Contest winner Brian Sharp and his Hellraiser-inspired Monopoly board!

Earlier this month, we announced the winner of the March contest with Clive Barker, as voted by you!
Artist Brian Sharp and his Hellraiser-inspired Monopoly board received the most votes, despite all of the other amazing pieces of artwork that were submitted.
If you missed this great contest, take a look back at the ten amazing finalists here.

This impressive work of art was designed, hand-crafted, and sculpted by Mr. Sharp.
So many people were asking for more details on the set, so let’s take a closer look!

Limited to 9 hand-made pieces in existence, these beauties are practically begging to be put on the shelves at Toys R Us, or at the very least for sale in Clive Barker’s Official Store!

Mr. Sharp has told me that he would be very interested in seeing his sets mass-produced, but not without the consent and participation of Mr. Barker. Out of respect for art and the artistic process, the limited edition sets are all that is available at the present time.
As we all know, fan art is one thing, but when it comes to profiting from another person’s creative ideas, it becomes something else entirely.
So, what do you think, Clive Barker?
Can we get you to sign off on this one, so all of us can have one of these boards in our homes?

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