Doctor Mordrid : Master of the Unknown on Blu-Ray!


I have to be honest. I had never heard of this film until it found it’s way into my P O Box thanks to the good people at Full Moon Studios. But just looking at the Blu-Ray cover made me giddy.
An early 90s fantasy horror flick starring Jeffrey Combs? Sold.


It turns out that Doctor Mordrid is everything you would expect from that cover above, plus a little more. Directed by Full Moon’s ubiquitous overlord Charles Band teaming up with his father Albert Band, Doctor Mordrid is a project that was meant for other things before taking shape as the fun film it is.
In the late 1980s and early 90s, Marvel comics was not the entertainment force it is today and the thought of quality superhero movies on the big screen was insane. Doctor Mordrid began life as an adaptation of Marvel’s Dr. Strange, and Charles Band was developing the film when the rights were lost. So he changed a few names, added some boobies and a particularly vulgar character and had an all new film starring Jeffrey Combs as a confident wizard destined to protect Earth from an “unspeakable evil”.


Despite some of the sillier elements inherent in this pre-CGI fantasy flick, it turns out to be pretty damned entertaining. I have to admit that a certain amount of the pleasure I took from it was watching Jeffrey Combs keep a straight face. But the sets are extravagant and fanciful, filled with cool touches like the good doctor’s faithful companion, a raven named Edgar.


So the story goes that the evil sorcerer known as Kabal is seeking a collection of mysterious elements that will allow him to open the portal to Hell and unleash his minions to wreak havoc upon the earth. Dr. Mordrid is Earth’s only defender against this threat and of course is misunderstood and impeded by the ones he is trying to protect. The only one on his side is charismatic young police consultant Samantha Hunt, and the two team up to stop Kabal as he makes his moves toward world domination.


tumblr_m6vefq4Enh1qieyxio1_250tumblr_m6vefq4Enh1qieyxio2_250tumblr_m6vefq4Enh1qieyxio3_250It all leads to an awesome final battle inside the Cosmopolitan Museum, featuring stop-motion dinosaur fossils. Yeah, that is just as awesome and nostalgic as it sounds, and the film ends with the promise of a sequel, which unfortunately never happened.

tumblr_mk6ki49wPp1r3d7d2o1_1280The new Blu-Ray release is stuffed with special features, including a commentary with Jeffrey Combs and Charles Band, a walk-through of how they shot the dinosaur scene, some candid and flirtatious interviews with Jeffrey Combs and Yvette Nipar (Samantha Hunt), and one really awkward and entertaining inclusion of an interview between Combs, William Shatner (!), Barbara Crampton, and Stuart Gordon (director of Re-Animator).

This movie works for me in the way all of those late 80s/early 90s B flicks always did for me, and it is really cool to see one now that I missed as a kid. So I am giving it a +1 for nostalgia. Overall, Doctor Mordrid is a really fun, weird flick and definitely recommended.
Find it for sale on Amazon here, or visit Full Moon and sign up for their unique Streaming service for all kinds of cool stuff!





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