AFI – the band that just won’t quit.


Today, the premiere for the new video “I Hope You Suffer” by AFI came out. This song has officially become my summer anthem. A lot of people will talk about how music seems to have a staple in their life and this new song has just really hit the nail on the head. Just coming out of a 2 year relationship with mixed emotions, it really has helped me put into words how I feel at the moment. But I’ve gotta admit, I’ve been in love with the band for awhile now and a lot of their songs have been a big part of the soundtrack to my life. They’ve churned out a lot of amazing hits and even though some of the newer albums were met with criticism, they still seem to find ways to amaze and please their fans. The band hails from Ukiah, California and have been together for nearly 22 years now. During that time, they have released eight studio albums, 10 EPs, one live album and one DVD.


I’ll admit, I had never heard of the band until the video and song for “Miss Murder” came out. But once I heard them, I was hooked and did my research. That spawned a night long of video watching on Youtube where I learned that in the beginning, they had a totally different sound. Those who are hardcore fans will know what I mean when I talk about Answer That, Very Proud of Ya and Shut Your Mouth, which debuted between 1991 and 1998. It wasn’t until their sound took a darker turn that they gained mainstream success with albums like Sing the Sorrow and Decemberunderground. When the album Crash Love came out, I was stunned. The first song off the album was called “Medicate” and it really reminded me of what their earlier stuff. I was so hyped about the band returning with some new stuff. “Beautiful Thieves” was released soon afterwards and I loved the imagery in the video as most of AFI’s music wind up with great videos to go with their songs.

afi-crash-loveThere’s been a lot of teasing and hinting towards a new album being released since the band’s website was replaced with a video of frontman Davey Havok walking down a corridor followed by a shot of the band together. The text said “A Fire Inside” which is what the acronym AFI stands for, following “September 2013″. I know that I am really excited about the new release and cannot wait to see what they future holds for this band.

IHYS-SSAFI-575x383Check out “I Hope You Suffer” below!



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