Doomsday Gourmet Vape Review



Hey guys and ghouls! Nymphetamine Jade here again to give you the scoop on some new ejuice that I have grabbed a hold of.  Doomsday Gourmet has sent me an amazing lineup of some of their flavors. The flavors that they sent me are Holo-berry, Holocaustard, Apocalypso, Holo-pie, and Applecalypse. All of these flavors were sent to me with a 0 nic level and a 80VG/20PG ratio.


The flavor profiles on these are amazing! I’m not even gonna lie to you, Holocaustard is probably one of my favorites out of them all. Holocaustard, which is now listed as Creme De La Corpse, is a beautiful French vanilla custard perfectly mixed with caramel, cinnamon, and brown sugar. It doesn’t hit you all at once to be an overwhelming blend of flavors. The brown sugar and caramel are tasted on the exhale and leaves a pleasant taste afterwards. This concoction didn’t last too long as I vaped the majority of it after I got it. I’m going to have to put in an order for more soon!



Applecalypse was probably my next favorite on this list. The website lists the flavor profile as a warm spicy apple pie flavor with hints of pecans. I definitely was able to taste the apple pie flavoring, which was delicious. I didn’t get so much of the pecan, but it could also have been the build I was using on my Mutilator RDA. I’ll be revisiting this flavor soon though, and I’ll update you guys at that time.


Apocalypso is the next flavor on my list. The flavor profile for this is a creation of nine tropical fruits and just a hint of vanilla to bring it all together. I did like this flavor, but I am also going to let it steep for a few weeks and revisit it. I want to see if I can bring out some of the fruits to be a little bit stronger. Some of the fruits I can taste in it are strawberry and blueberry, perhaps even a watermelon in there. I can’t wait to revisit this one as well.



And finally, Holo-berry and Holo-pie! I couldn’t find these listed on the website, but will try my best to describe them. The Holo-berry tastes like a powerful blueberry custard and was actually a friend of mine’s favorite. He ran his RDA on a lower build and the taste of the blueberry was just amazing. It really knocks your socks off! The Holo-pie is a mixture of Holocaustard with added cinnamon and tart green apples. This flavor was great as well, but the green apples were a little much for my taste. A let a few other friends try this to just make sure it wasn’t me, and they acted like they could have drank the entire bottle. I’m going to let this one steep as well and come back to it in a few weeks.


A huge thanks to Brian Heacox of Doomsday Gourmet for sending me these to try out for him. I really enjoyed this line and cannot wait to place an order for more Holocaustard. For more flavors like Citris Suicide, Survivor’s Guilt, and Pale Rider, check out their website and be sure to check out their secret flavors as well!



Full Moon Tattoo And Horror Festival


Hey guys and ghouls! Two weekends ago, I jumped back into the convention scene.  You guys missed a hell of a show if you were not at this convention! Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival  was held at Music City Center on May 8th, 9th, and 10th in beautiful downtown Nashville. The new convention center allowed for  there to be a ton of space and some new vendors and guests.  The amazing poster for this year’s festivities was done by the talented Joel Robinson and features the beautiful Stacey Dixon.




Some of the guests included Tony Todd, PJ SolesRobert Mukes, Santiago Cirilo, Roddy Piper and one of my faves, John Dugan. I came with a few actors in mind that I wanted autographs from, the first being Sean Patrick Flanery  from the Boondock Saints fame. Of course he’s also appeared in many other films such as “Powder”, “The Dead Zone”, “SAW3D”, and “Suicide Kings”. I did take a few minutes to talk to him about the 3rd Boondock Saints movie, which has been confirmed. Sean Patrick says that he is working hard with Troy Duffy writing the third movie and they are looking to begin filming in August.



Next on my list was another Boondock Saints veteran, Brian Mahoney. This was Brian’s first time at Full Moon and only his second convention, so you can imagine that he earned a spot on my list to add to my Boondock Saints collection. Brian has also recently starred in Furious Seven and other past films include American Reunion., Jarhead, and The Pitcher. Brian was extremely happy to be there and chatted about his role in the new Boondock Saints movie, with Sean Patrick and Troy promising a lot of great scenes for Detective Duffy.




