a love letter to Barker’s original mythology and a completely new take on the characters and storyline.
The project even got as far as a (very impressive) teaser trailer, just before Clive Barker announced his own intention to re-boot the franchise himself. Unfortunately, this announcement killed Mr. Gerrard’s project, because as he said himself, “Who’s going to argue with Clive Barker and the Weinsteins?”
Rather than curling up in a ball and letting this defeat him, Mr. Gerrard re-grouped and decided to go 100% independent and produce his own art book, filled with short stories and many of the unused design concepts.
For more information on the contents of the book, please see our most recent interview with Mr. Gerrard right here.


With a fundraiser that started back in early June, the ambitious project is now nearing 60% funding. And that is where you come in…

The artist has graciously offered a prize package for you, the students of Horror Homework! The prize will be an original painting from Paul Gerrard titled “The 8 Steps” (seen below), and a “Body Horror” edition of the art book, which includes one original pencil sketch and three extra signed prints.

"The 8 Steps"

“The 8 Steps” by Paul Gerrard.

All you have to do is help spread the word about the fundraiser, and help this incredibly creative man get his artwork seen.
The details of the fundraiser can be seen here (only 26 days left).
Visit Paul Gerrard’s Art Page on Facebook and the Hellraiser Origins page to learn more, and share from these pages in your effort to help spread the word.
Get up, get out, and tell a friend about this project, and you could be the lucky winner of this great package from a unique artist!
He is currently adding new sketches and artwork daily to entice some more contributors, and I have collected some great examples below.
There is no doubt that this book has such sights to show us…

“In order to be created, a work of art must first make use of the dark forces of the soul.”

― Albert Camus






Horror Comics at TFAW.com

Creepy Confections and more from Christine McConnell!


L.A.-based photographer Christine McConnell has become an internet sensation over the past few weeks, after revealing some extraordinarily creative culinary creations via instagram. Although she says baking is merely a hobby for her that she taught herself by watching videos on YouTube (!), her creations are definitely unique and amazing. She says that the baking work is so complicated that she only does it for friends and family, and that she wouldn’t even know what to charge for them. From the looks of her intricate cakes and cookies, it must be awesome to be considered one of her friends.






Although it is her recent baked goods that have thrust her into the web spotlight, her photography is incredible and just as creative, taking inspiration from horror films and culture, such as this recent series of “date photos” she posted on instagram featuring none other than Jason Voorhees!


We met online and agreed to go out…

We went for a nice walk

I prepared a picnic…

…Which I think he liked.

Things were going well

And we were having a nice time…

Then he decided to get a little fresh…

… That was the end of the date.

For more from this wickedly creative young lady, be sure and keep up with her on instagram, Twitter, and her official website!


Horror Comics at TFAW.com

“Neon Maniacs” a new series of paintings from CavityColors!


Aaron Crawford is a very talented artist from Atlanta, Georgia who we have been enamored with since the very beginning of Horror Homework. Under his banner CavityColors, this young man has consistently produced some of the most unique and eye-catching designs currently floating around the horror art community!
We were even lucky enough to tap him for the very first Horror Homework T-shirt design, which is available here.
Follow this awesome artist on Facebook for a page that is consistently updated with new work, like his brand new line of “Neon Maniacs”, a series of experimental paintings available on his website right now!
Please enjoy the gallery of brand new work below, and head over to his website to find details on how to purchase these and many other beautiful works of art from one talented guy. Additionally, clicking on any of the photos which follow will take you directly to the sale page, where there is still a chance left to snap up some of the originals, while they last!













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Exclusive interview with Paul Gerrard and The Company of Shadows!


The Company of Shadows

Back in November we here at HorrorHomework.com were one of the first, if not the first, to bring horror fans an exclusive interview with Paul Gerrard about his new, exciting, and innovative pitch trailer for his vision of Hellraiser: Origins. A lot has happened since then and word is beginning to circulate about Paul’s first art book, “The Company of Shadows”. So I decided I’d sit and have a chat with Paul via Skype about his new kickstarter campaign for his art book and the current state of Hellraiser: Origins.


Death by Stereo: So can you tell us what’s happened with the original Hellraiser: Origins project since we last spoke?

Paul Gerrard: As you know, we’ve geared up to pitch to the studio and the news that there was going to be a remake kind of killed us dead really. So at the moment there were plans to convert it to a graphic novel, but that fell through because Boom were doing their own version. So what we plan to do is, long term, turn the whole thing into a new IP from scratch. We will be hopefully be shooting a short sometime early next year and go from there.

