Pull List For 01/01/2014


As this is the first Pull List of 2014, I thought it might be nice to mention a few influential people that were tragically taken from the comic book industry in  2013.  You may be asking yourself, “Well what does this have to do with horror?”  Quite a bit actually. Four of these dead guys started their careers during the heyday of violent detective thrillers, and of course the first terrifying horror magazines.  With shockingly graphic images of heinous acts of crime, death and the supernatural, those titles paved the way for the contemporary horror comics we love today. Also take into consideration the fact many horror comics feature characters who are, for lack of a better word, dead. Every single one of these people are also dead.   Now, shove some large preferably recycled object into your reeking face hole and fucking learn something for a change.


Nick Cardy, 1920-2013. During the Golden Age of Comics, Cardy worked side by side with such greats as Wil Eisner and George Tuska until 1943. He returned to comics in 1950’s after earning two purple hearts in WWII to draw for many DC Comics not in the superhero genre. Starting in 1964, he was responsible for most of the artwork in the first forty issues of “Teen Titans”, as well as a shit ton of others. He was inducted into the Wil Eisner Award Hall of Fame in                                             2005.


Al Plastino, 1921-2013 . As a freelance artist for DC from late 1940’s through the 1960’s, earning $50 a page, he worked on many golden age titles such as Superman . Plastino along with writer, Otto Binder, co created a few characters you may not be familiar with, like Supergirl, and the Legion of Superheroes. His greatest pride was the work he did in on “Superman’s Mission for President Kennedy” in collaboration with the Kennedy administration to promote the president’s national physical fitness program in 1963. After the Kennedy assassination, the project was cancelled until at the behest of Lyndon Johnson it was finally published two months later in Superman #171.


Ok, I guess I am busted.  This is not even remotely Janice Valleau Winkleman.  Nice picture though, right?

Ok, I guess you busted me. This is not even remotely Janice Valleau Winkleman. Nice picture though, right?

Janice Valleau Winkleman, 1923-2013.  Winkleman was one of the first female comic book artists working as an artist and inker for Archie Comics in the late 1930’s as well as She worked on such titles as dectective story, “Toni Gayle”, “Smash Comics” and “Nyoka the Jungle Girl”.  She started moving away from the comics industry after the Senate hearings in the 1950’s but continued working until the 1960’s when she gave up drawing comic books in order to focus on her growing family.  Winkleman even continued over the years to paint landscapes and greeting cards for her family until her death this year.




…and he knows it.

Carmine Infantino, 1925-2013.  Inducted into the Wil Eisner Award Hall of Fame in 2000, Infantino designed the, now classic, revamped uniform of the Flash, red with yellow accents, which first appeared in “Showcase” #4 in October of 1956.  As publisher for DC Comics from 1971-1975, Infantino collaborated with Stan Lee in the second joint venture between Marvel and DC entitled, “Superman vs the Amazing Spiderman: Battle of the Century”.  Pretty fucking bad ass, right?



Kim Thompson, 1956-2013. After working in the european comic publishing industry, Thompson joined Gary Groth as a co-publisher of Fantagraphics’ Comic Book Journal which was ” an early version of what would become the industry’s preeminent publication for comics criticism. Thompson began working with TCJ helping produce the news reports, interviews, criticism and commentary that would guide and outline the growth of both mainstream comics and the independent comics publishing movement going into the 1980s.” -www.publishersweekly.com. He was also known for being one of the best translators and publishers of many european comics and graphic novels introduced to the US.

Here’s what the first week of 2014 has in store for all you horror/comic nerds:




Bad Blood #1

“Getting bitten by a vampire pissed him off. Seeing his best friend brutally slaughtered started a war.  Trick was a typical college student-sort of-until vampires attacked. Then he found out his blood was poison to the bloodsuckers. And Trick will do anything to eradicate them. His blood kills!A vampire tale with an unlikely hero!”

Bad Blood is a new Vampire story created by Dark Horse artist and writer, Tyler Crook. In addition to BPRD, Crook has also done some fine work for Boom!, Image and Oni Press. In Bad Blood, a terminally ill college student discovers that the chemotherapy medication in his blood is a potent toxin to


vampires. I must admit that this is a facinating premise for a vampire hunting story. For this reason alone, Bad Blood sets itself apart from typical examples of the genre. I haven’t decided whether I like Crook’s unique drawing style, but I do intend to purchase the first one or two issues of this promising book.






Baltimore Chapel of Bones #1

“After his long hunt, Baltimore finally confronts the vampire who destroyed his life in London for a final showdown!”

Mike Mignola’s Chapel of Bones is the latest chapter in the saga of Lord Baltimore quest for vengeance against the vampire known as Haigus. And while the two part series is billed as the final confrontation between Baltimore and his arch-nemeses, Mignola has more in store for the horror character as the series continues. I was not terribly impressed by last Baltimore mini-series, The Infernal Train. Of course that being my first introduction to Baltimore, I don’t know much of much of the character’s back-story. Chapel of Bones does at least
seem readable and I won’t mind giving Baltimore one more chance to redeem himself.






Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight

“The maniacal warden of the prison ship Antares has pushed its comely cons to the limits of human endurance—but these bad mamas won’t take their punishment lying down! Alex de Campi and Simon Fraser dish up the riotous finale to “Prison Ship Antares” in the proud sexploitation tradition!”

To be perfectly honest, the first three issues of Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight were a huge disappointment to me. I just didn’t feel that it should have taken three whole issues to tell the story of man hating evil bee-women bent on invading a small county. Any 1950’s horror anthology comic could have done it in five or six pages with more interesting results. I suppose, all things considered , Doors Open at Midnight might still have the potential to bee a decent comic. Time will tell.







 The Occultist

“The Occultist has abused his power over life and death, and now he will face the consequences. He must choose the right path—and decide who his real friends are—so he can confront agents from the realm of the dead that want to claim his soul!”

The Occultist is a fascinating look into what it means to be a hero.  A fresh, original tale of a young college student split between two lives.  Our protagonist struggles to juggle school, a social life, romance, and fighting evil in a way that is completely un-Spiderman like.  Will Rob Bailey get to class on time?  How will he ever choose between the blond catholic school girl and the dusky brunette?  Will he finally learn that with great Penny2power comes great responsibility?  Instead of this generic somniferous crap-fest,  I suggest taking an old issue of Amazing Spiderman and stapling it to an equally outdated issue of Dr. Strange.  I have some from a garage sale I hit last summer.  See my ad on craigslist.






The Dead Boy Detectives #1

“From the pages of THE SANDMAN, Neil Gaiman’s dead boys get their own monthly series! As fans of storybook detectives, Edwin Paine (died 1916) and Charles Rowland (died 1990) will take on any and all mysteries – including their own untimely deaths! The dead boys head back to St. Hilarions, where bullying headmasters continue to rule the school. But when they investigate the lingering mysteries of their own deaths, they meet a young girl named Crystal whose tech skills and strange link to the undead earn her a place as a new detective.”

The dead boy detectives made their first appearance  in April of 1991 in The Penny3Sandman #25.  Since then the boys have been featured in two mini-series and also made an appearance in Vertigo’s 2013 one shot, The Witching Hour. Having finally scored an ongoing series of their own,  I am curious to discover if the characters are strong enough to carry an entire title.  A Hardy Boys / Patrick Swayze in Ghost hybrid with just a dash of Mary Poppins to get the proper English atmosphere, The Dead Boy Detectives will please any fan of the crime fighting dead children genre. What are we to expect  from Vertigo’s 2014 horror comic line-up?  If I have my way,  we will be seeing a series featuring a zombie Encyclopedia Brown very soon.




  Vertigo Essentials American Vampire #1

“Witness the birth of a new species of vampire in this reprint of the debut issue of this hit series! When notorious outlaw Skinner Sweet is attacked by a member of the undead, the first American vampire is born: powered by the sun, stronger, fiercer, and meaner than anything that came before.”

The Vertigo Essentials series is a boon to both long time fans and curious new readers who may be unfamiliar with some of Vertigo’s most acclaimed fan favorites. These books offer the opportunity to become acquainted with some of Vertigo’s most revered titles including, The Sandman, 100 Penny4Bullets, V for Vendetta and more.  The series is comprised of first issue reprints of  many of Vertigo’s finest offerings.  Long time fans will enjoy the nostalgic re-reading of classic selections from among some of Vertigo’s most highly acclaimed comics.  New readers will have the chance to learn what all the fuss was really about.  The best part,  these classic #1 issues sell for only $1.00, a great buy for even the most frugal of comic collectors.  Fans will enjoy falling in love all over again while newcomers will get to read some great titles that they might have otherwise overlooked.






Lil Ernie

” Ernest Fairchild is the most evil kid on the block. Why, he never eats his vegetables… his library books are sometimes three weeks late… and he once xeroxed his own butt! Can Mister Smiley, his annoying yet strangely ineffectual conscience, make him change his ways? And are Daddy Fairchild’s blank eyes somehow related to his peculiar odor, rotting flesh and appetite for human brains? Get a copy for yourself and one for the kids… it’s wall-to-wall zombie fun for all the family! And if that isn’t enough, each Li’l book comes with a two-page activity sheet!”

New Zealand native Roger Landridge is best known for his 1999 creation Fred the Penny3Clown, a comic that was nominated for two Eisner Awards, a Harvey Award, a Reuben Award and an Ignatz Award. Landridge is also credited in the comic book adaptation of The Muppet Show as well as countless projects for DC, Marvel, Fantagraphics to name a few.. The recent success of Image’s Itty Bitty Hellboy proved that on occasion, horror comic fans don’t seem to mind indulging their inner children. Lil’ Ernie is Dynamite’s attempt to cash in on the kiddie horror craze, bringing to bear the formidable cartooning talents of Landridge in this very cute looking comic. Faithful followers of Evil Ernie will also want to add this to their collections.






The Twilight Zone #1

“Trevor Richmond is a Wall Street investor who embezzled millions and is about to tank the economy. Again. Desperate to avoid the consequences for his actions, he goes to Expedited Services, Inc., which offers to help him disappear and enjoy a life of leisure in a new life. But what exactly is this new life, how much is freedom worth, and what happens to the old life when someone else shows up to claim it? This is the first installment of three interlocking stories that will push the boundaries of The Twilight Zone into new and uncharted territory, a journey that will travel into the past and the future, into murder and revenge and the sunrise of Penny3nuclear Armageddon”

Since 1961 comic book adaptations of the popular science fiction show, The Twilight Zone, have continued to delight fans year after year.. The first, released by Western Publishing ran for an amazing ninety two issues, out living the TV program by nearly twenty years and creator Rod Serling by a decade. Reappearing in 1991 with a first issue written by science fiction godfather, Harlan Elisson, Now Comics ran the series for another two years. Between 2008 and 2009 no less than eight graphic novels were published by Walker Books. I am somewhat skeptical as to Dynamite’s ability to fill such an enormous pair of shoes. For now I remain cautiously optimistic and expect Amazing Spiderman writer and creator of Babylon 5, J. Michael Straczynski to be equal to the task of continuing the Twilight Zone legacy.






Vampirella Southern Gothic

“Stranded in the Deep South and severely wounded from a mystical demon’s blade, Vampirella must continue her quest to save her former lover’s soul, protect an innocent child, and not die in the process. Can Vampirella battle a bloodthirsty horde of rabid demons as her body fails her?”

In the wake of the disaster that was Vampirella’s last awful adventure, Vampirella meets the Drac Pack, Dynamite once again succeeds in bringing us another painfully underwhelming Vampi title.  Southern Gothic is set smack dab in the middle of Klan country and let me be the first to let out a resounding rebel yell (if you are not sure Penny1exactly what a rebel yell sounds like, just type Dukes of Hazzard in the search box on youtube).  Besides having shallow characters spewing ridiculously poor dialogue,  this comic also contains a mountain of obscure references to Vampirella’s past romantic involvement with her sausage gravy chugging, Winston smoking, cow rapist of an exe.  This comic leaves me with a fervent wish to see the story set even deeper south.  Way way further south.  Like Antarctica south.





Deadworld Restoration #2

“The zombie classic returns in an all new series from the same creative team that brought you the acclaimed War of the Dead. The lepers have been slaughtered, the people who escaped the breeder pits head for the safety of New Washington, and now the zombies are under the control of Donna, the half-human/half-zombie hybrid. With King Zombie dead, she leads the zombies. Or does she?”

Deadworld: Restoration is the latest title in the long running Deadworld series which includes two volumes,  nine limited series, no less than nine one shot issues as well as some original graphic novels spanning from Penny4it’s first publication in 1987, to present.  Yes Deadworld has been around way longer that other trendy zombie comic with the word “dead” in the title.  Finding the task of catching up on twenty six years worth of back issues somewhat daunting for my taste, instead I undertook the less intimidating chore of reading issue number one of Restoration.  Having limited knowledge of what came before, my first impression of this comic was a very good one.  The sometimes disorienting, but very stylish artwork in addition to the (so far) competent story telling make Restoration a book I will not hesitate to buy next month.

  Artifacts #33

“In “The Teacher and the Preacher,” Tom and Tilly, under employ of the FBI, seek out a kidnapped girl in a creepy old mansion – and her mysterious piano teacher, a longtime practitioner of the dark arts with a scheme up his sleeve that even Tom doesn’t see coming.”

