Locke & Key : Welcome To Lovecraft

251858_324946470922279_914160750_nLooking for some great comics to get hooked on?
Well, look no further than Locke & Key, from one of this generation’s greatest storytellers, Joe Hill. Featuring the stunning artwork of Gabriel Rodriguez, this series should be in every collection!

locke-key-1-welcome-to-lovecraft-hc-w-logosThe first issue of Locke & Key was released on February 20th, 2008, and sold out completely on the first day!
Welcome to Lovecraft is the first collected volume of the series, which ran for six issues through July of 2008. It tells the story of the Locke family, mainly from the points of view of the three children Bode, Kinsey, and Tyler, in the aftermath of the brutal murder of their father.
After witnessing the death of their father at the hands of a troubled acquaintance of Tyler’s, the remainders of the family are swept off to their father’s lavish ancestral home, Keyhouse, in the town of Lovecraft.

6a00d8345169e469e20168e9faa0cc970c-500wiThey soon discover the secrets contained within the Keyhouse when they start finding strange keys that open some strange magical doors. The youngest child, Bode, is the first to experience this when he finds the key to the Ghost Door.
Of course none of the older siblings believe the kid’s story of turning into a ghost…

663073At the same time, we learn the story of Sam Lesser, the troubled teen who murdered the elder Locke, and his mysterious motivations for the killing. Sam is a complex character, and despite his obvious madness, the reader does develop some sympathy for the poor misguided kid.

Locke_and_Key_FinalAlso woven into the narrative is the strange tale of “Dodge” who initially appears as a girl trapped deep in a well outside of Keyhouse. She attracts the attention of Bode by convincing him that she is his echo.

LockeKey2page7-1The story is full of twists and actual emotion, all brought to life by the beautiful artwork.
Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez have really brought these characters to life, and as a reader you are forced to witness their struggle up close and personal. With characters as richly crafted as this, it is really difficult not to get absorbed in the story.
This book is truly something special, and if you missed it, now is your chance to catch up before the upcoming film adaptation makes everyone fall in love with the Locke family.

20_comic_tease In 2011, Fox began developing a series based on the best-selling books.
A pilot episode was filmed, directed by Mark Romanek, but never actually picked up for series. See the trailer for the pilot episode below :

It was recently announced that Universal has picked up the rights and are now developing a feature film with the pilot’s production team of Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Bobby Cohen still intact.
This is great news, as the comic series goes to some very dark places, things would have likely been toned down for television. With any luck, the film will be as great as the series, concluding right now with Alpha, which is on sale monthly right now!
Stay tuned to Horror Homework for more news about the film adaptation of this excellent book, and pick up your copies of the Locke & Key collections using the widget below!

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