Doug Bradley’s “SpineChillers”.


Horror icon Doug Bradley is best known for his unforgettable portrayal of the Lead Cenobite in the Hellraiser series. After appearing in all but one of the sequels, Mr. Bradley also made himself known in Nightbreed and featured roles in a broad collection of award-winning short films. He spent several years touring with his one-man show, “An Evening With Death”, which he has considered turning into a live “Spinechillers” event!
Not surprisingly he is also a life-long fan of horror literature, particularly the classics from Poe, Lovecraft, and Bierce.
Recently, he has been working on a series of audiobooks known as “Spinechillers”, where he and several other horror icons narrate some classic stories.

According to the official site:

Under Doug’s direction, original music and sound design is added to each story by composers with a background in movie soundtrack production. The resulting stories have been crafted to deliver not only the best reading available but also an immersive experience to really suck the listener into the narrative.


Just check out the reading with Robert Englund in the video below :

And, just today, in honor of the 169th anniversary of the release of Poe’s “The Raven”, Mr. Bradley has treated up to a sneak preview of the next volume of SpineChillers in the Facebook post embedded below!


Be sure and check out the official Facebook page for Spinechillers, and hit up the Official website of Doug Bradley for options to download and order these fascinating recordings!
Or check them out in the widget below, courtesy of!


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