Going only as far back as issues 31 and 32 was enough for me to be fairly certain of how I feel about this paranormal thriller from Top Cow. Artifacts seems to be a perfectly readable little comic along the lines of television’s Supernatural and Warehouse 13. What has really impressed me, is the fact that #33 is done by first time Penny4writing/illustrating team of Italian artist ROM and American writer Kenneth Porter. Both men are previously unpublished and were selected out of over 1100 applicants in Top Cow’s 2012 Talent Hunt. From the haunting, beautifally painted artwork and what little dialogue avilable from the CBR preview, one can see that both were well chosen. As for the title itself, I still need to a little more horror homework to determine if the rest of the series satisfies DeathClown’s requirements for excellence. -sigh- A clown’s work is never done.




Sin Boldly One Shot
(one shot)

” In “Hell Is Waiting,” Sinful Suzi learns a lesson about the wages of sin. And in “Burning Roses,” Obsidian Stone loses an old friend and welcomes a new demon.”

 Sinful Suzi is a character from the erotic horror series  featuring the lingerie clad goddess of birth and rebirth, Dawn.  Suzy now has her own story in Image Comics’ one shot, Sin boldly.  Not a big fan of shirts or pants,for that matter, her eye-popping supernatural endowments are intimidating enough to send Vampirella scrambling to call Kim Kardashian’s personal trainer and to make frantic appointments with the plastic surgeon for botox injections  Asidefrom the dirty, dirty drawings, Image’s preview of Sin Penny3-Boldly gives little indication as to whether or not the book is good enough to merit anything more than just looking at the nice pictures.  Hm, intriguing…  


 One final note, I look forward to the next year of new horror titles and  dream of the coming months when we can expect even more chilling, terrifying, and disgustingly grisly  macabre comic book offerings.  Hope you enjoy reading this week’s comics and remember, be sure to rot your brain as much as possible by binge watching reruns of Hannibal and reading as much morally bankrupt, IQ reducing, completely tasteless, comic book trash  as you can fit in that wee little skull of yours. 


TFAW.com has the Waliking Dead

Classic Christmas Comic Book Specials to Darken Your Holidays


If you are like me, you may be getting a little bored watching Jingle All the Way, National Lampoon”s Christmas Vacation, and the many other assorted sitcom holiday specials this week.  Maybe this is the perfect time to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and do some Christmas comic book reading.  These are some of my favorite holiday specials to add some extra awesomeness to your Yuletide.  Don’t forget to click on the covers for previews!


‘TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE KRAMPUS -2013, Lifesize Monster Ghost 

“You’ve heard the legend of “”jolly ol’ St. Nicholas,”” but do you know the truth? St. Nick is real. And he ain’t jolly. An endless cosmic brawl between Nicholas and his vile Holiday counterpart, Krampus, will come to a cataclysmic head this snowy Christmas Eve. But this year, only one will emerge victorious. Can St. Nicholas save Christmas Day? Or will this Eve forever be known as “”The Night Before Krampus””?”










“Ya’d better watch out — ya’d better not cry! Ya’d better not pout, I’m tellin’ ya why — Santa ‘Bo is comin’ to town!”

If you find yourself too inebriated to read,maybe try this Christmas gem.  The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special









A VERY ZOMBIE CHRISTMAS #1 -2009, Antarctic Press

” Remember that classic holiday film about what the world would’ve been like if someone had never been alive? Well, this isn’t quite the same… This winter, the weather outside isn’t the only thing that’s frightful! The wrong sort of holidays spirits are on the loose as zombies roam the streets, spreading their own gift that keeps on giving. You’d better watch out…”










“Inspired by Mary Shelley’s original novel (sort of), the story of Frankenstein’s monster takes a new twist when he is found by Jingle in the Arctic wastes and “rehabilitated” to fit in with the elves at Santa’s Workshop. All goes well until an ultra-PC city declares Santa Claus taboo and awakens Frankie’s monstrous side in a misguided attempt to help his friend. It’s up to an ailing Santa and a reluctant Jingle Belle to stop their monstrous “apprentice” before he destroys the town and ruins the reputation of Christmas forever!”








“Gather your family close, board up the doors, and heed well the tale of Ebeneezer Scrooge- a man for whom no fire could warm, whose cold heart pumped ice through his veins, and whose lips uttered a firm BAH! to any sort of happiness. Learn from his experience as he is visited by the undead corpse of his old friend Jacob Marley on Christmas Eve, and join him on his journey to Christmases past aided by another corpse intent on showing Scrooge the origin of the Hungry Death that is consuming the land. God help us, every one!”







It’s that time of year! The Martians have come to bring good cheer to all! Well, not really, but humanity still will find a way to celebrate the spirit of the season. Join IDW and Topps—along with a stellar team of writers and artists—to honor the holidays in these four bloody tales of festive cheer!”









 “Hellboy spends Christmas underground with dead guys in a full-length story kicking off this 48-page special full of weird yuletide cheer. Along with the regular backup feature, Gary Gianni’s Corpus Monstrum, Mignola is joined by Steve Purcell (Sam and Max) and his seldom-seen Toy Box characters, as well as Geof Darrow (Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot) with a special holiday surprise.”










Joe Hill’s New York Times Bestselling novel, NOS4A2, introduced readers to the terrifying funhouse world of Christmasland, and the mad man who rules there: Charlie Talent Manx III. Now, in an original new comic miniseries, Hill throws wide the candy cane gates to tell a standalone story that is at once both accessible to new readers, and sure to delight fans of the book.









ARMY OF DARKNESS: ASH’S CHRISTMAS HORROR -2008,                                         DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT

“Everyone loves the holidays, right? Wrong! If you’ve ever worked S-Mart retail in December, you know it’s a special hell filled with something even worse than Deadites… dumbass holiday shoppers. And when the Necronomicon gets a hold of some classic holiday entertainment, it sends Ash through a voyage of twisted Christmas visions that beat him senseless and initiate something deeper in Ash. “It’s a blunderful life” for everyone’s favorite big chinned Chosen One and this year he’s going to face something tougher than the Deadite Santas and zombie elves. He’ll find a piece of his soul that was swallowed long ago…”




Merry Christmas from DeathClown and the entire Horror Homework family!

christmas clown


DeathClown’s Pull List for 12/18/13

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, we drank too much eggnog and puked it all out.  The toilet was covered in blood and some hair, passed out in the bathtub, a midget was there.  His green tights were missing exposing his junk, when Santa burst in for a Christmas spelunk.  Left in my stocking, protected from vomit, I sat on my ass while I read horror comics.  Now here are some great ones, these comics are many, read them you may so plop down your fat fanny.  


A Very Zombie Christmas #5

“It’s the holiday season, time to deck the halls…with shotgun racks, ’cause boughs of holly ain’t gonna keep the zombies at bay! Antarctic Press spins more stories of spooks shambling through the snow, rotting in a winter wonderland! “

This zombie anthology looks like a fun way to get into the Crypt-ness spirit.









 Crossed Badlands #43

“Horror master, DAVID HINE has taken us into the broken mind of an abused girl and spun out her revenge fantasies across the page. But are you ready for bloody misery that comes with the Crossed infection spreading across Japan? No one is safe from the horror and misery of the Crossed, no one.

Crossed is a comic with great story-arcs and the sickest, sacrilegious, and wildly inappropriate imagery of any horror book out there.  If you think C-day in Japan was bad, wait ’til you see what went on at the Vatican.






Extinction Parade #4

 “Zombies have been at best a nuisance to the vampire race for thousands of years but never a real threat. Their clumsy foothold over humans has always been beaten back. But this time the tide of shambling dead have turned the corner and are rapidly depleting the ranks of the living. Even with their superior abilities and ferocity, can the vampire race find a way to stop the decimation?”

So we all know that “World War Z” was an awful movie, but Max Brooks redeems himself with Extinction Parade.  Throw in Crossed artist, Raulo Caceres’ fine work and you have the recipe for an excellent vampire/zombie comic.  This book is a fantastic read with an original story.






Hellraiser Dark Watch #11

“As the war between Hells rages, the three people to hold the title of Lead Cenobite Elliott Spencer, Kirsty Cotton, and Harry D’Amour, each attempt to end the conflict in their favor.” 

Hell is supposed to be bad, right?  Then how does Clive Barker make it look so awesome.  The Dark Watch continues to be a tense, masterfully told thriller with a great plot and decent artwork.  This is a great addition to any Hellraiser fanatic’s collection.  Just open the box.








Clive Barker’s Next Testament #6

“Tristan and Eslpeth know where they need to go, but no way of getting there… Meanwhile, Julian is forced to make a very public display of loyalty to Wick, as their flock meets resistance from an unexpected source. “

Halfway through this twelve issue series and this book just keeps getting better.  As usual Clive Barker pens an exemplary tale questioning the deities we worship and the origins of religion.  Good stuff.









BPRD Hell on Earth #114

“Liz Sherman brings a fiery assault to the mad doctor’s hospital and his army of mutant monsters, while the B.P.R.D. plans a sneak attack on Manhattan-now under the Black Flame’s control.”

DeathClown is not a big fan of BPRD, but this current story arc has managed to hold my attention.  Another plus is that Mike Mignola has not been drawing it.  From me, this Hellboy spin-off has earned an emphatic “meh”.









Criminal Macabre Eyes of Frankenstein #4

 Self-proclaimed supernatural expert Jason Hemlock has revealed himself to be more dangerous than even occult detective Cal McDonald suspected. And now Cal, Mo’Lock, and Frankenstein’s monster must escape a supernatural cage fight that will leave Cal changed forever.”

The conclusion of this four issue mini-series, The Eyes of Frankenstein is another great addition to Steve Niles’ Cal MacDonald Mysteries.  I recommend reading the series in it’s entirety.







Vampirella #37

“Lilith’s been keeping a secret, and she’s not the only one.  When the truth comes to light, will Vampirella give her mother the benefit of the doubt…especially if Lilith’s secret concerns some of Vampi’s most sinister enemies”

 Dynamite’s revamp of classic horror title Vampirella is about as dull as they come.  The lackluster illustration does nothing to improve the tedious experience of reading this flaccid comic.  Santa can expect a swift kick in the ‘nads if I find this in my stocking.








Locke and Key Alpha #2

” A door claps softly shut. A key scrapes in a last rusted lock. It ends here: the story of the Locke children and their desperate, tragic battle with the monster set on destroying them . . . the past.”

Locke and Key Alpha #2 concludes this popular series by Joe Hill.  First published in 2009, Locke and Key has enjoyed much  success during it’s almost five year run.  Thrilling to the last issue, this finale is a must read for long time fans.








Ten Grand #6

” Why has a wounded angel been chained and imprisoned on the outskirts of hell for a hundred thousand years? And why should Joe Fitzgerald care enough to help her, since it’ll just slow him down in his search for Laura? Knowing that his actions could result in his permanent death, and with a civil war breaking out in heaven, Joe must make a fateful decision that will endanger not only his soul, but the soul of the woman he loves more than life itself. “

The absence of artist Ben Templesmith has been keenly felt over the last two issues of Ten Grand.  The writing continues to be excellent so I won’t count this unique horror comic out just yet.  I will still have a ways to SP3go before I feel completely comfortable with replacement artist C.P. Smith but the gripping story does much to soothe my ruffled clown feathers. I will continue to follow this twelve issue series for the time being.






A Voice in the Dark #2

” ‘BLOOD MAKES NOISE,’ Conclusion Zoey’s talk radio show will become a deadly public forum for her twisted listeners before she will even know what hit her.”

So far, A Voice in the Dark has managed to be a fairly tight psychological thriller.  While not big on action, it has an interesting story that will no doubt keep me reading for now.  Equally unimpressive is the rather mundane monochromatic artwork of Larime Taylor.  Actually, Mr Taylor does pretty well for a guy stricken with Arthrogryposis.  He drew the whole comic on a Wacom digital tablet with his mouth.   Ok, I feel like a real asshole now.

SP5I am giving A Voice in the Dark an extra Penny-Clause head just because I was a dick.  Sorry, Larime.







“El mundo que conocíamos se ha ido. El mundo del comercio y la necesidad frívolo ha sido reemplazado por un mundo de supervivencia y responsabilidad. Una epidemia de proporciones apocalípticas ha barrido el mundo, causando la muerte a subir y se alimentan de los vivos. En cuestión de meses la sociedad se ha desmoronado: ningún gobierno, no hay tiendas de comestibles, no hay entrega de correo, no hay televisión por cable. En un mundo gobernado por los muertos, los sobrevivientes se ven obligados a empezar a vivir por fin. Reimpresión edición!”

El mejor libro de historietas jamás creado zombie ya está disponible para todos nuestros amigos hispanos. Zombies mexicanos de mierda, impresionante!




There now we are finished, good bye and farewell, If you’re Jewish, Buddhist, or Muslim, I will see you in Hell.  So gather ’round DeathClown, and listen, take heed, these creepy horror comics I suggest that you read. 

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DeathClown’s Pull List for 11/27/13

Tomorrow we mark the beginning of the end for the thousands of hapless indigenous peoples of North America.  After you glut yourselves on thirty pounds of roasted stuffed bird and green bean casserole,  wouldn’t it be nice to have some deliciously devilish rotten reading material to pass the time as all your drunken relatives gather round the idiot box for the traditional post gorging football game?  Don’t be a fucktard.  Go out and buy some of these baddies before the shops close.  Make sure Granny isn’t reading over your shoulder (unless she is dead ) and enjoy your tryptophan coma.



Crossed Badlands #42

“Emiko is a broken girl. Her art expresses the horror and violence she holds close to her with gore filled imagery of sexual revenge. Men who take innocence face the slashing and bloody vengeance they deserve in the pages of ‘Gore Angels.’ But when the Crossed begin to spread, the world itself is transformed into a mockery of her art. And among the gleeful monsters, there are precious few places to hide from the misery of the Crossed.”

