Dreams From The Witch House

A gorgeous new project is in the works from our friends at Dark Regions Press, in the form of an ambitious new book entitled Dreams From The Witch House : Female Voices Of Lovecraftian Horror. The title alone sells it for me, but the impressive list of authors confirmed for this project is incredible! Including a novelette by Joyce Carol Oates, and short stories from the likes of Caitlin R Kiernan, Nancy Kilpatrick, Storm Constantine and many more, this is bound be be a top shelf collection!
Add in the bonus of original watercolor illustrations from artist Daniele Serra, and this book itself becomes an incredible work of art.
Just have a gander at the gallery below of some of his gorgeous artwork, all of which is available for purchase during the campaign!


Deep Like the River


Pan’s Labyrinth







In fact it is one of the main goals of the Dreams from the Witch House indiegogo campaign to gain the funds to commission Daniele Serra to create an original painting to accompany each story, which would truly transform this book into a unique masterpiece.
The campaign is offering many great incentives for supporters of the publication, including various editions of the final book, discounted passes to CthulhuCon 2015 (!), passes to the Stanley Hotel Writer’s Retreat, and even a custom illustration from amazing artist Daniele Serra.
In addition, the publishers are still accepting submissions for inclusion in this unique volume, so if you are a female writer of Lovecraftian horror, cosmic horror or weird fiction be sure and check the rules for submissions and let your voices be heard. This would be a great project to get involved in!
Find the indiegogo campaign here to show your support, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter  for news and updates about the project as it progresses.


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