First trailer for Alex Aja’s adaptation of Joe Hill’s “Horns”! UPDATED with new trailer!


Joe Hill is one of those authors who everyone should be keeping an eye on. After bursting on to the horror fiction scene in 2005 with his short story collection 20th Century Ghosts and following it up with the great novel Heart-Shaped Box, Hill delivered Horns in 2010.
A great book that I reviewed here, the impending movie is shaping up to be quite a curiosity.
Placing Harry Potter himself in the title role (essentially as the Devil), is either a wonderfully bold move or generic stunt-casting. Not to mention that the most effective parts of the novel were the thoughts of the characters, and Ignacious’ inexplicable ability to hear the inner workings of those around him. It is a concept that will be hard to convey on the screen.
As this is one of our Most Wanted films of 2014, I suppose we must put our trust in Aja, the director, although he has proven that he is not above “cheating” with his films. (I am referring to the wildly illogical and impossible twist ending of High Tension here.)
Check out the first trailer below :

This new trailer just premiered at last weekend’s Comic Con and San Diego, and shows quite a bit more about the tone of the film, which seems spot on. If done correctly, this film will venture into some dark psychological territory while still managing to be amusing.
Looking forward to this one even more now!

Fingers crossed for this one!
This film opens on Halloween night in the UK, and a US release date of November 13 has now been confirmed.
What do you guys think?


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