I must say, I have absolutely been loving Crossed‘s latest story arc.  I find it very interesting to see how C-Day went on the global scale.  As usual, this unapologetic gore Penny5fest is brilliantly written and deftly illustrated.  Regular readers and those new to the series will not be disappointed as this latest issue delves into society’s current misogynistic ills.  Also of course necrophilia, torture porn, and the graphically portrayed dismemberments of nekkid female college students.







Ferals #18

“The final issue of the first Ferals series will leave you speechless! ‘It Begins’ is the title of this issue and that is an indicator of the bloody consequences of the military invasion of the Feral town. Now, Dale Chesnutt must face an entire facility of newly turned Ferals if he wants to have any hope of stopping the escalation of violence. The stakes could not be higher and drastic measures have to be taken!”

I have always been a fan of werewolf fiction.  In fact, it was the only reason I allowed myself to be subjected to the pre-teen celluloid monstrosity referred to as Twilight.  Unfortunately, I found little to arouse my Penny2interest in the lycanthropic drama, Ferals.  The few issues that I read seemed more akin to Days of Our Lives or True Blood than any kind of decent monster story.   David Lapham’s writing is definitely sub-par compared to the brilliant work he did on Crossed.  Gabriel Andrade’s dull artwork is rather unimpressive as well and lacks the major component of any great werewolf story, badass looking werewolves.  Lackluster transformations and generic B movie wolves make this book a bitterly disappointing read for a true werewolf fan.  My advice, skip Ferals and watch Teen Wolf on Netflix.





Fanboys vs. Zombies #20

“Series Finale. ‘4 Stories of the Apocalypse’ concludes with an alternate reality tale -­-­ what if the Wrecking Crew turned zombie at SDCC, and the scrappy creators of a comic book series called FANBOYS VS ZOMBIES were the only humans left alive to stop them?” 

I must admit that since I began covering Fanboys vs Zombies this silly comic has grown on me.  There seems to have been a shortage of good zombie satire as of late.  Looking past the ridiculous title, this is actually a most amusing book.  Poking fun at comic fans and the zombie craze that has taken over the comic industry, Fanboys vs Penny4Zombies is a solid comic with some excellent dry humour thrown in.  This horror/comedy is a refreshing break from the zombie melodramas that have become distressingly mainstream.





Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #83

“‘The Dark Spiral,’ Part 9: ‘The Wounded.’ The conclusion of the Dark Spiral storyline. Tarot’s family members are burned beyound recognition and hangs by a thread to life. Tormented by the suffering her magick has caused, Tarot tries to pick up the pieces of her shattered life as the Skeleton Man confronts Lord Thornwic for betraying them.”

I cannot in all honesty provide an apt assessment of dialog, character development or plot line of Tarot Witch.  What I can tell you is that this softly shaded and beautifully rendered comic book contains more titties than a late night Cinemax feature. Set in a universe Penny5where apparently, the laws of gravity differ drastically different from our own, this witchly wonder takes place in the decrepit castles and spooky swamps one would expect to find in such a tale.  I am fairly certain the story involves some bad guys or some such perpetrating evil  whom the gloriously endowed heroines must thwart in order to save the world or something.  I think.  That is all I managed to glean from the three or ten back issues I read.





Criminal Macabre: The Eyes of Frankenstein #3

“While Cal and Frankenstein go shopping for human eyes, a strange stage magician reveals why the ghoul population is dying out.”.

The latest chapter in the Cal MacDonald epic deserves a place of honor among it’s predecessors.  Criminal Macabre has long been a DeathClown favorite.  While I prefer the art of Ben Templesmith, Christopher Mitten does well enough.  As usual, Steve Niles expertly blends the supernatural with elements of gumshoe noir.  For those new to Criminal Macabre, I would recommend picking up some of the Cal MacDonald trade paperbacks. This a great story and well worth Penny5the cost.





Zombie War #2

“The grand bleepin’ finale! A mysterious comet, a crash-landed stranded alien, a female military detective hot on the apocalypse trail, and ALL the DEAD SOLDIERS of the world coming back to life to destroy the world one bite at a time — what more could you ask for?!”

Stop yourself before wasting any cash on this soggy waste of paper.  You will find nothing original or interesting here.  Kevin Eastman should be ashamed to have his prestigious name associated in any way with this piece of generic garbage.  Zombie War is a perfect example of an artist way past his prime trying too hard to come up with new material.


Eastman needs to abandon his zombie pursuits and stick to drawing talking turtles and Heavy Metal covers.





Black Science #1

“Grant McKay, former member of The Anarchistic Order of Scientists, has finally done the impossible: he has deciphered Black Science and punched through the barriers of reality. But what lay beyond the veil was not epiphany but chaos.
Now Grant and his team are lost, living ghosts shipwrecked on an infinite ocean of alien worlds, barreling through the long-forgotten, ancient, and unimaginable dark realms. The only way is forward. The only question is how far are they willing to go, and how much can they endure, to get home again?”

Penny3As a youngster I used to be an avid reader of juvenile horror fiction.  Then my physicist uncle introduced me to science fiction.  Soon Edgar Rice Burroughs and Tom Swift joined Dracula and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark on my bookshelf.  Comics such as Black Science appeal to both sci-fi and horror fans.  I have high hopes for this new Image title and can’t wait to pick this up later today.





Pretty Deadly #2

“The Old West is steeped in violence and strange magic in this macabre tale from the team behind the cult-hit miniseries Osborn, KELLY SUE DECONNICK (Captain Marvel) and EMMA RÍOS (Dr. Strange). Gunfighters have it out with swords as the whole world Penny3burns. There will be blood, blood, blood.”  

 Westerns are another guilty pleasure of mine.  Rugged gun wielding anti-heroes drifting from town to dusty town seeking the unknown, very romantic.  Pretty Deadly is a little too new to be described as a “cult-hit” but the series does show promise.  As you might expect from a comic drawn and written by a couple of girls, the protagonists are predominantly female and include a super bad-ass cold blooded killer, Clint Eastwood with lady parts character.  The jury is still out on this one folks.  Time will tell.   





Walking Dead #117

 “‘ALL OUT WAR’ continues! In the aftermath of the battle of Sanctuary, Ezekiel must survive on his own.”

As usual the exemplary zombie story, The Walking Dead lives up to it’s reputation for excellence.  This is another title worth reading from the very first issue and working your way up.   No mere comic book, The Walking Dead reads like a masterful work of horror fiction.  Robert Kirkman creates compelling characters intricately woven into an impressively written plot.  Reading 117 back issues may seem at first like a daunting task, but if you are anything like me, once you start you will find it difficult to put down.  See for yourself.





You may have noticed a few omissions from this week’s Pull List.  What I have provided here are looks at some of the bests and worsts of today’s line up.  Deal with it.  Once again, have a nice time carving up that carcass.  Save the neck for me, Clark.  And for the pathetic losers who will be spending the day all alone, I hear Swanson makes a mean frozen turkey dinner.  

TFAW.com has the Waliking Dead

DeathClown’s Pull List for 11/20/13



 Rachel Rising #21

“Manson is in flames as a blinding snowstorm freezes the little town like a corpse. Rachel’s only chance of saving her hometown is to reclaim the box she buried 300 years ago – and now lies buried under a paved city street! The story of Lilith’s revenge heats up in the latest issue of Terry Moore’s horror thriller!”

Rachel Rising is a black and white horror comic that I read quite frequently. Written and drawn by artist Terry Moore, this book has a dark and compelling story. Rachel Rising is a phenomenal book that appeals to fans on many levels.








 Westwood Witches #3

“The Witches’s Sabbath went awfully wrong. Now one of the demon-worshippers is dead, and Jack knows the truth about his beautiful-yet-deadly neighbors. With their spells failing, the witches have no choice but to ask the Oracle, their former friend that became mad due to Baphomet’s revelations.”

Imagine if you will, a quiet suburban neighborhood.  The perfectly manicured lawns with tastefully decorated porches, book clubs, potluck dinners and homemade pie.  These desperate housewives hold a dark secret.  You guessed it, they worship Satan.  I find myself enjoying the plot of this Penny4occult book.  The excellent artwork and melancholy backgrounds set the shadowy tone of this frightening comic.  The Westwood Witches is a phenomenal reading experience for fans of witchcraft and Lucifer alike.









 Afterlife with Archie #2

“The horror continues as a zombified Jughead goes on a relentless hunt for brains.  When he performs a despicable and frightening act in front of everyone at the Halloween dance, tensions start to rise and fears begin to mount-who will be next to join Jughead in the Afterlife? And what about those who are already infected?”

I wanted so badly to like Afterlife with Archie. The idea of the Riverdale gang being set upon by the rotting corpses of Jughead and Mrs.Grundy sounds terrific, doesn’t it? Unfortunately in addition to a virulent zombie plague, this comic is also afflicted with soul crushing boredom. I had a Penny2feeling Archie Comics would not be able pull this off. Afterlife with Archie is a phenomenal failure.





Night of the Living Dead Aftermath #12

“The end is here as DAVID HINE tells the final bloody chapter in the Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath story. The excessive 1970s have given way to the dawn of the undead. Zombies have overrun the defenses that held them in check and turned major American cities into shambling ghoul towns. We started our journey with the Las Vegas survivors and our tale of misery ends with them. “

Another zombie comic, not much different from the rest. There is one aspect in which Aftermath excels. David Hine writes a mean script with decidedly likeable characters. The story keeps you interested and the Penny3artwork captures your attention. Aftermath is a phenomenal addition to the vast zombie genre.







 Stitched #17

“The once-undisputed Yakuza rulers of Tokyo’s Harajuku District find themselves the victims of unexplainable ambushes. They are being killed and transformed into a stealth strike force of undead, bloodthirsty Stitched! In league with the shadowy ‘Nameless One’ who has brought the supernatural magic of the Stitched from the Middle East, businessman Kenji Nakamura’s dream of revenge on the villainous Shinju-kai is about to be realized.”

Unlike the average revenant the stitched are not easily thwarted. Even headshots are Penny4ineffective against these frightening walking dead. Stitched is a grisly look into the dark world of necromancy with stunning artwork and a phenomenally written story.




 Hellraiser Dark Watch #10

“Elliot Spencer’s last run-­in with Leviathan didn’t go as planned, but the lord of the Labyrinth has no idea what his former protege has in store for him…”

Even Hell is subjected to the manipulative bailiwick of politics.  After all, everybody knows where politicians go when they die, right?  The Dark Watch is another flawless addition to Clive Barker’s Hellraiser universe.  This battle for the control of Hell is a well written, and expertly drawn story.  The Dark Watch should be on every Barker fan’s pull list.  I should also mention, as horror comics go, that this book is just a phenomenal read.






 BPRD Hell on Earth #113

“As Liz and a police squad ambush the mad doctor and his Moreau-like experiments, Fenix takes on a group of cultists and by killing their god!”

BPRD has never been a favorite title of mine, but the book is fairly readable.  This comic has been around for some time since it first appeared in 2001 as a teaser in Dark Horse Adventures.  And while BPRD is, in my opinion, is not as good as spin-off series Abe Sapien, I can not call it awful.  This action/horror comic is phenomenally mediocre.






 Strain the Fall #5

“Sure that an ancient tome, the Occido Lumen, holds the secret to defeating the Master, Fet and Setrakian head to the auction house for a different kind of battle. Meanwhile, Eph, sure of a conspiracy surrounding the vampire epidemic, mounts a secret mission to assassinate the wealthy and ailing Eldritch Palmer!”

DeathClown’s second favorite vampire comic returns.  The Strain is a well spun yarn centered around CDC scientist Ephraim Goodweather and the elderly VanHelsingish character, Professor Abraham Setrakian.  The vampires in this gruesome tale  are true inhuman monsters, Penny5mindless servants of the Master.  I love the way these creatures are portrayed, definitely no sparkles here.  The Strain is very much worth the trouble of digging through those dusty back issue boxes to get the full story.  A phenomenally written horror comic.





 The Wake #5

“There have been hints that Lee Archer’s struggle at the bottom of the ocean will have much, much bigger ramifications. A flooded future . . . an impact on evolution . . . and more. Now, we finally find out. If you think you know what THE WAKE is about, this issue changes everything.”

As much as I dislike most DC titles, I have to admit that The Wake is an excellent book.  The writing is as sharp as the finely detailed illustration.  Nothing can be more terrifying to a claustrophobic clown than being trapped deep under a mile of crushing ocean.  Adding to that, a school of malevolent aquatic apes creates a tense horror comic. Penny4 Simply put, The Wake is a phenomenally chilling story.





 A Voice in the Dark #1

“It’s been 72 days since Zoey killed someone. With her recent move to college, Zoey is eager to start a fresh chapter of her life – one where she can control her dark urges they way she has before. But when she becomes the host of a late night campus radio show, Zoey must consider if she has given a voice to something far more troubled than her anonymous callers.”

A Voice in the Dark is one book I will love to get my hands on today.  A sorority serial killer and college radio host sounds phenomenally interesting.  I hope this Penny3comic measures up to DeathClown’s stringent standards.



Well my freaky stylies, that is all for  now.  I must mention that this week’s phenomenal Pull List is dedicated to my phenomenal friend and mentor, the phenomenal  Darth Biscuits.  Go out, buy some comics, and have a phenomenal week.  In closing, today’s secret word is phenomenal.  When you hear the secret word, scream real loud.



