New DVD and On Demand releases for June 2014!


June brings us a ton of interesting new stuff for all of us agoraphobes out there.
Check out the long list of home viewing releases coming to your flat screen this month!
The top picks for me personally would definitely be Willow Creek, Witching and Bitching, and Rigor Mortis. Almost Human looks really good as well. What do you guys plan on watching this month?
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June 6Willow Creek (On Demand)


Bobcat Goldthwait’s new Bigfoot film is a masterpiece! I literally begged the production company for a screening copy and reviewed it here last month. Now is your chance to check it out!


June 6Rigor Mortis (On Demand)


Revolves around Chin Siu-ho (Siu-ho) as a former vampire hunting actor who now finds himself reaching the end of the line as a washed-up star who is also separated from his wife and alienated from his son. Down on his luck and with barely a dollar to his name, he checks into room 2442 in the housing estate which is allegedly a haunted flat. His aim is to end his misery by doing himself in, but instead Siu-ho is interrupted by some of the other “occupants” of the building including a Taoist master-exorcist (Anthony Chan), a traumatized housewife with a tragic past (Kara Hui), as well as a seemingly benign elderly woman (Paw Hee-ching) who has an empty coffin conspicuously hanging in the middle of her apartment.

Soon it becomes apparent to Siu-ho that the people around him, and the situation is far from normal. Despite his lack of belief in superstition, Siu-ho is soon thrust into the battle of his life as vicious vampires having a lot of unsettled business begin to rise from the dead…


June 6 — Torment (On Demand)


Newlyweds Cory and Sarah Morgan take Cory’s 7-year old son Liam up to the country for some much needed family time. When it appears as if Liam has run away, psychological suspense becomes straight-out horror, as Sarah and Cory must now confront a sadistic cult-like family who have been hiding in the house all along and have taken Liam for themselves.


June 10Kill Zombie!


After a night in jail, four hung-over friends and one gutsy female police officer emerge to discover their city ravaged by a zombie outbreak. When one of them receives a cry for help from a sole survivor they are all forced to embark on a reluctant rescue mission, pitting their wits, and risking their lives against these flesh devouring mutants. The body parts are flying in this blood thirsty battle between good and evil.


June 10Haunt


Haunt is the story of a family that moves into a new home with a dark past. When their son becomes involved with a beautiful girl next door, and together they begin to explore their sexual awakening, they unwittingly invoke an alternative dimension of the house.


June 10Patrick: Evil Awakens


After killing his mother and her lover some years before, Patrick is the comatose patient in room 15 of a remote, private psychiatric clinic run by the secretive Dr. Roget, who treats him as a guinea pig in his bizarre studies of life and death. When Kathy, a nurse who has recently separated from her boyfriend, begins working at the clinic, she is instructed to care for him. She is disturbed by Roget’s treatment of him and somehow feels that Patrick is trying to make a connection with her.

When Kathy realizes that the lifeless murderer can communicate, she is shocked but compelled to prove her theory. Patrick has psychokinetic powers which he uses to talk to Kathy by transferring his thoughts to a computer. As Patrick’s communication becomes stronger, strange and terrifying events begin to occur. Patrick has feelings for Kathy and his affection is about to manifest itself as a deadly, bloody obsession.


June 10Fractured


When Dylan White wakes from an 8-month coma he has no memory of his life before the past three years. He has no memory of it, but he is haunted by it. As Dylan relives the bloody horror of his past he finds himself in a fight with his former partner, the ringleader of a brutal human traffic and prostitution ring (Vinnie Jones). As bullets fly, and blood spills, Dylan finds himself pitted against the devil in an attempt to escape towards freedom from eternal damnation.


June 10Ghost of Goodnight Lane


When the staff inside a renovated film studio finds a co-worker dead one morning, the pieces of a forty year puzzle add up to an angry ghost who has let the last person step inside her house. But will they ever get out alive?


June 13 — Witching And Bitching (On Demand)


Revolves around robbers trying to flee to France after stealing 25,000 gold rings from a Spanish city. A curse falls on them and they fall into the clutches of the witches of the Navarrese in the town of Zugarramurdi.


June 17 — Animal (On Demand)


When plans for a weekend vacation hit a dead end, a group of close-knit friends find themselves stranded in unfamiliar territory, pursued by a menacing, blood thirsty predator. Holed up in an isolated cabin, tensions mount as long-buried secrets are revealed. As the body count rises, the group must put their differences aside and fight for survival.


June 17Joy Ride 3: Roadkill


Rusty Nail is back on the road again looking to punish injustice at every turn — and this time it’s with a group of hotheaded street racers on their way to the Road Rally 1000. As they drive through a desolate shortcut on the way to the race, an encounter with Rusty turns sour and soon he is tracking, teasing and torturing them until the end of the road.


June 17Almost Human


Mark Fisher disappeared from his home in a brilliant flash of blue light almost two years ago. His friend Seth Hampton was the last to see him alive. Now a string of grisly, violent murders leads Seth to believe that Mark is back, and something evil is living inside of him.


June 17The Monkey’s Paw


The film centers on Jake Tilton (Thomason), who acquires a mystical “monkey’s paw” talisman that grants its possessor three wishes and finds his world upside down after his first two wishes result in his co-worker Tony Cobb (Lang) being resurrected from the dead. When Cobb pressures Jake into using the final wish to reunite Cobb with his son, his intimidation quickly escalates into relentless murder — forcing Jake to outwit his psychotic friend and save his remaining loved ones.


June 24Wolf Creek 2


Another great recent release that I reviewed last month!

Lured by the promise of an Australian holiday, backpackers Rutger, Katarina, and Paul visit the notorious Wolf Creek Crater. Their dream Outback adventure soon becomes a horrific reality when they encounter the site’s most infamous local, the last man any traveler to the region ever wants to meet; Mick Taylor (John Jarratt).

As the backpackers flee, Mick pursues them on an epic white knuckled rampage across hostile wasteland. Only one will remain to be dragged back to his lair to witness the true magnitude of his monstrosity. And if the last man standing is to have any hope of surviving where no one else has survived before, he’ll have to use every ounce of cunning to outwit the man behind the monster and become every bit as ruthless as the monster inside the man.


June 27 — Beneath (On Demand)


A crew of coal miners becomes trapped 600 feet below ground after a disastrous collapse. As the air grows more toxic and time runs out, they slowly descend into madness and begin to turn on one another.


Doomsday is coming. What are you going to wear?


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