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The image you see above is an original work of art created by the incredibly talented artist Hal Moore.
Your faculty here at Horror Homework have been big fans and followers of Leaky Pen Productions for a while now, and often share his outstanding work with you on our Facebook page.
Last week, he surprised us with that amazing original creation above, inspired and dedicated to us! It was such an honor.
Thanks again, so much Mr. Moore!

So, I thought that today we would share a little more of his work with you guys. Scroll slowly, so you don’t overdose on eye candy…

Hal Moore is an artist, writer, and musician from southern Louisiana.
He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2007. He has self published several comic books including “In Vagueness We Trust,” (a comic depicting America’s dismal political state) “On Suffering,” (The Jason and the Kruegers promotional comic) and “The Withering,” (a psychological thriller graphic novel).
He also worked post-production, in affiliation with Pixel Magic, on ” Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part 2″ (Warner Brothers), “Fright Night” (Dreamworks), and “The Help” (Dreamworks).
His art has appeared on dozens of album covers ranging from pop, punk, country, rap, rock, to death metal. He also receives commissions for originals, family portraits, and graphic design work.

Particularly impressive is Mr. Moore’s large collection of pencil drawings, featuring his trademark bold line work and talented shading techniques. Check out some of my personal favorites below :

As I mentioned earlier, Mr. Moore writes and draws his own independently-published comics, which you can find for sale here. Check out the covers and some artwork from his current book “The Withering”.
About the book, Mr. Moore says :
“This body of work can best be described as depictions of a narrative.
With the imagery I seek to provoke feelings of horror and absurdity while expressing the burden of human consciousness and existence, but this is merely a departure point. The true subject of the work deals with a state of tension, the visual and mythical objectification of a metaphysical rebellion. An art which inspires, triumph over fate, becoming through ordeal, a constant struggle I have come to call: The Withering.”

Be sure to do your homework and visit Leaky Pen Productions on Facebook for updates and new artwork from this fantastic and prolific horror artist! And find prints, postcards, books and much more for sale at the official website.
Now we need to talk him into making some prints of that Horror Homework piece, or maybe a cage match knife fight to the death amongst the admins here for the original?
Log in and leave some comments, maybe we will have a contest or something if you guys ask for it!

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