Horror Comics at TFAW.com

DeathClown’s Pull List for 11/13/13

Hello again you aberrant academics of the abhorrent.  New Comic Day this week promises to be quite the execrable event.  We will be meating with odious old favorites and introduced to some of the most promising horror comic virgins extant.  Strap your selves in and for your safety, keep all extremities inside the car at all times as we start the journey into the tunnel of terror…




Crossed Badlands #41

” A group of American college kids abroad find themselves not only in a strange land but at ground zero with the grinning psychopaths of the apocalypse. What started out as a road trip to Japan has turned into a grueling bloodbath of pain and misery. Even at a remote Japanese monastery temple, there is no help, there is no hope…”

Darth Biscuits, I am forever in your debt for introducing me last year to this graphicly grisly and deliciously depraved dissertation.

Crossed: Badlands is the fourth through Penny5sixth volume in the Crossed series.  Created two years after 2006 Warren Ellis title, Black Gas, this terrifying comic is also published by Avatar.  In my view, Crossed has become infinitely superior to it’s predecessor. Taking the book though many varied and original story arcs, Crossed has accomplished the challenging feat of remaining fresh and interesting through the last five years.  Every writer and artist have stayed true to the spirit and feel of this title making each volume just as impressive as the first.  While I would not recommend this comic for family reading night, Crossed is an excellent title.  It leaves the reader feeling revolted and at the same time, enchanted.  I have already skipped, like an exuberant six-year-old, down to my local purveyor of comic goodness and purchased my copy.  In other words, if you don’t at least give Crossed a chance, plainly you are a giant puckered asshole.




 12 Reasons to Die #4


“The deaths grow more gruesome, the gangsters more brutal, the mysteries more intriguing and The Ghostface Killah rises!”


Although I much prefer the music of John Lee Hooker over Wu-Tang, Ghostface Killah, or ‘Killer for all you racially  impaired, has attached his celebrity status to a reasonably readable book.  Ghostface does not write, draw or have much to do with creating the story, but his producer, Adrian Young, have come up with a great way to promote his latest record, also entitled Twelve Reasons to Die.  Adrian Younge, Ce Garcia, Matthew Rosenberg and Patrick Kindlon are the competent writers of this gangster/horror 


story.  I do not find the artwork in this gratuitously violent comic particularly impressive, but as I just mentioned, it does have the gratuitous violence which is somewhat of a plus.  Also, there are a few nekid chicks,  sort of scrawny and endowed with unattractively small booties but once again, nekid.  Twelve Reasons to Die is not bad, but definitely should not be considered spectacular.   





 Abe Sapien #7

“Abe dives into a fight between carnivorous monsters crawling out of the desert sand and the fortified militia that’s walled Phoenix off from the rest of the world.
Abe vs. the Mayan apocalypse!”


As the cover states, this comic is derived from the pages of Hellboy.  With that being said,  Abe Sapien is beyond a doubt, it’s own book.  Not being much of a Hellboy or BPRD fan, I somewhat grudgingly gave Abe Sapien a read.  I was pleasantly treated to an eyeful of the beautifully detailed, wonderfully unique illustrations styled by Sebastian Fiumara.  The well developed Penny4character of Abe Sapien dominates this comic with his fantastically executed dialog contained within a well written story.  Although Abe Sapien is a relatively new series, it has become my favorite Mignola creation.  This excellent book is sure to receive high accolades from critics and readers alike.



  Clown Fatale #1

“Sexy female clowns are mistaken for contract killers and abandon their shabby traveling circus for a world of violence and cruelty-with clown makeup.”

OK, I admit, this comic does in any way fall into the repulsive realm of horror.  That is unless you happen to be a zealous misogynist who is terrified of both women and clowns (they are out there, there exist  websites and a few Facebook pages, see for yourself).  As a man and a clown there is just something fascinating about hot, half-naked, spectacularly endowed, clown attired Penny3girls who kill people.  So sue me.  This looks like one pull list addition of which Mrs.DeathClown will remain blissfully unaware.  I am not fond of sleeping in the elephant trailer.  Priscilla farts in her sleep.  Trust me, elephant flatulence is no laughing matter.





 Shaolin Cowboy #2

“He came, he “sawed,” but will he conquer?! The Shaolin Cowboy proves-in 33 pages of gas-powered mayhem-that the undead and kung fu don’t mix as they mix it up in issue #2. No “low T” in this one!”

Well folks, Comic List has unforgivably fucked me on this title.  They  placed The Shaolin Cowboy #1 in the action adventure category when it clearly contains both chainsaws and violently graphic zombie dismemberment.  Fortunately for myself and this creepy column, this was brought to my attention by the writer of an excellent movie review blog and incidentally my best friend, Eric Bauer.  After checking out this latest Penny4chapter of Geof Darrow’s 2004 series, I found The Shaolin Cowboy to be a first rate comic in every way deserving of my respect and attention.  I have not had time to catch up on back issues of this book so,as of yet, I can’t speak much as to the plot, dialog, or writing of the series .  I did enjoy Darrow’s artwork and the unremitting, exciting action of issue #1.  So far, so good.




 Coffin Hill #2

“Ten years ago, the sleepy town of Coffin Hill, MA, was infiltrated by a curse that dated back to the Salem Witch trials. Ex-high society lowlife/black magic user Eve Coffin returns to her hometown as a wounded ex-cop with a huge grudge and a hell of a mission: to take back the terror she unleashed long ago. The dark horror that seeped through the Coffin Hill woods left one of her friends missing, one in the local mental ward, and one as the head of police. Now the horror continues to spread through Eve’s crumbling family mansion, taking more of the town’s teenagers who stumble in its path.”

Penny3The first issue of this “suggested for mature readers” comic did not start off being awful.  Time will tell, of course.  The erroneously placed “mature readers” admonishment seems to be less a statement of fact than a cheap ploy to compel greasy faced fifteen-year-olds to part with birthday money bestowed upon them by Granny .  Coffin Hill contains only tame violence and mere suggestions of mild nudity.  I did not find anything between the covers that in any way horrified, terrified, or sent chills down my jaded spine.  Still, the story is a little interesting, although I would rather download a pirated digital copy than part with actual coinage in order to read this Vertigo (DC) publication.  The striking artwork of Inaki Miranda on the other hand, picks up much of the slack.  Miranda’s bold style and heavy outlines make Coffin Hill a better comic than it really deserves to be.  This book has so far been readable and I can not yet be sure if Coffin Hill has earned my disgust or my adoration.




Mocking Dead #3

“Attention, Box-Mart Shoppers. There is a sale on brains, guts and other viscera in aisles two, twelve, twenty, thirty-four, eighty-six, a hundred and three, and … well, all aisles really, because this entire store has been taken over by the MOCKING DEAD BRRAAAAHHHHHHHH!”

It seems as though lately we have been grossly  inundated with zombie titles starting with ‘The’ and ending with ‘Dead’.  Attempting to capitalize on the success of the Walking Dead franchise,  some of these books are readable, others not so much.  This comic was not, as I expected, a zombie satire.  The title Mocking Dead Penny3actually refers to an interesting side effect of this particular undead virus.  These zombies laugh like African-Americans at a Ralphie May comedy special as they devour the living.  I did not much like the first issue of The Mocking Dead, but by the end of #2, it had significantly  grown on me. Max Dunbar’s monochromatic illustrations are excellent, if a little cartoony.  I will continue my observation of this interesting Dynamite zombie story by author Fred Van Lente.




Mars Attacks Judge Dredd #3

“The Martian mayhem continues in Mega-City One! Dredd leads a detail of Judges in a bloody firefight with Martian forces, while scientists at HQ attempt to discover the nature of the mysterious metal sphere found in the city. But it may be too late to prevent a full-scale Martian invasion! “

Speaking as a long time Judge Dredd fan, I have relished the first two issues of IDW’s new alien invasion horror title, Mars Attacks Judge Dredd.  Classifying this hilarious and violent comic as being in the the horror genre is perhaps stretching it a bit, but as a lover of sci-fi, I find this book satisfying in Penny4both regards.  We all know that alien invaders are often the terrifying subjects of many classic  B-movie, horrors. Everyone knows that Martians are just plain scary.  IDW’s Mars Attacks Judge Dredd is compared to confectionary delight, the delicious Reeses Peanutbutter Cup.  Two great tastes that taste great together.  2000 AD veteran writer, Al Ewing spins a true Judge Dredd yarn with all the action we have come to expect.  In keeping with classic Judge Dredd tradition, artist John McCrea does not disappoint with his bold illustrations.  Mars Attacks Judge Dredd is a fun addition to any religious comic fan’s pull list.



The Other Dead #3

“The zombie animal infection spreads across Louisiana, as Tommy and Azrael struggle to survive and President Obama is forced to go toe-to-toe with the un-deadly animals! “


The Other Dead is another interesting title in IDW’s extensive zombie library.  As I have stated in earlier posts, I simply adore a good animal attack.  I also enjoy a good zombie animal attack/kill.  The Other Dead is a decent horror comic that provides these in great measure.  Still in it’s infancy, I find it a little to early to determine the value of the writing and dialog but so far I can approve of

Penny3the gorgeous artwork of Qing Ping Muoy (also the #5 down at the old Golden Dragon).  Political incorrectness aside, this is another good title to keep an eye on in the coming winter months.





“Joe Hill’s New York Times Bestselling novel, NOS4A2, introduced readers to the terrifying funhouse world of Christmasland, and the mad man who rules there: Charlie Talent Manx III. Now, in an original new comic miniseries, Hill throws wide the candy cane gates to tell a standalone story that is at once both accessible to new readers, and sure to delight fans of the book.”

Judging by the eight page preview made available at the last minute by IDW,  The Wraith appears to be quite creepy.  What I have seen of Charles P. Wilson III’s drawing I have enjoyed.  Having not explored Joe Hill’s other Wraith titles, I am not quite sure


of what to expect.  This looks to be a solid comic.  I will be interested to see how it all pans out.




Walking Dead #116

” ‘ALL OUT WAR’ continues! The first battle of the war rages on!”

Another excellent comic for which I anxiously await every four weeks is Image Comics’ zombie horror title, The Walking Dead.  This title out shines every other book in the genre.  The  ensanguined zombie killing action on which horror fans subsist is tempered with deeply engrossing drama as the story of this group of survivors unfolds.  The Walking Dead is a uniquely and well told tale with depth and identifiable characters.  Charlie Adlard adds his Penny5ingenious touch, drawing the black and white book with style and flair.  Even if you are not a fan of the AMC series bearing the same title, as a loyal comic book reader you owe it to yourself to give The Walking Dead a read.


This week’s Pull List is complete.  Go, my merciless minion/minions (Not sure how many of you are actually viewing this contemptible column) and do as I bid.  Descend on the hapless comic shops near you.  Leave none alive as you rain down destruction on those would steal your precious comic books.  I must bid you adieu, Priscilla is waiting.

Horror Comics at TFAW.com

DeathClown’s Pull List for 10/16/2013


Halfway to Halloween and the flood of horror comic goodness shows no signs of stopping.  Sharpen those fangs my despicable droolers, and light another candle in the sepulcher for we are about to feed on the rich blood of New Comic Book Day.


Hellraiser Dark Watch #9

“As the wars between Hells heat up, Elliott Spencer’s new role in the battle is revealed, while Tiffany tries to figure out where she fits in the new world order.” 

Clive Barker has written a choice bit of graphic fiction with his usual flair for the malefic and the macabre. Hellraiser: the Dark Watch is another resplendent addition to the Hellraiser universe. Including gun toting cenobites pitted against a new menace set free from an alternate Hell dimension, this is a Hellraiser series unlike any other. Tom Garcia who has been creating brilliant art for the Hellraiser comic since 2011, makes this book as visually stunning as it is well written. I was pleased to find all of my favorite classic Penny4cenobites as well as some new additions to the terrifying special forces of Leviathan. This an excellent horror comic that Hellraiser zealots will love.





BPRD Hell on Earth #112

“As Liz flees the monster-filled hospital, her conscience kicks in and she thinks of everyone she left behind at the mercy of the mad doctor. She has to return to save them, but what can she do when she remains powerless? Can she find the fire again?”

I can’t say I am entirely satisfied with this somewhat pale horror series written by Mike Mignolia. Being fairly new to Hell on Earth, I haven’t found much to hold my continuing interest. This comic seems to have been written only for the benefit of long time readers, containing so many references to Penny2past events that it isn’t newb friendly in the least. Tyler Crook’s tedious illustrations appear unrefined and contain little of the fine detail present in other Hellboy spin-offs such as Abe Sapien and Lobster Johnson. The well drawn covers by Rafael Albuquerque are very stylish and look great. It is unfortunate his work is not featured between the covers as well. I would love to tell you that I enjoyed this tiresome book, but the Clown refuses to lie. In my opinion, this is not Mignola’s best work.





Baltimore Infernal Train #2

“When Baltimore and Duvic find themselves fighting side by side against a plague of vampires, our hero is captured and taken to a weird ritual where a witch plans to feed him to the ancient undead.”

The Infernal Train is the fourth volume in another Mike Mignola series featuring the vampire hunting war hero, Lord Henry Baltimore. Baltimore first appeared in 2007 in an illustrated novel bearing the title Baltimore, or The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire. The first chapter of the comic book series, The Plague Ships, began publication in 2010. In The Infernal Train, Baltimore continues his mission to slay Penny3master vampire Haigus. Generally I tend to find monster/vampire hunting stories rather dull and unappealing. However in this book, Mignola and Golden have written an original and compelling tale. While the writing goes a long way towards making up for the less than stellar artwork of Ben Stenbeck The Infernal Train is still not much to look at. Dave Stewart does his best to add color to this mess making each page a little easier on the eye. Over all I have decided to approve of this impressively drawn but excellently written horror comic.





