Watch Now : He Took His Skin Off For Me


Now available to watch for free is this extraordinary short film from director Ben Aston.
Based on an original story by Maria Hummer, this is an incredibly effective grad film, that brings us some very promising new talent to look forward to in the future.
The director recommends that you “Please turn off the lights. Use headphones. Go full screen. It’s worth it.”
He is right. Do those things and watch this film right here right now!

Pretty impressive, right?
This up and coming film maker deserves all of our kudos, in my opinion.
Even more so, when you learn that those effects are 100% practical and the lead actor Sebastian Armesto spent around 8 hours a day getting put into that fantastic make up!
You can see some fascinating behind the scenes videos here, and stay up to date with news about the film as it hits the festival circuit on Facebook, Twitter, and the official website.
I honestly can’t wait to see what this director comes up with in the future!

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