Stunningly Savage exploitation artist Rick Melton!

Acccording to this week’s featured artist Rick Melton :

“All exploitive art should look like it’s been knocked up at 5am by some wasted bum who once had talent but is now seriously on the slide.”

Well said, sir, and we here at Horror Homework heartily agree!

According to his own website, Rick Melton is still a lashing, smashing hunk of rippling manmeat;  a steaming great love god if you will.
At least he likes to think he is.
Sadly his career as a porn star fizzled out before it began, as did his equipment, and as he limped off the set to change his shorts only 15 seconds after walking on, Rick decided to become an artist.
Rick’s impact on the world of art cannot be over stated and after a mere 30 years at the easel one of his painting’s flew out.
Sort of….

“Art is subjective.
God bless the deluded shmuck who thought that old saw up for it has carried me through many a cold black night when I was getting the cack kicked out of me on all the respectable forums!
Of course, telling yourself that art is subjective whilst getting slung out of art school and every gallery in the land is like saying age is just a number whilst dribbling into your incontinence pants…”

Let’s have a look at his work, shall we?

“Werewolf Woman”

“Plague Of The Zombies”

“Humanoids From The Deep”

“Bruce Campbell”

“The Funhouse”


“Christopher Lee”

“Zombie Flesh Eaters”

“The Beyond”

“City Of The Living Dead”

“Countess Dracula”

“The Deadly Spawn”

“Freddy Vs. Jason”




“Asia Argento”

“Dracula, Prince Of Darkness”

“Street Trash”

All of these pieces and many more are available as prints for a very reasonable price at the artist’s incredible website, Stunningly Savage!

“All Stunningly Savage prints are created on a ruinously expensive professional  fine art printer using 300 gsm Super Heavy Satin Paper. Naturally all my prints are sent out signed by myself and the postage is free worldwide. These really are beautiful prints scanned directly from the original artworks and I promise you that it’s impossible to buy better quality reproductions of my twisted images anywhere else on the planet!”

Do your homework and check out more from this incredible artist!

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