Watch now : Joshua Hoffine’s short film “Black Lullaby”!


Kansas-based Joshua Hoffine is a horror photographer that has been haunting the scenery with some creepy imagery for quite some time now. His images are well-known and instantly recognizable, many of them featuring his own daughter Chloe put in a variety of precarious situations. After raising the funding for an original short film based on his photos last year, we are finally getting the chance to see it!
The film is called Black Lullaby, and it is the logical next step for the creative photographer. Check out the artist’s introduction to the film below :

In a recent interview with Scream UK magazine, Hoffine says, “For me, horror is an endless source of inspiration. It’s multifaceted, with countless concerns and subgenres. Horror is existential. It’s psychological. It’s visual spectacle, and it transcends cultural boundaries. Understanding how horror functions informs my work and my aesthetic is largely defined by an adherence to archetypal imagery. I look for stories or ideas that everyone can relate to. If I need a prop, like a telephone for instance, I ask myself what type of telephone would a six year old draw or dream about? This is why my photographs often seem cartoony. My photographs, like Black Lullaby, are unbounded by any particular time or place. They have a dreamy kind of hyper-realism, like a memory.”

The Last Stand, by Joshua Hoffine

During the successful Kickstarter campaign, Hoffine said, “I’ve been living with this film for years, dreaming of the day when I would finally see it finished.  My photographs are effective, but contained.  This film pounces on the viewer.  It’s an artistic turning point for me.  And a new beginning.”

You can find Black Lullaby for rent or sale here, and enjoy the gallery of photographs below that inspired the short film!
Also be sure and stay connected with Joshua Hoffine on Facebook and his official website to keep up with new and upcoming projects.


After Dark, My Sweet

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