Six questions for Jill Gevargizian about her new short film, Call Girl!


Call Girl is a new short film currently making the rounds at your favorite horror festivals. Starring the charismatic Laurence Harvey and the gorgeous Tristan Risk, the film is a fun slice of modern reality horror.
Directed by first-timer Jill Sixx Gevargizian, the passion for horror and desire to contribute something unique to the genre are evident in her first film. Essentially making the viewer an accomplice to a date that goes horribly wrong, Call Girl is a very short story that has it’s heart in the right place, and is sure to satisfy any horror fan.
After making it’s debut in the director’s hometown of Kansas City and hitting recent festivals like Texas Frightmare and Crypticon Seattle, the short is making a great impact on the festival-goers who get to see it.
I was lucky enough to check out the film and have a quick chat with the director about the film and what the future has in store for us from her and her production company Sixx Tape Productions.


Can you tell us a little bit about Call Girl and how it came to be?

Really, for me, the story is very simple. My friend Eric Havens wrote it, sent it to me, and I said, “This is rad! Let’s make it.” At first he was going to direct and I was going to produce it. Eric decided that wasn’t for him and that writing is his true passion. So, I asked him if I could make it and the rest is history!

For a first time director, you got some pretty high profile horror people to star in the film. How did you manage that?

Two years of networking – that paid off big time! I went to my first horror convention May 2012. There I met Laurence and we stayed in touch and became great friends through social media and attending more conventions together.

May 2013, I sent Laurence this script and offered to help in anyway I needed. He even offered to be in it and I was very intimidated by the idea at first. Months later I got my shit together and realized I would be crazy NOT to work with him. He, then, put the word out that we were looking for our female lead. Tristan responded and, again, I was terrified. Everyone who meets Laurence, loves him. She wanted to work with him, and I had met her briefly at the AMERICAN MARY premier in LA a few months prior. Everything just lined up at the right time!


I understand that you have been involved in independent horror for some time now, presenting screenings and such with Slaughter Movie House. Can you tell me a little bit about that project? Are you still involved with it now?

YES, I am still heavily involved. I program the films and run the whole damn thing, mostly. I started it June 2012- it’s monthly independent horror screening series here in Kansas City, Missouri. We screen features and shorts. I have a co-host, Scary Gary, who truly brings the life to the event. We try to make it an enjoyable time with party favors, costumes, raffles and so on. Gary is often in costume. It is a lot of fun. We are coming up on our 2nd anniversary where we are showing DEMONICA and the filmmakers are coming in town for the party!

Through running Slaughter, I’ve become friends with so many filmmakers worldwide and they inspired me to do it myself. Many of them helped me a lot in the process of making CALL GIRL.

As a horror fan, what do you look for in the films you enjoy? Are there any genre staples that you feel are over or under-used? For example, I would hesitate to label “Call Girl” as a found-footage film, but it definitely has that “slice of reality” feel to it, considering the camera angle and setting.

I just look for good story telling and fresh ideas. As for “found-footage”, I love it. I wouldn’t call my film that though. We wanted it to feel like you were watching this happen LIVE, right now. Like you are the other character in our story, a voyeur.

Call Girl is currently making the festival rounds. Do you have any plans to distribute it digitally or via DVD after the tour?

I do have plans!! I am not yet ready to discuss details but it will be more then just CALL GIRL.

I hope to see more films from you in the future. What is up next for you and Sixx Tape Productions?

That project I mentioned above, involving Call Girl, that I can’t tell you about yet. I am writing a lot, but nothing is in pre-production yet. And live by the motto- don’t talk about projects until they are actually happening.

Jill Sixx Gevargizian with her pal, Pyramid-Head.

Jill Sixx Gevargizian with her pal, Pyramid-Head.

Big thanks to Jill for taking the time to chat with me, and we will be looking forward to more from you in the future, and I am especially curious about that mysterious DVD release now….
Stay up to date with news and information about the film and when you may have the next opportunity to see it, on the official Facebook pages for Call Girl and Sixx Tape Productions.

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