The Strain: The Fall #4

“As a full-fledged war breaks out in Harlem, Gus’s heavily armed gang and an old luchador let the Master know they won’t give up their city without one helluva fight! It’s an all-out vampire brawl! Elsewhere, Fet makes a groundbreaking discovery about the vampires as Eph makes a fateful decision about his role in the ongoing battle for survival.”

The Strain is a comic book adaptation of a trilogy of horror novels by Guillermo del Torro and Chuck Hogan. The comic series is written by a favorite author of mine, David Lapham. Lapham has worked on titles for almost every major comic book publisher Penny5including Avatar’s Crossed. Mike Huddleston’s creepily electrifying illustrations add rich depth to the horror element of this book. One of the most appealing qualities of this comic has to be the grotesque appearance of the vampires. No sparkling, soulful eyed and pretty hemophiliacs present here. Instead, The Strain has ghastly pale, shrieking ghouls traipsing about butt-nekkid harpooning hapless victims with insanely long barbed tongues. Also, they are as contagious as pink-eye in a poorly chlorinated public pool, spreading with lightning speed through city after city. This terrifying book has to be my favorite vampire book next to Ben Templesmith’s 30 days of Night. The Strain: The Fall is a chilling action packed horror comic that should not be missed.




Dark Shadows #21

“In the fight against the soulless Barnabas Collins and his vampire army, how far will Nicholas Blair go to change the horrible future glimpsed in far-off 1984?  Could his decision lead the Collins clan into an even darker future? Or will his actions be too late to save a trusted ally?” 


Ugh. Just one painfully grunted syllable is all that is needed to describe this dull title from Dynamite. Mike Raicht who has written for Marvel’s Wolverine and Deadpool must have been lost in a Quaalude/cough syrup induced stupor when he wrote this terrible comic. Penny1Nacho Tenorio should have kept his day job as a luchador because his kindergarten inspired artwork in Dark Shadows belongs on his mother’s refrigerator not on the pages of this dreadful comic book. In addition to Dark Shadows, Dynamite has released two spin off series, one of which is a crossover with DeathClown’s much despised nemesis, Vampirella. Devotees of 1970’s soap opera melodramas will appreciate this cliche stuffed vampire story, real horror fans however, should avoid Dark Shadows at any cost.





X-Files Season 10 #5

“The sense-shattering conclusion! Reunited at last, Mulder and Scully pursue the Deacon deep beneath the surface of Yellowstone National Park. Also in pursuit are the telltale black helicopters of the FBI, but are they friend . . . or foe?” 

Pining for X-files?  IDW’s X-files: season 10 is an excellent way to get the fix you so desperately need.  Written by Chris Carter, screen writer of the show, this is a truly authentic X-Files experience.  Micheal Walsh a Canadian (nobody is perfect) artist has drawn for Image Comic/ Shadowline’s mini-series, Comeback.  He is also scheduled to draw another Image series, Penny3Zero in 2013.  While the artwork is not spectacular, the story more than makes up for the mediocre illustration.  I found this book to be highly readable and a must-have for devotees of the original X-Files program.





Bushido #3

“Stepbrothers Orochi and Kichiro must put aside their differences to battle the vampire invasion before the sun can rise to be their savior. But will daylight truly bring the safety they so desperately seek?”

This exciting Japanese set vampire tale was absolutely not a chore to read. I own the first three issues in digital form and eagerly await next week when issue four will be in stores. Bushido continues to tell a compelling horror story with eye popping art and a fantastic plot. Illustrated by the prestigious Studio Hive and authored by Top Cow veteran writer Rob Levin, Bushido is a masterfully created work of comic book art. Bushido is an excellent samurai adventure that is to be published Penny4weekly until the end of October.




Sheltered #4

“Victoria and Hailey find themselves hunted, their only salvation the trappings of a bunker. Lucas’s true colors begin to show as he takes deadly measures to maintain control of the survivors.” 

Sheltered is reminiscent of Children of the Corn with a little Lord of the Flies thrown in.  The youths raised by survivalists awaiting catastrophe in a secluded bunker have decided that in order to endure the coming apocalypse, all adults in the compound must die.  After this parental coup, any child attempting to escape is hunted down and riddled with machine-gun lead..  Image and IDW veteran writer Ed Brisson, has put Penny3together a gripping story with compelling characters.  Johnny Christmas, illustrator of Image’s Grim Leaper is an exemplary artist who’s work complements the narrative nicely.  I am not sure if Sheltered should fall into the horror category, but it is a decent book and a fairly good read.





 Crossed Badlands #39

“The ultimate ’70s grindhouse showdown is here! Murdering bikers! Stoned junkies! And a whole mess of diabolical Crossed, bring this story to an explosive, violent, and horrifying end. Three very different people come together to exact vengeance and meet their bloody fates. SIMON SPURRIER delivers the concluding issue of the ‘American Quitters’ arc with a shocking and miserable finale that will leave you emotionally exhausted.”

DeathClown favorite Crossed is back for another ghastly, grotesque, gore-fest.  Some how after five years of delivering stories of the maniacal infected, each arc manages to be fresh, original and always compelling.  I Penny5could read fifty issues of Crossed in a day and still desire more.  At the risk of sounding repetitive, I love this book.  You should buy it or steal it immediately.





Extinction Parade #3

“Vampires have ignored the growing zombie threat for too long, feeling the zombie subdead were beneath them. Only too late do they realize that the plague has shifted the tide from annoyance to the outright annihilation of the human race. But the history of vampires has them ill-prepared to mount an offensive.” 

World War Z author Max Brooks offers us yet another zombie story, but this time with a twist.  This is not the tale of a hapless band of apocalypse survivors .  Instead we see through the eyes of vampire observers.  Their food supply dwindles as the sub-dead plague spreads to infect more and more humans.  They have seen resurgences of the Penny5virus many times in the long histiry of man but never on such a scale.  Raulo Caceres illustrator of many issues of Avatar’s Crossed, brings his masterful touch to Extinction Parade.  His artwork is delightfully grisly and he draws a, for lack of a better pun, really killer zombies.  This is an original, fresh take on the much repeated  zombie theme.



Well, now that you have satiated your burning hunger it is time for respite.  Lean back comfortably against your favorite headstone comics in hand and indulge in a little dirt nap.  Enjoy what this week has to offer in the way of frightful funnybooks.  I will be back next week to again rouse you from eternal slumber with more ichor  illustrated hell bound horror .


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DeathClown’s Pull List for 10/09/13

This week in light of the cyclopian nature of Wednesday’s Pull List,  I have decided to keep this brief.  The massive deluge of horror comics being released this week in honor of the spookiest month of the year presents a challenge of ponderous proportions.  Fear not, rancid readers.  DeathClown is more than equal to this herculean task. We have a whopping twenty three titles to review this week, making this the most colossal compendium of comic critiques to date!  Let us begin…


 Zombies vs Cheerleaders VOL 2 #3

“Featuring the ZvC debut of indie star creator Ray Friesen (Pirate Penguin vs. Ninja Chicken) and a new Becky & Bob adventure! Also, a new installment of Rich Koslowski’s Death Valley High. Includes the second of the three Z-V-C puzzle variant covers!”

The third issue of this sophomoric disappointment turned out to be just as awful as the first two. Zombies vs Cheerleader’s is an anthology comprised of four different zombie shorts. I am still reeling from the traumatic ordeal I was subjected to at the hands of this book. You might assume that out of four completely different stories at least one would be a little bit readable. Not in the case of this puerile publication. The artists seem to all have drawn for Hanna Barbara at some point in their careers, having little in the way oPenny1f technique and even less in the way of talent. Suffice it to say I was unimpressed if not down right offended by this suck-fest. The writers were equally incompetent, creating stories so bad as to leave the reader completely devoid of interest. I can not command any of my readers to not buy this exceedingly dreadful comic book, but I can urge you to use caution before wasting any hard earned coinage on this terrible read.






 Rachel Rising #20

“Rachel and Jet must face off against Mary Scott and Hannah the snake lady if they intend to save the town of Manson, and witchcraft is the weapon of choice. Is Rachel ready for such a dangerous test of her long-forgotten powers? Find out in the latest issue of Terry Moore’s horror thriller!”

Terry Moore has self published three of his own original titles beginning in 1993 with Strangers in Paradise. Since then he has worked on a slew of projects for a myriad of publishers Penny4including Marvel Comic’s Spider-man Loves Mary Jane from 2008-2009. His current book, Rachel Rising, is I believe, among his best. Rachel Rising revolves around central character Rachel (of course) who after regaining conciseness buried in a remote shallow grave, discovers that she cannot die.  Rachel engages silliness Lilith who possesses an enduring animosity towards the entire human race. Lilith, still pissed after all these years about Adam dumping her in favor of the more tractable Eve, has vowed to destroy all mankind. Rachel must stop her by any means necessary in this provocative supernatural fiction. Terry Moore excels in both his story telling and illustration styles. The artwork in this black and white comic is executed in simple but refreshingly unique fashion. This is a very well crafted horror comic and makes for a compelling read.








 Afterlife with Archie #1

“A horrific accident sets off a series of grim events and Sabrina the Teenage Witch must try to repair the unspeakable evil her spell has unleashed. Gasp in horror as Riverdale faces an impending zombie Arch-pocalypse in this brand-new, spine-tingling ongoing series-but be warned, kiddies, this one’s not for the faint of heart!”

Archie Comics plunges boldly into the zombie horror genre. Although I am not well versed in the wacky adventures of Archie, Jughead and the rest of the gang, I find myself with Penny3the overwhelming urge to watch Betty and Veronica be horribly dismembered and eaten alive by a decomposing, mindlessly hungry undead Archie. Italian artist Francesco Francavilla creator of The Black Beetle and Dynamite’s Zorro series lends his formidable talents to the project. Writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa co-author of the screen adaptation of the 2013 reboot of Stephen King’s Carrie completes the team.  Afterlife with Archie is said to be unlike any other title ever released by Archie Comic Publications. I am expecting to be blown away tomorrow when I purchase this much anticipated comic. I pray I will not be disappointed.





 Crossed Badlands #38

“Errol was right not to trust anyone.

Now he and Frank are prisoners of a crazy priest and are living bait for the Crossed. But these men on a mission don’t die easy and the story ain’t over until the beatnik and the biker get their revenge.”

Scarcely a week after the gripping 37th issue we are promptly treated to another blood soaked installment of Crossed Badlands!  One of the greatest things about this book has to be  the nearly instant gratification that comes with not having to wait a full Penny5month between each gore dripping

issue. This comic has so many of the qualities we admire in homo sapiens.  We have the complete sociapathic lack of empathy coupled with an endearing adoration of any type of depraved sexual perversion imaginable.  The aphoristic nature of each story arc makes Crossed the perfect comic for readers new to the series.  Simon Spurrier continues to delight horror fans with his ever more demented  dissertation reaching new heights of lunacy with each issue .  Raphael Ortiz, a seasoned Avatar veteran, keeps pace with his equally disturbing illustrations.  I would have to recommend this graphic gore-fest to any fan of death and destruction. I read this every night to my little clowns before bed.  They sleep like dead babies.





 Skin Trade #3

“Werewolves clash with snarling ferocity but Randi Wade is on the cusp of uncovering a trail of murders that ends with her father’s death years ago. A chess game is being played with humans as the pieces and life and death the stakes. She must navigate the mysterious machinations before she becomes the latest victim of brutal murder.”

Being asked to provide my own  assessment of this lycanthropic horror comic book, I would say that Skin Penny4Trade is first and foremost a fascinating murder mystery.  As you read can sense an almost palpable air of trepidation  the  tension rises.  Authored by George R.R. Martin, well known for his work on the much lauded 1980’s television show Beauty and the Beast starring the divinely gifted Ron Perlman, Skin Trade is written in a class all it’s own. It gets even better. The victims of these brutal murders are found flayed alive, skins completely missing. They also incidentally all happen to be werewolves.  A beautiful female gumshoe and a rugged homicide detective join forces to solve these gruesome murders in a race against time.  Will they be able to catch the diabolically brutal killer before he strikes again?  Now the artwork in this book though acceptably competent is less than spectacular but the story is so skillfully written, that it could be drawn by a six year old with a dull purple crayon and still be more than readable.  Skin Trade is one werewolf story that has earned the much coveted DeathClown seal of approval.





 Night of the 80’s Undead #2

“Having broken into the biggest Hollywood party of 1986, our gang of Sixteen Candles-style teens must now survive what’s become a Commie-Coke-Zombie-Bash of epic proportions! Can they team up with action stars to do battle with the undead icons? Are there enough automatic weapons at their disposal?!”