In conclusion, I would have to say that Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival was a success. Wookie and I had an amazing time hanging out with the celebrities and vendors. We were able to score several great movies from our friend, DVD Bob of Cult Fiction Underground and also stopped by the Evil Pumpkins table to see Jeano and Tanya. Later that night, we headed out to The East Room in Nashville to attend the Cult Fiction Underground Fundraiser and help DVD Bob raise money to open Cult Fiction Underground’s new location. It was an amazing night of comedy, music and burlesque. If you were unable to attend, you can still donate here to help open the doors.

Vape Review – GWAR Flavors


Hey guys and ghouls! Waaay back in October, I decided that it was time to make a change for the better in my life. So I kicked cigarettes and began to vape. I’m not here to preach to you that vaping is better or anything like that. I am, however, going to tell you about some awesome flavors that I encounter. Before I begin this first review though, I want to take some time out to give a HUGE thanks to Mt Baker Vapor for taking me on as an official e-juice reviewer! I hope I can do you guys justice!


Onto the review! So for my first review, I had to share the awesomeness with you guys! Mt Baker has an amazing line of GWAR juice that I knew would be amazing. I chose to get the Jizmogoblin, Bloodbath, and German Chocolate Beefcake to begin and my oh my, I was NOT disappointed. For those curious, the GWAR flavors come in a standard 50pg/50vg but you are able to choose your level of nicotine. Since I’m dripping, I chose to go with a 3mg level. For those wondering about my setup, I am currently using a copper Stingray with a Mutilator RDA. If you are using these flavors in a glass tank, I highly recommend that you get the uncolored flavors, as the coloring can stain your glass.




I’ll first begin with Bloodbath and all it’s bloody glory. The Mt Baker website describes it as “A powerful tropical fruit blend specially designed to satisfy the bloodlust of every scumdog in the universe.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve noticed that many tropical fruit flavors tend to be sometimes over-powering when it comes to vaping, but Bloodbath is the perfect blend and it has some nice clouds to it as well. I definitely give this one a two thumbs up. Next on my list is German Chocolate Beefcake…sounds interesting, right? It’s a beautiful blend of cake, coconut, chocolate, and caramel. I would have to say that this was my favorite juice to vape of the three that I chose. I’m also a bit of a desserts vaper myself, but there was something that was just damn special about this one. I’ve already went through half the bottle over the weekend because I just couldn’t put it down. Beefcake the Mighty made a hit with this recipe.



Last but not least is Jizmogoblin! This blazing blue flavor is a mixture of creamy blueberry, custard, and nut. Each bottle is specially harvested by Skullhedface herself. I enjoyed this flavor a lot and it was very delicious. I took it with me on a trip this weekend and wound up having some family members vape a ton of it while we were hanging out because they really liked it as well. If you’re interested in purchasing any of the flavors I have listed, feel free to click on the links I provided in this review and grab some! The GWAR flavors are currently priced at $10.99, so you can afford two or three!  I’ve got a ton more reviews to do for Mt Baker coming up that I am very excited to share with you all.


Oh the plans I have in store….



Well hello there! I bet you never thought you’d see my face again…


That’s right! It’s Nymphetamine Jade and I am back and better than ever! So what does a writer do when they have a lack of Internet for almost two years?  A boring, adult life. I did have a lot of exciting things happen in between, but I’m sure you guys aren’t interested in all of that. What I want this post to be about are the things that I have planned for my blog. Of course, I am going to continue with my movie and convention reviews and I am even looking to revive Historic Horrors. But one thing that I picked up out in the real world was vaping and I would  really like to begin a vape review. I’ve already began looking into a few lines I’m wanting to try, and man, I am excited about this!


I’m trying to gauge really what the interest would be in this. Do I have any fellow vapers out there? Is there a specific juice or mod you’d like to see me try?  Let me know in the comments below! For those of you interested in what I have been doing in the last couple of months, here’s a few pictures to catch you up to speed. Coming up this weekend is Full Moon Horror and Tattoo Festival in Nashville! If you might remember correctly, I attended Full Moon in Chattanooga a couple of years ago. I can’t wait to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones! You can also keep up with me on Instagram at: Nymphetamine Jade


Kevin Smith and I 4/16/15


Rapper Jellyroll and I 4/23/15


Ralphie May and I 4/16/15


Nymphetamine Jade and Wookie Promocalypse in Nashville

Remembering Vincent Price: 20 Years Later


Today is the 20th anniversary of the passing of one the greatest actors in the horror genre. Vincent Leonard Price Jr. became one of the most well known actors known for his voice and the characters he portrayed. Starting out as a theater actor,  he made his film debut in 1938 with the movie Service de Luxe. A year later he appeared in Tower of London with Boris Karloff which was his first venture into the genre he became most known for, horror. But it wasn’t until the 1950’s that he did several horror films such as The House of Wax, The Fly, Return of the Fly, as well as House on a Haunted Hill. 

