March Contest : Win Two Books Autographed By Clive Barker!

Hello everyone!
Biscuits here, with some more info and a little clarification for everyone interested in the very exciting contest we are running for the month of March.
Clive Barker has long been a personal hero of mine, and a constant inspiration over the course of my entire life. When creating this site for horror fans, a profile on Mr. Barker was one of the very first things I ever published here!

Now, a little over a year later, we have been provided with a very exciting opportunity to bring you something very special from Clive himself!
As many of you may know, Mr. Barker has been battling with severe health issues for the past few years, and currently uses all of his energy to focus on creating more art for the world to enjoy. That said, he rarely does interviews and such anymore, and has stopped doing signings for the immediate future.
So, it is very exciting that he has personally provided us with these rare prizes!
One is an omnibus collection of older comic books by Mr. Barker, and the other is an out-of-print art book, and both are signed by this living legend!
One of them even has an original drawing by Clive on the inside cover!

I have been receiving a lot of inquiries already as to the guidelines of this contest, so this post is designed to clarify things for everyone who is interested in owning these one-of-a-kind prizes for themselves!
The idea is very simple, and the rules are minimal.
The very concept of the contest itself is inspired by Mr. Barker and his world-view.
I believe he has, as an artist and writer, pushed the boundaries and explored the furthest limits of his imagination, over the decades of his illustrious career.
His ideas and characters generally have very few rules, and neither does this contest!

We are putting very few limitations on this chance to win these collector’s items.
We just want you to create and submit something original that is inspired by this legendary artist!
The bottom line is : MAKE ART!
We want to see just how creative you guys can get out there, and at the same time, be able to introduce some new artwork to the world! It is a win / win!
Send in anything you have personally created that was inspired by the life and/or creations of Clive Barker.
This can be anything, from stories to paintings, costumes to cake-toppers, body-paint to essays. Whatever you create, send it in for a chance to win!
E-mail your Barker-inspired creations to

To get a sneak-peek at the competition, be sure and make your free profile on our independent social network, by using the quick and easy Facebook Connect tab in the top right corner of this very page!
I will be posting the newest submissions each day on the Chalkboard for all of our members to see and give their opinions on. So, if you haven’t created your free profile yet, now is the time to do so!

At the end of March, we the Faculty of Horror Homework will choose our ten favorite submissions and forward them to Mr. Barker, and the winner will be chosen and announced then!

If you are in need of additional inspiration, turn off all the lights and play the following track at high volume, then open your eyes and CREATE!
We hope to see a lot of creative entries to this once in a lifetime chance for some serious collectibles!
Good luck, everyone!

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