As I prepared myself to read issue #2 of Action Lab’s most recent zombie horror title, I was not quite sure what to expect. After the monumental disappointment I endured at the hands of Dynamite and Penny5their poorly scripted horror/humor(?)

title The Mocking Dead, I was not thrilled at the idea of reliving the experience  of yet another so called zombie “laugh riot”. As I began to tentatively turn pages, my expression of suspicious caution slowly transformed itself into a slight up curling of the lips . As I continued to on the next page, my smile became a wide grin which was followed by a quiet chuckle. by the time I was half way through this amusing story my exuberant chortling had increased to such a volume that I began to draw irritated glances from the humorless Mrs.DeathClown.  I have to admit, I underestimated the hilarity of this infectiously droll comic. Writer Bill McKay who in the past, has done work for Image, Avatar, and Zenoscope Entertainment has crafted a wickedly funny original piece of graphic fiction. Let us not forget Jason Martin who is famous for his beautiful cover art for both Marvel and DC as well as others. Martin’s fluid style is pleasing to the eye forgoing the sharp angles and severe line work of other artists in favor of smooth curves and softly rounded shapes. Although his character depictions are slightly cartoonish, they are not offensively so, working very well with the tone of the book. Having an unusually jaded and dry sense of humor for a clown, there are few comic books of this type that can tickle my grouchy funnybone in such fashion. After finishing the hilarious #2, I  immediately raced to my computer to download issue #1.  Reading Night of the 80’s Undead will induce convulsions of uncontrollable laughter in even the grumpiest of comic fans. Plus, the zombies are like grody to the max. Oh, and as a bonus, each issue contains a link to a special Spotify playlist meant for listening to as you read. This is a totally tubular soundtrack featuring some of the greatest classic 80’s tracks ever recorded.





 Abe Sapien #6

“Abe uncovers connections between the hell on earth he and the B.P.R.D. are experiencing, and blood-soaked Mayan legends of the origins of man and the end of the world.”

As my regular readers should have discovered by now, there is nothing I appreciate more than a comic that provides an original, uniquely styled visual encounter. Abe Sapien’s Max Fiumara delivers this in abundance. As an avid comic book reader, I despise the homogeneous Marvel Way* style of illustration so prevalent Penny4among many super hero titles. Fiumara satisfies all of my reading requirements in this regard.   Abe Sapien #6 sets in motion a new story arc succeeding the former, A New Age of Man. As this gripping story of Abe’s quest for self realization continues, more and more of his complex character is revealed. Mike Mignolia and John Arcudi have spun a splendidly crafted yarn. Although originally a spin-off of Mignolia’s Hellboy, Abe Sapien has become a prodigious title in it’s own right and  is a rewarding comic book reading experience even for those who are not devotees of Hellboy or BPRD.

How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way





 Creepy Comics #14

 “You can’t believe how many things there are to be afraid of! First, forget black cats-Ray Fawkes (Justice League Dark) and Tomm Coker (Zombie Bomb!) will make you terrified of blackbirds! And Matthew Southworth (Stumptown) takes you further into the dark than you’ve ever imagined! Better learn to read from behind your fingers!”

Creepy is a fun black and white format horror anthology comic that is released bi-monthly by Dark Horse.   This book is a terrifying tribute to the Penny3 classic illustrated horror magazines of the 1950’s.  Complete with horrible host Uncle Creepy, this comic book contains stories featuring both comically created cartoons and crypt crawling creatures.  In keeping with horror anthology tradition, Creepy is done by a variety of villainous virtuosi, including some of the most abominable authors and aberrant artists in the industry.  This book is an entertaining journey into  and though a little kitschy, is perfect for Halloween holiday reading.  One thing to note: with an age rating of 8+, don’t expect too many scenes containing grisly depictions of demoniac disembowlings or depraved dismemberment.





  Coffin Hill #1

Penny3 ” Following a night of sex, drugs and witchcraft in the woods, Eve wakes up naked, covered in blood and unable to remember how she got there. One friend is missing, one is in a mental ward-and one knows that Eve is responsible. After a stint as a Boston cop that ends in a bullet wound and unintended celebrity, Eve returns to Coffin Hill, only to discover the darkness that she unleashed ten years ago in the woods was never contained. It continues to seep through the town, cursing the soul of this sleepy Massachusetts hollow, spilling secrets and enacting its revenge.” 

Vertigo’s new black and white horror title Coffin Hill has potential to be one of the more interesting books premiering  this October.  The publisher has enlisted the prowess of horror writer Caitlin Kittredge.  Kittredge is the author of both adult and teen fictions and has written four separate series of novels spanning over twenty five volumes and short stories.  This being her comic book debut, many have high expectations.  Coffin Hill is illustrated by Inaki Miranda, a Spanish artist who has drawn for 2000 AD’s Judge Dredd the Megazine, and Vertigo’s fantasy titles Fables and Fairest.  As a rule I tend to avoid the fantasy genre as much as possible so I am not overly familiar with much of his work.  But as a fan of the Judge Dredd character, I expect to be treated to some kick-ass artwork.  With such an intriguing preview, let us hope that Coffin Hill delivers as promised.    





 Cryptozoic Man #1

“Alan Ostman, a middle-aged husband/father, sees his life quickly unravel when his daughter goes missing on a camping trip in the Pacific Northwest…Bigfoot country. After Gray aliens abduct him from a roadside bar, he learns that the fate of the world is dependent on trapping the world’s most legendary cryptids…not to mention defeating a psychopath in a pig-shaped leather bondage mask, Alan knows he has his work cut out for him.”

Emphatically endorsed by the legendary Stan Lee, Cryptozoic Man Penny3is the brainchild of Walter Flanaghan and Bryan Johnson, stars of  AMC’s hit comic geek reality series, Comic Book Men.  This four issue mini-series from Dynamite is discussed on more than one episode of the show plugging the comic frequently and shamelessly.  The prevailing sentiment in the discussion I followed on CBR’s comic book forum was one of general approval and anticipation of the release of this book.  One pessimistic voice of reason rang out in the midst of the vacuous gibbering of this mindless mob of caterwauling fan boys.   His views were very similar to my own, asserting his disgust and disappointment in what from the previews, appeared to be over hyped commercial comic book garbage.  Until I actually read Crytozoic Man, whether both of us are accurate in our negative appraisals of this newly published series will remain a mystery.





 Ghostbusters #8

“The Ghostbusters have their hands full in this issue! Kylie, Peter, and Ray have boarded the John Milton to meet its restless captain — the stubborn spirit of a teenager who was lost at sea in the ship’s original sinking!”

Fans of the 1980’s Ghostbusters movies will be extremely disappointing in this snot rag of a comic book. Starring all of our familiar much loved characters, where Ghostbusters tragically fails is in the inadequate writing. For a professional comic book author, Erick Bunham has Penny2generated some especially poorly

scripted dialog containing little, if any of the witty banter we have come to expect from the sarcastic Dr. Venkman.  Collaborating on this visually unimpressive project are artists Claire Hummel and Erick Burnham who provide little in the way originality and even less in style. This book has virtually nothing to offer the discriminating horror buff who may like me, may even find this comic a little offensive. I suppose a rabid Ghostbusters enthusiast would feel the need to own these books in the name of a totally complete collection. My advice to anyone else would be to wait for the Ghostbusters 3 movie which is rumored to begin production in late 2013.





 Mars Attacks Judge Dredd #2

“The Martian mayhem continues in Mega-City One! It’s all-out gang war as the Martians help muscle in on as much territory as possible. Meanwhile, Dredd brings in one of the Mafia dons for interrogation, and what Judge Anderson discovers sends chills down her spine. And what’s inside the mysterious sphere found in the Mafia nightclub?”

Martians and Mega-City 1. What other two science fiction leviathans could meld together in such fashion to produce such a fine comic book?  Mars Attacks Judge Dredd is a crime Penny3story by 2000 AD writer, Al Ewing.  With Martians.  Ewing creates a perfectly scripted sci-fi masterpiece starring fan favorite, Judge Dredd.  And Martians.  Mars Attacks artist John McCrea adds his own drawing expertise, showing off his deviously depicted villains and his gallantly penciled heroes.  And Martians.  With these two at the helm, a comic book like this can hardly hope to fail.  Even though this is not strictly speaking, a horror comic, I still feel justified in recommending this fun book to anyone as it is pure comic book magic.  Did I mention it has Martians?





 Bushido: Way of the Warrior #2

“VAMPIRES IN FEUDAL JAPAN! Kichiro is an outsider in feudal Japan. Lacking the Japanese blood that would allow him to become a samurai, Kichiro must fulfill his dreams of serving the shogun in a less traditional manner… by eliminating every foreign supernatural threat that rears its fangs!”

After doing a little digging, I discovered that the first three issues of Top Cow Production’s Bushido were first made available for digital download from July through Penny4September of 2013.  This October, all five are scheduled to be released with one issue every week.  When did October start getting an extra week?  I digress.  Bushido is an exciting vampire story taking place, ironically, in the land of the rising sun.  Written by Rob Levin author of many DC, Top Cow and Radical comics, Bushido possesses most of the admirable qualities that comprise a good comic book.  The tight story moves quickly with no time wasted between pages.  Levon has crafted exemplary characters, with heroes, villains, and love interests interacting in a well integrated plot.  Jessada Sutthi of Studio Hive produces beautifully painted illustrations with great depth and detail.  I had no problem flying through three issues of this terrific vampire comic.  Bushido is another excellent way to spend your allotted comic book reading time this October.





 Ghosted #4

 “Murder. Lies. Betrayal. Winters’ team of paranormal experts has only scratched the surface of the Trask Mansion’s horrors. After a ritual gone wrong, are they the next to be added to its gruesome history?”

Joshua Williamson has created another fairly readable horror title for Image Comics.  Slow to start, the story of this occult thriller has improved a little with each issue.  Croatian artist Goran Sudzuuka is competent and seems to know his way around a drawing board somewhat.  I would not call Ghosted Penny3my favorite book but it is not a bad way to pass the time while perched upon the can, straining to pinch off a devastating fecal assault on the hapless plumbing.





 Miniature Jesus #4

“Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A recovering alcoholic, an 8″ tall Jesus, a mummified cat and Satan walk into a bar . . . No? Then check out the final issue of this exceptionally unorthodox series and see how the punchline might not be what you’d expect.”

Created, written, and illustrated, by Ted McKeever, Miniature Jesus is a masterpiece of graphic literature. The story revolves around Chomski, a recovering alcoholic. Beset by a tiny malignantly sarcastic demon, Chomski is encouraged to give up his Penny5hard earned sobriety and return once more to the bottle. His only salvation appears in the form of an enigmatic eight inch statue of Jesus Christ. This disturbingly delphian story is expertly drafted but can often leave the reader feeling a little perplexed. Where Miniature Jesus most excels is in McKeever’s stunningly detailed delineation. His stunning use of light and shadow approaches genius in it’s complexity. I find myself quite impressed with this profound and uniquely well executed comic book. As another DeathClown approved horror comic, I would encourage any reader to put Miniature Jesus at the top of his/her shopping list for Wednesday.





 Hoax Hunters #11

“Regan and Donovan’s encounter with the deadly demon in their search for the Book of All Futures reveals a shocking insight from Donovan’s past. Meanwhile, Jack and Ken continue to quell the surging cryptid activity across the Midwest.”

Hoax Hunters is about a team of specialists who track various cryptids who are basically legendary creatures of inhuman persuasion.  In the guise of filming a ghost hunter type reality show, the team comprised of one black guy, a girl with demonically endowed powers, a zombie rocket Penny3scientist, and finally an antique space suit possessed by the spirit of a dead astronaut and filled with crows, is tasked with discrediting rumors of these monsters’ existence in order to protect the fragile minds of the common folk.  So far this sounds like an awesome idea for a comic book.  As hard as I tried, I just could not get into this unremarkable book.  Issue ten marked the beginning of a new story arc that is at least decently drawn by artist T-Rex.  As long as Hoax Hunters continues be illustrated by this superbly proficient calciminer, I shall continue to find this comic readable.  As for the tedious talent of Michael Moreci, his prosaic penmanship can be aptly described in one word.  Meh.



 Walking Dead #115

 “ALL-OUT WAR BEGINS! The biggest storyline in WALKING DEAD history – just in time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the series! It’s Rick versus Negan with a little help from everyone else!”

Robert Kirkman’s inspired zombie drama continues to delight horror fans everywhere.  Any viewer expressing adoration of AMC’s television adaptation of this legendary title is likely to get an earful from devotees of the Walking Dead comic. Countless times I have heard the religiously stated refrain , “If you like the show, you will love the Penny5comic book!”  This mantra has been so reverently whispered for so many years that for a long time, I refused to read this popular boojust for spite.  After all, I reasoned, if that many people like a thing so much, it must be obnoxious mainstream swill. Eventually my stubborn resolve had eroded sufficiently for me to acquiesce to peer pressure and actually read this accolade earning zombie nerd bible.  I promptly found myself joining the multitude of Walking Dead fanatics.  The book is so, so, much better than the show.  Kirkman crafts an enthralling zombie tale in which many of the desperate survivors are worse fiends than the pitiable brain munchers. Charley Adlard creats strikingly monochromatic environments peopled by the tattered undead and the ragged remnants of what were once human beings. Adlard’s stylistic simplicity is perfectly suited to the overall tone of the story.   His imagery can sometimes evoke feelings of the stark hopelessnes remaining after the fall of civilization.  The Walking Dead must surely be one of the most

compelling zombie stories ever told.  I can understand how

one might be skeptical, but I have spoken only the truth.  It would be a shame for any horror comic enthusiast to over look this excellent  book.  Finally, I have one more small tidbit of information.  In addition to issue #115, Image Comics is releasing a tenth anniversary special edition of the The Walking Dead  first issue. For the serious Walking Dead collector, the opportunity to acquire this treasure  will be too enticing to resist.


The Walking Dead #1 10th Anniversary Special Edition 



Dexter #4

“Dexter Morgan isn’t just Miami’s #1 forensic blood splatter expert, he’s also a serial killer who targets other serial killers! Has Dexter met his match and did he help create him?  The bodies are piling up-and Dexter might be next!”

