The Gathering casts Simon Pegg as the Devil! But wait, there’s more!

What do you do when you are casting the parts of horror luminaries from the past for a new horror film?
Hire a bunch of the influential horror icons from the present day, of course.

Director/producer Jon Keeyes is currently assembling a dream cast for his upcoming horror anthology flick The Gathering.
His description of the film is enough to get my ass in the seat :

On Halloween night, the devil brings together Mary Shelley, H.P. Lovecraft, Bram Stoker and Edgar Allan Poe in purgatory to tell their best untold tales, the idea being that whoever has the best story of the night gets to leave purgatory forever. That’s the framing device around all the anthology stories within the film.

Sounds promising enough, but then we heard the recent announcement from Fangoria that the one and only Simon Pegg has been cast in the part of The Devil.


And then we learned that Jeffrey Combs will reprise his uncanny role of Edgar Allan Poe


And Doug Bradley will be playing Bram Stoker…


And David Naughton will be H.P. Lovecraft…


And also Robert Englund, Bill Moseley, William Sadler, Ashley Laurence, Gunnar Hansen, Clint Howard, Udo Kier, and the list of horror icons goes on and on…


With a cast and concept like this, this film is irresistible for fans of horror.
According to the director, “We’ve tried to put a spin on the essence of the stories they’re most well-known for. So Bram Stoker tells a vampire tale, but it’s not about Dracula. H.P. Lovecraft’s story is sort of RE-ANIMATOR-esque, set in the Victorian era. We’ve approached it with the idea of what these writers would be like all these years since they died. They’ve got a slightly modern sensibility, as if they’ve kept up with the changing times while they’ve been in purgatory, while still holding onto the personalities and nuances they would have had in the eras they lived in. So there’s a whole lot of bickering and rivalry.”

“One of the things I love about THE GATHERING,” he continues, “is that we cover all the horror subgenres—vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, slashers—within our stories, but in the framing segments with the devil and the writers, there’s a real comedic-horror element going on. They’re taking jabs at each other, and they each have a bit of magic they get to play with since they’re undead, so a lot of fun stuff happens with that.”

The director has set his sights on a May 2015 start date for the film, so stay tuned here for more news and updates about this project as it gets going.
This is one to get excited about, horror fans!


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