Help Stuart Gordon and Jeffrey Combs bring Poe to the big screen in “Nevermore”!

416904_258453500904910_1119559100_nAfter his amazing portrayal of Edgar Allan Poe in the 2007 Masters Of H53e8e45ad535513b2fc431a87e52a10f_largeorror episode “The Black Cat”, genre superstar Jeffrey Combs brought his talents to the stage in the critically-acclaimed one-man-show, “Nevermore”. Inspired by Combs remarkable performance (and uncanny likeness), director Stuart Gordon and writer Denis Paoli began tinkering with a full-length play based on the author’s life and works. The play opened in Los Angeles during the Summer of 2009 for a four week run, but due to overwhelming popularity, played through till December of that year.

After that, Gordon and Combs took the show on the road, including stops in Baltimore and Austin, Texas. The director and star hosted screenings of two of their most popular film collaborations at the Fantastic Fest, before sticking around to perform ‘Nevermore’ to live audiences for four nights in a row.


Jeffrey Combs and director Stuart Gordon have collaborated on many projects, including genre classics and Horror Homework favorites like Re-Animator, Castle Freak, and From Beyond.
None have been so well-received as Combs “channeling” the spirit and personality of Edgar Allan Poe in this long-running stage show.

“Everyone seems to think they know Poe’s story, but they usually get something wrong,” Combs was quoted as saying. “He’s really a complex guy. He could be sweet and stern, articulate and falling-down drunk. The complete human condition, albeit to extremes.”

Check out some of the highlights of Mr. Combs fantastic performance here :

Now, this horror dream team has started a Kickstarter fund in an attempt to bring this project to the big screen! With a long list of incredible incentives for backers, like signed scripts, posters, and even a role as a featured extra!
Check out the Nevermore Kickstarter here for more info, and let’s help bring this dream within a dream to movie theaters.
This fundraiser will end on Halloween, so get out there and donate!
Let’s make this one happen!


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