A Serbian Film (2010)

423886_256287824454811_242018563_nA Serbian Film.
Where do I begin?
Let’s start with the basics. A Serbian Film (2010) was directed by Srdjan Spasojevic whom also contributed to the letter R for The ABCS of Death (2012).
Unapologetically showcasing and reveling in the grotesque and perverse, A Serbian Film is censored in 8 countries for its acts of violence, rape, and other socially unacceptable behaviors.

A-Serbian-Film-Movie-Poster-horror-movies-26582629-1200-1690The film is based around the story of aging porn star Milos, played by Srdjan Todorovic, who has taken a break from the porn scene to live the married life with his wife and their son. Milos comes to the realization that money is tight and begins to miss his old lifestyle. An old friend of his appears, to offer him a job. A job that is a secret, but will pay well for him and his family.


Milos meets with the man who is organizing individuals for this secret job, which he soon finds out is some sort of snuff film. A snuff film that is paid by investors who invest in scenes they want carried out in the film.
After weighing the rewards against the risks, Milos agrees to do the film. To his dismay, it’s not what he expected. From this point on, he experiences sexual scenarios that he would have never imagined.
While drugged and in some sort of trance, Milos is put into situations of rape, murder, torture, necrophilia, child rape and many more inhumane acts of sexual degradation. There are some strange and completely shocking twists to the story which will leave some viewers reaching for the stop button while gagging in disgust. Srdjan Spasojevic has definitely captured society’s attention with this over the edge film that is filled with exploitation and gore.


I will admit that I watched this film in its entirety, uncut.
One of my long-time friends suggested that I check it out since I was looking for a new horror film to see. I had no idea what to expect. Although I was interested in the story line, (an aging porn star) I did not expect to see some of the scenes in this film.


While I have seen plenty of other films with rape and torture, including children was way beyond my boundaries. Director Srdjan Spasojevic has said, “my shocking ‘A Serbian Film’ denounces the fascism of political correctness.”
Although I understand why Mr. Spasojevic would create a film of this nature, I can’t see myself watching it again. I think if I had the edited version, it might be much easier to handle. I did enjoy the soundtrack a lot and the graphically gory scenes were executed excellently. The acting was superb and believable and the story itself kept you on the edge of your seat. Overall, it’s an excellent quality movie with an extreme story-line that will never escape your mind.
It’s a must see for those that love gore with a little “realness” thrown in there.

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