DBS: That would be fantastic. So is The Company of Shadows all Hellraiser based or is it a collection of all of your creations?

PG: No, there’s about ten characters from Origins that are in there and their stories. There’s a big section about Hellraiser, it’s about 90 percent new characters. There’s character from other movies as well.

DBS: I know you mentioned that the news of the Hellraiser remake blew you dead out of the water. I agree with what you had said in our last interview that there is no reason the two should not be able to coexist with one another. Do you feel like the production company just wasn’t ready to get rid of the tiring formula that the franchise has used so many times? Or do you feel there were other reasons involved?

PG: I think it purely comes down to money. I know for a fact that Dimension has no further plans to make any Hellraiser movie. But the plans they had initially, it would’ve had to have been a pretty low budget affair. So they would’ve wanted to do the same thing as they did with Evil Dead, contain it within a small house. But it’s been done, I don’t see why you would want to sit through that again. It’s such a massive franchise.

DBS: So talk to us about your new kickstarter project. Did this originally evolve from the Hellraiser: Origins project?

PG: Yeah it did. I was almost ready to give up with a lot of this stuff. A lot of movies and this kind of world. It wasn’t until I put it out there to the fans of Origins, a lot of them were just saying, Do your own thing. Take Hellraiser, make an art book from it and so I have. I looked at all the artwork I have created. What I want to do is showcase them the way I see them and not just as illustrations. So I started to put it together and it just exploded. I got obsessed as usual and as often happens. It has mini stories with every character that nobody normally sees and all the notes that I make that people don’t usually get to see online or on Facebook.

DBS: That’s great. Speaking solely of the Cenobites in your Hellraiser world, what is the most difficult thing about designing these odd and grotesque looking characters?

PG: Knowing where to stop I think. In my mind they could be anything. They could be part tree, they could be insect, they can be anything you want. You’re dealing with kind of an off-shoot of a god creature in different realms. The way I saw it was, what you see in the movies is only like ten percent of what could be the Hellraiser world. You’re seeing just a tiny fraction of that human element and when it comes to Cenobites, they could be anything. Then you have to balance it with whether you decide to go down the route of contemporary, or not. The contemporary side is what sells. Where as the stuff I want to do, probably isn’t. So it’s just trying to get that balance.


DBS: Absolutely. I know you like to incorporate symbols and things of that nature into your characters. Where did this idea come from?

PG: It’s the way I work. The characters stem from the symbols. I’ll explain my process for creating any character, whether it be my own stuff or with movies. I’ll consume the information first. Whether it be aliens or whatever. Read all the information they give me and I’ll do some research on imagery. I sleep on it and just see what kind of comes out. I’m a great believer that the subconscious mind is more powerful than your conscious mind. If you figure out a way to make your subconscious mind work for you, I think that’s a better way to work, in my opinion. The symbols thing is taking that a step further in that, I’ll consume the information, wake up and scribble the first symbol that I’ve got. The way I see it, that symbol represents the information that I’ve consumed. Then I’ll base the character on that symbol. So it kind of makes sense in a round about way.

DBS: So you really see, in particular, the Hellraiser world as kind of being limitless in that aspect.

PG: Yeah. If you look at the Pinhead that’s been redone, my version of Pinhead, you can break it down into symbols. There are triangles, one representing femininity and one representing the afterlife. You have symbols on the head representing the marella, which is a medieval child’s playing game. If you look all down the body, it’s the same thing. Each Chakra point of the body, there’s a symbol that represents a certain element in time, even a certain historical symbol. It’s just the way I like to work. I think your mind, even though you don’t understand them, your mind still picks them up and goes, I recognize that symbol, I recognize that shape and it draws you in.

DBS: It’s almost like you’ll see something new every time you see the image.

PG: The Illuminati have been doing it for decades, so if it’s good enough for them ya know…


DBS: You told us about how you go about using symbols in your characters by using dreams. Do you use any other methods such as meditation?

PG: I don’t do full meditation anymore like I used to. The place where I live is unsavory. I believe that the environment you’re in affects your meditative state, so I don’t do that as much. But what I do is more quiet meditations. Maybe just a little music to help clear your mind and then you can allow the images to come through after that. It’s just a way to filter your mind of all the shit so all the pure imagery can pop in there.

