A scream queen in need!


A strange controversy is brewing in the horror community today for some reason.
The story goes like this :
Linnea Quigley, a certified scream queen, posted a crowd-funding campaign asking her fans for help to repair the damaged roof of her childhood home.


In her own words, she says,
I have been in over 100 movies including Return Of The Living Dead, Nightmare On Elm Street 4 and Night Of The Demons to name a few. 
Several years ago I put my career on hold and moved into my parents house to take care of them. While taking care of them my money was soon depleted and the family home developed a serious roof problem. I tried many ways to get the money to repair it but nothing worked. My parents have passed and I recently started back to work but just can’t come up with the money fast enough to save the house.
 Last week I got an estimate from a local general contractor. It’s going to cost $10,000 to fix the roof and $5,000 – $8,000 to fix the damage inside the house. The drywall has fallen from the ceiling and wall in places. My clothes and other things are being ruined. There is black mold in several places now too.
 I’m an animal lover and have rescued many animals and several of them share the house with me.
 I ask that you please help me save my family home and give me and my rescued animals a safe place to live.
Thank you!
Linnea Quigley

Seems reasonable enough to me. A lovely, sweet lady who is reaching out to her fans in a time of need. So what is the controversy, exactly?
I have seen comments ranging from apathetic to downright rude.

I do not claim to know everything about her life and what circumstances brought her to this point, but one thing I do know is that she has brought hours of joy and entertainment to my life over the past few decades. I would gladly help her out if had the ability, but just like everyone else, I have my own struggles.
So, no, I am not contributing to her fundraiser, but I will gladly help spread the word for her, because some one reading this right now may be able to help. Maybe it is you.

One thing I do know, is that it is incredibly brave for anyone to ask for help, especially in such a public forum. And the last thing she probably needs right now is so-called “fans” bashing her and telling her to “get a job” or saying she should have saved her money.
This is simply someone reaching out and asking for help in a time of need.
Contribute or don’t, the choice is yours.
Once again, here is the link for her fundraiser, if you are interested in donating.
In closing, please enjoy the following gallery of Linnea Quigley and some of her assets you may have forgotten…


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