Trailer for “Tusk”, a truly independent horror film from Kevin Smith!


I have always admired the films and the career of director Kevin Smith. He is one of those people that I love : the ones who get away with it. People who have succeeded by following their own path, the weirdos, the true originals are the only ones for me.
I am thinking of my favorite artists, musicians and film-makers. People like Hunter S Thompson, Henry Rollins, Alejandro Jodorowsky, John Waters, and Kevin Smith.
A director that has always paved his own way, he broke ground in 1994 with Clerks, a film that spoke directly to me and my generation of lost souls slaving away in soul-killing day jobs. Over the two decades that have followed, a new film from Smith has always been a must see for me, and each one of them has stuck with me for one reason or the other. Okay, maybe not so much the cop one with Bruce Willis, but at least he was trying something different…
Along the way, Smith’s candidness about his work and life and films have also proven entertaining, as he toured extensively with an insightful spoken word show and several fun podcasts.
After recently announcing his retirement, Smith has reconsidered, and taken a sudden turn on his path, continuing to blaze an all-new trail.


Turning his attention to horror films after his success with 2011’s quick and dirty Red State, Smith is experiencing a new love for making movies his own way. For example, as we are all waiting for Clerks 3 (which the Weinstein’s have reportedly passed on for some insane reason), he has been consistently coming up with offbeat ideas inspired by the podcasted conversations between him and his creative circle.
About nine months ago, during an off-hand on-air conversation between Smith and long-time collaborator Scott Mosier, they struck upon the unlikely story idea of a deranged man who decides to surgically turn another man into a walrus (!).
The thing that is setting Smith apart from the rest of us, is that he is following through with it. What could have been simply an oddball entertaining story lost in the podcast archives has, through hard work and perseverance, become an actual film!
Drawing influences from Misery, Frankenstein, The Human Centipede and The Island Of Dr. Moreau, and adding in the flavor of Kevin Smith’s writing, a new and unique film has been born.
Behold the first trailer for Kevin Smith’s Tusk :


And you can listen to the original podcast which inspired this film right here :

Be sure and check out the official Tusk website and Facebook page as we get closer to the film’s release this September.
Did I mention that I would watch the great actor Michael Parks in anything?
Just another selling point for this flick to me, which I can’t wait to see!
What do you guys think about Kevin Smith’s next film?
Leave your comments below!


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