DBS: I read some info that you plan to take the movie shorts and plan full features. Are you speaking of full length films?

PG: Yeah, full length films. The guy I work with, Paul Griffith who’s a screenwriter. Together we are doing shots first and then make them into a full feature. We’ve got one that is about a month away from full script. But like anything, you’ve got to do the first steps first. We’ll get the shots done, we’ll get them out, and then we’ll start pitching the full features.

DBS: Excellent, I can’t wait for that. What can we as fans and viewers expect from your film shorts?

PG: I would say if you look at early Clive Barker and early Cronenberg, its like imaginative body horror. So it would be terrifying body horror like Videodrome, but with more of the fantastical creatures of Clive Barker. That’s the stuff I love, the stuff I grew up with. It would be a mix. If, if I use CG you would never be able to tell it was CG, it would be more used for the background. Mostly I will be using prosthetics. I think that’s just the way to go.


DBS: I couldn’t agree more. I think CG is overly used a lot of times and nothing beats the practical effects.

PG: I’m just a huge fan of the blood FX guys and what they can do.

DBS: Absolutely. I recall there being a view counter on the official Hellraiser: Origins website for the pitch trailer you created. How did the final number coincide with your expectations? Were there more or less views than you had actually expected?

PG: There’s a lot less because we really relied a lot on the press and I had interviews lined up with about four different, huge magazines and online. All the little guys, all the little independent horror sites backed us fully. But I think in order to get those views from the mainstream, we needed those magazines. As soon as news of the remake popped up, they just dropped us dead. Which is understandable because you don’t want to make a two page spread on some random guy’s pitch, when Clive Barker is going to do his. It was just bad timing.

DBS: And it was unfortunate. It was just bad timing. You guys just both came to the table at the same time.

PG: And who’s going to argue with Clive Barker and the Weinsteins ya know (laughs)

DBS: What are your thoughts on the current state of the Hellraiser franchise?

PG: I think it’s dead and buried personally. I don’t think they are going to do anything with it. If they do, I very much doubt it will be anything new. Not because of the creative people involved, but because that’s just what the studios demand of it. That’s what the studios will pay for. There’s no way in hell that anything I do is going to be studio based from now on. If I get to a point to which I am ever looking or being in a position to pitch stuff, it won’t be to studios. No chance.

DBS: Cant blame you there. The studios have totally trashed more than just the Hellraiser franchise and its all become a money game and a rights game.

PG: I think eventually all films will be digital and downloadable and your big studio films will all be along the likes of The Avengers 7 and Spiderman reboot 9. That’s all you’ll get.

DBS: Yeah. Everything that’s already been done.


PG: I read somewhere that “B” movies have died off because their publishers can’t get them out quick enough. Which is a shame because I grew up with “B” movies. I’m hoping that will change. Get to a point where you can just delete the publishers and do the whole thing yourself. I hoping that way of working will come back.

DBS: Definitely. I think you would see a lot more originality that way. Let’s talk about your art book The Company of Shadows a little more. How many characters would you say you have designed specifically for the book?

PG: For the book, somewhere around fifty I’d say. I’ve had a few projects on the go that I’ve said to the people, well I’ll do your project for you, if you allow me to put them into the book. So I’m doing that, but yeah around fifty just specifically for the book. Which has been fun because I don’t have to answer to anybody. It is just purely my own. Plus it allows me to be a bit more warped. I don’t have to hold back.

DBS: Sure, there’s nothing wrong with that! Can you tell us a little more about what your plans are moving forward, assuming the kickstarter project reaches its goal?

PG: Yeah. Assuming that it does, we would spent at least three months on pre-production on three of the shorts. That’s three months just full out, nothing else, as many hours as I can. Then we will take those and hopefully have enough behind us to get one into post production. That’s the plan.

DBS: And how do you feel about the current dollars you have received so far, without even reaching out to the press yet?


PG: It’s been good. I already hit something like ten percent already. The first six days were slow because what I had written about the product on the page, I think was too confusing. People reading it didn’t know whether it was an art book or a Hellraiser book. So I sat down and rewrote it. It’s a concept art character book. Since I’ve rewritten the description sales has gone up a little bit. Like you said it hasn’t hit the press yet either.

DBS: Exactly. Well, I can’t wait to get my hands on it myself. And I think when the word gets out, and the contest/giveaway we plan on doing with you on www.horrorhomework.com, when the word really gets out there, things are going to skyrocket.

PG: I hope so. Fingers crossed.

