20 horrific recipes for your Halloween party!


With Autumn and the Halloween season rapidly approaching, we decided it was high time at Horror Homework to bring you a list of unique recipes and decorations for you to darken your dinner parties this year. Check out the following list of creative ideas to scare aware all of your guests this season!

Adam’s Ribs.This is as simple as it gets. Two barbecued racks of ribs and a heart made from a red bell pepper. For a super creepy added touch grill some sausage links and cover in bbq sauce — instant entrails!!
Recipe here.

Another take on this, a meat feast where you get to crack open his delicious ribs and devour everything from his face to his entrails!
 A meat hand. Delicious meat loaf covered in cheese, using slivers of onions for bones and fingernails.
Just add ketchup for that super gruesome detail.
Spider cookies. Nothing more frightening than thinking you have just bitten into a huge chunk of spider. Just take a toothpick and drag out the melting chocolate chips into legs while the cookies are cooling.
More here.
Meatloaf zombies/ mummies.
Who doesn’t love the flesh of a cow ground into bits covered in the fleshy fatty goodness of it’s friend the delicious pig, all molded into the face of the undead?
Necronomicon pizza. We must try this because it is so damn cool!
Intestines for dessert made with puff pastry and cherry pie filling. She has some good ideas about savory substitutions as well with sloppy joe’s or taco meat, even shredded pork in bbq sauce would do the trick.
Learn how to make your very own edible entrails here.
Do it yourself vampire blood lollipops. You could get creative and add candy bugs to them or edible fondant body parts.
Black “poisoned” candy apples.
Found here.
poisoned apples 1
Any dried cured meats would serve as flesh for a great meat and cheese tray, prosciutto being the best of course. Cranberry horseradish spread would not only taste great but make really good curdled blood for spreading on crackers with meat.
Severed children’s fingers. You can also use a vegetable peeler and skin them to make it look like the nail bed has been ripped off.
Found here.
Marinated mozzarella eyeballs. It would also be great to add to an antipasto salad, the meat would look like chunks of flesh.
Seen here.
The Halloween human torso appetizer is pretty cool idea using an assortment of veggies and cheeses.
Find out how to make one here.

Medusa ice face and hands punch. For an extra creepy touch make the hands and face with cranberry juice cocktail or cherry/fruit punch. I recommend peach vodka & crown royal and cranberry! It’s called a Royal Flush.


Carrie cake.
Pretty simple idea : just bake cake, add barbie, then cover in edible blood.
Spied here.

Bat wings. Just add black food coloring to your normal wing sauce. Looks creepy.
Spotted here.

Pork dumplings look a lot like brains! Just saying.
Recipe here.
Pork Wonton Mini-brains. A111113 Food & Wine Halloween w/Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka Oct 2012
The Bloody Brain Hemorrhage shooter. Looks cool but doesn’t sound like it would taste great.
Seen here.
Do it yourself pumpkin keg!
Find out how here.
Just a simple carved mushroom but great for a Halloween veggie tray.
Jello blood worms. Add liquor and slurp up delicious worms till your drunk!

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