Marvel Comic’s Dexter is an indescribably awful mini-series running for a gut wrenching five issues.  I have resolved to endure all five no matter the risk to soul and sanity.  So far the plot has been so predictable that by now an eight year old afflicted with Down’s Syndrome could probably tell you the ending.  This is possibly the worst comic I have ever had the misfortune of reading.  An aggravating affront to the memory of the freshly deceased Showtime series, I was shocked to learn that Jeff Lindsey author of the original Dexter novels is also responsible for writing this terrible comic book adaptation!  I find it so sad when a talented artist publicly succumbs to the ravages of heavy crack addiction.  Speaking of artists, Dalibor Talajic’s unoriginal work is one reason for my contempt of the bloated mainstream crap factory that the greed riddled Marvel Comics has become in its latter years. But the end is sight.  The light at the end of the tunnel is becoming faintly visible as we reach the second to last issue of this egregious excrement entitled Dexter.                                                                          





 John Carpenter’s Asylum #4

“Beckett and the Angel Killer have a sit down in which he learns that these killings are the first piece of a much larger puzzle. Duran risks his life to save his partner”.

Asylum is an adrenaline  producing, gorgeously painted horror comic created by the famed director, John Carpenter.  It is the well written tale of a defrocked priest on a mission to exorcise a  malefic demon while battling his own.  Jason Craig, also the artist on the Freddy vs Jason vs Ash mini-series from Dynamite and the now defunct Penny4Wildstorm, has done some of his most outstanding work in this God vs Satan horror story.  Each panel is skillfully drawn in his own distinctive style.  I love the darkly haunting presence predominate in both his back and foregrounds.  Talented author Bruce Jones, has written for both DC and Marvel and has worked on the HBO series The Hitch Hiker.  This team has pieced together a fine comic book replete with grimly religious undertones and suggestions of an invisible realm not so far from our own. John Carpenter’s Asylum will not disappoint even the most hardcore fans of the occult horror story.





 Grimms Fairy Tales Halloween Special

“Over the years Sela has faced a host of foes. The Piper, Headless Horseman, Jack Frost and the Scarecrow have all menaced her at one time or another. But she’s never had to face them all at the same time…until now! In the midst of a Halloween designed for Sela, Red and Robyn to have some fun all hell breaks loose and they find themselves in a fight for their lives. This is one Halloween they’ll never forget…if they manage to survive it!”

The original series Grimms Fairy Penny1Tales, has spawned no less than   twenty five spin-off titles and mini-series’.  These irritatingly prolific comics have obviously been carefully crafted to appeal to the tastes of the lowest form of reader, the hormone infused adolescent male. These books feature mostly sword wielding scantily clad female protagonists who valiantly confront the really villainous, super evil Forces of Darkness. All the while striking fetching poses and showing off tantalizing portions of implausibly constructed anatomy. With so many titles to choose from there must exist one or two with some redeeming quality , right? I must once again be the bearer of grimm tidings. If such a book does exist, I would not expect to find it here. One of the few blemishes on the upcoming otherwise unbesmirched All Hallows Eve, are the appearance of countless “Halloween specials” cleverly designed to capitalize on the spirit of this time honored tradition. This so called special, appears to be in every way thoroughly unremarkable. If the short preview provided by Zenoscope Entertainment is in any way indicative of the workmanship displayed in the rest of the book, perhaps we all should consider keeping our wallets firmly in pocket. One thing of which we can be sure, this awful looking one shot absolutely fits the description of bloodcurdling horror comic impossibly well. The very thought that someone would intentionally buy the Grimm Fairy Tales Halloween Special is enough to cause my bowels to clench in spasms of terror and cause my entire body to break out in large beads of cold sweat.





 Screwed #5

“A demon from the past appears to threaten Erin’s sanity. Anne attempts to reach out to the life she once knew but can she get past the monster she’s become? Meanwhile the main event that fans have been asking for since issue 1 arrives: Agent Simon and Suture face off and only one will walk away! And the stage is set for the explosive finale as the mysterious puppeteer who has been pulling the strings is finally revealed!”

Screwed is a decent horror title published by Zenoscope, beginning in June of 2013.  It is the story of Anne, Penny3a young woman who awakens in a hospital room with no memory of how she came to possess super strong stitched on limbs and fashionable neck bolts.  From here on we shall refer to her as Franken-bitch.  Franken-bitch must discover with the help of a lovely FBI agent why she was created and who is trying to kill her.  Screwed has been described as a mature, modern day re-imagining of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein.  Really it is not bad.  The story authored by Keith Thomas and drawn by David Miller is mildly interesting and contains a bounty of buxom bouncy breasted female characters and with plenty of gore thrown in for good measure.  I cannot say I was profoundly moved by this book, but I was reasonably entertained for a short period of time.  Also, this issue was released last week as a digital download so having read it, I will not spoil the ending.  I will say this, it is most unwise to fuck with the Franken-bitch.


We have at last reached the final entry in this week’s inexhaustibly extensive horror comic enchiridion .   Now spent, I hunch tiredly over this cursed keyboard, typing with numb blistered fingers these last few words of wisdom.  Waste not your precious minds absorbing the abundance of comic book refuse pushed by the parsimonious publishers of such offensive offal.  Instead, hearken unto the clown. For I am have discovered the path of true enlightenment and also because some of you are very stupid.

Horror Comics at TFAW.com




DeathClown’s Pull List for 10/02/13

September has passed. We have survived mostly unscathed to at last be enfolded in the sweet succor of October’s tender embrace.  Twenty-nine days remain until the most revered of holiday festivities will once more ensue.  To pass the time during this season of eager anticipation when the little ones ready pillow cases and the biggest children, namely us, hone our scare tactics,  the comic book deities have blessed us with many  horrifically chilling new titles.  Regular readers of this publication will be pleased to discover that this week’s Pull List will actually be published BEFORE new comic book day.  Many thanks to Darth Biscuits and Benny Buzzkill for their tireless efforts in correcting the irritating technical difficulties that have been plaguing my column for the past month.  The many delays have provided me the opportunity to make a few modifications to my precious almanac.  From now on, in order to view a preview of a book one has only to click on the cover.  Where a preview is not available, I have included a short excerpt from the latest issue of the comic in question.  Please enjoy, or at the very least tolerate my macabre musings.  I encourage comments both cavillous and complementary. Just remember, clowns have been known to hold a grudge.


 Johnny the Homicidal Maniac #1

“Enter the dark corners of the human psyche in these hilarious and thought-provoking episodes in the life of one spindly, black-clad young homicidal maniac, as well as his terrified neighbor boy Squee, the unfortunately superior Wobble Headed Bob, a blood-drinking wall, cavernous basement torture rooms, and Johnny’s own comic, Happy Noodle Boy.”

Penned by Jhonen Vasquez, creator of the animated cartoon Invader Zim, this latest edition of “Johnny the Homicidal Maniac” or JTHM, is a reprint of the original 90’s series.  First published in 1996 by Slave Labor, this book has enjoyed some measure of popularity  among indie comics fans.  I can certainly see the appeal. With the manic monochromatic brush work of Vasquez, one can almost experience first hand the schizoid starkness of the delusional world of in which Johnny exists. The inner monologue of the psychotic protagonist is well written but I feel the lettering could have been executed in a slightly more legible fashion  .  Vasquez has himself admitted that most of the script was improvised in the final moments of inking.  That said, I found the deranged humor and seizure inducing illustration to be worth a read.






 Crossed Badlands #37

“What do a hardcore biker and a hippie have in common? In the bleak landscape of the Crossed they have become traveling buddies giving us the strangest bloody violent road trip ever. Errol and Frank are the odd couple of the apocalypse and they have only one goal on this crazy road trip to kill as many Crossed as they can before they die.”

The crossed can best be described as demented children compelled commit acts the most deranged caligulan debauchery imaginable.  Issue #37 is the beginning of a fresh story arc with an all new group of survivors.  “Dan the Unharmable” artist Rafael Ortiz has graced us with some of his most sickening work ever.  Simon Spurrier whose notable works include  “Judge Dredd” and “X-Men Legacy” pens a tale of horror and survival set in a grim post- apocalyptic milieu.  This has to be one of my all time DeathClown favorites and a sanguinistic torture-fest that is not to be missed.






 Grindhouse Doors Open At Midnight #1

“Literature: overrated. Morality: expendable. Tonight is right for some over-the-top sex and violence! Bringing the flavor of midnight exploitation flicks to comics, Grindhouse delivers four two-issue gore operas, starting with “Bee Vixens from Mars,” pitting a one-eyed southern Latina deputy against lusty alien chicks bent on laying eggs in the entire male population!”

“Doors open at Midnight” is a tribute to the B-movie classics that fans of the genre will adore.  Drawn by artist Chris Peterson and authored by Eisner award winning Alex de Campi, this new series from Dark Horse,looks to be an entertaining  fall treat.  Of course it might also be a sad attempt to capitalize on the infamous Grindhouse name.  I will reserve any further postulation for a later date as we can’t be judging a book by it’s admittedly beautiful cover.  Now can we?






 Night of the Living Dead Aftermath #11

“The Las Vegas survivors thought they were saved, delivered unto a military compound where the human race could fight back against the rising tide of undead. But inside the concrete walls a more heinous evil lives and breathes under the auspice of ‘research.’ How can you survive a dead world when the living are just as much a threat as the virus ridden zombies?”

So far this riveting classic zombie story set in the 1970’s, has been able to keep me rapt and reading.  Well written and nicely drawn,  “Aftermath” is a thrilling  survivor tale.  Intensely depicted scenes of graphic violence by Jaccan Burrows (Crossed) make this a stunning visual experience while the well scripted characters of  horror writer David Hines are completely  identifiable.  Any collector of zombie horror comics would be well advised to add “Night of the Living Dead Aftermath” to his/her roster of rotten revenant ruminationaries.






Ursa Minor #1

“The aftermath of Lady Bathory’s death is felt across the globe. Vampires take to the streets in protest of the secrets that they believe are being kept from them. But the citizens of the United States no longer support the vampires as they once had. Now the people are asking their own questions, and a return to a time of fear and distrust seems inevitable. The vampires know they must find their enemy quickly. For the last werebear on Earth has made itself known in a very big way.”

A continuation of Tom Hutchenson’s 2012 series “Ursa Minor”, this ongoing title is published by Big Dog Ink.  I have read issues from the previous chapter and cannot  say I was particularly moved.  Ian Snider although a proficient artist, lacks panache and his unoriginal style left me feeling somewhat dissatisfied.  If this new series is as good as the first, I prefer to wait for the movie.






 Occultist #1

“An evil witch doctor needs the book of spells known as the Sword to reject the Occultist. He needs the weapon itself to decide that he is a bad host in the ongoing war against the realm of the dead. The solution lies in a Catholic schoolgirl who dabbles in death for a quick high.”

You may be familiar with the work of artist Mike Norton from another of my most treasured titles, “Revival”.  Norton is also known for his contribution to many DC books including: “Green Arrow/Black Canary” and “Countdown to Final Crisis” .  Written by Hack/Slash creator, Tim Seely “The Occultist” is another new comic from Dark Horse released in honor of the approaching  holiday of horror.  Judging by the preview, this book appears to be well drawn and alludes to an intriguing plot.  “The Occultist” may be another new series this week toward which to turn your baleful eye.






 Hinterkind #1

“Men go and come, but Earth abides.”- Ecclesiastes 1:4 Decades after “The Blight” all but wiped out the human race, Mother Nature is taking back what’s hers, and she’s not alone . . . The Hinterkind have returned.”

Written by Ian Edginton, famous for his work on 2000 AD, “Hinterkind” is another new release this week from Vertigo.  Contributing his own impressive talents is Italian comic book artist Francesco Trifogli who has drawn for Vertigo in the past on the science fiction title,”Mysteries of Space”.  Trifogli is also well known in his home country as the artist of an Italian erotic comic called “X”.  I couldn’t decipher much of the issue of “X” which I aquired solely in the name of research. I never learned to speak Italian, but the pitchers shore wuz purty!  I am of uncertain disposition regarding this new series.  A story about scary magical animals come to wreak vengeance on humanity does not really appeal to my interest.  As always I must read all these new books in order to deliver the most well informed critique.  And as always, the unflappable optimism of my inner clown compels me to ask, “Meh, how bad could it be?”







Swamp Thing #24

“The Seeder’s true identity is revealed, but what’s required of Alex in his role as Avatar of The Green becomes increasingly complex!”

Long one of DC’s most acclaimed horror titles, “Swamp Thing” continues to grow on me. I am really digging the current story arc and with the skillfully executed work of “Marvel Zombies” artist Kano, this comic is wondrous to behold.  An excellent read as well, Travel Foreman’s fastidiously realized characters are intricately written into a compelling plot. For this one book at least, I can finally put aside my differences with DC comics. I find “Swamp Thing” to be an engrossing horror story in spite of the irritating super hero cameos sprinkled throughout the series.  






The Witching Hour #1
(one shot)

“The secret spell to controlling the universe is contained in this anthology! Also included are nine new supernatural tales by a coven of the best writers and artists VERTIGO could cram into 70 pages.”

“The Witching hour”  is a horror anthology series published from 1969 to 1978 by DC comics.  This one shot October special from Vertigo reanimates three pernicious practitioners of prestidigitation in nine new tales of devil worshiping fun.  Each short is drawn and written by a different team of artists and authors, so expect a showcase of some of your favorites.  I will find it interesting to discover whether or not this horror classic reboot can live up to the loathsome legacy of it’s purulent  predecessor.






