Full Moon Streaming brings back the scream queens for “Trophy Heads”!


After decades of bringing us the best of B-horror on V/H/S and DVD, legendary horror director Charles Band and his Full Moon Studios are now leading the way in this new era of high-speed distribution.


Debuting Full Moon Streaming a few months back, the studio brings an extensive collection of classic horror and exploitation films readily available at the click of a mouse. Think of it as “Netflix for horror geeks”. Adding new titles and rewards often, this move into cyber-distribution is a great move that benefits the fans the most. In addition to the many titles available from the back-catalogue of classics, they have begun an original series for streaming as well.
Trophy Heads, which premiered last week on June 6th, tells the story of Max, a die-hard fan of the classic 80’s horror flicks and his dream of returning his favorite scream queens to their former glory.


Max lives in the basement of his mother’s house and watches horror tapes in his underwear all day long (Don’t we all?). After being suddenly inspired along his new dark path, Max sets his sights on his first victim, Darcy DeMoss. Hunting her down and brutally removing her head in the opening of the first episode, Max finds that it is really hard to keep a good scream queen down. That’s right, just because her head is detached from her body, she doesn’t stop busting his balls.
Max explains that he is making what he considers to be “performance art”, rather than perfectly recreate scenes from the movies. His goal is to re-imagine them in his own twisted version of his own horrific production.

Armed with an electrified cattle-prod and the love of his supportive mother, Max sets out on his mission to insure that the starlets he is obsessed with are never forgotten. On his list are Darcy DeMoss (the first victim), Brinke Stevens, Linnea Quigley, Michelle Bauer, Denice Duff, and Jacqueline Lovell.
The premiere episode sets the show up perfectly, and the second episode (which premieres today June 11th) follows through with a vengeance as Max continues his work. Building a small prison in his basement apartment, Max takes Brinke (now a massage therapist) and a young topless girl (who seems to be there just to show us some quick wit and young boobies and I am not complaining) captive and throws them in the brig, before seeking out the one-and-only Linnea Quigley (who is now hilariously a door-to-door evangelist).
Slowly realizing the reality of the situation they find themselves in, the ladies are forced to watch the decapitation of their old friend Darcy, as they are dressed in costumes inspired by some of their old films.
The show is gloriously cheeseball and over-the-top, you know, just like those old films we know and love. It even makes some pretty damn clever commentary about the current state of rampant remakes and “artistic reinterpretations”.
The show is fun and funny, and well worth a look for any self-respecting horror fan.
I have seen the first three episodes now (PS legendary director Stuart Gordon shows up in the third episode!), and they are without a doubt a bloody good time.
Definitely recommended.
Sign up for Full Moon Streaming here, and take a look at the second episode which premieres today!
One last thing.
The generous folks at Full Moon Studios have a fantastic contest going on right now, intended to help spread the word about this original new program.
The rules and prizes can be seen here, and simply submit a selfie to this e-mail address submit@fullmoonfeatures.com and you are entered to win!
Good luck!


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