The Northampton Clown is a genius.

561322_264859620264298_10732465_nPreying on the irrational fears of, well, almost everyone, someone has gone the extra mile in “keeping it weird”. This anonymous man has taken to the streets of British town Northhampton dressed as a clown, simply standing on street corners in the middle of the night and waving.
An idea so simple, but it strikes fear into the hearts of so many…
He is committing no crimes, other than loitering, but in an amazing example of minimalist scare tactics he has become a viral sensation!

Even Stephen King would be proud.

Even Stephen King would be proud.

I mean, after appearing for the first time last weekend on Friday the 13th, this clown’s Facebook page already has more fans than, which I have spent two years building.
And as he says, “I don’t terrorize people, I just want to be spotted!
And he has been spotted, on several occasions now, simply hanging about town, waving.

1229850_432483323537057_276134665_n1174583_432910326827690_62717456_n1185972_433547013430688_1727042688_n1269707_432487143536675_1870554637_olargeHe’s here to add a glimmer of the frightening, to arouse mystery, to provoke fascination. What he’s doing is brilliant.
And keeping the townsfolk on their toes, apparently, since a #hashtag has been created for him and even a caped crusader known as The ClownCatcher has shown up to stop this evil clown from his reign of terror!
(IT would be so awesome if this was the same guy!)

BUPFBVJCUAATY7C.jpg largeHe even made it on CNN earlier today :

And he has an interview scheduled to arrive tomorrow in a local newspaper but doesn’t use Twitter, because he finds it “too confusing”.
Keep your eyes peeled for more from this creepy clown, Northamptonians!
Beep Beep!


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