 The Mocking Dead #2

“The side-splitting and artery-spurting epic continues as the battle for Pittsburgh is underway as hordes of the Mocking Dead descend — and Aaron Bunch’s pop-culture-inspired battle plan is put to the test! Will the Internet nerds of DIA’s Tinseltown Division save the city — or accidentally lead it to the edge of the abyss of total zombie apocalypse?”

With all the hype surrounding this new book from Dynamite Entertainment, I had high expectations for this promising zombie satire.  Filled with bitter disappointment, I cannot in good conscience recommend this book to anyone.  The claim made by the publisher of the sidesplitting laughter which is to commence upon reading of this lackluster “laugh riot”, is a complete and utter fabrication.  In addition to failing to deliver one ounce of humor, the whole first issue is one giant spoiler.  The story starts out with the narrator lamenting the end of the world as we know it.  Any reader with the intelligence of a common stapler should be able to puzzle out the fact that despite any ensuing turn of events, the story does not end well.  This awful comic should be displayed where it truly belongs; right between “Vampirella” and Dynamite’s other terrible abomination, “Dark Shadows”.






 Bushido #1

“Kichiro is an outsider in feudal Japan. Lacking the Japanese blood that would allow him to become a samurai, Kichiro must fulfill his dreams of serving the shogun in a less traditional manner . . . by eliminating every foreign supernatural threat that rears its fangs!”

This book is a tale of vampire hunting in feudal Japan.  Author Rob Levin  whose work includes: “Witchblade”, “Netherworld” and “Driver for the Dead”  teams up with artist Jessada Sutthi of Studio Hive to deliver what appears to be a gorgeously painted book. Released by Top Cow Productions and Heroes and Villains Entertainment for Image Comics, this much anticipated five issue comic book series is scheduled to run all through October.






Itty Bitty Hellboy #2

Itty Bitty Hellboy #2 Lobster Johnson is on the trail of a Squatch! His search has led him to the deep woods, and Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. are going to help him the best way they know how! That's right-it's a camping trip! One thing is for sure: when Liz is around you never need a flashlight, but you might need to bring your own marshmallows!
“Lobster Johnson is on the trail of a Squatch! His search has led him to the deep woods, and Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. are going to help him the best way they know how! That’s right-it’s a camping trip! One thing is for sure: when Liz is around you never need a flashlight, but you might need to bring your own marshmallows!”
“Itty Bitty Hellboy was actually published last week on 09/26.  I just thought it was so darn cute that I couldn’t resist including it here.
An amusing children’s adaptation of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy universe, this charming comic will delight your little clowns.  Perfect for young readers, these shorts include all your favorite Hellboy friends.  Featuring the familiar Liz, Abe, Johann and even villain Karl Kroenen, this book is a nice alternative to “Captain Underpants” and “Walter the Farting Dog”.
See what the ittiest bittiest DeathClown has to say about Itty Bitty Hellboy!!!


Before I conclude this week’s contemptuously constructed compendium of comic books both crass and creepy, I wish to take this opportunity to elaborate a little on my severed clown head rating system.  You may have noticed today that many of this week’s entries have been given a score of three clowns.  Three being considered readable but otherwise unremarkable,  is also the rating I have designated for all first issues.  I find this noncommittal approach to be the safest route when there are no back issues for me to look into.  A rating of five clowns is of course synonymous with pure comic book ecstasy and one clown denotes a tragic waste of ink and precious natural resources, more commonly referred to as trees.  Occasionally a book is so offensive that my only choice is to rate it as a ClownBuster.  These comics should be stacked into massive piles and immolated in the town square by angry villagers brandishing torches and pitchforks ( yes they are that bad).  All of these ratings reflect my own personal tastes which I am told, are impeccable.  I feel a keen sense of regret for those doubting the validity of my completely correct appraisals of these publications.  Frankly, I feel it is my solemn duty to inform you of your idiotic fucktardedness, and to plead with you to immediately cease and desist any reproductive activities in which you may be participating.  Please, please, please.        

Horror Comics at TFAW.com


DeathClowns Belated Pull List for 09/18/13

clownbizGood morning boils and ghouls!  I must apologize for my tardiness this week.  It must be difficult for those who depend upon my vast knowledge to guide their hands in the weekly purchase of horror comic goodness.  We have some good stuff this week kiddies.  As Samhain approaches, these putrid publications will keep you well chilled so you undead darlings will remain fresh enough to enjoy the special day.


Crossed Special 2013 #1

Crossed Special 2013
Simon Spurrier and Gabriel Andrade celebrate five years of CROSSED with the first ever giant-sized Special! How do you commemorate a half-decade of GARTH ENNIS’ violent masterpiece? By creating a story that goes beyond the surface misery of the gleeful Crossed maniacs and reaching into the fragile human psyche with something truly terrifying. Todd drives a road train through the desolate Australian outback. Before C-day he was a loser, an outcast, a fat nobody with a nobody-job. Now he’s an Emperor of the wasteland. His rig and its trailers are the safest place around: stocked to the brim with canned food and gasoline. But his desire to have a harem who worship him opens himself up to the true horrors of the outback. Spurrier brings his trademark flare for developing intricately flawed characters to a story that will haunt your dreams for years to come. In a world of Crossed there is no hope and there is no help. There is only the Crossed.

An all new super-sized Crossed story.  An excellent example of dementedly depicted depravity, this book is at the top of my wish list this
week.  Simon Spurrier spins a seductively shocking yarn of a post-apocalyptic Australia, while Jacen Burrows’ delightfully graphic
illustrations portray the madness of a catastrophic  new reality.  I can hardly wait to see this latest Garth Ennis masterpiece.

Crossed Special 2013 Preview

















Hellraiser: The Dark Watch # 8
While chaos reigns in Hell, Tiffany makes her play to rescue Kirsty Cotton, but Elliot Spencer may have other plans.

As this chapter of Hellraiser continues toward the final battle between Leviathan and the demons of an alternate Hell things are heating
up.  Where hellfire and chains fail, the new pope of hell turns to his trusty glock and enlists the aid of his old hell fighting compatriots. I have really been enjoying this story and especially with more of the cenobites retaining memories of previous lives.  The appearance of new demons from an all new hell is refreshing.  This is a brilliant addition to the Hellraiser series.  Absolutely worth a read.

Hellraiser: The Dark Watch Preview









BPRD: Hell on Earth #111
While the young psychic Fenix stumbles upon a monsterworshipping version of Burning Man, Liz Sherman finds herself stuck in a ruined hospital and pitted against a mad doctor and his monster-sized, mutated feline!

This is a fine series that I am in the process of more familiar with.  Mike Mignola has created a fascinating universe populated by meticulously written characters.  I really like the mini-series format of this book.  The latest chapter, “Lake of Fire” promises to continue the story in proper Mignola fashion.  Exciting enough to capture the attention of the new reader, this book has some fantastic action.  The artists seem to change with each new story arc but are usually quite proficient.  Even if you are not a fan of the original Hellboy titles, this comic is a must read.

BPRD: Hell on Earth #111 Preview









Kiss Me Satan #1
Cassian Steele is the boss of the werewolf mafia in the Big Easy, and he’s got a problem. The old witch Verona knows his secret and has gone into hiding. Cassian wants her dead. So he sends out the word: An open contract. The first monster to dust Verona gets a big payday. What no one realizes is that Barnabus Black, a demon desperately trying to regain his halo, is her protection.

This new series shows some promise.  Monster hunter stories seem to be in fashion this season, and it can be difficult to demarcate the
awesome from the awful.  From the brief glimpse I was able to get, it seems to be very well drawn.  I like the style of the work and find the
illustration of the lupine antagonists pleasing.  I will be watching to see what develops.

 Kiss Me Satan #1 Preview












The Strain: The Fall #3
The Silver Angel was famous. A legend in the world of lucha libre, he battled vampires during the Saturday matinee, and, in the ring, no man could withstand his mighty wrestling moves. That was then. Now a broken, poor old man wasting away in New Jersey, the Silver Angel must call upon the courage of his youth to defend his home against real-life monsters!

This latest volume in the trilogy epic “The Strain”  is turning out to be as terriffic as the first.  I prefer a good zombie story over vampire hunting any day, but this title, in my opinion, has broken through as one of the best horror books of the year.  These vampires are undeniably terrifying.  I very much enjoy the departure from the moldy old stereotype castle dwelling fiend haunting the pages of so many countless stories.  This comic makes for some very creepy reading.  Perfect for those impending dark, chilly fall evenings  spent under
the covers before bed.

The Strain: The Fall #3 Preview










Detective Comics # 23.3See the new Gotham City through the eyes of the Scarecrow! It’s Arkham Asylum unleashed on humanity–and it’s all the Scarecrow has ever wanted!

While I don’t consider this title to be true horror, Batman has long been one of DC comics’ darker characters.  Some of his nemeses are ripped from the worst of our nightmares.  The Scarecrow is one such villain.  In the dark especially, who has not passed the limp figure hanging across the ditch from a dusty gravel road and not felt the gooseflesh creeping up their spine?  Didn’t you watch out of the corner of your eye, waiting for the boneless obscuration to grasp your arm and pull you deep into the tall corn?  For city folk this might be analogous to the silhouette of a ragged homeless man peering out from the shadows of the dark alley next to your apartment .  His weapon is fear.  He wields it expertly.  Just the sort of book to read during in the weeks leading up to our favorite holiday.

Detective Comics #23.3 Preview






Swamp Thing # 23.1
Behold a being so vile and deadly that even the Parliament of Decay could not control him! Now take a journey to a place beyond hell-the personal prison of Anton Arcane!

One of my favorite “Swamp Thing” characters, Arcane was the avatar of rot.  Sentenced to an eternal punishment at the hands of his former
masters, he has reappeared to celebrate DC’s villains month.  Will the Swamp Thing defeat his resurrected arch foe?  Or will the dark
magic of Alister Arcane gain ascendancy over and destroy the green forever?

 Swamp Thing #23.1 Preview









Dark Shadows #20
Barnabas Collins faces off against the darkest parts of his soul in a war to change the dire fate of everyone in Collinwood. Will his allies stand beside him or will they be forced to sacrifice Barnabas in order to save themselves?

I have to admit that I did manage to squeeze some entertainment out of this otherwise dull book.  If you are a fan of classic soap operas you may appreciate this rather cliche vampire story.  Others may not find much value in the lackluster illustration and the tediously predictable plot of this tepid comic.  I find my self in the grip of a terrible apathy regarding the completion of each issue.  I am afraid I just don’t feel that this series is really worth the fifteen minutes it takes to read all twenty five pages of this unimpressive title’

Dark Shadows Preview








Vampirella #34
Having glimpsed a possible future, Vampirella makes a major choice for herself: she’s going to become the Patron Saint of Monsters, and start by constructing a place of refuge for the weird and fearful. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions…

I fervently wish that Dynamite Entertainment would just go and lance this boil on the posterior of the comics industry.  Seriously, this immortal bitch must be really worn the fuck out.  I am not sure who is still reading this dog eared excuse for a comic, but I implore you.  Please stop spending all your social security/ allowance money on this book.   The artwork is bland and the writing is as threadbare as my granddad’s tidy whities.   If you must ogle oversize mammaries, choose any other contemporary title.  Some of them even show nipples. Now go forth, and peep those boobies!








X-Files Season 10 #4
‘Believers,’ Part 4 of 5: A new government conspiracy comes to light that involves weather control and alien invasion. But what role does the Deacon and the Acolytes play in these machinations? And what happened to Scully’s missing child? Mystery upon mystery sets the stage for the next phase of Mulder and Scully’s lives!

“X Files” is another great show I adore from the 1990’s.  Although I eventually became bored with the whole alien invasion story arc,  I will still happily watch reruns when I can find them on TV.  This excellently written book brings back to life all of our old favorites from the original program.  One exemplary attribute of this fine comic is the fact that characters depicted actually look like the actors from the show.  I feel this adds to the authenticity of this new series quite nicely.  This seems to the fourth issue in a five part mini-series but I hope IDW has plans for the continuation of this fantastic title.

X-Files Season 10 Preview








Darkness #115
Hope Estacado is very much her father’s daughter. But Jackie Estacado was raised to be a hired killer for a crime family before he inherited the curse of the Darkness. As she matures to take care of her mentally unstable mother, what terrible rites of passage await Hope?

I am not especially enthusiastic about this Image comics series.  I don’t find myself reading this book regularly.  Though I wasn’t offended by this title, it just didn’t really grab me.  I only read issues nine through fourteen so I am sure I have missed most of the story.  I am sure fans of the series will appreciate this latest story arc, but I for one did not see anything that would compel me to continue purchasing any further issues.

Darkness Preview










Morbius the Living Vampire #9
The Final Issue of Morbius is here! ‘The World Breaks Everyone,’ part two of two. ïThe Death of Michael Morbius is finally here! With Morbius’ humanity destroyed, will the monster within be enough to save all he once held dear?

The character of Michael Morbius continues to develope as he finds himself a member of a community.  Being charged with protecting the downtrodden residents of a New York ghetto, Morbius finds a purpose other than his quest to become human once more.  This is a cute anti- hero story perfect for the lovers of old school Marvel comics.  The heroes and villains of this book might as well be wearing black and white hats as they battle desperately for control of the hood.  Not bad if you are seeking a bit of simple comic book fun.

Morbius the Living Vampire Preview





That is all for now my bone yard bibliophiles.  Shake the mouldering earth from your flesh and return here next week.  DeathClown will have a brand new skullection of the most malodorous monographies to further rot  your spoiled cerebellums.  Sorry for the bad puns fiends,  too many “Tales from the Crypt” reruns.

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