Sam Raimi is bringing Evil Dead to television!


As a whirlwind of cool stuff flies out of San Diego Comic Con this weekend, one of the coolest things that has been reported was today’s appearance of director Sam Raimi, and his confirmation that a television series based on his cult classic 1981 flick Evil Dead is in the works, with none other than Bruce Campbell!
This nugget of news was apparently dropped by Raimi during his appearance at the Screen Gems panel for his upcoming production of a big screen adaptation of The Last Of Us. It is being reported that Raimi rather casually mentioned that he and Bruce were currently at work writing a TV series. But that was it. No further details are available at this point.


However that is all the news that die hard fans of the classic franchise need to begin wild speculation. The original film had a very simple premise, which was then expanded and stylized in the sequel (My all time favorite movie!), and evolved into something completely different by the time Army Of Darkness hit theaters in 1993. The story of Ash and his never-ending struggle with the Deadites has subsequently developed a rich and wild mythology throughout several comic book series’ and a handful of video game sequels.
Add in to this mix the re-imagined world of last years remake, and there are near limitless sources that this series could draw from in it’s effort to entertain us.
Even though Evil Dead 4 or Army Of Darkness 2 (or whatever) has been rumored and teased by Raimi himself many times over the course of the past two decades, the mere mention of a potential Evil Dead series has us very excited!
What do you guys think?
What would you like to see in an Evil Dead series?
Chime in below!


Doomsday is coming. What are you going to wear?

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