Nicholas Vince shows us “What Monsters Do”.

418768_428937693823329_678661879_n“It is not our flesh, but our acts which make us monsters.”

You may not instantly recognize the name Nicholas Burman-Vince, but most of you will know him by one of his many faces…

tumblr_mq1nexmBlK1rqo3r0o1_500That’s right, the Chatterer himself has been hard at work publishing his recent collection of short stories, which will be brought to life later this month at this year’s London Horror Festival!

After working on the first two Hellraiser movies and Nightbreed, Nicholas contributed stories to those comics, which were published by Marvel. He wrote the Marvel UK comic ‘Warheads’. He was Chairman of the Comics Creators Guild from 1992-93.


He contributed short stories and articles to ‘Fear’ and ‘Skeleton Crew’ magazines, and for the latter created the series of interviews ‘The Luggage in the Crypt’. This featured interviews with Neil Gaiman, Joe R. Lansdale and Clive Barker.

In 2012, after working in the IT industry for sixteen years, he returned to writing full time with the publication of his short story anthology, ‘What Monsters Do’.

The book was called “… a range of stories which will delight, disgust and terrify. An erudite, charming and brutal examination of relationships, obsession and ghastliness,…” by
A ringing endorsement if ever there was one!
Find your copy of the book on Amazon right here.

Now, Nicholas and a talented cast and crew are bringing an adaptation of two stories to the stage for three nights this October!


From the press release :

Hidden Basement Productions have teamed up with writer and actor Nicholas Vince to present psychological horror plays for this year’s London Horror Festival, at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden.

Nicholas, known for playing the Chatterer Cenobite in Clive Barker’s ‘Hellraiser’ film; has dramatized two stories from his collection, ‘What Monsters Do’, which is rated 5 stars on He is working closely with Hidden Basement Productions to bring them to the stage.
The show, ‘What Monsters Do’, consists of two 25 minute horror plays performed as a double bill. The stories, ‘Tunes from the Music Hall’ and ‘Green Eyes’ explore love, lust, obsession, the bond of family and the dark violence that lurks behind seemingly innocent people. Nicholas said, “The plays center on the theme : it is not our flesh, but our acts which make us monsters.”

Directing the plays will be Philip North, co-writer and director of ‘The Puppetry of Flesh’, which sold out at last year’s London Horror Festival. He said, ‘I’m thrilled that a horror icon like Nick has chosen to work with Hidden Basement to bring his dark stories to life. It’s great to have such rich source material for a project. I think the piece is really unique and a must see for all fans of horror. I’m looking forward to unleashing these two disturbing tales on London audiences.’


Keep up with news and reviews about the production on Facebook here, and if you are in the area October 25th – 27th, be sure and catch this unique show!
Tickets are available here.


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