Publicity still from "Tales of Terror"

Publicity still from “Tales of Terror”

The 1960’s proved to be successful for Vincent Price as well. The 1960 film House of Usher earned over 2 million at the U.S. box office alone. This lead to Price starring in several more  Edgar Allan Poe adaptations of The Pit and the Pendulum, Tales of TerrorThe Comedy of TerrorsThe RavenThe Masque of the Red Death, and The Tomb of Ligeia. Later in the 60’s he starred in a comedy titled Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine and its sequel Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl BombsThe movies are a step away from his horror career and hilariously cheesy fun movies.


Vincent getting cozy with the skeleton from “House on Haunted Hill”

What most people don’t realize about Vincent Price are that he was an amazing chef, an art collector, and loving husband and father. His book  “Vincent Price Collection of Fine Art,” was sold in Sears-Roebuck stores between 1962 and 1971 featured works by RembrandtPablo Picasso, and Salvador Dalí. In 1951 Price donated some 90 pieces from his own collection to East Los Angeles College in Monterey Park, California, which established the Vincent Price Art Museum. The collection contains over 9,000 pieces and has been valued in excess of $5 million. Vincent also appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson several times, once even demonstrating how to poach a fish using a dishwasher. 


Vincent Price and Kermit

Sadly, 20 years ago we lost this great actor to a lung cancer. Vincent also suffered from emphysema and Parkinson’s disease. After his passing, Vincent Price was  cremated and his ashes scattered off Point Dume in Malibu, California. Tonight I am celebrating my favorite actor’s life by watching some of his movies and putting on some old television shows he’s appeared in. I suggest that you students prepare to do your horror homework and do the same. Happy haunting boys and ghouls! 


Vincent Price by Joel Robinson

Vincent Price by Joel Robinson

Horror Comics at

Dead Moon Rising


Oh man, if you love a little humor with your horror, have I got a movie for you! In today’s class, we are going to be reviewing a B flick movie called “Dead Moon Rising”. Of course, it’s a zombie flick…but hey, you can never get enough of zombies, right? This movie was released on April 1st, 2007 so it came a bit before all the zombie craze. The movie was filmed in the great city of Louisville, Kentucky and stars Jason Crowe, Mike Seely, and Erica Goldsmith as well as many other talented actors. Before anyone asks…yes, it’s a B flick that is meant to look like a B flick.

"Dead Moon Rising" DVD Cover

“Dead Moon Rising” DVD Cover

Zombies take over the world, people meet up and travel together for survival, and it ends in some climactic scene where everyone lives happily ever after…right? That’s usually how a typical zombie movie would go, but “Dead Moon Rising” has a unique take on the zombie genre. Plus, let me reiterate that it’s a B movie, so it’s supposed to be fun. It all starts out with Jim, played by Jason Crowe, and his coworkers go through their normal day. Then they begin to notice unusual things happening when a customer enters into the store.


Actor Jason Crowe showing the group how to slaughter zombies

The group then is forced to travel from their location, where they pick up more survivors. They meet the barely legal April, Jim’s hot ex-girlfriend Vix, and even his brother tags along for the adventure. Of course, I’m not going to spoil the rest of the movie for you because I would love to see my students do their horror homework and watch the movie! It is available for purchase on Amazon as well as 7 day rentals.  Still not sure what you’re signing up for? Then click here for a small preview of one of the scenes.

Nymphetamine Jade’s Grade: B+

i161716 qPVbouK6



Jason Crowe as Jim
Artwork done by Nathan Thomas Milliner

Original Horror Shirts

No More Mr. Nice Guy – Sugar Weasel Revisited

561322_264859620264298_10732465_nLast year, I introduced you to a good pal of mine, Sugar Weasel.
He is known the world over as a clown escort and adult entertainer, but he’s also a world class lover, a rogue, and a scoundrel. A lot can happen in a year’s time though…so I checked up on Sugar to see how he was doing.
Here’s how it went down:

Nymphetamine Jade : You recently made the move from Las Vegas back to Austin, Texas. What was the reasoning behind the move?

