Ash vs. Evil Dead TV series is coming in 2015!


Everyone’s favorite every-man is returning to the screen at last!
Thanks to Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and the Starz network, fans of the chainsaw-handed wiseguy can rejoice over his triumphant return to the series that started it all. The first Evil Dead film hit theaters way back in 1981, followed by Evil Dead 2 : Dead by Dawn (my all-time favorite movie!)  in 1987 and Ash vs. Army of Darkness in 1993. The legacy was continued last year with a well-received remake which teased the return of our grinning hero Ash in a post-credits sequence, and we have been subsequently teased with further adventures in the world of Evil Dead, but with no real substance until today.
While Sam Raimi revealed his plans for an Evil Dead television series (and a possible AoD sequel) back in July at Comic-Con, the commitment was set in stone today, as Starz officially announced their order for a ten episode run of the show to premiere sometime in 2015. The exciting news is that the show will continue the misfortunate adventures of our beloved hero Ash, and be written by Sam Raimi and his brother and long-time collaborator Ivan Raimi. Rob Tapert, who produced the original films is also along for the ride. Raimi will reportedly be directing the premiere episode, setting the tone for what is to come.

According to Raimi, “Evil Dead has always been a blast. Bruce, Rob, and I are thrilled to have the opportunity to tell the next chapter in Ash’s lame, but heroic saga. With his chainsaw arm and his ‘boomstick,’ Ash is back to kick some monster butt. And brother, this time there’s a truckload of it.”
“I’m really excited to bring this series to the Evil Dead fans worldwide — it’s going to be everything they have been clamoring for: serious deadite ass-kicking and plenty of outrageous humor,” said Campbell.
“Starz first worked with Sam and Rob on Spartacus, and we are thrilled to be back in business with them,” said Carmi Zlotnik, managing director of Starz. “With Sam writing and directing and Bruce Campbell returning to the screen, we are certain the show will give Evil Dead fans around the world the fix they’ve been craving.”


While the Army of Darkness comic book series has continued the storyline in several different incarnations over the years, the direction of the storyline for the series is still unknown. I personally think it would be great to see Ash as king of that forgotten realm that he so valiantly and sarcastically defended all those years ago. As a huge fan of these films, I can obviously see all kinds of great potential in this series and am beyond excited for the return of good ol’ Ash and his wise-cracking ways.

What would you guys like to see from this exciting return of a classic character?


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