The New Republic and what it says about you if you believe everything you read on the internet.

Although I am extremely hesitant to give a despicable click-bait headline more intended traffic, it is a must that all of you dedicated horror fans read this before you waste a further five minutes of your life reading my rebuttal.
So here it is, a headline run by the New Republic website, which claims to have been around for 100 years although I have never heard of them before today :

The Babadook and What It Says About You If You Enjoy Horror Movies

Okay so now you all read that and are as angry and confused as I am right now. Good.
What follows is an open letter to the author and publisher of this unprovoked and utterly misinformed piece of propaganda.

Dear Miss Robb and New Republic,
Obviously you have a different outlook on the world than the average fan of horror films. Hey, I can’t hate you for that. We are all unique human beings.
However, I can (and do) hate you very much for the disgraceful post you are credited with authoring for the New Republic on January 4th 2015.
What you have unleashed upon the internet is nothing short of the worst type of generalization and uninformed hogwash this side of the the annual Pig Hose in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
As a fellow “blogger”, I have to give you negative props for perpetuating the myth that anyone with a ridiculous opinion is entitled to broadcast it to the whole wide world. You just made all of us look bad. (frowny face)
I know that this is obviously impossible for you to understand, but many of us actually like to watch films that “will scare the hell out of us“, and coincidentally we all still live relatively normal lives as productive parts of society. It is really that simple.
Yes, as much as you don’t believe it, most horror fans are just average everyday people who work jobs that are much more complicated than copying and pasting details of ancient social studies to prove an obscure point. After a long day of work, which again usually is much more involved than manipulating a currently popular film title into a flimsy unprovoked attack on a whole bunch of innocent people, most average Joes (and Janes) that I know actually like to wind down with some good old-fashioned escapism.
That’s right, escapism. The whole reason that the entertainment industry exists, lady.
No one wants to see a movie about their boring life.
We are the thrill-seekers, the livers of life!
We want to see the things we will never see in real life. The sex, the blood, the gore, it is all cathartic for those of us who get the joke.
As far as the broad generalizations and outdated references you cited in your post, I could go on and on about how Avatar doesn’t even come close to qualifying as a horror film, or that your references to 20-year-old studies have absolutely nothing to do with reality. Or that a poll of moviegoers who took a date to see¬† who saw I Know What You did Last Summer in 2001 exactly has nothing to do with the mindset of any horror movie fans. Or that someone had a heart attack while they were watching¬† a movie about Jesus (seriously how the heck does that reference relate to anything? I’m serious I want to know please tell me)

>Deep breath.<

Especially telling in this poorly-written excuse for “journalism” is the fact that the very popular psychological horror film The Babadook is barely mentioned, despite it’s exceptional quality and the great impression it has made upon many well-adjusted movie-goers, other than in the embarrassing title of this article. The barely-qualified generalizations you detail in the latter half of this condescending post (I can’t bring myself to call it an article anymore) go out of their way to insult several types of people, so good for you for covering all the bases, I guess.
At least you pissed everyone off with this preposterous post, that’s for sure.
Yeah, for sure, according to your misinformed nonsense, we are all either sociopaths who lack empathy or frightened women who needs protecting.
So at least you covered all of the bases. There is obviously no grey area whatsoever, according to your printable toilet tissue. We are either thrill-seeking alpha male heathens with no care for others, or terrified damsels who can’t take care of themselves in your eyes. No middle ground where perhaps we horror fanatics are just regular people who enjoy winding down from their boring lives with a little fantasy excitement on the screen before they get up in the morning and do it all over again.
No, because that is obviously just a fiction, and no one would click that bait.
You should be ashamed to have your name on this piece.

Larry Darling Jr.


Once again, Miss Robb’s insulting piece can be seen ( and angrily commented on) here, if you are so inclined.
Also her Twitter address is this, if you want to tell her what you think in under 140 characters.
Until next time, keep it weird…


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