DBS: So are there any current or future project you’re working on you would like to tell us a little about?

PG: I’m working on Chinese horror/sci-fi movie part time, which I can’t talk too much about. I’m also working on a big budget remake of Videodrome. That should kick off again in about four months. It’s one that I started last year, they went through rewrites, and stopped and started again type thing. I’ve read the script and it’s fuckin awesome. Everybody worries about Videodrome being remade, don’t touch Videodrome, but honestly it will be worth doing. I’ll be doing the creatures so there ya go.

DBS: Well then we can’t go wrong with the remake.

PG: I hope so.


DBS: Well that’s all the questions I have, is there anything else you’d like to add or tell us about?

PG: Only that, in the book, even though it’s predominately all concept art, as in it’s all characters, you will get a lot of short stories. The shorts we are doing, the foundations for them are within the book. If we made these shorts and features, the book would act as sort of a prequel, you could look back and see all of the characters. All the artwork I’m giving away for free as part of the promotion, are all the same characters.

DBS: So the shorts we’ve spoken about, are they based on a variety of different characters from the book, or will they be more Hellraiser driven?

PG: Different characters and there will the Hellraiser as a new IP, which will be based on about six of the characters. But three of the other shorts will all be based on one character each. Some of them are kind of walking, talking characters. Some are inside peoples minds and some will be what the lead actor will become.

DBS: When will these shorts be available?

PG: As soon as we get them done. Hopefully we can get them on the circuit and the film festivals, do it that way.

DBS: Are they something that will be available online?

PG: They’ll be 100 percent online. That’s the way we’ll do it. What we’ll try to do is do the short distribution. Instead of going through studios, we’ll do it through fans, maybe through another kickstarter, and through social media. I think it’s just the best way to keep control over what it is you want to do.

DBS: Absolutely. Everything is in your hands and nobody is going to tell you, you should do a little more of this, or a little less of that.

PG: No one is going to tell you that the leading actress has to have perfect teeth or a certain size.

DBS: Alright Paul, well if there’s nothing else, I appreciate you talking with me. I appreciate your involvement in the contest for horror homework.com. We will get the word out there and we’ll get this book made, we’ll do it.

PG: Well thanks for your help. With it being horror and with it being kind of a niche market, it’s so hard to get it out there and every little bit helps.

DBS: We back you 100 percent and we will do anything we can to help you out.

PG: Thanks a lot mate.


Paul has posted numerous pictures on his facebook page of his characters, only some of which you will see here, directly from The Company of Shadows. It’s yet another ambitious project from a very talented artist and one of the most original in the business.
Be sure to donate for this excellent cause.
You can own PDF and hardcover versions of the book, original black and white or color sketches of a “cast,” prints, even busts of “Placenta Boy” or the “High Priest,” and so much more! Certain pieces are in very limited runs, so act fast!

Watch our HorrorHomework.com facebook page for a giveaway to win an original piece of art from Paul Gerrard, painted just for this promotion, along with a signed book upon its release.


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Artists and creative people everywhere pay tribute to the legendary H.R. Giger!


Late last night, we got the tragic news that legendary Swiss artist H.R. Giger had passed away at the age of 74 due to complications from a fall he sustained. As he and his artwork were a great influence on my own world-view, I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning trying to find the right words to say in tribute to this amazing creative soul.
Upon waking up today, my Facebook feed was overflowing with similar sentiments from pretty much everyone. It is very rare to see such a universal outpouring of respect and love for any man.
It was very touching, and I decided to collect some of these sentiments here, in tribute to an artist that greatly influenced so many!
Rest In Peace, Hans Rudolf Giger.




Rest In Peace, Hans Rudolf Giger.


Tragic news is coming in late tonight from Swissinfo that iconic artist H.R. Giger has passed away following injuries sustained from a fall.


Best known for his ground-breaking designs for the original Alien films, Giger is widely recognized as one of the most influential artists of our time.
One of the first artists to personally affect me as an impressionable youth, I can remember gleefully digging into his work at a young age. I even chose him as the first subject for our art column here on Horror Homework, which you can see here.


An artist who influenced countless young minds in his brief time on earth, Mr. Giger will be sorely missed.
Born in 1940 to parents who did not approve of his artistic leanings, Giger studied architecture and industrial design in his formative years. He created and developed his own distinct biomechanical style, incorporating living breathing beings into cold mechanical devices. The visions he shared with us of his worlds intertwining in the most unnatural ways have always affected the viewers on the most primal, guttural levels.
Clearly influenced by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, Giger published a notoriously influential book called “Necronomicon” in 1977. The designs in that book found their way into the hands of director Ridley Scott, and the rest is history.





