“Ghost Ballads” — the new album from Lonesome Wyatt and The Holy Spooks!

Today March 5th, 2013 marks the unholy release of “Ghost Ballads“, the haunting new album from Lonesome Wyatt & the Holy Spooks!
Also known as one half of the great Satanic country band “Those Poor Bastards”, Mr. Lonesome has been darkening our days with his particular brand of somber sickness for several years now.
He began spreading his filth in 2001 with the release of the classic “Sabella“, then with the three-disc collection in 2010 “Moldy Basement Tapes” and the great “Heartsick” in 2011. The new album “Ghost Ballads” is a hideously good addition to any music collection!

Lonesome Wyatt creates strange and sad music from a time that never was.
This new album of ghastly goodness is no exception.
“The Golden Rule” starts the album right off, setting the eerie tone with a new classic, which tells the tale of Mary, an axe, a killing spree, and the truth :
“This world is vicious and mean.”

Songs like “Curse of the Poltergeists”, “Terror on the Ghost Ship”, and “The Mouldering One Returns” are dripping with somber menace, and Mr. Lonesome can tell spooky tales through his music with the best of them.
The songs are filled with atmospheric touches ; howls, moans and clinking chains all adding to the black tone of the album.
Mr. Lonesome has perfected his creation, this sub-genre of scary country music.

“Dream of You” is a stand-out tune from the album. A throwback to the sweet songs of longing from the ’50’s, telling the tale of lovers separated by the touch of death, and the inevitable cure. Perfectly haunting.

“You Cannot Be Saved From The Grave” is another favorite of mine, a haunting dirge about the moans from underground, with a sweeping eerie tone.

“Haunted Jamboree” delivers exactly what it promises, evoking the feeling of a ghostly dance hall celebration, and “Bone Orchard Rise” closes the album with a haunting request to “tear down the skies”.

All in all, “Ghost Ballads” is a beautiful and horrible new work of art from your pal and mine, Lonesome Wyatt. A true independent artist, who has blazed his own path filled with peculiar works of gloom, he makes the kind of music that all of us here at Horror Homework can certainly appreciate!

Be sure and pick up this gloriously dreary new album here, available today on vinyl, CD, cassette or digital download. And keep in touch with updates from Lonesome Wyatt himself on his official Facebook page!

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