Finally! The first trailer for Human Centipede 3 : Full Sequence!


At long last, we have the much anticipated trailer for Human Centipede 3 : Final Sequence!
Just put your eyeballs on this for a minute, then we will talk about it :

Many people have been looking forward to seeing what diabolical director Tom Six was cooking up for fans of this disgusting franchise for the past two years. In fact, it was on my most wanted list for 2014.
Another cool thing is that I was lucky enough to have spent a week on this set as an extra, and yes, I am in the centipede!
(In fact, you can even see me in the trailer above around the 30 second mark, if you look closely enough!)
A sequel that has it’s tongue firmly planted in many cheeks, I am sure this trilogy finale is going to be something exciting to see!
When the film finally releases on May 22nd in theaters and On Demand, we will all get to see what the big deal is!
I know that I can not wait!
For more news and updates, check out the HC3 page on Facebook, and follow Tom Six on Twitter, if you dare…

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