Sugar Weasel : I skipped town, I owed my bookie a lot of money

Nymphetamine Jade : Do you feel that you have a better client and fan base in Austin as opposed to Las Vegas?
Sugar Weasel : Yes and no. Austin is a bunch of fucking skinny jean shorts wearing retards, this town’s about as progressive as an Arby’s, get me to Portland or LA. That said, Vegas is a soulless whore, kinda like me, but I have a lot of close friends out there, wait what was the question?
NJ :  How has Sugar Weasel evolved since the last time we spoke with you?
SW : Between the whiskey and cocaine I have to say I devolved. My dick did get bigger though.
NJ : You’ve recently been posting about your merchandise for sale. What are some new products that you’re working on pushing out this year?
SW : I actually have linked my shopping cart to Zazzle now so, there’s all kinds of shit. You can get Sugar Weasel footed jammies or a deck of naked Sugar Weasel playing cards.
NJ : Besides money and sleeping with hot chicks, what are some of the perks to being Sugar Weasel?
SW : I get free haircuts at the barbershop. That and an abundance of lady friends, whenever I go to a new city there’s usually someone who will put me up for the night, – hell, I’ll do a show for room and board these days…
NJ : Back in February, you announced a new project you were working on called “Monsters A Go Go”.  What brought about the idea and what characters are included in this?
SW : February, I was on 30 day drug fueled whiskey binge. What’s Monster-A-Go-Go and can I get it with anchovies?
NJ : What has brought about the “No More Mr. Nice Guy” motto?
SW : Up until now I was pandering to network television, or a dopey girlfriend. I’m out of contract, out of a bad relationship and don’t give a fuck. How can a naked, whiskey guzzling, wayward clown get any naughtier? Wait and see…
NJ : Any advice out there for aspiring clowns or escorts?
SW : There is a young couple doing adult clown shows together here in Austin now, which I think is cool. I tried to get my ex to do shows with me, rock venues, TV appearances etc. but she was just a career-killing-bitch. If you’ve got a good partner it helps. If you’re a solo act, make sure you utilize Google, Bing, and social networking sites to research potential clients before you agree to take job, or you might end up locked in a cellar for two weeks by a obsessive compulsive woman with an eating disorder and 34 cats.
Initially…I had sent these questions to Sugar and then suddenly, one of our new writers (and aspiring clown escort) DeathClown had some questions of his own to ask Sugar. So I sent him those, knowing the responses would come back great, as always.
DeathClown : Are you really that pale or is it body make up?  And where are the tan lines?
SW : There are no tan lines, and it is makeup. My hands feet and penis are abnormally gigantic however.


DC : Are you related to professional wrestler Seamus?

SW : No, but “Haystacks” Calhoun is a cousin twice removed on my Grannie Fry’s side.

DC : Are you well hung?
SW : I was a late bloomer; I guess I never realized I was well hung till later in life when women started noticing my side pipe through my trousers. I just always figured every guy’s dick was basically the same. You’ll have to visit my website and judge for yourself.

DC : Are clown fetishists common and do they pay well?

SW : They pay very well, but there are only a handful of repeat clients, it’s usually one shot bookings, like a bachelorette party.  To be honest, I quit servicing women as an escort when I fell in love with a girl a few years back, out of respect for her. I started taking gigs that allowed me to keep my clothes on, I even tried to find a day job here in Texas.  We’re no longer together, so now I’m up to my old tricks, literally.
DC :Has he ever been approached about working with Carrot Top or Steve O?
SW : What in like a porno, I’m straight and I’m pretty sure Carrot Top and Steve O are to. I’d make a porno with Wee Man and Jenn O‘ Cide if they asked however.

DC : Finally, where does he buy those fantastic shoes?

SW : They were custom made to my design specifications by Billy Prince years ago. I bartered an original Sugar Weasel painting of Ringling clown “Lou Jacob’s” in exchange. Billy was a real craftsman.
In case you already didn’t know…you can find Sugar Weasel on Facebook here as well as his website


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