With his designs for the film “Alien”, Giger essentially created a nightmare world that has persisted in the consciousness of all of us. A stark grey landscape where everything is pieced together into one, a ghastly living breathing world-view full of predators and unearthly visions.
In later years, he brought his world into ours, creating his own unique furniture and set designs that went unused for Alejandro Jodorowsky’s sadly unrealized film version of “Dune”.


In Switzerland, there exist two “Giger bars” which utilized his unique designs to create a one of a kind atmosphere. According to Giger’s official website :

The Giger-Bar which, today, exists in the Swiss city of Chur, was originally planned for New York City. When it became apparent that the budget for the bar envisioned for New York was not going to be enough to allow for the design and construction of the elements which had been planned for it, Giger decided it would be wiser to wait until it could be financed properly.

Fortunately, Thomas Domenig came into Giger’s life at about the same time. In his youth, Giger had attended high-school with his wife. Domenig is the number-one architect of Chur. He built about a third of the city. There were plans for a café in his Kalchbuhl-Center, which was already under construction, and Giger had, evidently, shown up at just the right moment. He was able to convince Domenig to change his plans and back the idea of a bar.

The furniture program for the Giger-Bar was significantly expanded by the new designs for a chair, a glass topped table and the bar itself. The establishment’s door is that of Giger’s armoire design, enlarged by one third. The oval mirrors, the wall lamps and the special coat racks were also designed by Giger and carried out with the aid of Giger’s most important team of technical experts, de Fries, Schedler, Ammann, Vaterlaus, Gruber and Brigitte von Kanel.

Construction took, approximately, two years. The bar’s official opening was on February 8, 1992, three days after Giger’s birthday.

It is Giger’s hope that, one day, a Giger-Bar can still be realized in New York City, his favorite amongst all the cities of the world.


This is a sad day for us, fans of wonderful and challenging artwork.
Mr. Giger was an artist and visionary that affected each and every one of us in different ways, and his death is a huge loss to this world, and the mysterious unknown that we all long for.
He was the one who made me understand that there is, in fact, beauty in darkness.
Rest in peace, Mr. Giger.
You will be missed.


Formidable horror photographer Thomas G. Anderson is making a film!


Thomas G Anderson is a professional photographer based in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania.
A prolific artist behind the lens, his specialties include shooting weddings and graduations, portraits and all of your photography needs. You can find him for your upcoming weddings and graduations here.
Although he does fantastic work in the world of the living, this young man also dabbles in the macabre and darkly beautiful, which is why you are here.
He is currently undertaking a campaign to help funding for his first feature film which we will get to later, and you can subscribe to his consistently-updated Dark Art Facebook page for more images and info about this talented artist.
His dark images are sure to get under your skin ; he stages and manipulates them expertly, creating a sense of smothering atmosphere that is rarely seen, well, anywhere. But, as the artist likes to say “Seeing is Believing”, so we are here to let his work speak for itself.
Please enjoy the gallery of his haunting images below!







As I mentioned before, Mr. Anderson is turning is focus toward writing and directing his own films. He is currently at work scripting and casting not one, but two films!
He says, “I’m a photographer located within a small historical town- Mercersburg, PA. I grew up with a loving family, my mother and 3 sisters. Although my mother was a very hard worker we still, at times, had hard times financially. This built character in us all. Our imaginations were large!  And without ever having cable television, we were our own entertainment… Except on weekends!
Weekends to me meant movie renting time! I became in love with running in to the vhs tape store and finding the most frightening movie cover to take home and scare myself sleepless! I love Horror Films!
As I grew older, I began seeing more clearly through camcorders and lens.  
I developed a passion for the beauty all around me. Even within the dark! After numerous dishwashing jobs and promotions up to a supervisor at a shipping terminal, nothing brought joy into my life, while earning a living, like photography does! “


The short film “One More?” and his feature “Formidable” need your help being brought into existence. His indiegogo campaign is a modest one, as he is seeking funding for necessary camera equipment to make these films a reality. He is offering some great incentives for contributors, and is exactly the kind of independent artist that this crowd-funding was designed to help!
Check out his campaign here to help make these films a reality!


Horror Comics at TFAW.com

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